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This is the second part of another story, you don’t have to read the first part if you don’t want to, but you’ll miss some of the build up.

Thanks for reading, feedback is always welcome.


I can hear the leather of your belt sliding deliberately through the loops of your pants. You’re not in a rush tonight, though you are eager. Your friend’s cock grazes the back of my throat just as I hear your pants hit the floor behind me. I refocus on him, sliding my tongue around the tip of his shaft as he pulls almost completely out of my mouth. His hands tangle in my hair as he grabs the back of my head and slowly starts sliding my face up and down the length of his dick. Each time he hits the back of my throat he pauses there and I give a slight moan, knowing that he’ll feel the vibrations. I find my hands moving up of almost their own will, one grasping and kneading his balls as the other grabs firmly to the base of his cock. He starts to move faster, treating me more as a masturbation hole than anything. I don’t mind, I love the way it feels when he slides across my tongue, and I open my mouth more to accommodate his length and vigor. I jump slightly as I feel you kneel behind me. Your hands lifting my skirt to my waist. I can feel the heat of your cock resting in the small of my back.

“Be nice to Jack,” you whisper in my ear as your left hand slides into the front of my panties, “he’s just getting the first one out of the way and then he’ll be all about you.”

My mind spins. The first one? The first what?

Just then Jack’s hands pull my hair tightly. My face is slammed into his hips, my nose buried in his pubic hair. I try to cough or gasp for air, but I can’t. He’s gotten his dick into my throat and I can feel it pulsing. My mind clicks, of course! I move my tongue to milk his first orgasm and squeeze with my throat. It’s only seconds but it feels like hours. Just as I start to worry I won’t breathe again you pull me back from him with a loud *pop*.

I gasp for air as the final spurt of Jack’s cum hits my tongue and lips. Your finger finds my clit, sliding over it easily with my wetness, distracting me from the dizzying force Jack just showed. I lay back against you panting both to catch my breath and because you’re of my own building orgasm. Your cock twitches against my back casino oyna and I try desperately to move so you can slide inside me but you keep me pinned against you on my knees on the floor. Your left hand dances expertly across my aching nub, your right arm holding me around my chest making sure I can’t move away as you push me past my brink.

Wave after wave of pleasure pulses through my body. This is a new pleasure for me, a primal pleasure built off lust and indiscretion.

Jack kneels in front of me, his bare form glistening in the light from under the hotel door. I can’t make out the meaning behind the expression on his face but I know I’m going to enjoy whatever he has planned.

Your hand is still making circles around my clit, though less deliberate and much softer. I want to pull away, it’s too much, I’m too sensitive, but you hold me in place and slowly tease me back to wanting another round. Jack lifts my shirt over my head and stares greedily at my breasts. With one hand he quickly releases them from my bra and grasps the left one with his other. You move your right arm to hold me around my waist as Jack takes my right nipple in his mouth. I feel his teeth graze my sensitive flesh at the same time that I feel your mouth return to the back of my neck.

I want to say something, to tell you both how wonderful this feels but all I can manage is a light moan. I don’t know who’s hands to focus on, or who’s mouth. Every inch of my body is electrified in a way I don’t remember it ever feeling.

Your cock twitches again at my back and this time you don’t stop me from moving so that you can slide between my cheeks. Your heat matches mine as you slide slowly up and down the crack of my ass. I shift my hips again and you can feel my wetness dripping on to the tip of your dick as you push close to me. Your fingers on my clit become more insistent as I grind into you. Jacks mouth leaves my nipples, now rock hard, and he locks me into a deep, strong kiss.

Mouth not leaving mine, Jack pulls me up from the floor and out of your grasp. I don’t mean to but I whimper a bit at the loss of your touch. Jack moves his hands to the bunched up skirt at my waist and he pulls the entire thing down over my hips as he backs into the darkened room, dragging me with him. I go willingly, rubbing my hands over his chest canlı casino and arms, afraid that if I stop touching him I’ll realize this is a dream.

His legs bump the bed and he collapses, pulling my now naked body down on top of him. Jack keeps kissing me. Deep carnal kisses that make me feel shocks through my entire body. I’m straddling him as we make out, I’ve almost forgotten you in my lust for Jack. But not for long. Your hands are on my hips, lifting my waist up. I feel you at the entrance to my pussy; waiting, teasing, testing me. I try to push back, I want to feel you inside me so badly, but your hands hold me still. I try again, Jack chuckles and stops kissing me.

“Naughty girl!” he laughs, pulling my lower lip into his mouth with a nibble.

I whine a bit as he releases my lip and try to push back into you one more time. SMACK! The first of many slaps stings the right side of my ass. My pussy twitches with lust and I push back again. SMACK! This time my left. I can feel the heat burning under my skin.

Jack kisses down the side of my neck, wrapping his arms tightly around my body. My nipples ache as they rub across the hair on his chest. Everything feels like a tease designed to torture me. I want you inside me, it’s all I can focus on, but you stay just at the entrance, your dick sliding a bit in the warmth of my juices. We stay like this for what seems like an eternity, you just barely there, holding my hips in place. Jack licking and kissing along my neck. Me whimpering quietly not knowing how to make this happen.

“Please,” I finally moan, or maybe it’s more of a beg.

You both laugh as I feel you slam home. Oh. My. God. It’s everything I needed. It almost feels like your dick was created to fill each and every inch of my pussy. Your hands grip my hips tightly as you slide back out of me slowly before slamming back down into me. Each time you thrust downward I can feel my clit rubbing against Jack softened member. Soon, you’re going at a steady pace and between that and the way Jack is hardening against me I know I’m not going to be able to hold back much longer. I cum again, pussy milking your shaft, wanting you to cum with me. You don’t though, you just keep fucking me through the orgasm. Every one of my nerves is on fire as I feel you pushing me toward another climax.

Jack kaçak casino lifts me slightly to tease and twist the nipple of one breast. His dick is rock hard now and I can feel his hips rising to grind against me as you push me down toward him. I cum again, never knowing I could feel this good this many times in one night, and I know we’re just getting started.

You slap my ass hard as you pull out of me, backing away from the bed. I feel empty, so empty it hurts. I can’t help but writhe against Jack as he teases and plays with my nipples. You climb up at the head of the bed and beckon me. I swing my leg over Jack and start crawling toward you with the intent of sitting on your lap but you stop me. Wordlessly, you put your hands on my head and push by face toward your glistening cock. I open my mouth greedily, relishing in the taste of my pussy on your dick. I want so much to make you feel good, massaging your balls and dick as I lick and suck every inch of you.

I feel Jack move behind me and I wiggle my hips. He slides home needing no further invitation. This is what I asked for, what I’d been so reluctant to admit to you that I wanted. What I’d been so afraid to tell anyone, the desire to have a cock in my mouth and pussy at the same time. This was something I’d been dreaming about for years, and it was finally happening!

This is the slutty girl I’d always wanted to be, the one you told me I could be, and it feels marvelous!

Each time Jack thrusts into me he pushes my face farther and farther down your shaft. I open my throat further, wanting to do the same thing for you that you had me do for Jack earlier. I can just slide the tip of your dick into my throat. I make a point to swallow so that my muscles squeeze around you before I back off for air. With another hard slap on my ass Jack pushes into me again, and again I pull you into my throat. This time I slide my pinky up behind your balls and tease your ass. You tense, and for a moment I’m worried I crossed a line, but suddenly I feel your dick surge and I taste the salty fluid before it runs down my throat. I suck down again, wiggling my finger just past the rim of your ass as you spurt more and more of your cum into my mouth. You shove your dick so far into my throat it hurts, your hands holding me there by the back of my head as you dump more and more of your seed into my stomach. I can feel Jack hammering at my pussy and the world starts spinning. I hear Jack call out savagely as I feel another hard smack on my ass…then the world goes black…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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