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In 1970 I was constantly on “restriction”. It wasn’t that I was bad; I tried hard to be as good as possible. I wasn’t sneaky, was still a virgin, and despite having 4 sisters and 5 brothers, was able to keep up with housework with the help of my friends. The Catholic school was almost next door and I referred to our neighborhood as “a Catholic ghetto.” For the entire school year I had been going out with a guy from another school about 10 away. That’s how far I had to go to get away from the reputation our family had. Everyone knew us within a 20 mile radius. My oldest brother was in the Navy and brought home shipmates that made me tingle just to think of how it would feel to kiss and caress one of those guys. Sure I had made out with my steady boyfriend, Dale, but it had never gotten farther than being felt up. I knew a little about sex, had experimented with masturbation and the usual sexual curiosity that family members experienced, at least as far as I knew, anyway. Dale wanted to take the summer off from our relationship.

My school binder that year had the popular blue canvas cover. On the spine of my binder were the words “F R E E L O V E” written in black marker. Anybody who knew me would know that I loved everyone, well, almost everyone. canlı bahis I was sweet natured, had a positive attitude and liked mostly everyone I knew. But my mother had other ideas. It meant I was “loose” and that’s the only thing it could mean. RESTRICTION! No freedom, grounded!

Just before school ended, I turned 18. My brother brought home a very cute, 26 year old, sexy guy named Steve. Steve was tall, broad in the shoulders, slim, had a Boston dialect and was the best distraction a girl could have. The sexual tension between the two of us was something I had never felt before. I wanted to do things with him I couldn’t tell my best friend about, never! All summer long, Steve would get closer and more touchy feely. How such a hot looking guy could want to be around a skinny, petite, little teenager was beyond me. We also had some new neighbor boys. I made out with one of them and let him take off my t-shirt and bra. When I let my hands wander, I was shocked the first time I felt a hard on. It gave me a sense of power. I loved it!

I got better at kissing and a little braver by the time school got out. And Steve was going to stay with us before going back home to Boston in the Fall. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I lost my virginity. bahis siteleri It was getting to be all I thought about. I wanted to make out with Steve and go even farther. Catholic sexual repression is something like champagne in a bottle; once it begins to warm, that cork is going to POP!

For some reason, I was on restriction most of the summer. Steve felt so bad for me he made it his sole purpose in life to make me happy. Somehow, the night my brother had to go back to the Navy base I was allowed to go with Steve to take him back. As my brother drove, I snuggled with Steve as discreetly as possible. Being as petite as I was had its advantages. When I stretched out from the middle of the front seat I placed my head on Steve’s lap. My, oh my, was he ever hard! I pretended to be asleep for the benefit of my brother and began to gently rub my hand over his cock. Steve had to move my hand away a few time, but was able to play with my very small tits. We finally got to the Island and left my brother at the base, Steve drove to a side road, found a viewpoint and parked the car in a small secluded lot.

Steve gently pulled me into his body, lips on my lips and began exploring my mouth with his warm, wet tongue. I don’t know what his cologne bahis şirketleri was but he even SMELLED sexy! Everything went to automatic from then on; clothing was being removed, his hands were everywhere and when he sucked my nipples, all my senses were stimulated at once. Wetness I’d never felt between my legs caused me to bring his hand to the source. His pants were unzipped, or did I do that? The most amazing site ever was there between his open fly; big, thick, hard and for me! I held his cock in my hands and as he helped me lie back on the seat of the car, I helped him slowly push his hard cock into my virgin pussy. I was thinking, “I’m finally doing IT” when he broke through the barrier and suddenly Steve was filling me with his rock hard meat. He was gentle and took time to make sure I was enjoying myself. We changed position with Steve sitting in the seat and me straddling over him. He was in so deep I could see a bulge in my little tummy. He kissed me deeply, and then sucked my nipples. His eyes rolled and he began to pump cum into my hot waiting pussy. Steve was thrusting again and again, rocking me, until his spasms subsided and his balls were empty. I was straddled over him for what must have been 5 minutes when we began to hear a car coming. Quickly, we dressed and got back on the road before the police car drove by, the officer inside eying us suspiciously. On the way home I fell asleep, for real, with my head on his lap. What wickedly wonderful dreams I had!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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