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I had been alone for many years after my wife had passed away. My name is Steve and I am a Store Manager who worked long hours and did not look to date. But, after several years of being lonely, I decided to change that. I had been reading a lot of porn and decided on finding a slave girl. By this time I was 55 years old and I wanted to find a young woman between 30 and 35. I thought, “How hard could it be?”

Well, I found out. I checked out various web sites dealing with bdsm, Master and Slaves. There are so many fakes and scammers out there. Early in my search, I was scammed for a couple of thousand dollars. But I kept searching and after 15 months, I found the perfect woman. Her name is Francesca and when I met her she was a 33 year old petite blonde beauty with pert tits and a perfect ass. She was, and still is, absolutely stunning.

We had chatted for over two months and had several video calls as well. I felt the chemistry right off. Unlike every other woman I had talked to, Francesca never asked money or gift cards. Not once. We took our time and we decided she would relocate. She loaded up her car and drove to my place. Again, she did not ask for me to pay for her move. Very refreshing.

When she got to my house and got to the door, she was as beautiful in the flesh as she was in her photos. I let her in and we kissed. I was smitten. I led her to the living room and said, “Francesca, let me inspect you. Remove your clothing.”

“Yes Master.”

When she was nude, I had her turn around, pose in different positions. She was fantastic. I told her to sit down and then I got to my knees to taste that beautiful pussy. I brought her to two orgasms then she sucked my cock. When I could, we fucked. She was simply amazing. Every morning, first thing, I would eat Francesca’s pussy and every night, I would eat her pussy and then we would fuck.

She found a job but was always home when I got home. Every day, after kissing her, I took her into the living room and ate her pussy. And we fucked less and less. All I wanted was to eat her beautiful pussy. A month later, I did not order her to strip but allowed her to stay clothed while I went down on her. The next day was the same when as I started to kneel, Francesca said, “Master, why don’t you get naked. It would be so hot for me to remain clothed and you naked while you eat me.”

“Ok,” I said as I took my clothes off.

Now here I am, the Master, naked while I go down on my fully clothed Slave. And that continued, the next day, after we kissed, Francesca said, “Oh Master, strip for me right here. Please.”

“All right my dear Slave,” I said as I stripped.

Then she led me to our spot denizli escort and I proceeded to eat her and she came multiple times. This became our pattern and we stopped fucking. Our whole sex live was me eating her pussy.

Two weeks later, as I got to my feet and started to get dressed, Francesca said, “Oh Master, just stay naked.”

I agreed and Francesca said, “Master, promise me. You will be naked when you are with me at home.”

“Ok Francesca, I promise.”

“Oh thank you Master.”

She then me to our bedroom and we fucked for the first time in three weeks. Now, when we were together, I was nude and she was clothed. On my next day off, Francesca got home in the early afternoon, saw me and said, “Why aren’t you nude Master?”

“I was home alone.”

“But you promised me to be nude in the house.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Please Master, for me. Promise me that when you are home, alone or not, that you will stay naked.”

I laughed and said, “Ok Francesca. Ok.”

I took my clothes off and then she took my hand, led me to the living room where I performed on her. This went on for a month, me staying naked, Francesca staying fully clothed. Then, one day, after her third orgasm, Francesca said, “Poor Master. Always pleasuring me. You should cum now. Please play with yourself Master.”

I looked at her for a moment, then grabbed my cock and jerked myself off, while gazing at her. Soon I came on the floor. She said, “Master! Please clean that up.”

I started to get up but she said, “Where are you going? Use your tongue. Lick it up.”

Again, I looked at her, and then did as she asked. As I was licking up my own cum, Francesca said, “Next time, catch it in your hand or a cup.”

“Yes Francesca,” I responded.

The next day, the same thing, but this time Francesca said, “Now jack off Master and be sure to catch your cum in your hand.”

I did and she said, “Now eat your cum Master. It is so hot watching you eat your own cum.”

This went on for a couple of weeks. Also, she was the Slave and the Domestic Servant but she had me doing more and more of the cleaning. We went on like this for three weeks then a new change. I had finished pleasuring Francesca but had not started jerking off, when Francesca said, “Master, have you been fucking other women?”

I was surprised at the question and said. “No, of course not.”

“But how can I be sure?”

“You don’t believe me?”

“Oh yes Master. But you’re so handsome, I’m sure you get hit on a lot.”

I laughed and said, “That’s funny.”

“Would you do something for me Master?”

“What? Promise not dikimevi escort to cheat? Ok, I promise.”

Now she laughed and said, “Thank you Master. But, please follow me.”

Francesca led me to our bedroom and she had me lay down. She picked something up off the dresser, came to the bed, got on the bed and straddled my chest, facing away from me. She said, “Now stay still Master.”

I felt her put something on my dick and after she was done, she climbed off of me and said, “See Master.”

I looked down to see a cock cage. “What is that?”

“Now Master, this is for the best. I don’t have to worry.”

Reluctantly, I agreed.

“Oh good Master. Thank you.”

So, my life was like this; first thing in the morning, I go down on Francesca. When I get home from work, I immediately get naked and then go down on Francesca. Once a week, she releases my cock and I am able to jerk off, looking at my Slave Francesca, and eat my own cum.

Three weeks later, while I servicing her pussy, there was a knock on the front door. “Answer the door Master. Thank you.”

I stood up, was about to wipe my face, when Francesca said, “Don’t Master. You look so sexy with my juice on your face.”

I grinned and walked to the door and opened it. There was a young woman standing at the door, who said, “Hello, you must be Steve. I’m Alex, a friend of Francesca.”

“Come on in,” said Francesca from the living room.

When we were all in the living room, the two women were sitting on the sofa but when I went to sit on a chair, Francesca said, “No Master, sit on the floor at our feet.”

When I sat, Francesca said to me, “I have told Alex about how you are such a good cunt licker and she asked if she could experience it. So, here she is.”

I looked at both women and asked, “You want me to eat Alex’s pussy?”


So I did. Both women. First Alex, then Francesca. When both had cum, here I was naked with my cock caged, sitting on the floor, while two beautiful young women sat and talked on the sofa, all but ignoring me. Soon Alex left and Francesca said, “You were so good Master.”

Everything kept on as before except now once or twice a week, I serviced one of Francesca friends. Francesca explained it, “They have all heard how good you are Master.”

Two months later, Alex was back for the four time, and I was about to go down on her when Francesca said, “Master, wait a moment, I got you a gift. Close your eyes. And stay on your knees.”

I closed my eyes and waited. Soon I heard footsteps and Francesca said, “Keep your eyes closed.”

I then felt something rubbing dikmen escort my face and she said, “Ok Master, open your eyes.”

When I opened my eyes, I saw Francesca standing before me wearing a strap-on harness. She then said, “Open your mouth Master.”

I did and she shoved the dildo in my mouth, saying, “That’s it master, suck on my cock. Get it ready to fuck your ass.”

When Francesca thought it was time, she said, “Now Master, eat Alex’s pussy.”

I got between Alex’s legs and got busy. I soon felt something being rubbed on my ass, lube I thought. Then Francesca said, “Ok Master, I’m going to fuck your ass.”

And she did.

Here I was, naked eating pussy of one fully clothed woman while another fully clothed woman fucked me in the ass. All while my cock was caged. Alex soon left and Francesca said, “You were great Master.”

So now, Francesca had a friend come over twice a week and while I ate the friend’s pussy, Francesca fucked me in my ass. This pattern went on for 9 weeks when one evening, as we were alone, Francesca said, “Steve, I think we need to talk about this relationship.”

“Ok, what about it?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I am the Dom now and you are the Slave. Isn’t that correct?”

I looked at her for a minute and I realized what had happened over the last few months. There was no denying it. I looked up at her and said, “Yes Mistress, I am the Slave.”

“Good. And as such, I should control all of our affairs, including all financial ones, correct?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Go into the Den and get on the computer. We will go to your bank and your retirement accounts and change the passwords. And all your credit card accounts as well. Bring me your wallet.”

As I opened an account, Francesca had me turn away as she changed the password. She took every credit card out of my wallet but one. Over the next week, Francesca was put on all the utilities and the lease on the house. In short, everything was now in her name. She now had complete control of me. I only possessed what she let me. I was completely dependent on her.

It has been 2 years since Francesca has taken over my life. Her friends now come over almost every day and night and Francesca has been charging for my services. I will eat pussy or they can peg me or spank me or chain me up or all of the above. Now women come at all hours of the day, with either Francesca or Alex with me. I am never alone.

I am Francesca’s whore now. I make so much money that Francesca had me quit my job a year ago. Francesca also rents my cleaning services to her friends. I am now Francesca Maid and the Maid to her friends. I am always escorted by either Francesca or Alex.

Which brings me to another change; Alex moved in with us about a year and a half ago and became Francesca’s lover. She is also my second Mistress, my second owner. I was moved to a small bedroom.

This is my life now. I am Francesca’s whore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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