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We are in a parking garage. It does not matter where, but say that it is at the International Hotel if it helps you to visualise the scene. We have been shooting pictures of you and you are dressed to the nines in a silk necktie, sheer white silk blouse, lacy bustier, tight skirt and stockings on a garter belt. As I lock the cameras in the trunk of the Caddy you look out over the railing down to the street below.

I come up behind you and put my hands on your ass, then slide them around your waist. You straighten up and turn your face to me over your right shoulder. I kiss you and you raise your right arm up to the back of my neck and crush my lips to yours. I caress your breasts, lightly at first and then roughly squeeze and pinch them. You grip my hands with your left hand, encouraging me without taking your lips from mine. You can feel my hardness as my cock presses into your ass and you wriggle your hips to grind yourself into me. I move my hands down from your waist, taking my lips from your mouth so that I can reach the hem of your skirt. I start to raise your skirt and reality reasserts itself to you and you try to push it back down. Regardless of your passion, you do not want to be exposed in a public parking garage.

But I force you. I hold you by the waist as I lift your skirt up and begin to play with your pussy. Your resistance is real but it cannot compete with your rising passion as I slide a finger along your lips and carry your juices to your clit. We move around so that my back is against the wall and you are leaning against me. Your feet are spread so that I can reach your quim and to help you balance yourself against the waves that sweep over you. Your knees are locked to keep you from collapsing. My left hand is still around your waist as my right hand plays with you. Again you look for my lips over your shoulder and again I kiss you, deeply and sloppily.

All the concentration you can muster allows you to unfasten a couple of the buttons of your blouse and you move my left hand from your waist to your breasts. Your bustier was designed to accentuate and to decorate your breasts, not to protect them from the assault that we both subject them to. You tug the fabric down and I squeeze and knead your breasts, pinching your nipples as savagely as you are. You reach behind you and feel my hardness through my pants. You hike the back of your skirt up so that you can enjoy the roughness of my jeans against the smooth skin of your ass. There is no limit to your passion. You have no inhibitions now; they have been completely submerged by your need for release. You want my prick in your hand, in your mouth, in your ass, in your cunt.

But there is no time; you are already coming. You grind your ass against my prick. I cannot stop you from bending forward from the waist as you grab my right hand in yours and rub my fingers roughly over your clit. You push and push and push and then you come, your back arches, you flatten me against the wall, gasping and heaving. As your orgasm subsides I hold you and support you from falling in the extreme of your release. I stroke you softly until you catch your breath, your heart slows and we can carry on.

Another Day…

I have been out all day shooting pictures in the mountains. After wading through heavy snow all day I am exhausted. Now at about eleven o’clock I am content to stretch out on the floor with my head on a pillow and enjoy the fire. We each have a drink and I am quickly falling asleep. I have changed from my heavy clothing and wear a pair of jeans and a polo shirt. I am very tired from my day’s exertions and I soon begin to fall asleep.

As often happens when I am very relaxed, I begin to get an erection. You see this from across the room and it sparks the mischief in you. You wait until I am fast asleep and then sneak over and tug down my zipper. My istanbul escort cock is growing but is not yet hard. As the cold air hits it, it shrinks back down a bit.

Acting fast, you slip it into your mouth to keep it warm. With this attention it grows and becomes hard in no time. You suck so well and so gently that I do not wake up, but I am aware of the warm and pleasurable feeling even in my sleep. You alternate licking and sucking my cock and squeeze and play with my balls. Sometimes you take my cock out of your mouth and squeeze and rub it in your fist while you attend to my balls with your tongue, lips and mouth. You lick up and down my length, exploring the veins and the soft pulse underneath. You run your tongue around the sensitive area just below the head and are rewarded with a shudder and a trickle of nectar. Slipping my prick back into your mouth you bite the head and further down on the shaft. You squeeze my balls HARD. I know that you have never understood how I can like it so rough, but you know that I do. My cock begins to pulse in your mouth and you begin to start thinking about how good it would feel to climb on top and slide my prick into your cunt. But you know that you could not do this without waking me up so you resolve to keep on sucking. But there is no reason that you can’t slip a hand into your pants, so you do.

You would think that you would get used to how much lubricant your quim produces, but it never fails to take you by surprise. You circle your fingers around your clit for a while, marvelling at the slickness of your smooth hands sliding over your smooth pussy. Then you dip deep into your cunt for more honey. Once you have a good handful of juice you use it to grease my cock as you rub it, squeezing it hard in your fist. You like the taste of my cock, but you like it even better when it is covered in the juice of your cunt. You take me back into your mouth and lick your sweet juice from it.

Soon my thrusts and your head bobbing in my lap have created a rhythm. More and more nectar is escaping my prick. You can taste the saltiness of it and you know that soon I will come. My excitement is contagious and you are becoming very wet. The crotch of your pants is soaked through with the evidence of your excitement. My breathing (and yours) is becoming heavy and rasping. You squeeze my balls harder yet and scratch your fingernails down the inside of my thighs. I groan very slightly, my cock pulses large in your mouth, my hips rise up and I start to shoot. I explode on your tongue and the taste and texture of my semen just about put you over the top. You know that it is coming but you are surprised by how much there is. You try to get it all but a drop or two escapes before you can swallow the first load. You squeeze my balls hard again and are rewarded by another burst of come. The flood subsides after a few more pulses and you lick up the few drops that have escaped. As my cock escapes the warmth of your mouth I shiver with the sudden chill. It is soft now and you give it one last kiss goodnight, tuck it back into my jeans and refasten my zipper.

Another day…

Tonight you are the tired one. The new studio is almost set up and you have stayed late at work every night for a week. Now you are home. The kids are in bed, sound asleep. You have had dinner and you are looking forward to sitting quietly in front of the fire before going to bed early. My offer of a relaxing backrub sounds even better. I lay a large bath towel out on the floor and then heat the oil while you undress.

The fire is burning bright and hot. There is soft music coming from the stereo. The room is warm and the lights are dim.

I start rubbing oil into your neck and shoulders. Your muscles are stiff with overwork and tension. You begin to relax nerve by nerve as I rub avcılar escort the tension away. I work my way down your arms to your forearms and hands. Every muscle I find is strained to its limit. I spend a long time on your hands, massaging away the tension by rubbing oil into your palms. Back up your arms to your shoulders. Now I work down your back and into the big muscles, knotted up tight. I stroke hard down the centre of your back on either side of your spine, then slide back up the outsides with a lighter sweeping stroke. Now you are really beginning to relax. I move down further to your ass. I spend more time kneading your ass than I need to, simply because I want to. I like your ass. I like its smoothness, and softness. It is round and firm and I love to touch it, to look at it and occasionally to bite it. But your legs need more attention.

I add more oil and start by stroking up and down your thighs. In order to massage the blood vessels in the inside of your thighs, I gently pull your left leg to the side. Now I can get in deeper. I circle my hands around your upper thigh and squeeze hard while sliding my hands down your leg. We are both moving your legs apart whenever we think that the other will not notice. Before long you are spread pretty wide and as I move to circle my hands around your right thigh, I lightly graze your cunt. As I do, you sigh gently. I continue my journey down your legs to your calves and then bend your right leg at the knee to massage your foot. I rub plenty of oil into your sole and then work back up to your heel and Achilles’ tendon. As I stroke the tendon you are taken with the sensation that I am stroking your cunt. You can feel the juices begin to flow and your breath becomes heavy and laboured. This is because the nerves to both areas are tied together and the Achilles’ tendon is a powerful erogenous zone. I suck and nibble on your toes as I stroke your calf and you involuntarily raise your pelvis up from the floor, offering me your cunt, moaning.

By now, what I have seen has made me as excited as you are. I begin to explore your cunt, not with my fingers or tongue, but with my prick. As I have been caressing your skin it has become large and stiff; my excitement has been growing with yours. I run the head of my cock along the outside of your lips, then down to where your clit is beginning to peek out of its hiding place. I even wander around and touch your little asshole for just an instant. As I begin to spread your cunt lips apart, my lubricant mixes with yours and I can enter you. Your cunt is well lubricated, but you are as tight as a virgin and I must proceed slowly and gently. It seems that you are more eager and excited as I am as you thrust yourself up at me at regular intervals, forcing me deeper inside you.

We have never fucked like this before, with you lying flat on your belly, and the sensations are new and unfamiliar. I wonder if you are with me, or if you have wandered away in your mind and are being taken by someone else. As I enter you to your depths, my cock first tickles, then caresses and finally assaults your G-spot and your reaction is immediate and unmistakable. Your passion is turned to a high boil and you meet each of my gentle thrusts with a fierce, almost violent thrust of your own.

This orgasm will not be a gentle one rising slowly and evenly over time. It is a stick of dynamite, the fuse lit when I started rubbing your shoulders and now the detonation, sudden and explosive. You thrust faster and faster and then your body locks in passion, every muscle tensed. Then, the release is as sudden as the tension; your orgasm grips every fibre, every nerve, every cell in your body. You try to cry out but your body will not release any energy to your voice; all of your strength is consumed in the ecstasy of your orgasm. You collapse under me, completely spent. şirinevler escort Your relaxation is as total as your tension had been. You are calm and loose, but not sleepy. You are fully awake as I slowly draw my cock out of you, then snuggle in close to let you know that you are warm and safe. Your orgasm has taken me by surprise; I have not come and my prick is still hard and ready. It will be up to you to decide what you will do with it. Why don’t you think about it and let me know what you would like.

Another Day…

It is a Sunday morning. We have been up late the night before and you want to sleep late. The kids come in to the room and want us to get up with them. I tell them that I will get up with them but that “Mummy wants to sleep in”. After the girls have left the room, I turn to you to give you a hug. You are lying on your back and I take a quick tour, tweaking your left tit, squeezing your right hip and tugging gently on your pubic hair (what little there is of it). Then I go downstairs to organise breakfast. About an hour later, the kids are playing on their own and I come upstairs to see if you are planning on getting up. I assume that you are asleep and open the door and slip into the room quietly and close the door behind me so that I will not disturb you. Well, you are not sleeping, but I am glad that I did not disturb you anyway.

Your eyes are closed. You are breathing heavily and unevenly. There are beads of perspiration on your forehead and it looks a bit like you have a fever. You are lying on your back with your legs spread wide. (I wish that there was a more delicate way of describing this, but there is not.) Your knees are raised slightly. The covers are thrown back and you are fully exposed. You are naked. You are massaging your cunt with your left hand while you squeeze your left nipple with the other. You are very excited; it is apparent that you have been doing this for some time. Your hands do not concentrate on any one spot but instead wander at will over your body: your breasts, your belly, your mouth, your cunt.

I approach the head of the bed to see better. I am surprised to see that in their exploration, your fingers never enter your cunt. Sometimes they take long strokes from the back almost to your asshole right up to the front and your clit. Sometimes your fingertips run around your clit in circles while you massage your breasts with your free hand. Then sometimes you concentrate on your clit with both hands; I never imagined that you would be so rough. You only dip into your cunt when you need more lubrication and even then you as often get it from your mouth.

You inhale in chains of short gasping breaths, breathing in several times before exhaling in a rush. You alternate between squeezing your nipples and kneading your breasts. You stroke your body all over; between your breasts, over your hips, across your belly. But there is always a hand on your cunt. You look very excited and very, very beautiful.

Soon you begin to come. The pressure on your clit becomes more concentrated and feverish. Your hips buck forward involuntarily. You slide your fingers inside more and spread the honey on your clit, on your lips and on your nipples. Your lips are hairless and they shine with wetness. Your breath comes in short gasps until you cannot breathe any longer; you must hold your breath to concentrate on the feeling of warmth rising from your centre. In a rush it comes. The ecstasy radiates out from the core of your being like water through a fountain and shoots warmth and pleasure through every nerve and capillary. An extra gush of juice flows from your cunt and the aroma sweetens the room and seasons your orgasm. Your back arches, your hips rise off the bed, your cunt wanting to be fucked.

A feeling this good cannot last forever. Your orgasm ebbs as slowly and surely as it rose. Soon your heartbeat is normal, your breath even and slow. Your hands continue to caress your body. With the very tips of your fingers, you lightly brush your belly, your breasts, the inside of your thighs, your hips. But now your cunt is too sensitive to be disturbed. A feeling of peace gently overcomes you and soon you are asleep again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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