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Fortunate Confluence of Events, Chapter 8

This story is work of complete fiction. Any resemblance to real characters or actual events is purely coincidental and unintended. All characters are mature and over 50, so this story series may appeal more to the older crowd here.

Tags for this segment: nudity, BDSM, bisexual female, bisexual male, MMF, gay first time, golden showers, pee play, piss drinking, sexy spit play, cum eating, ass licking.

Approx. 7500 words, with apologies for any typos.


I have decided to move this chapter of the story series from the fetish to the gay male category as it has evolved to include lots of bisexual male contact, starting in earnest in the previous instalment. For readers who will be coming in new, the story is set in 2004 and features two fifty-something newly-polyamorous couples mostly alone at a small nudist resort in Mexico, who make up a sexual bucket list. In their remaining time together they follow through with the exploration of all things they’d fantasized about but never tried.

Check my author page with the links to other chapters if you wish to follow the story line closer but be forewarned, there are descriptions of pee play (among other fetishes) included in this and earlier instalments.

If this is something that you’d really rather not read, please take a detour now.

~ . ~

“Sit here on the couch – it’s already warmed up,” I said to Ruben.

“Mind if I share for a while too?” Ingrid wanted to know, having just previously watched Ruthie and her husband finish the job on me.

“I could certainly learn from you my love; you’re the best. Please..” I answered, moving over to make room.

“On the job training!” Ruben chortled.

“Would you want to try one of these?” Ruth asked. She was holding out one of the numbing lozenges that the girls had taken prior to successfully deep-throating me.

“Great idea – I can use all the help I can get with this behemoth” I said, taking it right from her fingers into my mouth.

“You too?” Ruth asked Ingrid.

“Yeah, give me another one too, dear, the last one’s warn off,” Ingrid replied, placing it in her mouth.

We both wriggled in together between Ruben’s open legs, his leaking one-eyed phallus standing tall and beckoning us as though it had a personality of its own.

Ingrid engaged me in a kiss, and we pooled our saliva and passed it back and forth between our mouths. As we lovingly ran our hands over Rube’s legs and abdomen, the lozenges quickly dissolved. I didn’t particularly care for the taste of them, but noticed the effect – the numbing in my throat – pretty much right away.

“Now, don’t think you can just take him all at once the first time,” Ingrid coached me. “You need to get used to having something that big fill your mouth, protect his sensitive skin from your teeth, then learn to swallow with your mouth open. Practice makes perfect, but just take it easy at first, love.”

Kneeling there, Ruben’s dripping cock just inches from my mouth, I could smell the musky aroma of his balls and it made my mouth water profusely.

I stuck out my tongue and began licking him – the tip first, where his pre-cum had pooled, then down his uncircumcised shaft. I kept going, and grovelled in his ball sac, taking his orbs into my mouth and periodically glancing up to see his reaction.

Rube was just laying back, his head tilted toward his wife and their mouths joined in a passionate kiss. I could hear him moaning as Ingrid leaned over above me and took the head into her mouth and began her descent; her face approaching mine as she took the whole glorious thing down her throat.

She withdrew, then held him out for me.

It was my moment of truth. I was about to become a cocksucker.

“That looked easy,” I commented, as our lips joined at the tip of his meatus.

“Try it baby. Remember what I told you, take it slow until you’re accustomed to having something that big fill your mouth.”

I did, and Ruben and Ruth interrupted their kiss to watch me. Rube and I locked eyes, as I opened wide and welcomed his cock inside my mouth for the first time.

What an amazing organ I thought to myself, marvelling at how soft it was on the outside yet how firm and hot it was on the inside. I’d never seen one up this close before, nor been able to study all of the subtle details – the feel, the smell, and ultimately the taste – like I could now.

Very much alive was this mysterious creature, almost like a separate entity from its human host, and responding so favourably to my every move.

The lozenge had unfortunately diminished my sense of taste, yet on the positive side the numbing effect was even more pronounced deeper in my throat. Once I got him beyond a certain point, all I felt was a fullness; but as I accepted more of him inside me, I discovered that my gag reflux for the time being was muted.

“Make your throat a straight line, like this,” Ingrid demonstrated. Küçükköy Escort “You want to align yourself if you plan to take him all the way down.”

As Ingrid moved back slightly to give me more room, I contorted myself into what I perceived to be a better position, then moved further onto him, feeling him now right at the back of my throat.

“That’s right, baby. Use your lips to shield him from your teeth,” Ingrid encouraged, her hand gently stroking the back of my head.

I took a deep breath through my nose, and looked down the length of his shaft that remained to be conquered. I resolved that I was going to just do it, and quickly took the plunge.

I’d never had such a feeling of fullness before, but unfortunately, and in little more than a second or two, it did make me gag. I think it was more psychological than physical, and I recoiled back, flying off the end of him coughing and sputtering all along the way.

It was downright embarrassing, and I felt as though I’d failed.

However, as I regained my composure, I heard clapping.

“Way to go baby! You did it!” Cried Ingrid.

“Well,” I replied, “I had wanted to keep him there, but I just couldn’t do it.”

“It’s your first time!” Ingrid implored. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. He’s gotta be close to eight inches long for chrissakes.”

“Hey, it’s like riding a bicycle,” Ruthie said. “If you fall off, get right back on and try it again.”

What the girls said made sense. Could I conquer my fear of failure too?

I placed him in my mouth again, but this time, just worked him down slowly.

“That’s better. Suck it for a while and get used to it before you try any more heroics,” Ruth added.

Well that is exactly what I did, watching his reactions as I pleasured him, exploring what sorts of sensations I could provide, and which ones he really responded favourably to.

I marvelled at how much more skin he had on his shaft than I did. I could hold on tight and massage the core of him without chafing his skin’s delicate surface – and for almost the full length of him too. From that point on, I silently regretted being circumcised.

One thing we did have in common though was that he really liked his balls squeezed, and he told me so as I took them in my grasp – pulling his whole ball sac out and firmly gripping his testicles.

“He’s got you by the balls now,” Ruthie quipped. But Ruben was so immersed that he had no reply other than a deep moan.

As I continued fellating him, I silently pondered why I hadn’t tried doing this before. I found the experience immeasurably enjoyable, and not humiliating in the least. Watching Ruben writhe and moan with pleasure as I did my best to work a load out of him was even more fun that having him do it to me – and that is saying a lot.

We waste so many opportunities in life, I lamented looking back at mine, because of our sexual insecurities. In that moment, I resolved to go forward with the same gusto and attitude as Ingrid had confessed her own to me just a few days before.

I tried a couple more times to inch him all the way down, but came up just millimetres short.

“I guess I am going to need more practice,” I admitted sheepishly.

“That can definitely be arranged .. it’s here whenever you want it.” Ruben assured me.

Ingrid came back in close to join me again, and we took great pleasure sucking and slurping away in turn, worshipping his cock. Ingrid’s and my mouths were watering profusely and it was a very wet and messy affair.

Rube put his hands on our heads and proceeded to guide us in our pleasuring of him. The numbing effect of the lozenge now diminished, my sense of taste and smell thankfully returned in full force, enhancing the whole experience.

The consistency of the pre-cum leaking out of him had begun to change in colour and volume, getting thicker and – how shall I say – meatier. I surmised that he was likely approaching his point of no return.

“Let me stand up and fuck your mouth, like you did to me. I’m getting close..” Ruben asked.

“Take over, love. I want to watch you finish him,” Ingrid begged.

“My pleasure. Give it to me buddy. Tell me what you want me to do.”

“Just like we did before when I sucked you off. Let me slowly fuck your mouth while you suck on the head.”

I raised up a bit and held him by his thighs to steady myself, as he took my head in both his hands and slowly fucked the head of his cock in and out of my mouth. I massaged his crown and frenulum with my lips and tongue, and provided increasing suction as he picked up speed. I’m sure the sound effects and the visual of me drooling messy wads of cock-suck spit down my chin and his balls added to the overall experience for him.

“Oh FUCK, yeah,” he praised, looking down at me giving my all to bring him his ultimate pleasure. I wanted his cum in my mouth, and made certain that he knew it.

Ingrid was sitting on the floor at Ruth’s open Küçükköy Escort Bayan legs and the two of them were chattering away about what good cocksuckers we were, while they furiously masturbated watching the action of their two men, engaged in such homo-erotic lasciviousness. Ingrid came first, prompting a cascade of ecstatic cries and moans from Ruth and Rube.

Suddenly, I felt the head of Ruben’s cock swell even bigger, then pulse; his climax had arrived, and I got my first mouthful of cum right from the tap, followed by several more. I couldn’t swallow him fast enough, I wanted it in me so badly. It was warm and sweet, and not the least bit unpleasant to me. After all, I had swallowed my own many times, and even both of ours together once before; so I was well accustomed to the taste.

I held him in my mouth as he’d done for me, until I was satisfied that he’d been thoroughly milked of his seed, then smacked my lips in satisfaction.

“That was awesome, dude!” he exclaimed, now helping me get up and off my knees to a standing position beside him.

“One more thing,” Ruth interjected in our post-orgasmic haze, looking straight at Rube. “What is it I demand of you, after I suck you off?”

Ruben’s eyebrows fluttered, then he turned to me.

“She wants me to kiss you..”

We both shared a good-natured laugh, but then I thought what the hell. It was all in good fun, and considering where else we’d both been this morning of ‘firsts’, it was really no big deal.

“Right on my cock-sucking mouth?” I asked lightheartedly, then leaned in slightly towards him with a devious grin, as if to say, ‘if-you-want-it-come-and-get-it’. I’d held a portion of his delicious gift in my mouth to savour it, and opened slightly to show him.

Well, he came and got it alright; his lips were on me and sucking face just like that. His tongue began exploring in and all around my mouth, hungrily licking up the residual cum and spit from what had been a thoroughly sloppy finish to his blowjob.

I then returned his kiss, just as if it had been Ingrid or Ruthie there, and for a few moments, we actually became lost in each other.

“OK, that should do it,” Ruth said, now standing and laughing at our bawdy demonstration.

“I didn’t mind that a bit, did you?” Ruben asked.

“Not at all. Is that the first time you’ve kissed a guy?”

“Yes, and it won’t be the last time with you, I hope. And by the way, thanks for saving me a taste.”

We embraced in a hug, then turned to our women and helped them up off the couch and floor. It had been quite a morning, and it was now almost half past noon. We’d been hard at it for over two hours.

“Well,” noted Ruben, “We’ve definitely strayed from our script today, it’s like we’ve done both ours and your first wishes..”

“Not so fast, buster,” Ruthie fired back at him. “We’ve got plans for you two tomorrow, so don’t think you’re going to weasel out of it.”

We all shared a good laugh.

“Oh, don’t worry dear, we’re men of our words. Tomorrow, we’re your sluts for the morning. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned, either.”

“Hear hear,” I said, as we congregated for another group hug.

~ . ~

Ingrid and I gathered our things and made our way back to our own casitas to freshen up before dressing and heading down the road to the restaurant for lunch with our friends. It was almost three o’clock when we’d returned, disrobed, and gathered on the beach to soak up some rays.

We dragged out the beach umbrella for Ingrid again – her fair skin very sensitive to the tropical Mexican sun – and laid out a blanket on the sand to lay on. We were all quite thirsty and guzzled a few bottles of water to rehydrate after our little orgy that morning; perhaps being of like mind and thinking ahead about engaging in certain other mischievousness..

After a couple of dips in the ocean, I filled my cooler with a dozen cold ones – beer for us and vodka coolers for the girls. I found the salt water so rejuvenating, and in spite of our aerobic shenanigans in the morning, felt recharged and energetic.

The girls moved over onto the beach chairs, leaving Ruben and I alone together and far enough away that we could converse amongst ourselves.

“I may have had better luck taking all of you down laying with my head tilted back,” I Monday-morning quarterbacked over my performance issues earlier.

“Don’t give it another thought Max. You did a marvellous job on me, once I got used to the fact it was actually you and not one of the girls blowing me.”

“Yeah, initially I found it a little surreal too, looking down and seeing a man sucking me off – I’m so used to seeing the fairer sex there. But once I got used to it and saw that you were actually into doing it and enjoying the taste of me, I got very into it too. I want to do more of that with you again some time, if you are so inclined.”

“Oh yeah – I definitely am,” Ruben replied. “Maybe it’s just Escort Küçükköy the novelty of it – I don’t know, but it’s like I’ve discovered a new toy, and I’m anxious to play with it a lot more too.”

He raised up his head and looked around, then briefly placed his hand on me there and gave me a playful squeeze, as if to punctuate his statement with a demonstrative exclamation point.

“Can I play with yours too?” I asked, returning the gesture.

“Any time buddy.”

~ . ~

By 4:30 were all buzzing nicely, and just cracking our third beers open. I stood up and stretched, and looked up and down the beach and back toward the casitas and the office. We were still completely alone as far as I could tell – and I thought back to when Ingrid and I had engaged in some erotic pee-play a few days back not far from the very spot I was standing.

It had been dark out at the time, so we were confident that we would not be discovered. However, as I felt the fullness in my bladder and contemplated committing such a profane act right there in broad daylight, I started to become somewhat aroused. And armed with liquid courage, the thought of giving my lady friends a pleasantly warm shower became more and more appealing.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Ruben asked, no doubt as full of liquid courage and – just maybe – thinking the same thoughts as me.

“Those girls are looking awfully dry over there. What do you think?”

He stood, and together we glared over at them, not fifty feet from where we stood and no doubt busily engaged in their own immoral thoughts.

“I think they could use a thorough soaking,” he agreed, our motives apparently synchronized.

After a few seconds, Ingrid spotted us leering at them, and they both returned our stare.

“Do you think they know what we’re thinking?” I asked Rube.

“I’ll just fucking bet they do. Let’s go.”

We sauntered over, swaggering with as much confidence as our fifty-something bodies could muster. I could see they were both grinning from ear to ear.

“What’ve you boys got in mind..?” Ruthie wanted to know, grinning from ear to ear.

“We’ve got a little treat for you. Why don’t you close your eyes and open your mouths for a big surprise?” Ruben answered.

They knew exactly what that surprise was going to be, and rose up from their chairs, taking us by the hand.

“Over here,” Ingrid said, taking us to the foot of a tall palm tree – the same place Ingrid and I had committed similar depravity in the days before. It was only clearly visible from Ingrid’s and my casitas, and even in the light of day appeared to be the most discrete spot along the beach to engage in such atrociously lewd behaviour.

They sat down cross legged on the sand, facing us, and encouraged us to give them their due.

“We want to taste both of you and compare,” Ruth reassured from her prone position. Ruben and I smiled at each other, then stood astride each other, aimed our water cannons and prepared to fire.

It took us a few seconds, but once we started, the flow from each of us was impressive, to say the least. After all the re-hydrating and then the beer we’d consumed, our streams were virtually clear, as though we were pissing out straight water. And to see it splashing all over them as we both cascaded back and forth between the two of them, was a truly ribald sight.

We drenched their heads and filled their gaping mouths to overflowing. They gargled it and swallowed some, letting most of it just flow down over their breasts and laps.

The sight of them rubbing it over themselves and kissing with mouths full of our piss impelled me to stop a bit early before I was completely empty, the blood surging into my cock all but halting the stream. But Ruben kept going for several more seconds before emptying himself, and kneeling down to kiss and affectionately molest his dripping wife.

Ingrid looked up at me, pointing to her mouth.

“Got any more for me, sailor?” She asked, her eyes smiling up at me.

“Oh yeah,” I said, moving right up to her now, and offering my cock to her.

I got my flow back up and running again, as she took my shaft right into her mouth and guzzled as I emptied myself completely.

I helped her up off the ground and embraced her, tasting myself and Ruben all over her face.

“Are you boys ready for your rations?” Ruthie said, as she stood beside us.

“Ready as rain!” I answered, and sat down beside Ruben in the puddle we’d made over the girls as we watched our girls maneuver themselves in front of us.

“Move your heads together, right up close and cozy,” Ingrid instructed us. “Our aim is not as good as yours.”

Well what they lacked in aim they made up for in volume, and once they got themselves relaxed enough, it was like we were being hit with two hot fire hoses.

There was simply no way to keep up, and both Ruben and I almost choked as the force of their streams hit the back of our throats and even shot up our noses. I managed a couple of good swallows, and I’m sure Ruben did too, as they emptied themselves all over and into us. The taste was no different than it had been before with Ingrid; we were all well hydrated of course, and the taste was mildly salty and pleasing to the palate.

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