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“I think this is the main entrance,” said a pale young man standing out on the concrete sidewalk of a large, newly constructed gym. The young man was slender, with short blond hair, and not a hint of body hair on him. He was wearing brown shorts with a black polo shirt and pair of flip flops. The young man tapped on the door with his finger.

“No shit Benny,” snapped an equally young girl. The girl was short with dark curly hair and long pink fingernails. She was wearing a white tank top which showed a fair amount of her ample cleavage. “I’m so glad this place is open now, I was on the verge of being one of those… fat people, ugh,” she ranted. “And you need to start bulking up; I hate feeling like I am dating some little boy. I want to be with a real man.”

Benny began to object but stopped himself before he could complete the first word. She did sort of have a point. He didn’t have a lot of muscle tone. But he was planning on changing that by joining the gym. He always had wanted to get bigger like much of his friends but Benny could never afford a gym membership. “Ok Stacy,” he spoke. “I promise I will get bigger for you.

Stacy walked up to the door and hurriedly grabbed the handle and pulled the door open. “Come on Benny,” she said. She walked through the door, her chest swaying back and forth in her tank top.

An older man noticed the two coming in. He was tall and had tan skin and short, dark hair. He looked to be in his mid to late 30s and was wearing a red t-shirt and jeans. He sauntered over to the two with a clipboard in hand. “Hello you two, why don’t we go get you two weighed and I can show you around and you can see what we have to offer you,” he began his sales pitch.

“Actually,” Stacy interrupted him. “I was reading something in the like news.” She swiveled a bit causing her boobs to bounce around a bit in her shirt. “Something about this new gym like displacing some public housing or something, and you have to let some residents work out here for free. I brought a copy of my lease.” She held out a stapled piece of paper.

“Hmph,” the older man sighed and grabbed the piece of paper. “Come follow me to my office and we can file the paperwork.” The older man walked slowly over to cordoned off area of the gym with large glass windows surrounding it with the exception of a door that was sitting open. The older man plopped down into his chair and motioned the couple to sit in two leather chairs infront of his desk.

Benny along with Stacy sat down into the two chairs facing the man’s desk. Benny looked around the sparsely populated room. There were not many things around. Benny thought to himself it must be on account of it being new. The only thing that stood out to Benny was a set of business cards on the desk. The name listed on the cards was “Mr. Brock Morelli.”

Brock dropped the lease copy on his table with a thud. Brock noticed Benny’s gaze was focused squarely on his thick, rough hands. “Well, I am sorry to break it to you two but your apartment is just out of the boundary for qualifying you for a free gym membership,” Brock explained. “Membership fees for a couple would end up being around $400 a month, if you’re still interested” Brock concluded.

“What?! I don’t believe this,” exclaimed Stacy. Stacy hesitated for a moment and then cleared her head. She lowered her head so more of her cleavage was showing. In a sweet voice she spoke, “Well, maybe we can work out some kind of deal or something? We don’t have the $400 but we really need this gym membership. If you give us a free membership, maybe I can rub it for you”

“Stacy, you can’t do that!” Benny exclaimed. He couldn’t imagine his cute girlfriend massaging this older man’s throbbing cock. He shuddered at the thought of her dainty hands wrapped around the sweaty folds of skin. God forbid he orgasmed and some of it got on her hands, or stuck under her fingernails.

Brock raised his eyebrow at her proposition. Slowly he looked her over. He then shook his head back and forth to the right and to the left. “I am sorry ma’am, but this is a business and I can’t accept that as a payment,” he explained.

“Are you kidding me?” Stacy said angrily. She aggressively shook her chest to make sure the older man got a good look at her cleavage. Finally, she calmed down and spoke softly, “Fine, this is the most I can offer. If you give us the free membership, I will give you a onetime blowjob. I give excellent blowjobs and I desperately need this membership.”

Brock looked at her through bored eyes and shook his head and started a refusal, “No Ma’am, I am sorry but I just…” But then Brock suddenly stopped himself. “Well, maybe we can work something out. If you’re desperate enough, I would accept payment in the form of that young boyfriend of yours giving me head.”

“That’s disgusting!” Benny exclaimed. “I’m not sucking a man’s dick, that is so gross. I am straight I don’t do stuff like that and I won’t. We should leave Stacy; I don’t like this. İkitelli Escort I’m not gay”

Brock stood up from his chair and spoke loudly but not enough that his voice carried out into the gym, “Calm down. Look, you’re gay if you like men and want to have sex with them. You would just be sucking dick to save you and your girlfriend a whole lot of money. No one is going to know and it’ll just be a slightly unpleasant few minutes.”

“Benny, maybe you should listen to him,” Stacy reasoned. “I go down on you all the time even though I don’t want to. It’s for the relationship. It is just moving your head back and forth; it doesn’t even taste bad.” Stacy put her hand on his knee. “And you would spare me having to do it.”

“No, I am not doing it,” Benny said sternly. “I am not sucking a man’s dick. I am not gay.”

“Ok, ok,” Brock said. “Well, we can work something else out then. But I don’t want to keep talking about sexual favors here where customers can hear about it. There is a closet in this office where we can have some privacy.”

Benny looked at Stacy who was nodding. “Ok, but I am not sucking your dick.” Benny reluctantly walked into the open closet. There wasn’t a whole lot of space for the two men but they did have at least a few feet that could separate them. A small window was on the door and let in a surprising amount of light.

Brock walked into the closet and closed the door behind him. He then turned and faced Benny. Without saying a word, Brock’s fingers grasped the bottom edge of his own t-shirt and he slowly lifted it up and over his head. Brock then discarded the t-shirt on to the ground of the closet.

Benny watched Brock silently. He had to admit he was a bit impressed with the older man’s physique. Brock was quite muscular. He was not completely chiseled, there were pockets of body fat here and there but Benny couldn’t help but notice his large, muscular arms and chest.
Brock took a step forward. Gently he spoke, “Don’t worry about all this. It will be over in a few minutes and you’ll have your gym membership.” Brock began unzipping his pants.

“Wait a minute, I didn’t…” Benny spoke before gasping at what was in front of him. As Brock’s jeans dropped to the floor, a huge limp cock came tumbling out. It was longer than Benny’s dick had ever gotten and far thicker. Brock had the hair trimmed low on it, increasing the spectacle of the huge fleshy appendage. And attached to this beast were the most massive pair of balls Benny had ever seen. Each testicle was easily as big as one of Benny’s fists.

“Hold on a second, I’ll get it warmed up for you,” Brock said confidently. His thick, meaty hand grabbed the base of his enormous cock and he began rubbing it up and down. Amazingly, what once was big only became bigger. Pretty soon it stuck out straight with no help at all from Brock’s hand and it looked absolutely enormous.

Stacy peaked through the window of the closet. When she saw Brock’s cock she nearly gasped. It was the biggest she’d ever seen and she had definitely slept around. “Oh my gawd,” she whispered. She wondered if Benny would really go through with it and suck Brock’s cock.

Benny tried to think of an objection but his mind kept on hitting blanks. Brock began to walk forward causing Benny to take a step backward. Unfortuantly, Benny tripped over a small box in the closet and fell straight on his ass, his back now up against the wall. Brock continued to move forward, his giant cock swaying like pendulum, hypnotizing Benny and keeping him paralyzed in place. The cock was aimed straight for Benny’s gaping mouth and within dangerous range when all of a sudden Brock stopped. His cock was merely inches away, just dangling there. Brock grasped the base of his massive pole and raised it so the large pulsating head touched his stomach. He then inched forward and released it. This caused it to come thundering down right on to Benny’s face.

After being struck with the cock, Benny saw stars and his vision faded and then slowly blurred back into focus. The picture that began to form for him was horrifying. Through his right eye he could see Brock’s massive cock just resting on his face. The cock managed to easily rest upon the full length of his face. With it so close Benny could see every vein and wrinkly bit of flesh. When he looked up he could only see Brock’s muscular body towering above him.

Brock grabbed the base of his cock once again and brought it up to the stomach. He then began swinging it, hitting Benny in the face with it over and over again. With each hit, it would make a loud thumping noise. Brock’s cock was so hard, Benny felt as if he were being struck repeatedly by a steel pole.

The huge cock smacking against his face caused Benny to regain some focus. “Please, Mr. Morelli, don’t make me suck it,” Benny pleaded in-between thuds. “I am not a cock sucker.”

Brock used Benny’s pleadings as an opportunity rather than a reason to show mercy. While Benny İkitelli Escort Bayan had his lips open, Brock slid the tip of his cock head just in-between his lips. The bulging head just rested there, not yet penetrating Benny’s mouth but keeping his wet, salivating lips open.
Benny felt shivers down his spine as Brock’s flesh pressed up against his lips. He couldn’t imagine he was in this position. All he could do was stare down at the long, full length of Brock’s shaft and take in its musky scent.

Brock studied Benny as he towered over him. He was confident that Benny would suck it. He just didn’t seem like the resisting type to Brock. Slowly, Brock moved his hips, pushing his cock into Benny’s mouth. He moaned as he felt Benny’s lips sliding across his dick and Benny’s tongue sloshing around, desperately trying to avoid contact with it but failing.

Benny was mortified as Brock’s cock entered his mouth. It just felt so wrong. Before this moment, he could proudly say he never had a man’s cock in his mouth but that was no longer the case. He was, at least for the moment, a cock sucker.

Brock stuck around a third the length of his cock into Benny’s mouth and then slowly pulled it back. Using his hips, he began sliding the upper part of his cock back and forth.

Benny sat there and just allowed Brock’s cock to use and abuse his mouth. He stopped trying to prevent his tongue from touching it and instead just allowed the meat of Brock’s cock to slide back and forth across it. After a while, Brock grabbed the top of Benny’s head and began pushing his head on and off of his dick. “Mmf, oomph,” Benny grunted as Brock aggressively face fucked him.

Brock held Benny’s head tightly in place. Slowly he moved his cock deeper and deeper down into Benny’s throat. The massive rod vanished from view slowly, inch by fleshy inch.

Benny gagged as Brock shoved his dick down his throat. He could feel its monstrous head throbbing up against the back of his throat. It was all he could muster not to vomit.

Brock pulled his cock out from Brock’s throat and looked at the gagging young man in front of him. “Sorry for getting carried away there,” Brock said. “You’re mouth feels so good.”

Benny breathed heavily. He remained completely silent. He didn’t even look up at Brock.

“Well,” Brock said thoughtfully. “Why don’t you take over a bit? I already broke in your mouth with my cock. While it’s in there, you might as well take advantage of it. It’ll go faster that way, trust me.”

“I don’t know anything about giving head, I am not gay.” Benny responded.

“It’s not rocket science Benny,” Brock explained as he brought his cock up closer to Benny’s face. “Why don’t you just start out by kissing it?”

Benny moved his face forward as if leaning in to kiss the tip of Brock’s cock. As he got closer he looked at the bulbous, flesh cock head, oozing with precum that he was about to kiss and stopped himself. “This is just weird, Mr. Morelli. You kiss your girlfriend, not some man’s cock.”

“Nonsense,” Brock replied. And with that, Brock pressed the tip of his dick up against Benny’s lips, smearing precum on them. “Just kiss it.”

Benny nearly turned purple he was so grossed out. But he wanted to get this over with, and Brock was right, he’s already had a mouthful of cock so whatever gets this over with faster. Benny leaned forward and began kissing and licking the cock head and shaft.

“That’s great Benny, “ Brock said as he squinted his eyes. “You’re getting to be a pro at this. Now just slide your lips over the tip and start sucking.”

Benny did as he asked, accepting the big cock into his mouth again and moving it in it out so the shaft slid back and forth across his wet lips.

“While it’s in there, try to stroke it with your tongue if you can,” Brock said. “You really get a flavor for the cock that way.”

Benny did his best to rub his tongue along the shaft as he bobbed up and down on it. The taste and texture was very odd but not unpleasant he had to admit. He also admittedly thought it was fun darting his tongue around, trying to catch a taste.

“Oh yeah,” Brock grunted. “That’s great. Just keep on sucking my cock, Benny.” Brock breathed heavily as Benny sucked his giant dick. “Don’t be afraid to use your hands as well. I know it’s pretty big so there is a lot of surface area that needs stimulation.”

As Benny continued to engulf the giant cock, he extended his hands and grasped the base of Brock’s staff. It felt warm and rock hard in his hand. As he sucked, Benny began to also run his hands up and down the shaft, massaging it.

Stacy looked into the window again and saw Benny bobbing back and forth sucking Brock’s cock. “Oh my gawd,” she said. She couldn’t believe Benny was sucking a dick. “This is going to be a great story to tell my girlfriends,” Stacy said to herself. She immediately busted out her cellphone and started texting.

Brock shivered as he Escort İkitelli felt Benny’s hands rubbing his cock as well. “That’s great, Benny,” he said encouragingly. “Don’t forget my balls though; I really need you to rub those balls for me.”

Benny held tightly on to the base of Brock’s cock and pushed his head deep down on it. Once again he nearly gagged as he felt it toward the back of his throat. As he pulled his head back, he shifted his hands from Brock’s shaft to his balls. He had trouble even getting a good grip on them on account of their size.

“Ohhh, yeah, Benny,” Brock said. “Ok, about those balls, just start pulling on them, one at a time. It’s like you’re milking a cow.”

Benny followed instructions and began alternately squeezing Brock’s giant testicles. It almost seemed like he was expected to milk the sperm straight out of Brock’s cock. Benny began wondering whether Brock intended to cum on him. Benny didn’t think he could handle another man’s cum touching him. Surely it would be too disgusting for Brock as well.

“Hey Stacy,” said a petite girl who was walking into Brock’s office. The girl had brown hair pulled back into a ponytail and was wearing a tanktop and sweatpants. “I was just working out here when I got your text message. What is going on?” The petite girl batted her eyelashes curiously.

“Oh, hey Amanda,” Stacy replied. “It’s so crazy, go look through the window of that door over there. You have to see it to believe it.” Stacy extended her finger and pointed to the small window in the closet.

Amanda daintily walked toward the closet door. When she looked through it she gasped at the sight of Benny sucking the cock of an older, muscular man and playing with his large balls. Amanda didn’t know what to say and just started laughing nervously. “Holy shit,” she said. “I would have never guessed Benny sucked cock. I always thought he was straight.”

“He IS straight,” Stacy responded strongly. “He is just sucking that guy off so he can get a free gym membership here for him and me. It’s a good deal for giving a little bit of head.”

“I guess” Amanda said reluctantly. “But there is really nothing little about that man whose cock he is sucking. I hope Benny can handle the situation. Things like that can sometimes get out of hand.” Amanda took another look through the window.

“Unh, ugh,” Brock panted as Benny continued to aggressively suck his cock. It was throbbing rapidly now and Brock quickly pulled it out of Benny’s mouth. “Hey Benny, I need you to do something else for me.”

Benny almost felt disappointed when he felt the cock slide out of his mouth. “What do you need Mr. Morelli?” he asked politely.

“You’re doing great but I think I know something that could help get this over with real fast,” Brock explained. “It would just be hotter and sexier for me if you got naked while sucking my cock. I mean, it’s not like it’s any more embarrassing then the position you’re already in and it will just make things go by faster.” Brock ran his tanned meaty fingers through Benny’s short blond hair. “I promise, if you do this, I won’t cum in your mouth.”

Benny hesitated but then when he thought about it, agreed with Mr. Morelli. With trembling fingers, he fidgeted at removing the button to his collar, eventually managing to push it through the hole. He grabbed the bottom of one of his sleeves and slid his arm through it until it was resting against his side. He then grabbed the bottom of his shirt and yanked it over his head. He threw the discarded shirt on to the ground. His pale skin and slender frame lacking in muscle tone contrasted with that of Brock’s tan muscles. Benny noticed Brock was intensely staring at him. Benny couldn’t help but blush, his cheeks turning a bright shade of pink.

Benny next set to work on his shorts. Wanting to get things over with as quickly as possible, Benny simply yanked them down, boxers and all. Benny was shocked to see that as soon as the material of the shorts glided down his legs; his own rock-hard erection came bouncing out. How could he be turned on by doing things that were so disgusting and wrong? “Uhh, yeah, I have been imagining fucking chicks to make this easier,” Benny lied unconvincingly. Before Brock could say anything, Benny quickly put his lips around his big dick and resumed sucking and tonguing Brock’s cock.

Brock was delighted to see Benny so hard and turned on. He knew it meant he could push things further with Benny. Brock saw Benny at this point as breakable. Brock allowed Benny to suck his cock for a while and then pulled it out of Benny’s mouth. Before Benny could object, Brock violently swung his hips around, smashing Benny in the face with his massive cock.

Benny fell over and saw stars once again. When he began to regain sight he felt someone holding his hips tightly and something else pressing against his ass. As his mind readjusted to the new situation, he realized the horrible situation he was in. Brock’s large, strong hands grasped his hips as Brock towered over him from behind. Brock’s cock was resting on the crack of Benny’s buttcheeks. “No!” Benny pleaded. “Not that, anything but that! Please, I am a virgin and straight, don’t do it. You can cum in my mouth or beat me up or whatever but not this!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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