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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.


My friends and I initially felt like we were going to be screwed in the housing lottery. As freshmen, we were already at a disadvantage, but drawing a high number only made it that much worse. By the time our opportunity to select our dorm rooms for the following year arrived, the pickings were slim, especially in the dorms that were closest to or on campus. Fortunately, there were upperclassmen volunteers who were assisting with the process and one of them shared a useful bit of knowledge that we were not aware of.

“See this?” he asked, pointing at a dorm on the Barnard College campus, “This is Hewitt Hall which is the only co-ed dorm on the Barnard campus. It is surrounded by Brooks, Reid and the new dorm here. Those three dorms are women-only but they’re all connected. You can easily walk all the way around the quad through each of the dorms. There are still a lot of good rooms available in Hewitt. I’m not saying that you should take them but it’s something to think about.”

Given that perspective, there wasn’t that much to think about. We certainly didn’t mind being outnumbered by women, especially someplace where they’d be relaxed and casual. Add to that the proximity of the dorm to the engineering and science buildings, where most of our classes were, and that there was a dining hall on the ground floor and we were pretty much sold. We selected our rooms and got the paperwork filed. I’d selected a room that faced into the quad rather than out onto Claremont Avenue, figuring a view toward three dorms full of women would be more rewarding than a view of the apartment building on the opposite side of Claremont.

Living in Hewitt ended up being nearly everything we’d hoped it would be right from the start. We met a lot of women, partied with a lot of them and hooked up with a few of them all in the first few weeks after moving in. Looking into the quad once it was dark outside, it was pretty unusual not to see something noteworthy, whether a bra, a set of tits, a full frontal or a sex act of some kind. We were all quite happy with our decision and often wished there was a way to thank the guy who had helped us make it. There was no question that he would have an abundance of good karma.

It was a couple of months into the semester and I’d made it a habit to occasionally stretch my legs when I needed a study break by doing a lap around the quad through the other dorms, though typically on a different floor each time. One night, as I was rounding the corner from Brooks into Reid, I ran into Stephanie, who I knew mainly from seeing her in the dining hall. We’d made small talk on a few occasions but I didn’t know her well enough to know where she lived exactly. The most notable thing about Stephanie, at least as far as I was concerned, was how thin she was. She didn’t look anorexic; she certainly looked healthy but she was just quite thin. As a result, her boobs were very nearly non-existent but her nipples were quite prominent. It was obvious that she rarely wore a bra, which was really no surprise at all but, depending on the type of top she was wearing, there were times when it was really difficult to maintain eye contact because you knew those things must surely be a treat to suck on.

On this occasion, she was wearing snug sweatpants and a white tank-top which, in the brief moment before I forced my eyes away, I was certain allowed her nipples and areolas to show through. This was going to make conversation difficult so I might have to cut it short.

“What are you, lost?” she asked with a smile.

“Just stretching my legs,” I replied, “Getting the blood flowing again.”

“I hear you,” she replied, “You have to be careful you don’t turn into a mushroom this time of year.”

“Is this you?” I asked as she paused in front of one of the doors.

“Yeah, come on in if you want.” she replied. She opened the door and I followed her in. Those were definitely fun times when you were always making new friends and weren’t afraid to let them into your room and your life.

“This is nice. Not much different from the rooms in Hewitt,” I said, “You can probably even see my room from here.” I walked over to her window while thinking that I was pretty sure I’d never caught a glimpse of her undressing or anything else. She joined me at the window and I pointed out mine to her.

“Well this is a canlı bahis terrible angle for spying on you,” she said, “I can barely see into your room.”

“Not much to see, anyway,” I replied, “unless watching someone study is fascinating to you.”

“Oh please,” she said, “if that’s all you’re doing in that room then I think I need to start coming by to visit.”

“Yeah, what’s going to happen if you start coming by?” I asked, really liking the direction this was going.

“How about this?” she asked in response before throwing her arms around my neck and planting her lips on mine. I was pleasantly surprised and responded with enthusiasm as our kissing quickly progressed to making out. My hands dropped from her waist to her ass and I was pretty certain that she had no panties on under her sweatpants. I pulled her against the growing bulge in my jeans. Aware that we were right in front of her window and that people like me could be watching us, I ended up picking her up and carrying her over to her bed. I lay her down and lay beside her, my hand going to her small tits which caused her to moan and writhe a lot more than I was accustomed to just from nipple stimulation. When I pulled my mouth from hers because she was moaning so much, she explained.

“My nipples are so sensitive,” she said, “I’ve been able to cum just by stimulating them.”

“Really?” I asked, “I’ve got to give that a try.”

“Knock yourself out,” she replied with a smile, then closed her eyes as I started to slide her shirt up. My cock was rigid as her bare tits were revealed, her nipples and her areolas both appearing to be engorged and erect. I didn’t try to go back to kissing her, instead watching her face as I first caressed her bare, hard nipples, alternating from one to the other. She was definitely experiencing some intense pleasure which made me wonder just how wet her pussy was becoming. As much as I wanted to check, I was really intrigued by the idea of making her cum just by stimulating her nipples. I lowered my head and started to lick and suck the closest one while still caressing the other with my hand. She seemed to want to contain her moaning at first but, the longer I stimulated her, the louder she was getting and I had no doubt that her reaction was authentic. Her breathing rate was picking up until it almost sounded as though she was panting and her entire body was tensing up, suggesting that she actually was getting close to cumming already.

Given that I’d run into her in the hallway, it wasn’t likely that she’d already been worked up before I’d gotten there, although her nipples had already been hard. Of course, as I’d said, her nipples always seemed to be hard but maybe she was just always on the brink of an orgasm. In any case, the fact that she already seemed to be on the verge of cumming after just a few minutes of licking, sucking and caressing her nipples was amazing to me since I had not always been so successful at making women cum. If I could make Stephanie cum just by stimulating her nipples and she was willing to reciprocate, I could see a lot of potential for a relationship with her, whether it was purely sexual or something more.

When the tension suddenly left her body and she let out a long, low moan, her body started to shake as she was apparently cumming. I continued what I was doing, hoping it would draw out her orgasm and make it even more intensely pleasurable than it already seemed to be. Her orgasm did seem to go on pretty long and, again, appeared to be completely authentic to me. When she finally went still and let out a sigh, I raised my head and she smiled at me.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding,” I said.

“That was much better than when I’ve done it to myself,” she replied, “and deserves to be rewarded.”

She rolled me onto my back and kissed me before moving back down her bed until she was kneeling beside me, unbuttoning my jeans. She worked them down, taking my underwear with them until my cock sprung out. She pumped it briefly and licked the head before removing my jeans and underwear completely, then kneeling between my legs. She smiled at me again as I tried to comprehend that this cute, topless brunette was preparing to suck my cock. It occurred to me that this didn’t happen quite as frequently when I was sober so I was usually just rolling with it rather than thinking about it. I was fully attentive as she lowered her head and, when she engulfed my cock in her hot mouth, it was my turn to moan. She started bobbing her head up and down and I knew immediately that I’d probably be cumming as quickly as she had. She was pumping the base as she slid her mouth up and down my tool and the pleasure that I was feeling was outstanding. I couldn’t do much more than lie there and savor her obvious talent for cocksucking.

The other thing that I could appreciate was that, unlike some of the young ladies I’d spent time naked with, she was not reluctant or apprehensive about sucking my cock. She just totally went for it and was undertaking it enthusiastically. It was almost as though bahis siteleri she was enjoying doing it as much as I was enjoying having her doing it. If that was the case, it made me think that her pussy was probably even wetter than it might have been while I’d been licking and sucking her nipples. I resolved that, once she’d made me cum, I was going to return the favor and pleasure her orally, as well.

I could feel my orgasm building due to the skill with which she was sucking my cock and tried to just relax and savor the pleasure. It wasn’t as easy as you might think since my body kept wanting to tense up the closer I got to cumming. She remained focused, though, pausing occasionally to lick my balls while continuing to pump my cock as she apparently gave her jaw a rest. Mostly, though, she was pumping the base while sliding her hot mouth up and down even as my cock started to swell more when I was on the verge of blowing my load. When I finally exploded into her mouth, she never even hesitated and just continued sucking me off while swallowing my load. She nursed every drop of cum from my cock, only letting it fall from her mouth once I was completely spent.

“That was fantastic,” I told her as she looked up at me, “and now I am going to devour your pussy.”

“Ooh,” she replied with a smile, “and I’m going to totally let you.”

She straightened up on her knees, giving me a nice look at her tits and hard nipples, then we traded places so that she was lying on the bed and I was on my knees. I stripped off my shirt so that I was completely naked then, as I reached for her sweatpants so that I could get her in the same condition, I leaned down to give each nipple a quick lick and suck. She moaned and, I saw as I raised my head, had closed her eyes but had a big smile on her face. Kneeling between her spread legs, I started sliding her sweatpants down while she first raised her ass then stuck her legs straight up. I had been correct about her lack of panties so her trim, dark brown bush was immediately revealed and, as soon as her sweatpants were off, I was lowering my face toward it. I kissed her smooth inner thighs as I got comfortable on my stomach between them.

When I reached her trim bush, after taking a moment to admire how well-groomed it was, I ran my tongue up her slit, causing her to moan again. She reached down to hold my head as I lapped up the juices that were flowing from her pussy. I could already feel the blood returning to my spent cock as I glanced up along her naked body and savored the pungent taste of her nectar. I slipped a finger into her, finding her pussy hot, slippery and pretty snug. As I slid it in and out, I started licking and sucking her clit, causing her to cry out. If she’d let go of my head and caressed her nipples instead, she’d likely have cum almost immediately. I was glad she didn’t, though, because I wanted to spend some time eating her for my own enjoyment as well as for hers. She started rocking her hips toward my face while moaning and praising God as I continued to finger her while licking and sucking her clit. I could feel her pussy becoming even wetter and more engorged the longer I was eating her and presumed that meant that she was building to another orgasm pretty quickly. I was already pretty confident that this was not going to turn out to be a one-time thing but, the more orgasms she had, the more frequently I was thinking I’d be seeing her. I definitely didn’t have an issue with getting naked with her on a regular basis.

She continued to hold my head in place while humping her pussy toward my face, moaning the whole time as she got closer and closer to cumming. I can’t say I really varied my technique, especially since it seemed to be doing the trick. Likewise, I wasn’t really trying to draw out her pleasure, per se; I wanted her to have a nice intense orgasm, but I didn’t want to torture her by trying to draw out the pleasure while denying the final climax. I could feel her tensing up as she was apparently approaching her orgasm so I continued to just try to drive her toward it. When she finally let out a cry, all of the tension left her body and she started shaking. Her pussy was flooded with even more lubrication as I continued to pump my finger in and out of her. As I’d hoped, her orgasm appeared to be long and intense and I was happy that I’d been able to provide such pleasure for her.

I continued eating her right through her orgasm, only letting up once she’d gone completely still. I raised my head and slipped my finger out of her pussy and into my mouth. I admired her trim, dark brown bush just a moment longer then crawled up beside her. She still had her eyes closed but there was a big smile on her face which I was happy to have put there. When she opened her eyes and rolled toward me to kiss me, my nearly rigid cock brushed her leg. She reached down and gripped it, which made it grow even harder.

“You’re almost ready to go again,” she said, “You’re a stallion and I’m going to ride you like one. Let me just grab a condom first.”

She bahis şirketleri let go of my cock and rolled away from me then got up off the bed as I stared at her outstanding ass. She opened a drawer and extracted a condom, tearing it open and handing it to me as she threw the wrapper away. I lay on my back in the middle of her bed as I rolled the condom over my shaft then watched her fully naked form as she approached and climbed back onto the bed. She straddled me while reaching for my cock then guided it toward her brown bush. We both moaned as she lowered herself down on it, her pussy feeling even more amazing than I’d imagined despite the condom. She sat there for just a moment, feeling my cock filling her, then started to slowly move up and down on it. I brought my hands up from her waist to her tits, not thinking that I wanted to push her quickly to another orgasm, just wanting to get my hands on them again. I caressed the soft, smooth flesh before brushing my palms over her rigid nipples and causing her to suck in her breath.

I enjoyed her nipples briefly but I didn’t want to overwhelm her so I ended up running my hands around to her sweet ass and caressing and squeezing her soft, smooth cheeks. She was gradually increasing her pace as she moved up and down on my cock while sitting straight upright. Her tits, despite their size, did have a little bit of bounce in them as she moved up and down harder and faster. There was a look of pure joy on her face which, again, made me happy that I could make her feel so good, especially since she was making me feel so good, too. She was supporting herself with both hands on my chest but she took one away and started caressing her clit while letting out a louder moan. I was nineteen years old at this point and the only time I’d ever seen a woman stroking her own clit while getting fucked was when I watched porn so this was outstanding to me. Of course, the whole experience was outstanding and unexpected and eye-opening.

I wasn’t sure, since she was obviously providing herself with some additional stimulation, whether I should do more to make her feel more pleasure, as well. I finally decided that, if it was me, I’d want to experience as much pleasure from as many sources as possible. I brought my hands back up from her ass to her tits and she gasped as I started to caress her hard nipples. Even through the condom, her pussy suddenly felt even hotter and wetter so I could feel my own orgasm stirring as hers was apparently imminent. She continued riding me and stroking her clit for a minute or two longer before sitting down hard on my cock as her body started shaking. She was moaning continually and, since her hand was still on her clit, my hands remained on her tits. Her orgasm was obviously intense and it went on for a good long time. When she finally let out a sigh and collapsed on top of me, she just lay there catching her breath with my cock still embedded in her.

“Oh my God, that was incredible,” she finally gasped, “but I don’t think I can keep riding you.”

“What about all-fours?” I asked, “Can I take you from behind?”

“Of course,” she replied, “anything you want after that.”

She took another minute to catch her breath, then moved off of me and waited for me to get out of the way before assuming the position in the middle of her bed. Kneeling behind her, I had to take a minute to caress and admire her sweet ass. I knew it looked great in jeans and I knew it looked great in sweat pants and now I knew how great it looked completely bare. Finally, I got up right behind her and guided my cock back into her slippery, snug pussy. I took her by the hips and eased my cock all the way in until my hips were pressed against her ass. With my attention remaining on her ass, I started to slowly fuck her, my hips repeatedly tapping her ass and making it jiggle just slightly. Almost immediately, I could feel my orgasm building as a result of fucking her hot pussy so I was glad that she’d cum already. She was actually ahead by a couple of orgasms at that point but I knew it wasn’t going to take long before the score was closer by one.

She didn’t appear to have reached down between her legs to stimulate her clit since I could see both of her arms up by her head. I contemplated doing it myself and would have been fine with her having another orgasm before I did, but she was pushing back against my incoming thrusts and I had a nice rhythm going. I decided to focus on my own pleasure and, for once, didn’t feel all that selfish about it. I kept my hands on her hips as I pushed into her and our pace gradually increased until my hips were smacking against her ass. The level of pleasure that I was feeling continued to increase and I soon felt my cock growing even thicker as I was right on the verge of cumming. When I let out a grunt and started spewing into the condom, our rhythm was completely abandoned and I just kept thrusting with each spurt until I was completely spent. When I had nothing left, I slipped out of her and flopped on the bed beside her. She sat back on her heels and took the condom off then got up and wrapped it in a tissue before throwing it in the trash. She came back and lay in her bed with me, snuggling her thin, naked body against me without saying anything for a bit.

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