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My wife works nightshifts, so I knew I would have the place to myself. I have met people in the past, so I knew I could meet without being interrupted. I was 21 and I was a smooth twink.

I began by stripping naked and laying on the bed. I had already shaved all my body hair, so it was just a case of getting ready for what would come.

My wife had a thick, 7 inch dildo which I would try to use on myself. Sometimes I would be too tight to use the dildo, but other times like tonight, with enough lube, I could slide it right in.

I would go onto a meeting site, with the dildo deep in my ass, and see what guys were available for the night.

Usually, I would have the same people contact me. I am often too nervous to actually meet someone. But other times, if I get too horny, I can’t help but set up a meeting.

That night, I decided to look for someone based on distance. I knew that the sooner someone can come over, and the sooner I give them my address, I wouldn’t be able to back out.

I noticed someone was within 5 minutes walking distance, which was very rare for where I stayed. I looked at their profile and they were a 38 year old, with a big thick cock and a nice body.

I chose not to ask for a face pic because that didn’t matter to me. I was going to be wearing an eye mask, so my main focus was how thick that tasty cock was.

I messaged them and they seemed very interested in meeting me. It got me so excited thinking about someone coming over. My cock was rock hard, my heart was racing and my ass was pulsating on the dildo as I moved it in and out.

I don’t know the name of the guy that came over, so I’ll just call him Daddy.

I istanbul travesti had all of the lights off in the house, as I sat on the carpeted stairs facing the front door. I would keep the dildo in my ass so that it was ready.

I seen a shadow approaching the door and my heart nearly exploded out of my chest. I quickly put on my eye mask and bent down so the first thing he would see is my smooth, tight ass.

The door slowly opened, and daddy could see me on the stairs ready for him.

“Hmm, what a naughty boy.” He said and he placed his fingers on my hole. He rubbed my tight little boy pussy, and began to slip a finger in gently.

His hands were cold, but I couldn’t help but let out a soft moan and reply “I’ve been really naughty, daddy.”

All I could think about was his thick cock, so I turned round, and began to rub and kiss his hard cock outside his soft trousers. I pulled his trousers down and pulled down his pants and his cock shot straight out, hitting me on the face.

I knew exactly how to be a good slave, and put his head in my mouth. It was big, but it managed to sit in my mouth perfectly. I pushed my mouth over his cock and tried to swallow it whole, and barely got to half way.

As his cock hit the back of my throat, I pulled it out and my saliva came pouring out my mouth. I let the saliva pour down my smooth naked body, and cover my own cock.

I would wank his cock as he continued to say, “Good boy, suck that cock.”

I continued to put my mouth over his cock and let the saliva continue to pour all over me. He seemed to really like it, and made me feel like a complete slut.

His cock tasted so istanbul travestileri good, and I could taste pre-cum in mouth, but he quickly grabbed my hair – which I loved – and pulled my head off his thick cock. He said, “Let me fuck that ass, now.”

I had never been fucked before. I have been a dirty slut in the past, and swallowed many loads, but I never gotten so far as to let someone fuck my ass. But with the dildo fucking me 15 minutes earlier, I was ready, and really fucking horny.

I bent over and showed daddy my cute, tight little ass. I could hear his whispering. “Fuck yeah.”

He placed a condom over his cock. I took the time to spit on my hand and finger my ass as he stood over me with his hard cock.

I pushed two fingers all the way in and moved my ass up and down, showing daddy what he was in for. Once the condom was on, daddy was ready.

Daddy slowly started to push his cock into my ass. His head started to push in and it felt amazing. The dildo filled me up before, but it never felt as good as a real cock inside me, let alone daddy being thicker.

He pushed his cock further in until I could feel daddy fully inside me. He slowly started to pull out again, then push it back in. He started off slow and the pace kept increasing.

He kept fucking my ass, and I could see a flash light from a phone in the corner of my blindfold, but my mind was racing. I was a total slut and I loved his cock filling me up.

He kept pounding my smooth ass, and occasionally he would pull it out to let it gape, and I would separate my ass so my gaping hole was on display for daddy, then he would put it back in and fuck me again.

It travesti istanbul felt amazing to be a dirty slut having my ass stretched out by daddy’s thick cock. I don’t know how long he fucked my ass for, but I loved every second of it.

Daddy pulled his cock out fast and told me, “Turn around, I’m going to cum in your mouth.”

I felt like daddy’s property. He could have said anything and I would have obeyed him.

I ripped his condom off and put his cock in my mouth and moved up and down, still letting the saliva flow down my body.

I reached my hand down and I would take the saliva pouring over my cock and I would use that as lube to finger fuck my own ass. It was so wide, gaping open.

I could feel daddy’s cock get thicker and thicker, until he let out a moan.

Daddy’s cum filled my mouth as I kept my it open to take every drop. I stopped letting the saliva pour out and let it all fill up my mouth.

Daddy’s load was thick and hot. He pulled his cock out and I swallowed his load almost naturally. It felt like an automatic response to being a good boy for daddy.

He pulled his trousers and put his cock away. He grabbed my cheeks and told me to open my mouth. I opened wide and pushed my tongue out, as daddy spat into my mouth. Again, I swallowed what daddy gave me.

Without a second thought, daddy turned round and left me sitting there, completely naked and completely used. He walked away as if I was just a toy to him, something he can just pump full of cum then leave – and I loved it.

All I could think about was the flash of light. I knew that daddy took a video of fucking my tight ass, and it really excited me to know that he would take his hard cock, and jerk off to that video.

After I cleaned myself up, I did what a good slut should do. I went back to the bedroom, put the dildo back in my ass and went back online to find my next out who my next daddy would be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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