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It happened over a year ago. James, the guy who introduced you to me, he was the photographer, i do love working with him he is always professional and gets the job done.

No fooling around like some, it was a double shoot. some bikini work and some lingerie,we did the lingerie first then we moved out by the pool for the bikini shots,in which some they asked that i be topless. no biggie i’ve done it before so ok. James never batted an eye unlike most men that see my top come off.

we worked finished the shoot and i went to take a shower and change back into my clothes. before i could get in the shower there was a knock at the door. i opened it and it was James, he can be handsome sometimes and knock a girl right off her feet when he smiles, but that is not the look he had on his face when he opened the door.

he came in and pushed the door shut, he grabbed me with his hands on each side of my face and kissed me, took my breath away. then he looked me in he eyes and said girl you look fantastic today.

i smiled of course and said thanks. he said tell me to go and i’ll go, otherwise we’re not leaving this room till both of one of us can’t move anymore. with a line like that what can a girl do. i reached down undid his belt and he kisses me again.

he was so gentle but i knew he wasn’t going to let go either. I knelt down and took down his pants. This is the 1st time i’ve been with him in this position and when i looked back up i could tell there was something BIG in his boxers. i have heard stories ( if you know what i mean ) i pulled down his boxers and WOW. yeah some stories are true, i grabbed it in my hands and my fingers wouldn’t fit all the way around it. it was growing longer and longer.

i kissesd the tip and looked up at him. took it in my mouth and sucked it slow. he just stood there with his hands in my hair and moaned softl.

I’ve never in my live seen one as big as his and never thought i’d ever find one this big but there i am on my knees sucking a 12 inch cock, a black cock. i was expecting him to take hold of my head and push but he never did.

when he came it was more then i ever dreamed would come out of a cock..he filled my şişli escort mouth and i swallowed. soon as i did my mouth was full again.

he gave me 4 big black of cum into my mouth. then he stepped back and told me i was amazing. I was amazed myself it was still dripping cum down on my thighes. so i grabbed it put it back in my mouth and sucked it, licked till he pushed my head back.

he told me if i kept doing that he was going to burst. here i thought he just did.

next he took me to the bed, undressed me slow, kissing me in all the right places, my neck, shoulders, nipples, belly.

then he laid me down on the bed and pushed my legs apart, knelt down and sucked my clit in his mouth.

WOW again, my legs fell over his back. his hands was caressing me all over my body. my thighs, belly, breast, sides, up my arm. i was tingling all over and his tongue WOW. i was squirming grabbing the sheets and moaning.

he made me orgasm and he didn’t stop. He kept going and going, i said a few times please James put it in me, fuck me.

he just kept licking, sucking and kissing m clit. I was going mad i needed him inside me. i finally said it.
please James, i need your big black cock inside me.

he looked up at me in my eyes and then moved up. He kissed me with his wet lips and slide his tongue into my mouth.

He stood up looking down at me, grabbed me by my legs and pulled me till my butt was at the edge of the bed. he said do you really want it in you. I just looked up and said please.

he said, take hold of my cock and guide it inside you.

I grabbed it with my hand and held the head up against me and he pushed it in.

WOW again!! i’ve never felt anything like this, so thick, hard, and he pushed in slow.

most men have no control and just shove it in. Not James, he slid it in slow, so gently in and out. i never in my life wanted a man to just grab me and ram it in me. but there i did and he wouldn’t do it. he slowly pushed in and slide it back out again and again.

i think maybe he was thinking he didn’t want to hurt me. it was big enough that he may have. looking back i am glad he did it like he did but at that moment i was going nus and wanted it all.

He then leaned over me and started to kiss me. first on my lips then all over my face, then on my neck. He was driving me wild. I was pushing up meeting his push.

he said to me, are you ok.

WOW he cared. I said yes and wrapped my legs around him then he kissed my neck again and kept going.
I finally felt his balls hitting my butt,finally.

i thought and how long did it take, who cares right i got a 12 inch black cock in me, time no longer matters. He started go to a little faster but he was still gentle, his hands were still rubbing and caressing all over my body and i was losing my mind. I

I had my 3rd or 4th orgasm since he put it in me and each time it was stronger, lasted longer and he wasn’t stopping..he kept going.

I put my hands on the back of his head and i said ok fuck me hard James please. He never even changed his pace.

.i said it a few more times and then i thought. It worked the 1st time lets try it again and i said.

James, James please fuck me hard with your big black cock.

he moved his head and looked in my eyes and he said is that what you really want right now. All i could say was YES, PLEASE.

he pulled out of me and the empty feeling all of a sudden deep inside me shocked me. i am not sure i can put it in words but i almost cried. i needed him back inside me, but before i could say anything. he flipped me over, lifted my butt i was on my knees with my face on the sheet and he said it again. Is this want you want. I felt him tapping his cock on my ass.

i just moans YES James please. this time he did push it all in but not hard. he placed both his hands on my sides above my hips. He pulled out and quickly pushed back in hard. I had another orgasm, stronger then all the others.

he kept going and going. hard this time hard and deep. Not ramming or pounding like most men would do but like there was purpose, reason and he wasn’t overpowering. he was finally fucking me hard, thankfully. i

I had 2 or 3 more orgasms not sure how many really. then i said it, men have always asked me can they cum inside me. some i would let most i’d say no pull out cum on my belly or breast.

James never asked, i said it “James please cum in me, please”. he said are you sure, and i said YES please i want to feel it. when he did i swear to you i felt every time it shot cum into me..and i came yet again. he pulled out and laid down next to me. Heput his hand on my belly and was caressing, touching me softly..not with his hands but just his finger tips.

i was tingling all over and the more he rubbed and touched the stronger the tingling was.

then he said, are you ok. can i get you a drink? what? where do they make men like this come from?
most men ask me to get them a drink. James went got us both some water. it’s what i asked for.

after drinking it. james told me that i was amazing. i just smiled and said well you must have liked me just a little.

he laughed and said true.

i said, ok..want more or is it shower time?

he just rolled over on his back and said ok but this time you get on top.

WOW,,,yes sir…

i rolled over and got between his legs. I kisses the head of his cock, licked it down to the base and back up.

his cum, my cum mixed together. it tasted so good so i did it again. Then he said girl if you just gonna tease me i’m gonna spank your ass.

I said not from where you are right now. i got up slide down on him and he slapped my ass. i just laughed and and started ridding.

it was amazing, felt so good and i didn’t want it to stop. I am not sure how long we was there but i do remember laying there worn out and saw the clock. it said 8 pm,i had a date at 7 pm. well guess i missed that, but it’s ok this man was and is a much better man.

James helped me to the shower, he lathered me up and washed me off. then i did the same for him.

he dried me and i dried him.

we both got dressed and he walked me to my car, where he kissed me. this time with just one hand in my hair. the other on my butt.

he opened the car door for me and held my hand as i got in..before he shut the door.

then he said “i hope to see you very soon”..kissed my hand and let me go.

i was driving home thinking oh yes James you’ll see me again..soon as i can walk straight…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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