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Before smartphones and dating Apps were available Matt would go to work early and browse personals ads online. It was before internet browsing activity was monitored or blocked by businesses to keep employees from visiting porn websites. It was exciting and expanded his dark side to the point of obsession.

When he finally got a home computer he would log on chat rooms to role play every chance he got. He always assumed the submissive role when interacting with others. He posted ads in personals, got plenty of replies but never followed through on any of them. On a few occasions he came close but always backed out until one day something changed that.

He placed an on line personal ad that read: “submissive white male seeks Dominant man. Stats: 32y/o 6’2″ 180 black hair, green eyes fit and muscular. Consider self bi but would like to explore submitting orally to a well endowed man. I want to be your bitch. I want to be put on my knees called dirty names and face fucked until you cum down my throat. I crave humiliation and need to be put in my place. I’m clean and discrete please be the same.”

He got several replies almost immediately and wrote back to some of the interesting ones and jerked off to the thought of sucking their cocks.

One of the guys that replied to his ad mentioned poppers. Matt had no idea what they were and asked about them. The guy sent some information and told Matt to get some to try.

Matt remembered seeing poppers at the local adult video store but never gave them much attention. He was always in a hurry Fulya Escort to get in and out of the store without being noticed. He was also curious about the video booths in the back room but always too afraid to go in.

He thought about the poppers and wondered if it was true they made you horny and have better orgasms. Initially he thought it was all bullshit but decided the to get some to try next time he went to the book store.

Matt’s life went as usual over the next few weeks. July came and he remembered it was time to pick up the latest issue of his favorite magazine. He was desperate for some new jerk off material and decided to swing by the book store.

On the way home from work he stopped, went in got a copy. When he was paying the clerk he noticed bottles of poppers under the counter. He bought one and the guy slipped it into the black plastic bag with his magazine. He quickly left the store and headed home.

Once home he got on his computer to cruise the chat rooms. He settled in, got naked with a glass of bourbon and waited for someone to notice him in the M4M DC chat. A few private messages came through and he replied but all the guys wanted to video link. Matt was too chicken shit and lied saying didn’t have a camera.

He was about to sign off when an IM popped up. It said, “So did you try the poppers yet?” He replied that he got some but hadn’t tried yet. The guy replied, “what are you waiting for? get em out, get naked for me and get ready to suck my cock.” Matt was excited and his cock was hard at the Fulya Escort Bayan thought of role playing with someone. He waited a few minutes and replied that he was ready.

They exchanged IMs for a while before they guy told Matt to open the bottle of poppers and take a long hit. Nervously he open them, held the bottle to his nose and inhaled. A sensation washed over him, a euphoric feeling like he had never experienced before. All of his inhibitions and cautions floated. He felt incredibly aroused and submissive, so much so that when he was told to turn his camera on he did without reservation.

He was exposed and naked. On the other end of his computer camera was someone hardly knew. He heard the guys voice telling him to get on his knees. He told Matt to play with his cock and take another hit of poppers. He asked Matt for his phone number and he gave it without question. The poppers were making him do things he wouldn’t normally follow through with. He loved the feeling and was ready for anything.

The guy asked if Matt wanted to suck cock for real tonight. He was so horny at the thought he gave the man his address and told him that he would be waiting for him. The guy said that he was close by and would be there in 10 minutes and to leave the door unlocked. Matt stayed there on his knees and waited.

It seemed like forever. He was still a bit high from the poppers when he heard the door open. Shit, what had he done? He panicked a bit but before he could do anything the guy was in and standing by the door.

“Are Escort Fulya you ready to be my bitch?” The man asked. Matt replied, “yes sir.” He told Matt to open the poppers and take a nice long hit and then beg to suck his cock. Matt did and again felt his inhibitions float away. He started crawling toward the man begging to suck him.

The guy dropped his pants and Matt saw he had a nice large cock. He was shaved smooth and was wearing a leather strap round the base. Matt opened wide and took the mans cock in his mouth. Slowly he moved his lips down the shaft. It was his first real cock in a long time and it was because of the poppers. Without them he would have jerked off and went to bed, instead he was sucking cock and loving it.

In a few minutes the guy pulled out and rubbed his wet cock all over Matt’s face. He stepped back and took his shoes and pants off. He asked Matt if he had any beer in the house. He started to get up to go get him one but decided to stay on his knees and crawled to the kitchen and back with a beer. After taking a drink the man pointed to his cock and said, “it ain’t going to suck itself.”

Matt put his mouth back on the cock and was soon giving the best blowjob he knew how. The guy obliged Matt’s fantasies by calling him all sort of degrading names as he sucked him off. He made Matt deep throat his cock. He had him look up at him as he held the popper bottle to his nose. He made him take deep hits until he was delirious with submissive lust. He throat fucked Matt until he finally came spraying sperm all over his face.

He left his pager number and told Matt to call it when he wanted to suck cock again. He told him to make sure he had fresh bottle of poppers before he called. He left Matt laying on the floor jerking his cock and savoring the taste of the fresh cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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