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I have always been very shy around women, and I’ve never had the nerve to initiate any contact with them. The exception, was my cousin, whom I’d always thought of as my sister, as I am an only child. She married another cousin of mine, but after two kids, she got divorced, and moved back to my hometown. I spent a lot of time visiting her, and consoling her, always there when she needed me. We started becoming very much closer, and I became concerned that things could easily get much more serious, and I was afraid that she would become labeled by our family as a cousin marrier, and possibly become ostracized. My solution was to introduce her to my best friend, whom she is with ’till this day.
Possibly as a favor to me, she introduced me to a girl she met in college. She was nice, good looking, very happy, and fun to be around. But she was totally flat chested, just like a ten-year-old girl! We got along very well and started seeing each other quite often. As it turned out, what she was lacking in breasts, she more than made up for in nipples. When erect, they stood up a half inch, and were a true delight to rub and suck! Whenever I took her out to a bar or restaurant, she would put on a training bra, because when she got excited, her nipples were unmistakable, so she wore the tiny thing to conceal her wonderful nipples.
She told me that the reason she left her boyfriend, escort izmit was that he got her pregnant, and wanted her to get an abortion. While she had that done, he went to the bar and got drunk, which really pissed her off. Plus she thought that it might have been a little girl seamed to cap it. (She already had two boys). She was worried that I might not like her because of the abortion, but I reassured her that was not the case. Because of the abortion, she told me that she couldn’t have sex for a month, but I was patient, and told her so.

Eventually, it was time for our first time. We took my truck and camper, and headed down the highway towards the outdoors.

About half way to our destination, I heard a sickening clunking noise, and found out that the studs holding my wheel on were all loose, and untighternable! I limped into a rest stop, and managed to relay a message to my buddy, but new he wouldn’t be able to help until the next day.

We settled in for the night, and I knew that her birth control pills hadn’t gone a month yet, so she wanted me to use condoms. I hate the damn things, but agreed. She teased me several times that night, about doing it, and not, until she finally said, “OK!” and took off her clothes! I can’t say there’s ever any bad sex, it’s all good, some better than others, and this seemed only average to me, but I was happy. The next morning, izmit darıca escort I woke up with a huge hard-on and grabbed her hand and placed it around my cock, making sure she knew what was on my mind! She smiled widely, and pulled back the blankets and spread her legs to accept me. We had sex again as if we were in a dream. This time was much better than the first and we were overcome with happiness. Shortly after that, my buddy showed up to rescue me, and he joined us at our planned camping place, borrowing my spare tent.

We had sex again that night, and again the next morning trying to be quite, then my buddy left for town. I took my sweetie to a secluded little lake that afternoon. It was warm, blue sky, birds singing and beautiful! I told her that I wanted to make love to her outside, with the sun shining on us, and she was reluctant. I just got some blankets out of the back, laid them down under a tree, along with some pillows, and motioned for her to lay down on them. She still needed convincing, so I started undressing, and began unbuttoning her blouse. She was worried, but had a mischievous grin, and began to undress. When she was naked, her cute nipples poking up so high and hard, her pussy hairs like fine brown moss, my breath was taken away! Then she grabbed my cap and put it over her pussy, put her hands over her nipples, declaring izmit rus escort that now no one could see her! Grinning from ear to ear, I abruptly tossed my hat aside, pinned her hands above her head, and lowered my naked body onto hers. We kissed each other, and relished in the feeling of our naked bodies touching each other. The Sun felt so good on my bum as I readied to enter her! Soon, my raging hard cock found her pussy lips, and began to push inside her. Just a little at first, then an inch, then back out. Then in another inch and I felt her juices coating my cock and herself, making sliding into her much more pleasurable. I continued, backing out, plunging deeper until fully deep inside her. I stopped for a few seconds, delirious in the feeling of finally being fully, deep inside this wonderful woman! Then I began our love slide, very slowly, then gradually picking up the pace. Just as I was getting to a fast pace, close to climaxing, a large insect, a bumblebee I think, began flying around us both in large circles! I grabbed my cap and tried to knock it out of the air, but missed. I was too far-gone to stop, so I dropped my hat, and started pounding into her very fast! Then the damn thing dive-bombed me, stinging me on my inner thigh, a half-inch below my balls! I was in mid-cum, but that stopped me! Half a cum, yelling loudly, as she laughed out loud! Not that she was being mean at all, it was kind of funny looking back on things. And actually, I’m so glad that the bugger didn’t get me in the balls! Christ, that would have been a problem! I’ve only had sex outdoors one other time, but I haven’t lost my desire to do it again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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