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Big Tits

Due to undesired negative responses, i have decided that this will be my last story.
In this one, i will be mentioning about the starting part of my journey towards sexual gratification.
I was in my teens then. This all happened a few months before i lost my virginity with my first boyfriend. Mom had informed me the necessary things long ago realated
to periods and all.However being from an orthodox household, i was always curious.
The problem was which information to trust, and which not to.
When it came to socializing i was quite shy back then. Sundays were spent mostly in my own room, as i longed for some “me” time.
This particular Sunday was gonna be interesting. There was some nail trimming, hair shampooing and shaving my pubes to do. After i finished that,
i entered my room, wrapped in just my towel. I loved the way the wet water made me feel about my body. I had my shoulder length blonde hair wet too,
and i decided to leave everything like that for the time being.
I just lied on my bed. I was enjoying how my now drying wet body glitterred in some of the sunlight incident on it. I specially loved the way my thighs and calves
sparkled, soft and flashing in the sun.
I then went to my make up kit and brought out my favourite silver coloured nail paint. I never painted my fingernails, as i easily spoiled them. However, i always
liked to see my toenails covered with some fun colours.
After painting all my toenails, i thought about removing the towel. I was alone anyway and no family member would disturb me today, i thought. This was not the first
time i was naked and alone, but i was never so calm. There were no thoughts crossing my mind. I was living in the moment.
This feeling of being naked and alone was so liberating. I closed my eyes and inhaled a deep breath.
Then i got up and stood in front of my mirror. I loved my body. I blew escort kocaeli a kiss in the air towards my reflection in the mirror.
My quiet nature in those days had many people talking embarassing things about me. Some even said i was weird. This liberating feeling while being naked, alone and
safe was making me feel much better, making me relieve all the stress i had been through the week.
I lied on my tummy on the bed, with my legs below the knee, flying up in the air. I knew i was being borderline narcissistic, but i was enjoying it, nonetheless.
I started looking at my body much more carefully now. I looked at my satin soft arms, my slender fingers. I playfully gave my nipple a tug with my hand very softly,
then giggling unnecessarily at myself. I didnt care what people thought about me anymore.
Then i closed my eyes while i felt my navel with my palm. I was loving these new feelings and sensations i was experiencing. Then i stopped doing it and glanced at
my legs by turning back a little.
My thin legs had been a topic of being mocked at those days, specially by my girl-friends. However, i was finding them nice. On the contrary, the fact that i
had been hiding was i loved the way some of my male friends looked at me, from the corner of their eyes. I was lucky as most of them were decent, and i would not have
been able to stand any form of teasing, as i took things much more seriously those days. I specially loved how my toenails looked. I was average looking, but i didnt
care about it. Though i never admitted it, i loved my body the way it was. Thankfully i wasn’t obese. I think thats what mattered.
Besides my improper and inadequate eating habits maintained myself, not to mention running which i used to do few times a week. I laughed at myself, for being too
proud of my body without any reason.
It was around noon and i was getting bored. I rested kocaeli anal yapan escort my whole body on the bed now. This was the first time that i had done so, consciously. Usually mom used to make me
wear atleast a top and my panties before i used to go to sleep alone in my room, inspite of heat. Dad had always been co operative, always knocking on the door before
coming in.
I loved how the bedsheet felt against my skin, specially my lips, neck, boobs, tummy, pussy and legs. I took support of my palms and very slowly started rubbing my
whole body against the bedsheet. It was an ecstatic sentiment. I was focussing on my pussy as i wanted to see how it felt touched. I had never touched it with my
fingers, fearing there will be bleeding. This was my eureka moment. I thought, why didnt i think of this before.
No matter how hard i’m pushing against the bedsheet, nothing is penetrating it. I was feeling much secure, and my initial fear had gotten away.
The first few minutes that i started doing it, i wasnt feeling anything at all. Maybe because i didnt try to feel anything, i was scared. This was followed by another
few minutes where i felt a strange feeling, similar to scratching your skin when it itches. The feeling i was experiencing right now was much more different.
I was complete amateur to the signals my brain was receiving. I decided to aid it by lifting my feet and rubbing my toes against the bedsheet too.
I had lifted my head slightly now, i kept an arm against both of my boobs. I held it in such a way that one of the boobs nipple was being rubbed by my forearm, while i
momentarily started gently touching my other boobs nipple with my fingers. I did not know at that time where i was taking myself. I had suspicions from my girl-friends
describing similar acts they said they had tried. But i was unsure izmit yabancı escort how much of it was true. I had gone in an euphoric state of mind now.
I looked at my wall clock. It had been only twenty minutes. But perhaps they were the best and distinguished ones from my life yet, i pondered to myself.
Now i started feeling as if i’m about to pee. I stopped rubbing my body on the bedsheet for a while and the feeling was going away. I found out that it was related.
I had not been much adventurous so far. I was scared if theres bleeding, mom will know and find out what i had been doing. Yet, my body was controlling me now and i
couldnt stop myself. However, i tried to rub myself slower than before now. Probably its in vain, i thought.
Then i thought that if it was indeed related to self pleasure, i should think of some dirty acts that i had heard about. The only thing i remembered was Leonardo Di
Caprio making love to Kate Winslet in Titanic. I had watched the movie at a friend’s home secretly, when her parents were out of city. I tried to memorize the looks
on their faces.
When i opened my eyes, i found that this newfangled feeling of pleasure that was rushing through me had taken me away from my conscious. I was rubbing
my pussy and nipples much more vigorously now. My toes were frictioning against the bedsheet and i had most of the bedsheet clenched in my palm as a sticky, wet,
transparent fluid gushed through my pussy. I wanted to stop myself now, but it was as if my body was in inertia now. Several seconds, i kept on rubbing my body
against the bedsheet while i spilled almost two spoonfuls of this liquid on the bedsheet. I had my eyes closed and let out a slow moan. My first orgasm, i thought.
My stupid mind was playing games with me. I couldn’t believe at what had happened. This was definitely not urine. I smelled the liquid. I didn’t know what to do now.
However, i was interrupted by mom knocking on the door and announcing lunch was ready. So i didn’t think much about it that time, dressed myself, cleaned the bedsheet
with a wet cloth and got out of there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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