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Female Ejaculation

This is an email I wrote to a friend of mine who’s a HS cheerleader… enjoy!

I see you in front of me, in your cheerleader uniform. You look SO hot as you tease me with you licking your lollipop. You lick it around, using your tongue to swirl it around in your mouth while you give me a cute, but seductive look.

I walk closer to you and wrap my hands around your back, pulling you closer to me. Being this close, with only our clothes hiding what’s under, I can still feel the heat emanating from the both of us. as I brought you closer, you could start to feel a bulge down by your stomach from my pants. You look at me inquisitively, and I just lean down to you and kiss you, holding you close and guiding you towards the bed.

I set you down in front of me on the bed, and I kiss you deeply, exploring your mouth as I thrust my tongue in and out, letting you know of what’s to come. I take my hand and take off your cheerleader blouse and your bra and throw them off the bed, and immediately start rubbing your breasts hard, flicking the perky nipples around roughly. I can feel you squirming under me, and this just gets my length nice and hard in my pants. I slide my mouth down to your neck and nibble on your ears before sliding it down to your shoulders, giving a small bite 😉 You shiver from the sensation, and as I continue, we seem to melt onto one another and into one.

As I kiss you on your shoulders and start to lick on your chest and on your perky nipples, I slide my right hand down to your belly button, tracing circles around it before bringing it down farther down under your cheerleader skirt and into your panties. I feel around under there, and I could feel the wetness as I rub around that area under your skirt. You’re SO hot right now with only your skirt and your shoes and ankle socks on, and that just makes my length want to bulge out casino siteleri of my pants and right into your love channel.

I can sense you squirm a little bit under me, from both the pleasure of the sensation and the teasing. You try to arch your back and try to make my hand give more contact onto your nether region, but I only loosened my grasp down there. I look into your eyes and I can sense the anticipation through you. I lean down and kiss you once again, exploring your mouth as our tongues jostle back and forth. I reach further down and rub the inside of your thighs gently, caressing it and feeling how hot you are from under your skirt, gently working my way up to your wet snatch.

Suddenly, you reach out for my pants and hastily loosened my zipper. I look into your eyes, seeing the lust and the awe of your gaze upon my manhood, the length which you know will take your virginity and to new heights of pleasure to come. You pull my pants and my boxers down onto my thighs, and freeing my cock from its cloth bounds. You reach your hands towards it and start to gently rub the tip, followed by light strokes on the shaft.

I could only react with a gasp, as I finally reach your panties under your cheerleading skirt. I palm your mound with my hands, and it sends jolts flying through your body. I give your panties a tug, and notice that they are now completely wet, and exposed the bud of your clit as it tightly hugged your mound. I palm the whole area, making sure to put long hard strokes onto your clit. You buckle and sound off a deep moan of pleasure as I gain both speed and force as I palmed your mound and your clit.

As I gain more force and speed, you grasp my shaft tightly and start to furiously stroke it up and down, roughly putting pressure on the tip. Your breathing is now getting shorter and shorter as the waves güvenilir casino of sensation starts to overpower your body. Your moans ever getting louder and louder at my touch, you grab tightly upon my shaft and pulled me down to you for a hot, electrifying kiss.

My senses go wild as we kiss.. My body is approaching that climax of all climaxes….

But before getting too caught up in the moment, I quickly pull off your thong-like panties from under you, leaving your skirt on your hips and I position myself above you, placing my cock just a few inches from your entrance. I use 2 fingers and penetrate you slightly, spreading your juices around for our coupling to come. I could feel how tight you are as you try to arch your back in an attempt to put more of my fingers in you. At the same time, I take my thumb and roughly ground it against your clit, rubbing it in circles.

I position my cock right at the entrance of your pussy, and I look up at you, straight and deep into your eyes, giving you a light kiss before entering snatch. You give off a soft whimper as my head buries itself in your pussy lips, and hold it there for a bit to let you get used to my cock. OMG YOU ARE TIGHT! I almost came right here and now. But, there’s much more that’s coming for you to enjoy…

I slowly bring my hands up to your cheek and caressed it, I then lower myself on top of your left nipple and start to lick on it madly, using long licks and swirling the tongue to make you go wild. You buckle a bit under me, and your juices start to flow from your virgin pussy. I push my cock further into your pussy till I finally met a wall of resistance of your cherry…

And you screamed my name, and clamped down on my cock that’s about to bring you into womanhood. As you came, you wrapped toned and sexy legs right around my waist I could barely hang on canlı casino to not coming myself, as the sight of you in your skirt, socks ,and shoes wrapped around me is nearing me to the edge.

I look into your eyes once more and I kiss you deeply before I slowly started my assault into your cherry. You tremble and let out a moan in both pleasure and pain as I finally indoctrinated you in the ways of womanhood. I hold it in there for a few moments to let you get used to it again. You whimper some more, but there’s more to come….

And then, slowly I bring it in further, all the way in until your clit touched my pelvic bone. I hold it there for a few moments before drawing it out, slow but forcefully so you can feel my length sliding against your tight parts.

I let my cock rest for a bit, and I look at your hot body. I more I look at you, the more I want to drill my hot cock deep inside you. I get in position again, and I put my cock at the entrance of your pussy. I push it forward with all my might, all the way till it goes inside and is buried in your hilt.

You scream out loud.. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

…and you once again milk my cock. But I’m not done yet…

I repeat this motion over and over, continuously pounding your pussy. I speed my motion up further, and I put your legs together on my shoulder as I looked into your eyes filled with lust, and entered you again. I drilled my cock deep within you, and the position we’re in makes it so much tighter. I slowly speed myself back up as I thrust in and out, in and out, in and out of your newly christened pussy.

You produce a loud moan under me and with you looking so flustered and in your half dressed cheerleader uniform puts me over the edge. I pound your newly christened pussy hard, feeling my balls reaching the point of no return. I give you a few final last pumps into you, and with a last final deep pump, I release my essence into you.

I lean down once again and kiss you and you wrap your arms and legs around me as we make a loving and sensual embrace, our juices mixed, and our bodies still joined in a most holy of unions….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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