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She never replied. Then, at last, she did. After months of messaging her, this was Mistress Tallyn’s response:

‘I haven’t answered your snivelling messages sooner because you’re not that worthy. I’d call you an amoeba if you were that sentient. You are not! You’re much lower than that single-celled pond life. How dare you call me Mistress. And stop fucking asking for my bloody knickers. Do you know how many requests I get for my used PVC panties? You say you wank over my pictures. I’m sure you do. But I want you to prove it. Go to the gardening department and find the thickest pair of heavy duty PVC gloves available. Make sure you’re wearing your sissy plastic knickers. Send me the video of your very public PVC panties wank. Then maybe – maybe – we will move forward. Do not let me down, Billy. Send me the video.’

I read her message again and felt my jeans tighten. I really wanted to please Mistress Tallyn. I sent her this proposition.

‘Dearest Mistress Tallyn, I’ll do what you ask to win your favour. I’m worried about wearing my knickers though. Everyone will hear them. Please could I wank in cotton briefs? They’re far safer and I’m more likely to accomplish my task undetected.’

I waited for Mistress Tallyn’s response. I rubbed my aching cock and fantasised about having a thrap in my local gardening store. I was hoping she’d let me play it safe. Within a few hours, she reiterated.

‘Wear those fucking knickers. Don’t let me or yourself down, Pond life.’

I tried to swallow but my throat was too dry. I felt flushed and my thoughts were hazy. I tried to think straight as I charged my mobile phone up. What if a customer asked me about my noisy panties? I’d have to tell them that I’m incontinent. I just hoped my frilly sissy knickers didn’t peek over my jeans. I looked at the şişli escort beautiful Mistress Tallyn. Her arse in tight, shiny black PVC leggings made me want to wank there and then. I decided to save myself. I wanted to stay on task. My head swam as my phone charged. Fully powered, I popped my mobile in my jacket pocket and popped upstairs to change into my task kink.

I have many plastic panties in my stash. Choosing a pair really wasn’t an issue though. I’d already got hot thinking about the special kink I’d parade. I soon stood bare-arsed.

My favourite PVC panties are lined in soft, pink plastic. The girly accents really set off the thick outer, shiny black PVC. They’re full and frilly with poppers on each side. I love the feel of them on my balls. I like how they stick to my arse. After easing them on, I winced. Even under my tight jeans, they creak and crackle like fuck. I was walking like a robot but it didn’t make my sissy knickers any quieter.

I don’t even remember the fifteen minutes car journey. My palms were really sweaty. Did I jump a red light? I know I had to break hard, later on, to avoid a prang with a pick-up truck.

It was lovely and sunny as I parked up at the garden centre. I checked my jacket collar was flat. My phone was in my zipped pocket. The garden centre seemed unusually busy and I felt my heart thump. I almost chickened out. But I’d love the admiration of my Mistress Tallyn. My thoughts of her loving approval emboldened me. I strided noisily through the main entrance passing the bird feeders and the bright roses display.

I soon eyed the gardening gloves. There were thick black rubber ones and green cotton gloves. My eyes fell upon the thick red PVC pair. I selected a large because I wanted them loose and clumsy.

I looked around then headed taksim escort to the racks at the back of the store. I knew, amongst the big stacked bags of potting compost that it was quieter there.

I readied my phone. I dropped my jeans. My plastic sissy arse was on full display. I started to record as I rubbed myself up. My cock strained against the soft, smooth plastic. All I could think about was Tallyn’s shiny red boots and her pert bum as I fumbled to don my gloves.

“What the hell are you doing, you dirty pervert?”

I turned to see an older woman in a drab cotton overcoat. She was wearing a plastic bonnet.

” Can you hold my phone, please? I’m in a rush,” I replied.

The woman exposed a few lost teeth as she smiled and recorded me.

The shiny PVC slid between my legs as I tried to block the woman out of my thoughts. She reminded me by copping a feel of my arse before slapping it. I thrapped for the whole world. I was on Planet Tallyn. The loose gloves caressed my tightened balls and flicked between my legs. The loose finger tips were so fat and shiny. My knickers were more cacophonious than usual. They cracked and creaked as I wanked. Feeling the cold air on my arse-hole, I finally cried out. My jizz spat across a polythene compost bag. I quickly caught my breath and pulled my jeans up. The lady zoomed in on my deposit. My man phat was dribbling down the sacks with with thick salty gobs.

“Well, I think that’ll be good plant nutrients,” I winked. I snatched my phone as the woman patted my shoulder. I’m sure she was rubbing her tit. I thought to drop the sticky heavy duty gloves back. Then I grabbed another couple of pairs. I hurriedly paid for the three lots of additional wank wear whilst ignoring the wry smile of the blonde check-out lady.

“Shall beşiktaş escort I take the stickers off these gloves?,” she asked.

I didn’t know where to look as I rubbed my christened gloves against my jeans leg, I made the heady and relieved drive home.

After a quick drink of water and a hurried mop of my brow, I sent Mistress Tallyn my public thrap video. It was too much. She looked so gorgeous in her tight dark blue PVC bikini panties. Sat on my computer chair, I soon had my jeans around my ankles. I eased the poppers off one side of my jizzy knickers. I used the stiff glove as an extension of my other hand.

How I wanked with my weaker hand. My knuckles rapped my plastic. My leading hand toyed with the thick glove. The thick, stiff PVC fingerless fingers caressed my arse-hole and balls as I imagined fucking Tallyn in our panties. My cock seemed thicker than normal as my plastic swept across my bum. The stiff glove flicked across my ring. I soon tightened and cried out. I shot across my rug. I fell back in my chair triumphant. I reddened as I thought about the old lady who recorded me masturbate. I wondered if she’d shot home for relief.

Mistress Tallyn soon replied to my kinky video. Her words swam as I read her message.

‘Well, that’s a promising start, Billy. And what a good finish. I could certainly hear your cute panties. I think you’ll be using your masturbating gloves again soon as I’m thinking of letting you look after my knickers. I’ll send you my red PVC thong shortly. Once I see a picture of you in my knickers, I’ll think about giving you a promotion. You shall not call me Mistress until I’ve appraised your picture. The dirt on my heels is more worthier than you. Make sure you send my panties photo.’

Those gloves of mine were put through the mill as I hopelessly tried not to think about her parcel. How Tallyn’s plastic panties would bring me closer to her. Her scent on her knickers would certainly bring me off too. I knew I would do absolutely anything for this amazing woman. I just hoped I was ‘man’ enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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