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This is my first anal sex story, well, but I should say my first story of any kind. This is a true story also.

First off a little background information. My wife Marcy is 5’5 and 145 pounds, very pretty for her age. She is 60 years old but looks like 45. We have had anal sex before, but nothing compared to this night. At the time of this writing we were travelling all over the southeast doing arts and craft shows staying our van that we converted the back to a bed.

This one night in particular was no different from any other that we slept in the van. We had a long and busy day at the show so we decided to lay down early. We took a couple hours’ nap and woke up feeling somewhat better. As we lay there both of us checking our phones for any messages I thought but Marcy was watching porn on her phone. When I noticed she reached over and squeezed my cock, and said are you interested? I am always interested, so she rolled over and pulled my shorts down as I pulled her night shirt off. Marcy being as quick as a cat was between my legs with my cock in her mouth. He gives great blow jobs and it wasn’t long that I was moaning and felt like I was about to cum. She stopped and said I wasn’t getting off that quick.

I then moved down to eat her pussy which canlı bahis is something she really enjoys me doing, the only bad thing is I can never make her cum. She would get right to the edge of having an orgasm and something would happen she could not let go and really enjoy the orgasm although she says she enjoyed it. Tonight was no different she got right to the edge and lost it. I began to suck on her beautiful tits as she was fondling with my balls. I moved into position and eased my cock in with ease, even without the orgasm her pussy was still wet. I fucked her missionary style which is not one of our favorite positions. It didn’t take long for the van to start rocking needlessly to say. I came hard in her pussy as she was enjoying being fucked, but again no matter what position I screwed her in she would not, or could not let loose and truly enjoy cumming. The thing about me is I have a long staying power, even after cumming I can keep it up and keep going, so I told her to turn over that I wanted it doggy style she resisted at first and then I slapped her nipple a couple times and it turned her on and she rolled over pretty fast after that.

She loves for me to slap her tits as I do it a lot for foreplay. I eased up behind her and shoved it deep bahis siteleri into her pussy as quick and hard as I could, she moaned and I kept pumping fast and hard trying to get as deep as possible. I had her moaning and groaning she was getting louder as I fucked her pussy harder and harder. I was sure she was about to cum this time but to my disappointment she didn’t. I was exhausted and rolled over off of her and she turned around and gave me another blow job, this time I came in her sweet mouth and she swallowed almost all of my cum, I could see some of my cum running out the corners of her mouth. I lay there for a while trying to get my second wind when she said, come on I want you to fuck me in the ass tonight.

I was still tired but I was not about to turn down that tight ass of hers. If you could only see how shapely it is. She told me to lie still that she was going to get on top this time. I had never had anal sex with her on top before so I asked her if she was sure. And she said yes to lie there and enjoy myself. I was a perfect gentleman like any man would be. I laid there as she got on top of me and started trying to get my cock in her tiny little ass. She was having trouble without any lube so I spit in my hand and rubbed my cock getting it a bahis şirketleri little wet for her. She tried again and this time I could feel the head of my cock pop inside her tight anus. She stopped a few seconds and moaned as she enjoyed the tip being just inside her anus. Then she started lowering herself a little at a time onto my stiff cock. I thought I was going to cum before she could get it all the way in.

She started riding my hard cock fast and furious and it didn’t take long for me to cum in her tight rosebud, but that didn’t stop her she kept riding my cock until she was moaning. I thought she was fixing to cum any second but to my surprise my cock, balls and stomach started getting wet. She was in heaven and I was getting mad, but we figured out when she slowed down a little that instead of cumming she was squirting. That part of the mattress was soaked she squirted so much. She decided she wanted to try a different position and see if she could squirt again. That is where our fun started I fucked her as many ways as I could in that small van and she squirted every time. We cleaned up and I fucked her pussy again and she squirted again. To this day she has not came, but she squirts every time we make love, and that is ok with me. She even squirts when I eat her pussy, I didn’t think I would like it, but don’t knock it until you try it. This is the first of my true stories so if you like it let me know and I will tell you another true story, or may be a fantasy of mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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