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In my opening story, I described my initiation to the joy of gay sex; I was away from home for the first time in my life, and hungering for my first sexual experience. Well, I got my first “taste” of sex, by way of sucking my First Sergeant’s 11-inch cock to orgasm, and swallowing his seed–after he’d orally taken advantage of me, when I had too much to drink. He then let me fuck him in the ass, and I reluctantly agreed to let him do the same to me . . . . though it was more of a semi-rape, on his part, when he painfully relieved me of my anal virginity. For the remainder of that holiday weekend, we sucked and fucked each other to the point of sheer exhaustion.

It was two days later, before we were ‘sexually’ together again; while at work, one of my fellow workers informed me that the “First Shirt” wanted to see me . . . . snickering, as he said, “You’re probably going to get your ass chewed out!” When I knocked, then entered his office, Leonard was sitting at his desk with his back to me; without turning around, he said, “Lock the door and come over here.” Doing as he instructed, I approached him and he turned to face me . . . . immediately, I noticed he was naked, from the waist down, and sporting a huge erection! He smiled, and I smiled back–there was no doubt, whatsoever, what it was that he wanted; I quickly removed my own trousers, grabbed a cushion from his office couch, and, after placing it on the floor, knelt before him.

I reached for his engorged cock, and wrapped my lips around the bulbous head; slowly licking it all over, I began to pump his foreskin up and down–causing him to moan softly. I began massaging his huge balls, and even sucked on these, before returning to my favorite slab of flesh; I began to suck him with more determination, forcing more and more of his gigantic prick into my mouth and throat. I was now able to comfortably handle about 8-inches, and knew that, with more time and practice, I would eventually be able to swallow his entire, fat organ . My own cock was rock-hard, and I slowly masturbated, as I sucked Leonard’s prick; about two minutes later, he placed his hands on the back of my head, and held me against him . . . . as he spurted his load of cum deep into my throat! I furiously swallowed, and was able to take all of it without spilling a drop; I retained some of it in my mouth, however, and when his orgasm subsided, we kissed deeply–and I shared some of his own semen with him.

I was still fully-erect, having squeezed my cock head to prevent my own ejaculation; Leonard gripped my butt cheeks in his large hands, and pulled my groin to his face . . . . taking my entire 8-inch organ into his mouth and throat. Gently squeezing my balls, he had me gasping within minutes–as he encouraged me to ‘face-fuck’ him; seconds later, I groaned and pumped my entire load, right down his throat! He greedily swallowed all of it, and we quickly donned our shorts and uniform trousers; he then handed me a folder of paperwork, with instructions to return it by the end of the day. I left casino siteleri his office and returned to my work area; when asked by my fellow worker, if I’d gotten my ass chewed out, I smiled and said, “Naw, he had some ‘oral’ instructions for me, regarding this paperwork he wants completed.”

The next day, Leonard told me his wife was going to visit relatives, for two entire weeks, and that I should come over for supper; he also suggested I bring a change of clothing and toothbrush, so I could stay overnight. For the rest of the work day, I thought about how I’d actually be sleeping with the man I’d come to love–even though I knew he’d never leave his wife; it would mean the end of his career, if news of our relationship ever surfaced. When I got to the barracks, I quickly showered . . . . paying particular attention to my anus and groin area; donning shorts (with no briefs) and a T-shirt, I grabbed my gym bag with my clothing and tooth brush, and pedaled my bike furiously to Leonard’s house. The doorbell hadn’t even stopped chiming, when he opened the door–completely nude–and rushed me inside.

He was already sporting a massive hard-on, and quickly pulled me into his arms for a long, lingering kiss; my own prick instantly swelled to full erection, as he then pulled my shorts off me. Without saying a word, he draped me over the arm of his couch, and liberally coated my ass hole with K-Y lubricant; after thoroughly coating his long, stiff weapon, he approached me and slipped his fat cock head into my anus. I groaned, as he then entered me–stretching my rectum to once again accommodate his size; now, however, there was no resistance–and I easily opened up for him. I was in 7th heaven, as he finally impaled me totally on his gigantic cock–his huge balls now firmly pressed against my naked buttocks; slowly, he withdrew his organ until only the plum-sized head remained inside me–before entering fully once more. He repeated this, more forcefully each time, until he was slamming his prick into me; his balls slapped loudly against my ass cheeks, and I was now grunting with the impact!

Soon. I could feel his organ swelling to an even larger size, inside me, and I knew he was on the verge of climaxing; I reached between my legs and took hold of his balls, squeezing them in my hand–this caused him to groan aloud, and he instantly started to fill my tight passage with his hot, sticky semen. At the same time, his erupting cock made contact with my prostate, and my own ejaculation overtook me; I had to cover my spurting cock head with both hands, to prevent soiling his couch. After he’d finished, Leonard led me to the bathroom and we jumped into the shower together; we thoroughly cleaned each other and dried-off, then went into the kitchen for ‘burgers & fries, and beer.’

By the time we finished eating, it was dark outside; he suggested taking a swim, but I told him I’d forgotten to bring swim trunks–to which he replied, “Who needs ’em? I’ve got a privacy fence.” So in we went, laughing, splashing, canlı casino and fondling one another; eventually, he coaxed me to the shallow end and bodily lifted me to sit on the edge of the pool. Since I was already semi-hard, it didn’t take any time at all for him to make me fully erect–with his fingers, lips, and tongue; when he slipped two fingers inside my anus, I thought I’d go crazy! Leonard massaged my prostate maddeningly, until I couldn’t hold back any longer . . . . I flooded his mouth and throat with my sperm, and he greedily sucked me dry.

We climbed out of the pool and dried off, then sat in lounge chairs to drink another beer; I couldn’t help but notice that his organ was beginning to swell to full proportion, and his eyes told me he wanted my ass once more. I stood up and moved over to him, and, after he generously coated his giant cock with the ever-present K-Y, he turned me around to sit down on his erection; by now, I was thoroughly acclimated to his length and girth, and he easily slipped inside my rectum as I lowered myself. It felt heavenly, to have him fully lodged inside me, and I could feel him throbbing and pulsating inside my depths; he then placed his palms on my backside, and began to raise and lower me on his stiff weapon. Soon enough, lust got the best of me, and I took control; lowering my legs to the side of the lounge chair, I gripped the edges and began to raise and lower myself at a furious pace! He groaned aloud, as ‘I fucked him,’ and I didn’t stop until he exploded inside me–spurting his seed deep into my bowels; even after he came, I continued to ride him–maintaining my tight grip on his huge prick.

Sexually exhausted, we drank a couple more beers each and watched a little TV; by 10 o’clock, we were sound asleep in each other’s arms. When I awoke, about four hours later, I was face down on the bed–and Leonard was butt-fucking me for the third time since I’d arrived! The guy was absolutely insatiable, and proved it time and again–during the months we spent together. By the time I rode my bike back to the dorm, Sunday evening, my ass hole was so sore I could barely sit down; I knew I was about to get a reprieve, though, because he was leaving for a week-long TDY to Alabama, the next day. He would be back on Friday, so we made plans for another fishing trip, the morning after his return.

It was kind of a quiet, uneventful week, and by Friday I was looking forward to the upcoming, “fuck-filled weekend!” Imagine my surprise, when I came out of my dorm after showering, following work, and Leonard was parked out front with his truck he said he got back earlier than expected, so I grabbed some clothing and my gym bag, and we left for the lake he had in mind. Being a native, he knew of many great fishing spots, and once again he’d see to it that we weren’t interrupted; almost immediately after I climbed into the front seat, I had his enormous cock out of his shorts, and my face buried in his lap. He moaned, as he tried to concentrate on the highway ahead–finally kaçak casino though, he could take it no longer, and pulled down a narrow dirt road; parking under some weeping willow trees, he pulled me to him and kissed me, long and passionately. He then helped me out of the truck, yanked down my shorts and turned me to lean against the rear of the camper; pulling down his own shorts, he spit into his palm then lubricated his giant cock.

After doing the same to my anus, he stepped in behind me and eased his prick inside my puckered, brown opening; I gripped him tightly with my sphincter, not allowing him to go any further. He groaned and said, “C’mon you cock-teaser, open up and let me in . . . . or I’ll huff and I’ll puff!” I laughed and relaxed my hold on him–then grunted loudly, as he sank himself balls-deep into my passage! Leonard then proceeded to fuck me as if he might never get the opportunity again–raising me up on my tip-toes, as he pounded into me; his cock head was torturing my prostate, and, without even touching it, my own penis began seeping cum in a slow, steady stream. When he finally burst inside me, it triggered my own explosion, and I shot all over his camper! We cleaned ourselves up and continued on to our destination, arriving just before dark. We set up at a secluded campsite, and gathered some firewood; he’d brought his boat along, so we set out two ‘trot lines’ of 25 hooks each, for catfish. Finally, we grilled some kielbasa and ate it with potato salad, and dill pickles . . . . what a feast! We did some night fishing, for awhile, until the mosquitoes drove us indoors; then, for the next couple of hours, we feasted on one another! For a change, Leonard let me sleep through the night–when I awoke, he was gone; looking out the window, I could see him swimming in the lake. After relieving myself, I raced, naked, to the water and dove in; the water was kind of cold, but refreshing.

As I rose to the surface, I saw a smiling Leonard walking toward me, in waist-deep water; even submerged, I could see his organ was fully erect. We moved to shallower water, and, following a quick hug and kiss, he turned me away from him and bent me over at the waist; I spread my legs and rested my hands on my upper thighs, waiting for his huge prick enter me. I didn’t have long to wait, and soon he was fucking me with long, deep strokes; my own organ quickly rose to attention, and, as he made contact with my prostate, pre cum began to seep from me. He reached down and began stroking my foreskin back and forth, and at almost the exact second he exploded inside my rectum, I ejaculated as well; as soon as my sperm hit the water, and began crazily spinning toward the bottom, small pan fish came from all directions to snatch it up. Leonard laughed and said, “Now that’s what I call fish food!”

The rest of the weekend went by all too quickly, and soon we were on our way back to the base; the remaining months that we were together also passed by quickly, and it was six months after I arrived in ‘Nam that I received the sad news . . . . Leonard had died of a heart attack. I’ll always remember our time together, and will never forget the love and affection that he showed me–at a time in my life, when I needed it most.

Tbone66, April ’12

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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