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I sit at the front of the hotel, waiting for you; I’m not nervous, but more excited. I can’t wait to see you in person, in the flesh for the first time. Wondering if you’ll recognize me from my pictures, what you’ll say to me, what you’ll think. We’ve talked online for months, now it’s for real. I hear a car and see you pull up. My chest tightens as your car door opens. You step out and walk toward me. Already I can tell you’re even more beautiful than in your pics. You walk toward me. I can tell you’re nervous too. I look at your beautiful face and amazing brown eyes.

“Hey,” you say, just above a whisper.

“Well hello beautiful,” I reply.

I lean in and hug you and hold you close, stroking your long hair. You take my hand and we walk back to our room. I close the door and turn to see you standing by the bed. I walk over to you and take your face in my hands and begin kissing you softly. Your lips are soft and warm against mine. I caress your face with one hand while putting my other arm around you. Your mouth opens slightly, accepting my tongue into yours. I feel your tongue as mine rubs against yours. They roll around together, dancing together, I feel you sigh as we kiss.

I pull back looking into your eyes, seeing your beautiful smile…you lift your chin slightly as I begin kissing along your neck, licking slowly. Enjoying every inch of your soft, brown Mardin Escort skin, I hear your sighs as I nibble gently licking and kissing from one side of your neck to the other. You begin pulling my shirt off and lift it over my head. I begin to tug on yours as well. Lifting it off you, exposing your beautiful shoulders as I kiss along your left shoulder; sliding your bra strap down, kissing along your arm and shoulder as it slides down, and falling to the floor.

Then I move to the other shoulder, kissing there as I slide your strap down, licking along your arm as the strap slides down. I lean in and kiss you some more as I reach around and undo your bra, letting it fall to the floor. Kissing back down your neck, I kiss and lick down your chest, in between your beautiful breasts. Squeezing them together, I begin licking your beautiful nipples, licking and sucking each one. Nibbling on them gently, I feel you sigh, and then moan as I suck your left one deep into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue. Then I nibble on it gently…then just a little bit harder, then on to the other one, sucking it, licking it, nibbling it over and over. Feeling your run your hands through my hair as my mouth makes love to your breasts.

I reach down and begin undoing your jeans. Unfastening them, I slide them down off of you, along with your panties. You undo mine as well Mardin Escort Bayan and slide them off me. You see my cock is already rock hard. You take it in your hands and stroke it gently as we kiss some more. I guide you onto the bed where you sit on the edge and then lean back. I kneel down with your legs on my shoulders. I begin kissing along the inside of your left thigh, licking it, kissing it, nibbling it up and down, back and forth. Then I move to the other thigh, licking it and kissing it all over. Moving back up toward your body, I see the moistness in your soft pussy as I kiss toward it.

Your legs still on my shoulders, I slide my tongue into your beautiful pussy. It tastes so good. I feel your juices burst into my mouth as I lick it up and down, sliding it between your lips…licking up and down, faster, then slower, moving my head back and forth as my tongue fucks your sweet pussy. Feeling and tasting you getting wetter and wetter, my tongue finds your clit and licks it up and down, all around. I suck your clit into my mouth, licking it and sucking it at the same time. Nibbling on it gently, flicking it and sucking it. I feel your body tense and your moans get louder as you wrap your legs around my head pulling me closer into you. Moving up and down and all around, my tongue and mouth licks, kisses and makes love to your pussy…feeling Escort Mardin your whole body shake, and hearing you moan, so beautiful and so sweet, all of you.

I stand up and lean over you kissing you deeply. You grab my cock and stroke it. I am so hard for you; every inch of me is throbbing for you, throbbing at your touch. You look into my eyes with a smirk as I begin sliding my cock into you. I feel your pussy caress my cock as it slides perfectly inside you. I’m standing up, with your feet up on my shoulders; You’re on the edge of the bed with me inside you.

I start working my hips, moving my cock in and out of you, slowly at first. I see your eyes roll back into your head as you say my name. I begin to pick up the pace, holding your thighs against me as I move in and out, faster and faster, as I grow harder and harder inside of you. You arch your back and moan louder and louder as I make love to you. Sliding my cock, in and out of you, going deeper and deeper with each stroke. The curve in my cock hitting places you never knew you had. You reach up and hold onto my hands as I work faster and faster and faster yet. My cock hard and throbbing…as I get harder and harder. Unable to hold it anymore, it explodes deep inside of you. You let out a scream as my warm juice fills you up as I keep working in and out of you, slowing the pace as your pussy milks each drop from me.

I stand over you for a moment. Then you sit up and we kiss, more softly and gently this time. I hold you close to me. You look up and me and smile.

“Wow!” you say, “That was amazing.”

“Yes it was,” I agree.

“But,” you begin, “I think we need a shower…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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