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I love taking my clothes off. I admit it. It’s the only time I feel really free. I never wear clothes when I’m home alone – and sometimes when I’m not alone. I like to bare it all. It just feels so good to let my breasts and pussy feel the open air.

So when a friend of mine asked if I’d like to join a small private nudist group with him, I jumped at the chance. His reasons for asking me were simple – the club wouldn’t except solo men, no matter how highly recommended, so Mike, my friend, needed a female to accompany him. (The rule is a sensible one – it keeps perverts out and also keeps the numbers even – there are always more men who want to join than women.) Mike knew from personal experience that I was an open-minded kind of girl, so he had no problems asking me.

Our first time there was amazing. All the club has is a few huts at a very isolated beach. The beach is average by Australian standards, but okay. (Mike and I stood out right from the start. Everyone else had beautiful all-over tans, whereas we still had pink bits!) The members are a very tight group – they don’t let many people in, but they do like some fresh faces (and not just faces) now and then, so we were made very welcome. I could see right away what the pre-requisites for membership were – the girls and guys were all very good looking and in great shape. And the guys were all exceptionally well endowed. Apparently that was why Mike got invited in the first place. He’d fucked one of the members and she was impressed by what he had the makanai cooking for the maiko house izle to offer. Well, Mike is close to nine inches, but in this club he was nothing special.

At first it was all very social. Sure, everyone was nude, but the talk was all about business and politics and football and all the usual stuff. Nothing sexy at all. And no erect cocks. But then one of the girls said I looked like I was getting sunburnt. She was right, of course, because after only a little while my pink bits had started to turn red. She asked me if she could put the sun cream on me, and I thought, well, why not, she’s just being helpful.

She asked me to lie down on my beach towel so she could spread the cream more easily. I couldn’t help noticing that the other girls – there were five of them that day – had come over and joined us, followed by the boys.

She started rubbing the cream on me. It felt nice. It wasn’t the normal creamy sun cream, more an oil, and it slopped all over me. Of course the places most in need of the cream were the areas usually covered by my bikini. First she gave my tits the full treatment. I couldn’t help noticing that my nipples had started to harden – and so had hers. When she got to the area usually covered by my bikini bottom, she really got to work. I was laying back with my eyes closed, enjoying it, when suddenly I noticed there were more than two sets of hands at work on me. the midnight club izle I opened my eyes and saw that all the girls and most of the boys were joining in – rubbing cream all over me, and each other.

I was starting to get really hot, so when I felt fingers rubbing over my clit and in my pussy, it was just what I needed. I looked across and saw that Mike was starting to get the same treatment from two of the girls – they obviously didn’t want his big cock getting sunburnt!

I was so wet, both from the sun cream and my natural pussy juices, that I soon found not just one or two fingers sliding into my pussy, but almost a whole hand. I was starting to moan, and when I opened my eyes, I saw the one thing I REALLY needed was stading over me – one of the boys, the one with the biggest cock I’d ever seen, was standing over me fully erect.

I couldn’t help myself. “Oh please fuck me with that wonderful cock, I really need it bad.” I said.

He smiled broadly. “I always like to help a damsel in distress.”

A moment later he was sliding his 12 inch monster into me – it was amazing. I came before he was half way in! I have never felt so full. He stretched my pussy to the limit. Slowly he started pumping into me, going deeper and deeper every time – and I was screaming with pleasure with every inch he gave me.

He kept pounding me and pounding me, and I was thrusting my hips up to him so I could take every millimetre of him. Then, suddenly, the midwich cuckoos izle he rolled over, so I was on top of him. I lifted myself up so I could slide all the way to the hilt of his beautiful beast – I felt like he would come out of my throat!

Then he pulled me back down onto his chest. Suddenly I felt more oil being rubbed onto me, all over my ass – and in my asshole. Fingers stretched me, but I was hardly aware of it because I was too busy enjoying the cock inside of me. Then I felt it – another huge cock, pushing at my tight asshole. The oil had helped, but this was another monster cock, bigger than my little asshole had ever had before. I was already screaming from pleasure from the cock in my pussy, now I started screaming from pleasurable pain as the cock started to slide into my ass. God, it stretched me like I’d never been stretched before.

I gasped in pain as it slid all the way in – and in the moment that I opened my mouth, another huge cock slid into it. A delcious cock, that quickly pushed its way half way down my throat. For a magical ten minutes or so I had three giant cocks pouonding my three holes at once. Suddenly I came with the biggest burst I’d ever expereinced – I actually screamed out with all my lung power. And at the same time, I felt an almighty gush of cum squirting in my pussy, in my ass – and then down my throat. I sucked hard on the cock in my mouth to get every drop of that thick, juicy cum.

For a moment, all four of slumped down. Then I opened my eyes and smile at each of the three boys, one at a time. They smiled back.

Then suddenly all the others, who had been watching closely, started clapping – they gave me an ovation! Apparently I was the first new member who had been able to take the club’s three biggest cocks on my first day.

That was just the morning – the day, and all the days after that, just got better and better after that!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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