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His car rolled to a halt outside her Sussex barn conversion house. It certainly lived up to his expectations with a welcoming light streaming from the windows. They had not met before but had shared a lot of their fantasies via email and he was hoping that this would be a first date to remember.

She answered the door and he stood for a moment taking in her appearance. He had seen pictures on the dating site and a few more revealing ones they had shared via email, but reality was far better. Her waistline was tight and her blouse a little too tight and cut a little low, revealing a fantastic cleavage. He leant over and kissed her tenderly on the lips before pulling out the bunch of flowers from behind his back and proffering the bottle of champagne. She took his hand and led him inside.

Over dinner they re-lived their email sharing of fantasies and flirted outrageously with each other. Over dessert he felt her stocking clad foot run slowly up his leg and begin to massage his rock solid erection through the material of his trousers. After dinner they sat on the couch and their conversation turned back to sex and their deepest desires. He gently stroked her face while her hand rubbed the inside of his thigh. The champagne and flirting continued to flow as the evening progressed.

Having finished the first bottle of bubbly he went to the kitchen to fetch another bottle. When he returned he found that she had removed her outer clothes and was coquettishly languishing on the couch in just a lace bra, miniscule briefs, a suspender belt and sheer stockings. He stopped and drank in the sight for a minute or two, self-conscious that his erection was straining against his trousers. He snapped back to reality and squeezed off the cork from the champagne bottle çankaya escort before, impishly, asking “May I fill you up?”

After filling her glass he leant over her on the couch and kissed her deeply on the lips, his right hand cupping her breast, the thumb rubbing her erect nipple through the material of her bra. He felt her hands tear at his belt and then his trousers; soon they were round his ankles, and as he stepped out of them he felt her hands ease his erection out from his tight briefs. He reach behind her an unclasped her bra, taking time to drink in the view of her breasts tumbling out of their tight constraint. Both his hands jumped to her breasts, rubbing the rock hard nipples which stood out from their soft surface.

She began to rub her hands along his erection taking it in her fist from the top to the base of the shaft, with the second hand starting at the tip as the first left the shaft. The continual pressure on his erection soon built up to the point where he knew he would cum shortly. He stopped kissing her and leant back, she drew his erection onto her breasts, engulfing it in her cleavage. The feeling was intense and he soon erupted string upon string of hot cum onto her breasts. She stopped rubbing his erection and reached up taking his head in her hands. She guided his face down towards her cum drenched breasts. He happily began to nurse her breasts and nipples, licking up his still warm cum. The taste was divine and from the noises she was making he knew she enjoyed the feeling too. It didn’t take long for his erection to return and as he cleaned the final vestiges of cum from her breasts she stood up from the sofa and, holding on to his erection, led him into the bedroom.

They stood at the foot çankırı escort of the bed while she removed his cum stained shirt leaving him naked and her own panties leaving just the stockings and suspenders. He felt her hands on his chest before a quick shove meant he fell back onto the bed. She straddled him, her sopping wet pussy rubbing its shaven lips along his still erect shaft. She reached under the pillows and removed two silk scarves. She expertly tethered his hands to the bedstead. Her demeanour turned even flirtatious as she teased his erection with her wet pussy lips. He squirmed as he tried to enter her but she kept just outside his thrusts. Finally she relented and he entered her in a single, solid thrust. Lost in the moment she began to ride him heavily, taking his erection into her in long, deep thrusts. Her hands lewdly groped her own breasts. She felt him begin to tremble as his second orgasm of the night began to build. Suddenly she withdrew his erection from her pussy, and in a single movement impaled her tight rose bud on his well lubricated shaft. The feeling for him was one of immense tightness. She began to ride him faster and faster he hands now buried between her own legs furiously beating her engorge clitoris. She screamed as her own orgasm rushed through her body. Her involuntary muscle contractions grabbed his erection buried deep in her warm ass and caused him to explode thick globs of cum deep inside her.

She collapsed onto his chest and they kissed, his erection plopping out of her well fucked ass. After a few minutes of kissing he saw a flicker of naughtiness pass through her eyes. She sat up and reversed her straddle on him. Leaning down she began to nurse his now limp erection in her mouth. This also positioned çayyolu escort her wrecked rose bud by his face and he began to lap up the trickle of sperm which had begun to trickle out from it. Again she obviously enjoyed this as her nursing of his erection became more intense and he felt it stiffen again in her mouth. He also felt her hand push between them until it, once again, found her clit which she began to bang furiously. It didn’t take log until she exploded into another orgasm which sent a final shower of sperm from her ass into his mouth.

Following her orgasm she rolled off him and turned round. Releasing his arms from the scarves they fell into each others arms, her hands still gently rubbing his erection, keeping it stiff. He fell asleep to the feeling of his erection being caressed by a beautiful woman.

He awoke with a start as he felt something cold press against his ass. His eyes snapped open and he smiled as he saw that she had strapped on a long, thin latex cock and was attempting to slide it into his ass. She gave his balls a sharp squeeze and pushed the latex cock firmly at the same time. He felt the strap-on plop past his tight rose bud and fill his ass. She began to get into her stride of thrusts while her hands ran down the length of his now re-erect penis. The pressure of the strap-on against her clitoris soon meant she was screaming in lust as she fucked his ass harder and harder and rubbed his erection faster and fast. With the pressure on his prostate it didn’t take long until he shot stream upon stream of cum over her hands and his belly. Lost in the moment she scooped handfuls of his cum and began to furiously rub her breasts. He watched in awe as his ass was fucked by this beautiful woman, thrusting her hips and rubbing his cum into her magnificent breasts. She finally shuddered into a screaming orgasm and collapsed onto him, smearing them both with his cum. Her “cock” fell out of his ass and she pulled herself up his body. They kissed and he whispered into her ear “not bad for a first date….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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