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Michael Chase was having the best of both worlds. He and the smoking hot 18 year old black eyed beauty Lori Lamont have become an item. He would spend several nights a week fucking the teenage wet dream, her tight juicy cunt trying to squeeze every drop of semen out of his balls before he would dump his load into her. Michael felt that the raven haired nymph was well on her way to becoming the fuck slut that he had hoped.

Lori and Michael’s mother, the beautiful big titted blonde Abby Chase were having a great time on their way to becoming best friends away from the office. The two hotties continued to play golf every tuesday and thursday night, then stopping for a drink or two afterwards at the cozy bar across the street. Abby loved to hear Lori tell her her innermost secrets of her sex adventures with Michael. She would then tell Lori how jealous she was that she had found an 18 year old sex machine who could deliver the goods, even if the sex machine was her own son.

“Abby, we just gotta find you someone. Maybe Michael has a young friend…?”

“You know sweetie, before he hooked up with you, he was fucking all of my older friends. Maybe I should call Holly and see if she knows anyone. I am so fucking horny for a young cock I can’t stand it.”

“Abby, I’m sorry I really don’t know anyone. All the young guys I know ended up being total shits and losers. We need to find you one who is sweet as hell, but one with a big young cock who knows how to use it.”

After Michael’s dates with the sexy Lori Lamont, Abby would wait up for her teenage stud, waiting eagerly for her son to tell her all the details. Michael would text her, telling her what she was to wear when he got home. Abby particularly loved the nights that Michael told her he wanted his mommy in her black leather bondage wear, usually whipping her naked full figured ass till her luscious ass cheeks were burning red, then he fucked her ass with increasing intensity.

Abby and Lori were getting much much closer. Abby knew that the teenage temptress was attracted to her. She wanted more than anything to rip her panties off and fuck her, but she had agreed not to even try until Michael gave her his permission.

One day, Abby called Lori into her office and told her to close the door.

“Lori, I just saw this online. There is a three day retreat in Miami next weekend. Its for the future women business leaders of Florida. I went a few years ago with my intern at the time and I already told you how that turned out. If you like I can sign us up. You’ll be paid on the company’s time so its a win win deal.”

“Mrs Chase, you mean…you…and me…? Three whole days in Miami? Sounds great! Count me in!”

“Lori, I thought you’d like it. We would leave early friday morning, then spend two nights in the swankiest hotel in Miami. We’d fly home sunday night. You okay with that?”

“Yes! I’m all in Mrs Chase. Next weekend?”

“Yes. I just went to the hotel’s website trying to book us a couple of rooms. They don’t have any regular rooms left, but they do have a one bedroom deluxe suite, overlooking the Atlantic. I took the liberty to book it, unless you have a problem sharing a hotel room with your older…mentor.”

“One bedroom? That’s just fine with me.”

“Lori, I do have to tell you, the bedroom only has one king sized bed. Are you okay with that?”

“Yes, that would be actually very nice. We could stay up late, share stories and…just talk.”

“And…I think we could really do some…girl girl bonding. Lori, my life right now is all about this office, full of young male brokers, then my horny 18 year old son. I’m going to be totally honest. I really crave some…female companionship.”

“Abby, look at me. If you think about it I’m in the same situation. I gave up on all of school girl friends when I told them all to go to hell. I’m at this office just like you, and then..spending my off time with your son. I’d love if we became…besties.”

“Yes! Besties! I like it!”

“Golf buddies! Girl power!”

“Lori, you know we’re going to be gone for almost three whole days. Are you going to be okay without…cock?”

“Abby, I’ll be okay. I’ll make it…somehow.”

“Maybe we better get you a dildo.”

“You mean…?”

“Lori, I’m totally serious. I’m bringing mine. I think you’ll be able to get more out of the retreat if you weren’t thinking about cock all the time.”

“But…a dildo?”

“Yes. Lets go to the sex store and get you a dildo.”

“So, you’re going to bring yours too?”

“Lori, I always bring mine along on my business trips. It isn’t half as good as the real thing but it does take the edge off if you know what I mean. You’ll be able to handle the retreat with a clearer mind, not thinking about sex all the time.”

“You know Abby, that actually makes a lot of sense.”

Lori Lamont then realized that her new best friend Abby was dead serious.

Taking an early lunch break the two hotties walked into the sex shop. Lori couldn’t believe what she was Ankara bayan escort seeing…hundreds of sexy tiny panties, see thru outfits, heels and other assorted slut wear. Abby makes a beeline for the pretty little lavender see thru romper and panty set.

“Lori, I think this little number is absolutely darling. I’m getting this for you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, make sure to bring it on our trip. You can model it for me, so I can see if it fits correctly. Maybe well take a cute picture and send it to Michael.”

“That sounds fun!”

“Lori, the matching lavender heels too. Put them in our cart.”

“Here’s some warming massage oil. Lets get a bottle of this. I mean after a long day listening to seminars and shopping at the mall, I think we need some of this so we don’t go to bed with a bunch of aches and pains.”

Abby leads the teenager into the dimly lit backroom. On one side was the huge assortment of leather bondage gear. Lori tries to figure out how some of the stuff worked, taking it all in.

“Wow, I realized that people did this but…”

“Lori, I might as well tell you, I have a lot of this stuff. I’m telling you this as a friend. Abby Chase, successful business woman, has a secret kinky side. Hey look to your left.”

On the wall is a huge collection of dildos, dongs and vibrators.

“Abby, I mean they’re all different. How do I…pick one?”

“Yes. There’s sorts of things here to rock your world, sweetie.”

Abby grabs the huge black dildo named Black Daddy and shows it to Lori.

“Lori, awhile ago I thought I just might like to see what it would be like to hook up with a young black one. Then I thought better. If I got this thing in my horny little pussy I don’t think I would be able to walk for a week. Hey, look at this one! This one looks like it may have your name on it.”

The 10 inch rubber dildo named thruster buster has a realistic set of balls. The rubber is a bit softer in texture than the black dildo.

“This is really nice. I think he and I could become very good…friends. But, Abby what do you think? How do I get the right one?”

“Well, sweetie, I would suggest that you get the one that is closest to your favorite cock.”

“You know that makes sense, let me see, how about this one?”

Lori grabs the dildo called Teen Dream. The hard rubber dildo has a bright red thick cock head, and a slight curve along the 10 inch shaft.

“Abby, this is…just like Michael’s.”

“You mean Michael’s cock has a dark red cock head, and a nice curve like this one?”

Abby couldn’t let on that she knew every inch of her son’s cock very very well.


“Lori, it looks absolutely delicious. I’d love to find a young guy with a cock just like that. I think that beautiful curve in the shaft will find places inside me that my other dildos don’t. Hope you don’t mind If I get this one too.”

“No Abby. Its kind of…naughty that the two of us…have matching dildos.”

“Yes it is. Let’s get back to the office. But never ever tell any of those horny young brokers that their boss lady and her intern were out buying sexy see thru lingerie and matching dildos. Lori, do what you want but maybe its best if Michael doesn’t know about it, either.”

“I agree. Abby, our secret. It’s zipped. In the vault.”

When they get back to the office it seemed that the brokers were busier than they usually were. Abby again calls Lori into her office.

“Lori, you have to do one thing before the retreat. They require that each intern write a short essay telling what it means to have a mentor and what you see yourself doing in a few years.”

“I can do that…easy.”

“I know they have quite a prize for the winner. Just type it out on this form and send it to them electronically.”

As Abby was checking the latest trends in the futures market, Lori Lamont was typing her essay.

The night before they were to leave, Lori and Michael ended up having an extremely intense night together. Since she wouldn’t been seeing him for three days, Lori made sure to give the Michael the night of his life. As soon as he got home, his drop dead gorgeous blonde mother was waiting for him in a tiny pair of black panties, black stockings, garter belt and some incredibly sexy 5 inch stilettos. She was having a glass of her favorite wine, hoping that Michael had some energy left.

“Shit mom, you like a fucking slut. Is all that for me?”

“Yes baby. Mommy’s been sitting here, waiting patiently while you fucked the shit out of my best friend. Now its mommy’s time.”

“Yes, definitely. I think I have at least one more in my balls for my beautiful slut mommy.”

“Good, come here…whats mommy going to do, without her baby boy’s cock for three whole days? Will you be a good boy and pick me up and throw your mommy on the bed and fuck the shit out of me?”

As the plane left for the short flight to Miami, Lori was a bit nervous. The 18 year old teenager had never been on a plane before. Abby felt that it Escort bayan Ankara was perhaps too early in the morning for a cocktail. Lori would just have to do the best she could.

As the plane climbed then hit altitude Lori and Abby shared a nervous smile.

“You doing okay sweetie?”

“Yes. I can’t wait till this is over to tell you the truth.”

Just then the plane hit some turbulence. The raven haired teenager grabbed Abby’s confident hand and held on tight.

“If I go down I’m just glad it was with you.”

“I was hoping that if this plane went down, we’d be going down …on each other.”

Lori was wearing a very sexy little green dress and matching heels. Abby as usual knocked it out of the park in her hot pink sundress and matching heels. As they got off the plane they shared a long girl girl hug.

“We made it Lori! We’re here! Just us two girls, no horny males allowed!”

“Sounds absolutely wonderful Abby.”

As they registered at the hotel, Abby made arrangements to have the rental car available 24/7. There were almost a thousand women at the retreat, of all shapes and sizes. Abby made a quick observation.

“Lori, look around at all these women. No one even close to us…

I mean we are two…fucking hotties!”

“Yes…I see that. I’m so glad I’m with the nicest and sexiest woman here.”

As the bellman takes their bags up to their deluxe suite on the top floor, Abby checks the schedule and sees that the opening ceremony starts in a half an hour.

“Lets go and freshen up. Opening ceremony in a half an hour.”

As they open the door they check out the beautiful suite and look out to the Atlantic in the bright sun. Lori checks out the sleeping arrangements.

“Lori, it looks like our king bed will be just right. We’ll both have plenty of room to…take care of our business.”

“Yes…its really nice isn’t it?”

“I think two incredibly horny hotties like us could get into a lot of trouble on this big bed if we happen to run across 2 young males. Thank god we went to the sex store and bought those dildos. I have a feeling they are going to get quite…a workout.”

Checking her make up, Abby asks Lori how she looks.

“Abby, you are absolutely…stunning.”

“Yes. Stunning and having trouble getting a young cock. By the way Lori you look absolutely scrumptious. That little number you’re wearing makes gives me…goosebumps.”

The two smoking hot women get into the elevator and head to the main auditorium. They get a seat near to the front, Lori not wanting to a miss word the MC would say.

As the president of the organization opened the retreat, everyone clapped. She went on for a few minutes about all of the smaller seminars available during the next two and a half days. She then had an important announcement.

“Okay everyone listen! As you know our annual essay contest tends to bring out the best in all of our future business leaders. We got some really wonderful essays but in the end we had to pick one winner. The winner of this year’s essay contest receives a tuition grant at the college of choice, along with a five thousand dollar shopping spree to share with the mentor at any one of over a hundred business in our downtown core. The winner of this years essay contest is…from Tampa, Lori Lamont.”

Lori screamed as her name was called, jumping up and down like she had hit a 40 foot putt of the golf course. She and Abby shared a big hug as everyone congratulated them.

“Please come up…and also your mentor, Abigail Chase of the Premier

Investment Corporation.”

Holding hands the two hotties almost stumble as they walk up to the main stage. The president hands Lori a certificate for her college tuition, along with a preloaded credit card, good at any business in Miami.

“Let’s get a picture of this years winner. Now Abigail, get behind Lori and get close…cheek to cheek…big smile…yes! We will get you two a framed copy of that picture for each of you to put in your respective offices at work.”

Back at their seats the opening remarks go on. Lori whispers to her new friend.

“Abby, I m sure if you put your hand on my leg I’m going to cream my panties.”

Abby smiles back.

“You know I’d love to do that. But I can’t put my hand up your dress and lick it up. I have a feeling the other women wouldn’t approve.”

The two of them then attended a smaller discussion group about mentor and intern relationships.

“Lori, we can’t let on…so I’m going to lie.”

It was Abby’s turn to add her two cents worth to the discussion.

“Everyone, I have a rule around the office. No fooling around between the boss and employees. Even though Lori and I have become good friends and have bonded in and out of the office, we both know that there have to be limits on our friendship. We have to keep everything on a business level.”

Everyone in the group nodded and agreed with the crap that Abby had just told them. If they only knew that a couple days ago, Bayan escort Ankara mentor and intern were at the sex store buying matching dildos that were doubles for Abby’s son’s cock!

After another semi boring seminar on making the most out of your opportunities, Abby has a suggestion.

“Lori, lets go and get out of here. We have this huge credit card burning a hole in our pockets, plus we have the company credit card if we go over. Let’s get into the rental car, take the top down, and cruise around.”

“Yes. Where do we start?”

The two hotties make a beeline for the row of swanky boutiques along the Miami waterfront. At the first shop they walk into, Lori Lamont goes crazy when shes a very chic red cocktail dress.

“You have very very good taste sweetie. Maybe I should get the black one.”

In the next store they get several sets of fancy earrings and some gold bracelets. About two hours later they stumble across a tiny store called The Fun House.

The Fun House was a high class lingerie store. All sorts of g-string panties, corsets, see thru teddies and a large collection of boots and heels.

“Lori, I think we may have just found the best place in all of downtown. Go ahead and knock yourself out. If you end up going over your card, the rest just goes on the company card.”

Lori picks out a pair of long red patent leather boots with a hefty price tag.

“Now…go for this sexy little red top and panty set to go along with it.”

“Abby, I’m not so sure. I would definitely feel better about it if I put it on tonight and you gave me your honest opinion.”

“Yes, I’d love to see you in that. But definitely we’re getting you the little top and panties.”

There was no way that Lori ever thought that the two of them would ever max out a five thousand dollar credit card but they just succeeded. Now, way over the credit card Abby gives the sales clerk her business card for the rest.

“Thank the company.”

As the two smoking hot women tool around Miami Beach in their open top convertible, Abby has an idea.

“Lori, we’ve had such a great day. You want to get just a bit…naughty?”

“Abby, yes, just a little naughty sounds like something I’d very much like, especially with you.”

As the convertible heads down the shoreline then turning into the seedy part of town, Abby looks over to her much younger friend.

“Lori, I think, we’d like to just get a bit crazy. Let’s get some…weed.”

Lori Lamont is certainly no prude but the sexy beauty has never smoked a joint in her life.

The smoking hot blonde stops her car at a street corner. The teenage dealer stands there checking out the two beautiful women who have no business in this part of town.

“Sir, you have any good…weed?”

“Uhhh …yes I have all sorts of shit.”

“Do you have any…Mellow Yellow weed? You know the one that’s for…women.”

Mellow Yellow was an additive to both coke and marijuana. It was designed to loosen women’s inhibitions and increase their sexual arousal.

“No, but go two blocks down. I’m sure he has that shit.”

As they speed away, Abby looks at Lori who is taking everything in.

“Lori, trust me. I have had this stuff a few times and its amazing.”

Two blocks away there are two black dealers standing there talking.

“Hey, the fella up the street told me you can hook us up with some..Mellow Yellow.”

“You want the coke? Or the weed?”

“The weed.”

“I have that shit…How much?”

“Well, I am quite familiar with it, so give me…lets say…4 ounces.”

The dealer gives her 4 packets of the yellowish weed. The big titted blonde milf gives the dealer the money plus a 50 dollar tip.

“Here, next time we’re in Miami, you’ll remember us won’t you?”

“Hell yes, we’ll remember you two.”

Their day long shopping done, the blonde bomb and her teenage friend head back to the hotel. There is one more seminar planned for the evening, something about building your business by networking.

“Lori, sweetie, you in the mood for a little bite to eat? Maybe then check out the seminar?”

The two hotties, in a great mood but exhausted after a long day of shopping, find a cozy table in the corner of the dining room. Abby was looking forward to spending the evening with her young crush, trying out some sexy clothes and having a joint or two, and see if anything develops.

They both order the large taco salad and, not in the mood for any wine, just a glass of water. As they are waiting for their salads a good looking lady in her forties comes over to their table.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but you’re Lori Lamont, and her mentor, Abigail, right?”


“Hey a bunch of us were just sitting in the second dining room. We all read your essay, and we were all just talking about you. We’d really like to have you and Abigail join us.”

The waiter sets up their silverware in the middle of the long table of a dozen older women and their younger proteges. One by one each of the women introduces themselves and their younger interns.

“We were all just stunned, by how wonderful your essay was. We’d like to hear more. The business women of Florida need more women like you two.”

Everyone nodded and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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