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It was still early when I arrived at the bar. It was only 5pm. Many of the people there had probably been there since the place had opened that morning.

Soon after I arrived, a young woman entered. She confidently took a place at the bar and promptly ordered a Martini, and scowled as the barman checked her ID.

The barman served me after, ‘She’s legal?’ I queried with a sense of disbelief.

‘Barely.’ Was the response, as he handed me my scotch.

Minutes later, she ordered another. She was either celebrating something, or trying to console herself. Her expression implied the latter. After finishing her second Martini, she trotted off to powder her nose and returned for a third.

‘Slow down, Missy.’ Warned the bartender, but she only scowled at him once again.

By about 7, she was pretty sloshed. The bartender was refusing to serve her.

The loud crowds were beginning to build and hence I was increasingly ready to leave. Being the gentleman I am, I offered to take her to a taxi rank, and ensure she got home safe. She mumbled a bit, but agreed, and slid off the bar stool onto the ground.

I helped her to her feet and she clung to my arm, staggering along beside me as we walked out into the crisp air. She must have been in a drunken daze, because she now snapped back to a drunken conciousness.

‘Aww, I dun wanna gooo. I want more…’ She bemoaned.

Having a self-destructive barely-legal girl clinging to you dulls the senses of even gentlemen. I began to have bad thoughts.

‘Well, I have a booze cabinet back at my apartment. We could go raid that.’ I offered. She liked that idea, and responded with an ‘Oooh!’.

A taxi ride and fifteen minutes later, we were back at my place.

She had a hefty slug of gin in a glass, and about the same again of tonic.

‘So, I meant to ask back at the bar,’ I said ‘but why the binge?.’

‘Stupid fucking boss fucking fired me ‘cus I made-a stupid l’il mistake in a report.’ She hissed. ‘Now I dun have a job.’

‘Aww damn girl, that sucks.’ I said, rubbing her shoulder to comfort her.

‘Yeah. I dunno what to do.’ She said, beginning to cry. I rubbed her shoulder some more.

As I refilled her now empty glass, those bad thoughts continued.

After finishing her second gin, she tried to get up to go parallels izle to the bathroom, and found that her legs were still not cooperating. She landed on top of me, and I got a face full of luscious barely-legal boobs.

Holding on to furniture, she staggered along my directed path.

‘Aww damn!’ she cried out a few minutes later, and I went to investigate.

‘I forgot-a take my panties off!’ She confessed, showing me the wet patch on the back of her skirt. I laughed, and she blushed.

I ducked into my bedroom and grabbed a pair of shorts, quickly kicking the dirty clothes lying around into the wardrobe and under the bed on the way out.

I handed her the board shorts and told her to put them on. ‘I’ll go rinse out the dirty stuff.’

She nodded and drunkenly stripped on the spot. I took her piss-soaked skirt and panties and ran some water in the laundry sink. I splashed her clothes about in the water a bit, then drained the sink and wrung them dry. When I returned, she was trying to tighten the shorts enough, but couldn’t. They just didn’t tighten enough around her tiny waist.

‘Well damn…’ I said, putting the skirt and panties over the towel rack to dry. ‘More booze?’

We went back to the booze, her holding the shorts up with one hand and holding on to me with the other. She plonked onto the couch, then decided to get up and get the remaining bottle of gin. Standing up, the shorts promptly dropped to the ground, and she clumsily kicked them off. ‘You already seen me anyway.’ was her reasoning.

This was working out better than I could have planned and my dick was getting quite tight in my pants. Figuring she was already naked, I stripped down to my boxers while her back was turned.

On her way back to the couch, she stumbled again and fell onto me for the second time that night. I grabbed her by her tiny waist to steady her.

To my surprise, she simply shrugged again, and proceeded to straddle me, then opened the gin bottle and drained the remaining few mouthfuls out. I don’t think I’d ever seen a girl this drunk in my life.

As she guzzled the gin, I moved my hands from her waist to her cute little bubble butt. She responded by rubbing her naked crotch along the bulge in my boxers.

The alcohol was affecting her quite well. paul t goldman izle Her breathing was shallow and the boxers were getting wet from her slick valley. She reached down between us, and stroked the bulge for a while, feeling it grow under her fingers.

‘Hold on a second.’ I said, and lifted her off me, placing her on the couch beside me. I stood up, and dropped the messed up boxers to the floor next to the discarded shorts. ‘Now we’re even!’

She giggled, and I knelt on the floor in front of the couch, between her legs.

I grabbed her butt and dragged her to the edge of the couch, and locked my lips on to hers. She kissed back and I felt her tongue part my lips and explore my mouth as I did the same. My hands left her butt and began kneading her tits through her bra and shirt.

I reached back to her waist and dragged her shirt upwards, revealing her lacy bra, barely covering her heaving c-cup bumps. Conveniently, this was a front-buckling bra, and with a quick flick of the clasp between her tits, I was able to replace the bra cups with my hands.

After a few minutes more of kneading, I diverted one of my hands from her chest and moved on of her hands to my semi-hard cock. She rubbed it clumsily and it was soon fully hard.

I parted our kiss and moved my head to her neglected boob and began suckling at it. She promptly forgot about stroking my cock and I took it from her limp hand. While she was mesmerised with the sensations of my lips on her nipple and my stubble on her chest, I guided the tip of my cock to her steaming valley and began to rub it with a feather’s touch up and down the slit.

She squirmed, unconsciously trying to get closer to the sensation my cock was causing. I took it as an invitation, and rubbed firmly along her slit, lubricating my cock with her juices.

I leant her back gently, and my cock found the opening to her passage. Gently, slowly, I began to push the helmet of my cock into the tight heat.

And boy, was she ever tight.

I inched my way in, as she rocked against me in a subconscious attempt to get more of me inside her. After about a minute, my eight inch cock bottomed out in her, and I began to withdraw.

I pulled all the way out, and slowly pushed myself all the way back in before withdrawing again, midnight at the pera palace izle and repeating, but faster. She moaned with pleasure.

It was awkward on the couch, so I picked her up, keeping myself buried in her snatch, and carried her to the bedroom.

I stumbled, and pressed her against the wall on the outside of the bedroom. Holding the tops of her thighs, I withdrew and ploughed into her a few times, soliciting a grunt of ecstasy each time. This too was awkward, so onward I continued with the journey to the mattress.

I lifted her off my cock, and pretty much threw her into the center of the bed. She giggled as I leapt onto the bed and crawled towards her, growling lustfully.

I lifted and spread her legs, repositioning my cock at her now stretched and saturated hole. I popped the purple, swollen head through the entrance, and then popped it back out.

‘Oh, come on…’ she whined.

I popped it back in. Her legs were dangling over my shoulder, so I reached around them and took hold of her tits. As I began kneading them, I began thrusting in and out of her silky wet tunnel.

‘Faster. Faster…’ she cried.

I took my hands from her chest and took firm hold of her waist. She wanted faster, she got it. I sped up the rhythm, and felt myself growing even bigger, stretching her to her limit.

It had been a while since I’d got my junk wet, and knew I was not going to last long. I put a thumb on her quivering clit, and rubbed it roughly in sync with each thrust.

‘Oooh…ohhh…’ she moaned. ‘Feels…good…don’t…stop…’

I was pistoning her sweet passage, and rubbing her nub at quite a pace when I felt my cum rising from my balls.

I slowed the pistoning, and rubbed her clit faster. As my cum flooded to find the tip of my cock, I felt her cunt muscles begin to milk my shaft and heard her shriek in orgasm.

I planted myself as far into her as I could, and felt the tip of my cock pop through the opening to her womb. I grunted as my cock twitched with each spurt of creamy seed it deposited deep inside her.

As the twitching stopped and the river of cum ceased to flow, I noticed that she had passed out from the booze and climax.

I slipped my shrinking cock from her, and went to toss her panties and skirt into the dryer before returning to the bed and climbing in next to her.

When I woke the next morning, she as was gone, as were her clothes.

Six months later, I spotted her at a gas station on the other side of town. She has a new career now. This was evident by her belly, which was protruding nicely and growing quite round.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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