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Sybil and James had been apart so long emotionally that reconnecting with each other was no easy task. Sybil was trying to find that balance between love and safe distance, and James was trying to just find himself. After they went their separate ways they both felt empty and alone, and just not quite whole. Sybil didn’t want the marriage to end, but James did not know how to trust himself, so how could he manage to come to Sybil with even the smallest of details?

Sybil held on for as long as she could before she felt broken and forced out of the marriage that she had fought so hard to keep. She loved her life with James and the kids, she loved everything about it, but she couldn’t follow him to those places that he went deep inside his mind, it is like he got lost and had no way out.

It was early morning and the sun shined through the blinds just enough to light up James’s handsome face. Sybil rubbed her eyes groggily and peered out into the dimly lit room. It took her a moment to adjust to her surroundings; when she looked beside her she saw James, laying peacefully with one arm above his head, resting on the pillow, and the other flopped across the bed where Sybil had been laying. She was all too familiar with this position and slowly but surely started to remember the last few days. What stunned her more was the fact that she had made love to her ex-husband and was laying in his bed! A place she never wanted to leave, but never expected to be again.

As she gazed at him remembering the nights she found herself smiling and looking at him in that all too familiar way. She snuck out of the bed a slowly as possible, tip-toeing to the bathroom and gently shutting the door. She turned on the shower and stepped in to the warm water, letting the water straighten her light brown hair and rinsing away the light sent of sex that was on her body. She stood there for a moment breathing in the steam and letting the water hit her face. She reached for the shampoo only to find that hers was not there.

Of course it wasn’t, this was not her house, so she opted for James’ instead. She lathered her hair and was instantly brought back to a time when she used to stand in the shower with him and breathe in his sent. She rinsed the shampoo from her hair and turned around to reach for the body Maraş Escort wash, her eyes only open a little, and was startled to find that James was in the shower with her. His hands were already lathered with soap and he began to wash her, something that he rarely did even when they were married. Thinking back on it now, Sybil could only remember the occasional back wash when she asked him to. She was the one that was subservient and washed him.

She stood there catching her breath as he began to quietly wash her, lathering her up and rubbing his hands all over her. He paid close attention to her neck, making sure to squeeze ever-so-gently knowing that would get a rise out of her, and it did. Her eyes rolled into her head as it fell backwards. From there he moved to her shoulders and then on to her breasts, a part of her body that has been ignored for quite some time. He rubbed and squeezed them gently making sure her nipples became nice a perky. Her nipples were small and delicate, so to get them hard took a bit of effort, but James loved to try and was satisfied when he had a positive result. He rubbed her and played there for a bit, making her moan and writhe beneath him. She cooed and called for him as he teased her. She felt at peace and was enjoying the long lost attention. It was so different from the day before, the day before was lust, this was passion and love.

James moved his hands down Sybil’s waist and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in for a deep kiss as he rubbed the soap on her back. James went down to his knees and began washing her backside, eventually moving his hands to her front and washing her pussy, rubbing gently and taking great care. He washed her legs for her and slowly stood back up, running his hands all over while moving her back into the warm, steamy water. As he rinsed her off he kissed her soft, wet, clean skin making her squirm and moan even more. He gently kissed his way down her neck to her soft and tender breasts. He kissed, squeezed and sucked then until her soft noises turned to deep moans. James let his hands flow down to her pussy and wash away the soap before letting his fingers work their way into her. She gasped for air at the sensations that he was causing her. She softly called his name, “Jimmy…” her pet name Maraş Escort Bayan for him. She let her hands run through his thick hair, pulling his head into her.

James stood up to get the shower head, knelt back down, and had Sybil lift her leg for him. He changed the setting on the shower head and began to work his magic with water on her clit while fingering her with is other hand. Sybil began to moan deeply and kneed his shoulders with her sharp nails, she began to buck her hips to the water and her legs began to quiver. She started to scream as her orgasm rose and peaked.

She cum shot out and it mixed in with the water, her entire body shook as her orgasm came to its climax and began to taper off. James dropped the shower head to the floor and licked the cum from her pussy before turning off the water and wrapping her in a towel. She was shivering as he dried her off and led her out of the bathroom. He dropped the towel on the floor and pulled her into the living room. A blanket and pillows was laid out on the floor.

“What is all of this James?” Sybil quietly whispered.

“Finding ourselves again.”

James lowered Sybil to the ground, gently placing her head on a soft pillow. He leaned in to her and kissed her with a tenderness that seemed to have been lost. Sybil’s mind was racing, she was anxious about what was coming next. Was he going to rush through this or was he going to take his time?

She was desperately trying to relax when he kissed his way up to her ear and whispered, “I love you. I am going to take care of you today. Relax and just let me spoil you my love.” Sybil closed her eyes and let her head settle into the pillow. He kissed her nose, making her crinkle her face in that cute little way that she always did, and then slowly moved back to her neck and kissed his way down to her collar bone and shoulder. James knew the right spots to kiss to bring back to another orgasm and send her reeling. He let her linger there for a moment before moving on to more tender places.

He knew it tickled her, and she wasn’t crazy about that, but he gently kissed his way down her chest and torso to her pussy, spreading her legs and gently biting the inside of her thighs. She gasped and tried to squirm lose but he held on tight. Teasing Escort Maraş her he lightly liked her pussy lips which made her juices flow and her lips swell in anticipation. She wriggled around and settled down as he became more intent on making her cum. Sybil began to move to the rhythm of his tongue against her clit and rubbed against his mustache and beard, taking in the extra pleasurable sensations that they provided.

He could hear her breathe heavily and moaning, he wrapped his arms up and under her, holding on to her, becoming more and more vigorous with every lick and suck. By now she was soaking the blankets and James, and begging him to stop but he kept going until he was sure she was good and ready for him.

James was erect and as hard as ever. He crawled up Sybil and wrapped his arms around her as he placed his dick right outside of her pussy. She could feel his warm soft tip and moved forward so that he was just inside her. They began to move together in a slow and rhythmic motion, gazing into each other’s eyes, something that had not been so for a long time. Sybil melted into James, pressing her face into his chest and releasing a sigh. She tried to hold it back but the emotions where overwhelming and warm, delicate, salty tears flowed from her eyes. James was patient and gentle, not missing a beat so he did not make it worse for her. He realized that this was the type of attention that she had needed from him, something that he had given her all along, and denied to her at the end. Sybil raised her head, and looked onto him lovingly with tear soaked eyes.

“There’s my pretty girl.”

“I am sorry James, I didn’t mean t…” James placed a soft kiss on her lips before she could finish the sentence.

They moved together in harmony and enjoyed old and new feelings, making each other giggle and laugh, moan and squirm, and for the first time in a long time James called out her name, “Oh Sybil… that’s it baby, make me cum for you. Cum with me.”

Sybil released a very loud moan and without further ado she gave James what he had been waiting for and it sent him over the edge. They came together creating quite a large mess. One that they were both willing to clean off of each other. James laid on his back and Sybil climbed on top of him in a sixty-nine, taking his semi-hard cock into her mouth, licking and sucking their juices from him. She placed her cum filled pussy at his mouth, which he promptly penetrated with his tongue; he moaned, causing her pussy to vibrate. They enjoyed the all too familiar tastes together once more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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