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Your hand comes up to cup my breast. I can feel the heat through your shirt. I look up at a clock and see that it is near midnight. I can’t have slept longer than an hour and my eyes start falling shut again. I hear you say something, but am too tired to answer. I just hmm. Your arm goes around my back and the other under my knees. You pick me up and tell me that you are taking me to bed. I lean against your chest and feel safe. The sheets are cold as I touch them. I don’t even have the power anymore to take your shirt of. I feel you lying down behind me and pulling me into your body. With nothing that can happen to me now, I drift into sleep.

As I wake up bright sunshine fills the room. I sit up and stretch. I look to my side, but once again I awake alone. I get up, still in your shirt. I walk to the bathroom and wash myself. Then I walk towards the kitchen. A smell of breakfast comes into my nose. I now notice that since the meal on the plane and the few things during our game I haven’t eaten at all and that I am pretty starved. You are standing over a pan. Only in your boxers, your back to me. I quietly come closer. I am so close behind you that we are nearly touching. Suddenly you turn and sweep me in your arms. Your face nuzzling in my neckline.

“Morning“ I say. You sit me Maraş Escort down on the counter and start filling a plate for me. You hand it to me and fill your own. Sitting down you start eating. The feeling of hunger is suddenly gone, at least that for food. I try to eat at least abit. You ask me what I would like to do today and only one thing comes into my head. I move it aside and tell you that I want to go to Disneyland. You tell me to eat up and get ready then.

The sun shines down on us as we enter Disneyland and walk along the main street. People are walking around everywhere. You want to know what I want to see first and I head for Fantasyland. We spend the morning roaming around Fantasyland and then settle down for lunch in the Bengal Barbecue. We choose Adventureland to be our next place. You take me by the hand and we stroll over to Tarzan’s tree house. As it is a weekday and no holiday it isn’t too full here. We wander up high into the tree and look out over the Adventureland.

You hug me close to you from behind. I lean my head back and want to stay like this for hours. Your breath brushes my face as you lean down to kiss my ear. I turn around and your lips meet mine. Slowly, sweetly, we kiss. You pull me close again. Our kiss gets heavier. I rub up to you Maraş Escort Bayan and can feel a bulge appearing. Your hand moves along my spine, over my ass. Along my leg, which you pull up against your hip. You push hard against me and I moan out.

“If you don’t move back abit, I am likely to take you here“. My breath heavy. To show me what you want you pull me even closer. Rubbing your hardness against me. I moan out again.

”Come“ you say and take my hand. I don’t care where you are taking me. All I want is us to be alone there. We leave the tree house and you head for a bunch of trees and bushes behind an attraction. You pull me inside the little hiding and pin me to a tree. Your lips hit mine again instantly. Your body pressed up to mine.

“You made me wait far too long since the last time,” you whisper into my ear. You undo the zip on the front of my top and suck my hard nipples in through the silk bra. I suck my breath in at your touch. You push my skirt up and put my leg back on your hip. Your hand runs along the bare thigh till you reach my soft wet spot. You moan as you notice that I left my panties at home. I hastily undo your zipper and free your hard cock. You pick me up under the arms and lift me up. I wrap my legs around you and lock them. Escort Maraş

You push me back against the tree in that position and use one hand to guide your cock to my wetness. You slide it through my slit to get it covered in my juices and then you enter it into me. I try to control my moan. Your hands go back under my ass and slowly you let me slide down. I feel your shaft filling me inch by inch. My hands in your neck to steady me. You fill me completely and then you slowly start to move your hips.

Your lips meet mine again and our tongues meet. Slowly you move me up and down on your shaft. I moan into your mouth. Your movements get faster. You move me up higher and then slam me back down, impaling me on your cock. I claw into your shoulders. You repeat it again and again. Fucking me hard. Your lips never leave mine. Our tongues playing.

You slam up harder and harder and I can feel my orgasm coming nearer. Your hands grab into my ass and you push up hard and deep. I scream into your mouth as I start to cum. I can feel you shooting inside me. Your heat spreads in me. The waves of my orgasm wash over me. Our lips part and I lean my head against your shoulder. Our breath going heavy.

After a while you lift me off your cock and stand me on the ground. My skirt slips down. My knees still shaking. You steady me, as I do my zipper up again and straighten my skirt. I lean against the tree, so you can do yourself up again and then you kiss me again and take my hand. We slip back out of our little hideaway and mix back into the crowd….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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