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***Hi! This is my very FIRST submission! Most of my stories will be recounts of my actual events. I hope you like it, because I sure enjoyed enacting it!***

An ad pops up on the computer, displaying a woman, face flushed, private parts brazenly displayed across the screen. I not sure what the text says but I can guess. My family members gasp and I hurriedly exit the popup.

“Sorry, you know those random websites.” I smile, click the proper website for my ancient relatives, and scurry back to my room, leaving my family members laughing and watching the video as they shake their heads, probably silently chortling at what they believe to be my chastity.

Chastity my ass. I sigh softly. No porn, I promised myself I wouldn’t watch it anymore. It’s just not…ladylike. And I can’t have a dirty conscious on Sunday morning now can I? But the hundreds of images are still branded in my brain. The sounds of other women like me, open, moaning, just wanting to be filled.

“Mmm. Huff.” I bite my lower lip and place a delicate hand to my mouth. Did anyone hear me? I hitch up my blue panties, hoping to remind my little pussy that we just had a helping last night. oh wait, that was yesterday. I smile secretly as I open a new tab in incognito mode, then open a respectable video in another window so that if someone decides to enter, I’ll look innocent.

But I’m so so horny. As I watch the show about the half boy, half wolf, I have to keep rewinding. I can feel the cool air trying to satiate the heat radiating from my lower parts. The cloth of my purple cotton panties is sticking to my moistened outer lips. I’m so wet. I can feel it. It’s only 6:16 but I don’t want to wait until nightfall.

That’s where my handy-dandy fetish comes in.

I discovered when I was a bit younger the joys of latex gloves. Water filled, vaseline filled, filling me. I don’t know what a cock feels like, but I’m so young and tight, that steadily pumping more and more air into that thick finger, humping, grinding, and pushing it deeper inside me makes me feel like an experienced woman.

And don’t even let me get started on cucumbers!

I lean forward in my desk chair, feeling the rough fabric rubbing my sensitive clit through my pink canlı bahis shorts. My breath hitches and I lean back, only to lean forward again uncontrollable. I can feel my pussy pulsing, clinging to the fabric, begging to be spread and massaged. My hole wanting to be filled. Wanting that sweet pain.

My breath hitches again.

Night has finally fallen, I’ve waited this long. I’m dripping now, my juices pungent in the closed space beneath the covers.

“Baby,” I whisper, pretending it’s a boy from my school, a celebrity, a porn star, any man I want can be mine tonight.

I pull the clean latex glove from my panties. It’s warm and malleable now, perfect for stretching and forming deep inside me. I want to be filled. The past few nights, I’ve squealed so loudly, I’m surprised I haven’t been heard upstairs.

I massage my breast through my polka dot ball. Letting my eyes close leisurely, feeling myself as a whole being. Horny. That’s what I am. A desperate virgin.

And yes, I am a virgin. I’ve kept myself tight and intact, easing things in over the hours. I’ve widened myself to the point where I’ve ridden my fist and yet the next day, I go back to being tight as a dime.

“uh.” just thinking of how tight I am, ready to be stretched makes me hotter. It’s and intense heat, radiating from the top of the inside of my pussy, down to wear my entrance is.

I run my fingers through my trimmed bush twisting the hairs and giggling at how soft they are. Sometimes, I wish for a man to see them. See how beautiful I am.

But that can wait until I’m married. Tonight, it’s me, myself, and I.

I unhook my bra and toss it to the floor. Something about those DD cups hitting the hardwood is extremely arousing and I arch my back as my hand moves down across my little pudge of a belly, through the soft hairs, and to my entrance. My skin is so supple and vibrant, it turns me on.

“Please,” I whisper, reaching for the glove. I place it to my soft lips and blow some air in it. The I palm it. Not big enough. I blow more and more air until it’s a little bigger than my fist. Then I tie all the fingers off except for the thumb. Because it’s thickest. And I like things thick.

I’ve never been able to find any other stories bahis siteleri of girls and their experiences with gloves, but let me tell you, they’re wonderful!

I stick my finger into my hole, feeling the hot, tender walls of myself. I’m so, so tight. My finger barely fits into my vagina. But I’m wet and swollen. Begging for release after all this pent up tension.

My back arches even further, my full round butt pressing against the hot sheets. I breathe out and slide my finger in and out, feeling my juices collect, my shoulders tense. I feel a moan starting at the back of my throat and I let it out in a small breath. Thinking of my two relatives upstairs. Maybe they’re fucking too. The thought sends me back to the hours of porno I’ve watched and my finger goes deeper.

I slide another finger alongside it, probing my entrance until my sweet hole opens up to me. Now I’ve got two fingers, and I sneak in a third. My creamy juices are running down my thighs now, against gravity. But I love the friction so I work them harder, the knuckle of my thumb grinding my erect click as I work my fingers in slowly, in and out, in and out.

“Baby, go easy on me,” I say. My pussy is clenching already. I’ve always been a quick cummer, which might be a problem when I finally give myself to my husband.

I slip my fingers out reluctantly and reach again for the blow up glove.

I hold it in my right hand and lift up my panties with my left. They’re soaked too. Guess I’ll have to do laundry tommorrow. I let the glove slide against my pelvis and work its way down, maneuvering it until the thumb is pressed against my hole. The thumb deflates as I press it against me, the air dispersing to other parts of the glove.

“Oh know you don’t.” I breath. I catch the tip of the finger and push it inside me as I push in my index finger. I push it deeper, deeper, until the thumb is buried hilt deep in my soaked hole.

Then I flatten my hand against the top of the glove and press, feeling pressure against my clit, feeling the thumb inflate inside of me.

“Feeling you inside of me babe.”

I remove my hand from the glove and most of the air retreats from my clenching pussy. Then I press again, feeling you slam deep inside of me, bahis şirketleri feeling you go out, then in again, then out. Filling my little pink hole up so deep. I’m breathing hard now, my hips moving in circles, pounding back against you, getting more air each time, making the thumb thicker and thicker. It feels like a real dick inside of me now! Thick and hard pounding me in, out, in out.

“Oh!” I cry, slamming my hand against the glove, releasing all the air into the thumb until it’s the size of a water bottle inside of me. My hips move in quick motions, up, down, up, up up. Slamming it deeper, deeper, but there’s nowhere else to go. I’m too short, stretched to capacity. Juices running all over the glove.

“God,” I clench my teeth and try not to scream as my whole body goes tense and just…explodes. I’m so high, my pussy clenching so hard around the water bottle shaped glove dick that I want to scream. Thick. Pulsing heat. I’m so full.

“Baby please!” I’m shuddering now as I come down but I want more.

I turn on my stomach, the glove still inflated, grab a pillow, and begin to ride. My pelvis pressing against the softness of the pillow, my face jammed into the mattress as I vigorously hump my feather filled lover. The glove continues to go in and out, filling me, then releasing me from it’s thick pleasure.

“ooh. um. ah. ah. oh.” I bite the sheets. My hands pressed under the pillow, my butt in the air, clit grinding against the glove that’s penetrating me so deep. So smooth but rough at the same time.

I feel my butt jiggling as I outrace it. Humping faster than gravity. The thumb of the glove is probably about a fist and a half now. So thick, so wonderful, so solid.

I moan as I come, my voice not yet deep and lustful as an older woman’s. Slowly releasing myself from my ecstasy as I come down from my second orgasm. It wasn’t as hard as the first, but still good. Still better than lying on my back. I like to think of myself of taking it doggy style.

I remove the glove, now, curiously, in the shape of a small penis! then i wipe my fragrant juices onto my purple panties, fold the glove and tuck it close against my pubic hairs so I can dispose of it in the morning.

I may be a dirty girl, but I’m pretty sanitary 😉

***I hope you enjoyed my little adventure. Sorry, these particular panties won’t be for sale, as I’m waiting to move out to start my little business. But I’ll let you know when a pair are!***

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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