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The first time I saw them, they were both fifteen, beautiful and just beginning to become women. Sandy had dark brown hair and emerald eyes. Shelly had golden hair and eyes the color of the deep blue sea.

I am a divorced RN with two children, who works for large companies, “The Company Nurse”. When I’m not working as a nurse, I sometimes volunteer as a gymnastics coach at a local alternative high school. This is where Shelly and Sandy and I met.

They were both serious about being gymnasts and often tried to monopolize my time. They were also flirts and constantly tease me with batting their eyelashes, licking their lips. I ignored their advances. I would often tell them to come back when they were eighteen.

They lived in my neighborhood and would sometimes visit my neighbor’s daughter. I could hear the three of them giggling and laughing in the apartment below mine. They were always talking about boys and how far they went with them. Although they were virgins, I felt their days were numbered.

I stopped volunteering a few weeks later due to a new job which took up most of my time. I lost track of the girls and didn’t hear from them again for three years.

Then, late on Sunday evening I heard a knock at my door. When I opened it up, there before me stood to beautiful young women. At first I did not recognize them, then, to my surprise, realized it was Sandy and Shelly.

I was shocked to see how much they had matured in the past three years.

“Don’t just stand there with your mouth hanging open, “Sandy said, “Invite us in!”

I invited the two women in, still in a state of shock. “You told us to come back when we were eighteen,” Shelly stated. “Well, we’re eighteen!”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Both girls had matured into a couple of gorgeous women. I hugged them both and invited them in.

At first we drank wine, smoked some pot and made small talk.

They were both in college, Shelly was enrolled in a nursing program and Sandy was a business major.

Finally the girls came to the point of their visit. It seemed that years ago they had made a packed to remain virgins until they were both eighteen, then they would carefully choose a lover and do him together.

After careful consideration, they had chosen me.

When canlı bahis I asked why I was their “chosen one”, they replied that they were looking for a man with experience, an older man, but not too old. Someone with a nice body and good looking, but most importantly, someone they trusted and had feelings for. They said I qualified on all counts.

I was very flattered, thank them and told them that I was willing to take them up on their offer. My mother didn’t raise any fools.

After a while we were all beginning to feel the effects of the grass and the wine. I put on some cool jazz music and built a fire in the fireplace. I lit some candles and took turns dancing with each of the girls.

It was getting warm in my apartment so we all decided to get naked. I was only wearing a black robe which I discarded and lay back on my large circular bed and anxiously watched Sandy and Shelly slowly undress each other while kissing and stroking each other’s bodies.

Soon they were both totally nude and standing at the foot of my bed, smiling down at me. I held up both hands and beckoned them both to join me in bed.

They each crawled in on either side of me, cuddling up with their bodies pressed tightly against me and their heads on my shoulders. I was in heaven!

They took turns giving me long wet kisses that sent my head spinning. Then, grabbing my rock hard cock which was pressed tightly against my stomach, Shelly started drawing a line with her tongue down my chest and abdomen until she reached the tip of my cock, where she began planting sweet kisses on the head of my throbbing dick.

Sandy, in the meantime was offering up her scarlet tipped breasts to my mouth for my tasting pleasure. I would suck each nipple until it was rock hard and then give it a little bit with my teeth which enlisted sweet moans from her lips.

Sandy then moved to a new position, straddling my face with both thighs and teasing my mouth by rubbing her moist cunt across my lips. I inhaled her lovely fragrance as I slip my tongue between her labia.

Shelley in the meanwhile had started slowly working my cock, alternating from hand stroking to mouth sucking. For a virgin, she really knew what she was doing and I could feel my orgasm approaching.

“Easy,” I cautioned bahis siteleri her, “You’ll make me come too soon!”

“That’s okay,” she explained, “we have all the time in the world” as she increased her efforts causing me to explode in her mouth while Sandy pressed her dripping pussy hard against my face, convulsing with her own orgasm.

After resting a bit, Sandy and Shelly changed places. Shelly straddled my face, offering up her sweet cunt and ass, while Sandy cleaned up the cum from my cock with her tongue.

Shelly tasted delicious, her shaved pussy brushing against my lips and tongue, soaking my face.

Sandy had, though her manipulations brought my cock back to its erect state and was preparing to mount me. Shelly, who was facing toward my feet, helped Sandy by holding my cock steady while she placed the head of my dick against her wet cunt lips. Shelly then slid my cockhead up and down against Sandy’s labia until it slipped into the folds.

As my cock slipped into her pussy, I suddenly felt resistance from her hymen. My god, she really was a virgin! I was trying to decide how hard I should thrust when Shelly pushed down hard on Sandy’s shoulders causing my cock to break through Sandy’s hymen and plow deeper to her promise land.

Sandy cried out in pain but her cries quickly turned to sighs of pleasure as she felt me deep inside her. She then wanted me to fuck her hard and fast, which I refused to do. I kept teasing her cunt with slow, long strokes ignoring her pleas.

Shelly, in the meantime, turned on by her friend’s defloweration, started increasing her labial rubbing against my mouth and tongue, crushing her clitoris against my upper teeth. This increased my passion and I started fucking Sandy harder and harder.

Both my hands where on her hips, pulling her tightly against me causing my pelvic bone to rub against her clit and this frictions soon sent her over the edge and she came hard with my cock spurting deep inside her newly explored pussy.

This chain of events brought Shelly to orgasm and she almost smothered me with her quivering cunt.

We all collapse in a pile on the bed, panting and laughing, trying to catch our breath.

We lay there for quite some time. Then Shelly said, “My turn, I want that beautiful cock bahis şirketleri inside me!”

I explained that I needed a little more time to recover and got up and poured us some more wine and lit another joint.

We kissed and cuddled, enjoying the wine, pot and music. We didn’t say too much. We had gone beyond words. As I looked at these two beautiful women, I began to feel my passion and my cock rise. Shelly quickly noticing this, grabbed my cock and took it in her mouth and started slowly lubricating it with her tongue.

She then spun around and said to “Fuck me like a bitch in heat!”

I quickly mounted her from behind and felt her hand reach down to guide my hard dick into her cherry pussy. I was expecting to feel her hymen, but when I did not, realized that most girls don’t have hymens anymore due to bicycling, horseback riding and vibrators.

I slowly descended deep into her unexplored cavern. She was a small woman and had a very tight cunt. I could hear her moans as I went balls deep inside her. When I was all the way in, I stopped and just enjoyed the wonderful feeling of being completely encapsulated.

She too enjoyed this feeling as she pressed her buttocks back hard against my pelvis.

“Fuck me hard!” She pleaded, and I complied.

I began fucking her furiously and could hear the smack, smack, smack, as our bodies collided against each other.

I continued my plundering of her pussy while she reached between her legs and manipulated her clitoris to full orgasm.

“Cum in me, “She begged, “I want to feel your cum inside me!”

Having just came twice, I wasn’t feeling up to a third orgasm yet, but not wanting to disappoint her, I faked it. Yes, men can fake it.

Sandy was lying beside us playing with her clit and joined us in orgasm. Once again we lay on the bed, holding each other in afterglow until we fell asleep.

Upon awakening I could smell coffee brewing and bacon frying. Shelly was still sleeping in my arms and Sandy was cooking breakfast.

We ate breakfast in the nude, showered, dressed and the two women gave me a long kiss goodbye and left asking,” When shall we continue our training coach?”

“Check back with me in a week,” I replied.

Shelly and Sandy called me the following week. I told them to come by Saturday night about seven and to be sure their pussies were closely shaved, to apply heavy makeup and wear nothing but their high heels and an overcoat. We were going out to play.

(To Be Continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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