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Rebecca awoke with a start. Sean was still asleep snoring on her couch, while she had moved to her warm queen-sized bed. She had sucked and otherwise massaged another two big loads out of him over the course of the night. She had swallowed one of them and the taste in her mouth reminded her of it as she became more lucid. She remembered him grabbing her by the back of the head and pounding his big thick cock into her throat. Her hand wandered between her legs as she checked the time. 6:45 am Saturday, May 12th.

Laying on her back, she started rubbing herself thinking about the big sexy nerd in her living room. Her fingers gained speed as she basked in the warm tingling feeling spreading through her pelvis. Soon she was slowing down, riding her depraved edge and spying on the sleeping man, watching his flaccid cock twitch in his sleep.

She paused herself before getting too carried away and crawled out of bed. She slipped on some goofy anime bunny slippers and slipped past her doorway otherwise completely naked. She made her way to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. Closing the bathroom door behind her, she noticed Sean had shifted in the time it took her to brush her teeth. He was now laying on his side with a blanket around him. ‘Aww he must be cold’ She thought to herself.

As she stared at him thinking mostly wholesome thoughts, she noticed the blanket protrude slightly. Oh my god was he getting a sleep boner? Becca had to investigate. She tip-toed over to the couch and knelt down. Judging by his snoring, he was still fast asleep. Sean’s erection seemed to be growing as she stared at it. She leaned in and gently exhaled on it through the fabric. Her breath bounced back at her, minty and fresh. She gently, carefully lifted the blanket.

Sean’s cock was nice and hard. She smiled, drawing her attention to his ballsack pulled tightly up beneath the root of his thick cock. Nuzzling her head beneath the blanket, she gently lifted it up with her hand. Feeling particularly perverted just now, she floated her nose just above where his scrotum and shaft met and inhaled deeply. She sighed contentedly as she breathed out warm air onto Sean’s throbbing early morning hard on. Her free hand slid back down to her greedy lips and she began sliding her middle finger up and down her already primed clit.

Becca gave the pulsing cock in her hand a few test licks. Reading Sean’s reactions she timed gentle strokes to elicit more throbbing. She gently ran her fingernails over the head several times. She thought surely that would wake him up but he seemed to be a textbook heavy sleeper. She mercilessly teased herself in time with him, licking up his precum as she did. Her horny cunt was egging her on, and she began pressing her lips against his glans.

His cock strained and pulsed in her mouth. She bobbed gently on his head, sliding her soft lips over it. He groaned but remained asleep, as far as she could tell. She was getting so bothered she had to stop herself several times from cumming. She felt so good about sucking his dick, like her purpose in life was to please this man. Her wetness was running down her leg now.

For quite some time she played with it in her mouth, occasionally popping it out to stroke it gently, all the while being careful not to rouse him too much. She was having too much fun to ruin it by waking him up. Eventually though, she was no longer satisfied with just going halfway down the shaft. Her fingers were darting over her overworked cunt now. Every few seconds she had to either slow down or stop in order to stay denied (her own rule for herself this morning). She pushed her head all the way down, taking his cock into her throat with a wet gag.

That did it. He woke up, startled. Memory flooded back to him and he moaned as Rebecca expertly deep throated his hard cock. She giggled in between coughs and gags. Sean felt her warm wet drool running down his abdomen.

“Wow!” He exclaimed, “What a nice way to wake up.” He stretched out his limbs, unintentionally forcing his cock further into Becca’s throat.

Rebecca moaned her approval, suctioning his cock with her cheeks. She ran her fingers up and down the length of her slick pussy. She then lifted her fingers up to Sean’s face. He inhaled her scent.

“Sucking cock must really make you horny.”

She gurgled in reply.

“Fuck, keep going like that and you’re gonna get a mouthful of cum little lady.” He warned. She didn’t let off, letting her throat get invaded by his thickness.

“You’re the perfect little slut you know that?” He brushed her hair across her brow and admired her tits. He reached out to where she was kneeling and took one of her breasts in his hand. It barely fit, spilling out of his grip. He massaged and kneaded it. Becca’s hands were still very busy, one now stroking Sean’s cock as she let up for air, the other furiously working her clit. She sped up on both fronts. Their moans became more terse and primal. Sean was thrusting into her throat now, picking up speed. Just as he began to shoot his load into her, casino siteleri she took her hand away from her own genitals. Sean silently pumped his cum into her mouth. Her eyes rolled back as she swallowed. She had exercised such control over her own orgasm that she had essentially ruined it for herself. Her clit was still very exposed and swollen between her spread legs. His cock was settling back into rest now, slowly deflating in her mouth. She smiled and let it slip out.

“Did you cum too?” He asked.

“No, I was so close though.” She said “I kinda thought it would be fun to hold off. I’m still so horny, I want to stay this way all day.” She stated.

Sean saw no problem with that. He abruptly grabbed her by the ass and pulled her into him. He slipped one finger down over her pussy lips eliciting a shudder from her.

“God that feels amazing.” She whispered to him “My pussy feels so good.” She groaned into his chest.

An alarm suddenly sounded off on Sean’s phone. It was still in his pants pocket and the tune was catchy. Rebecca hummed it while enjoying his teasing fingers.

“Better go feed the cat.” He said, lifting Becca up.

“That was really fun.” He said, looking in her eyes. “Let’s do it again sometime. Maybe we can go do something more…social sometime too.”

“Yeah,” She said, slightly taken aback at the sudden stop. “Yeah that sounds amazing.”

With that Sean got dressed and left the apartment, leaving Rebecca alone on her couch. She got herself dressed, if you could call it that, and proceeded to make herself breakfast. It was a Saturday, and she had all day to play alone but she wasn’t feeling particularly aroused in that moment. The high of playing with Sean’s cock was wearing off. She went about her day.

She decided to watch a movie and clean her house. She wore only her frilly baby blue lingerie panties and opened all her curtains to let the spring sunshine into her apartment. She paused several times to admire herself in the mirror. Sometimes she got herself going. She loved being her own porn, it was a thrill to know what others felt when they saw her. She bounced her tits in the mirror after cleaning her bathtub. Up down up down, she bounced and smiled at her reflection. She tidied up her house and went shopping and when she returned, had another girlwank in her living room.

She turned her porn volume up all the way and massaged her clit, careful to avoid climaxing. She was really digging denial today. She just kept edging her aching slit until bedtime and passed out. She managed to stay chaste all of Sunday and as Monday rolled around she felt a little odd. Shouldn’t he have texted her or something by now? He mentioned he wanted to go out sometime. She was preparing for work Monday morning when a text hit her inbox.

‘Wanna carpool?’ It read.

Innocent enough. Maybe they could talk. She really wanted to set up a plan and go on a normal date with the man.

‘Sure :)’ she replied

He met her downstair and they climbed into his Toyota.

“How was the rest of the weekend, bator girl?” He teased. He started the car.

“It was good. Just chores and stuff nothing special.” She stuck her tongue out at him.

He nodded and placed his hand on her thigh. She had worn a dress today. Recently she had sensed that the dress code at work was a lot more flexible that she had initially thought. There were other managers and senior devs who dressed comfortably. ‘Business casual’ was the recommendation when she started but over time at the company she had ascertained that it was more towards the ‘casual’ side as far as cress codes went. Sean had on khakis and a t-shirt.

“I picked up a pregnancy test, just in case.” Rebecca said, trying to sound calm.

“Oh ok yeah I was gonna say. Sorry I should have planned ahead and brought a condom or-“

“No it’s ok.” She ran her fingers over his hand “I went and got a new prescription for birth control yesterday.” She inched his hand up her dress.

“Oh fuck..” He gasped as she pulled his arm gently, grazing his knuckles over her panties and the warm cunt lips underneath them.

“You’re amazing.” He said, still focusing on the road. She let his hand go and giggled. They chatted as he drove them to work. She brought up that she really liked a certain restaurant downtown in their city and he agreed to take her there that Friday. They also chatted movies and video games for a while. Other than the initial teasing their ride was fairly uneventful. It was about a 25 minute drive to the office. When they got in the parking lot, there was not a lot of parking spaces left. She usually would have left a little earlier than he did but she didn’t say anything. He parked far away from the entrance doors.

“So are you my boyfriend now or..” Rebecca finally built up the nerve to ask.

“I mean do you want me to be?” He asked. Rebecca guessed that he hadn’t had many girlfriends yet. He shrugged and then, more confidently spoke.

“Yes I mean.” He cleared his throat. “Yes I want you to be canlı casino my girlfriend.”

She squealed and hugged him. She made lustful eye contact.

“Do you want a new relationship blowjob?” She asked.

“I dunno we’re at work already. What if we get caught?”

“No one can see us here don’t worry.”

She ran her hand along his thigh now. Feeling his pants tighten as his cock hardened for her. She ran her hand up and down over his pants and then stuck her hand straight down into his underwear. His cock was warm. She liked how it felt half hard in her hand.

“Yeah you want me to suck your big boyfriend cock here in the parking lot?” She teased. She had a feeling the dirty talk really elicited a response from him.

“Yes please. I want a deep throat blowjob from my sexy new girlfriend.” He stammered. She unzipped his pants and pulled his erect cock out. She gave him another piercing gaze before she bent over the middle console and slid his cock in her mouth. She felt him grab the back of her head and push down. Her jaw gave way and he slid deep, hitting the back of her throat.

“Fuck baby…” He moaned. He starting thrusting slowly, feeling her throat relax. Suddenly they both heard what sounded like high heeled footsteps in the distance. They were growing closer. Sean panicked and lifted Becca’s head up. She tried to casually seat her back upright. She laughed nervously.

“Act casual.” He whispered. They turned their heads in tandem and saw Heather, the DevOps leader on Sean’s team. Rebecca knew her and knew she could be a real bitch. She had probably ten years at this place already, while Rebecca hadn’t even been there a year yet. Heather made eye contact with them as she strolled by. She smiled and waved. She was always a little overly friendly, even in formal situations. Rebecca smiled and waved. Heather smirked in response. She had her blonde hair up in a tight bun this morning and was sipping a latte.

She came right up to the car window and tapped on it.

“Good morning Sean, Rebecca.” she laughed nervously and it was an odd sound. “What are you two doing together?”

“We carpooled.” Sean replied cooly. He smiled and gestured that he wanted to get out of the car and Heather moved aside so he could. Becca got out on the other side too.

“Oh, that’s fun. And economical!” Heather smirked again, glancing at the outline of Sean’s semi hard on.

“Traffic wasn’t bad.” Sean replied aloof.

“See you later, best not be late.” Heather chirped. She turned and walked away.

“That was close.” Sean inhaled deeply and exhaled. “Please be more careful next time.” He said.

Rebecca was glowing. Oh, there would be a next time.

“Why is Heather always so involved in other people’s lives?” Becca asked.

“She’s just like that.” Sean replied. “Has to get the last word in at every stand up too. Word around the office is she’s a total sub though. You didn’t hear that from me.”

“What? Her?” Rebecca was genuinely taken aback. “Who told you that.”

“Rodney. He told me they used to date. Kind of a prick telling her business like that though.”

“Yeah he’s a weirdo.” Rebecca stared down the length of the parking lot at Heather’s now distant figure as it disappeared through the doors of the office. They went to work. As the day wore on Becca had several chance encounters with Heather. The woman let her presence be known each time. Heather and her team worked in a separate but connected office to Becca’s. It was a nice space, very open with very comfortable workspaces for her crew. Rebecca waltzed through it on her way to the water cooler, deliberately bouncing a little as she passed Sean’s desk. He smiled at her and his gaze floated to her behind. He carefully corrected himself and she carried on. She bumped into Heather, who also happened to be getting some water.

“Hey Beck.” she greeted cheerfully. “What’d ya get up to on the weekend?”

“Oh just ran some errands and relaxed.” She replied.

“Oh cool, same.” Heather seemed intent on forcing small talk so Rebecca obliged her. She glanced over at Sean who’s gaze was transfixed on his screen again.

“Hey Heather, why don’t we grab lunch today?” Rebecca suggested, a plan forming in her mind.

“Oh yeah? Where at?” She asked intrigued.

“Wanna go to Santiago’s?” Rebecca suggested. It was a Mexican restaurant just down the road.

“Yeah ok that sounds great. We’ve never really hung out before though. Why so outgoing today?”

“Oh no reason.” Rebecca smiled coyly.

“Well it’s nice of you to offer anyhow. To be honest I could use a friend.” Heather admitted.

Rebecca was intrigued but stayed silent. Perhaps she had been wrong in her initial impression of Heather.

“Yeah it’s no thing just wanted to get to know you better is all. Anyways does noon work for you?” Rebecca asked.


and with that the two women nodded and dispersed. Rebecca went back to her desk and thought about how similar yet different they were. Her and Heather were kaçak casino on basically equal footing, but Heather had many more people under her. She had seniority after all.

Lunch came up quickly. Rebecca got up and went to collect Heather. Heather’s office was pretty open, with floor to ceiling windows. Becca knocked lightly on the door.

Heather held up a finger at Becca through the window and spoke at her monitor. She must be on a video call, she thought. Becca waited patiently. Heather stood up after a moment or two and came to open the door.

“Sorry, lots going on lately.”

“Tell me about it.” The women laughed organically at their shared troubles.

They travelled mostly in silence to the restaurant. When they got there they sat down at a table near a window with a view of the busy street they had arrived on. They put in their orders and got to talking some more.

“…and so, after I graduated my boyfriend left me.” Heather was telling her life story basically, but Rebecca managed to stay alert and remember details.

“Maybe he wasn’t the one.” Rebecca said

“Oh no most definitely not.” Heather continued. “No, no he was way too timid you know? And no drive. No when I met my husband is when things really started to click for me with relationships.” She explained.

“Oh I didn’t even realize you were married. How dense of me.” Rebecca said. She was secretly a little disappointed.

“Yeah Henry takes good care of me. How about you? You’re still single and on the prowl I bet.” Said Heather.

“Actually I kinda met a guy.” Replied Becca.

“Oh? who is he? Is he cute?” Heather asked. She was always in need of more info on people’s personal lives.

“Just a longtime friend. He is such a cutie you wouldn’t believe.” Rebecca winked at her new friend. Heather smiled and laughed.

“Sounds nice, the first months of a new relationship are always so fun.” Said Heather. She sighed dejectedly.

Their meals came and they ate and chatted some more. Rebecca couldn’t really remember why she thought Heather was mean before. She really warmed up to her over their lunch date and soon they were laughing and joking like old friends. Must have been some one-off comment or action Heather had done in her work career that had soured her before. After they finished eating Rebecca stood up.

“Gotta pee.” She said. She realized after that it was maybe a bit crude to announce. “Come with me?”

“Of course, Let’s go pee.” Replied Heather.

They walked to the bathroom together. There were three stalls. Rebecca took the one on the left while Heather took the right one, leaving one empty stall between them. They each finished up their business and went to wash their hands.

“You look really good today Becca.” Heather complimented. “Not gonna lie your boobs are fantastic.”

“Oh! Thanks!” Becca laughed, taken completely off guard by the comment.

“Do you think…” Heather hesitated.

“What?” Becca asked.

“Do you think I could see your tits Rebecca? I’m straight I swear I just want to see what they look like.”

“Oh um, Heather, I’m flattered.” Rebecca blushed. She peeked over at the door to the bathroom.

It was still shut. It was just the two of them. Becca pulled up her dress, exposing her D cups in her bra.

“Glad you like them.” Said Rebecca. She squeezed her tits together with her elbows. “You want to feel them?”

“Yes, can I?” Heather breathed out quickly, her nervousness very apparent. Her face went crimson.

“Go ahead it’s alright.” Becca took Heather’s hand and placed it on her breast. Heather squealed.

“They’re so big!” She said probably louder than she intended to. “Bigger than mine…”

Her hand disappeared beneath Rebecca’s bra. Becca slid her hand behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra, causing her tits to pop out. Heather felt both of her heavy breasts in awe, her mouth agape.

“Becca they’re so soft oh my god.” Heather said. She stopped suddenly. “I should really not be doing this.”

“Why not? Haven’t you ever wanted to have fun with another girl?” Rebecca asked.

“Well kinda, I dunno, maybe I’m a little bisexual. But my husband, I don’t know if he’d be ok with me-“

“Oh crap right! I’m so sorry Heather I totally forgot that you’re married. We were just talking about that too I-“

“It’s alright.” Heather frowned “I better tell him what happened.”

“Probably for the best.” Becca put her bra back on. She was a little disappointed.

They returned back to the office after, Heather’s hair was slightly disheveled. Rebecca wanted to tell her but she also kind of enjoyed seeing the woman all hot and bothered. This just added to the look. Rebecca wondered if her new friend was sexually frustrated at home. She had seemed very aroused back there.

“Heather do you masturbate?” Rebecca asked before they exited the car once they had returned to the office parking lot.

“Well yes of course.” She admitted, “Do you?” She asked.

“Yeah. Like a lot. Probably more than is regular I think.” Becca proceeded to describe her habit in great detail to Heather. Heather was getting visibly aroused at Becca’s descriptions of her porn theatre living room and her collection of sex toys.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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