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Chapter 2- Little Rose Cherry pt 2

After moving my car around to the back and parking beside Rosa’s old truck, I walked around and through the backyard and she was right, it was beautiful. A high block wall fenced in the whole backyard, and all the way around the perimeter were flower beds with roses planted in them. Below the roses were tulips, tiger lillies, black-eyed susans, and all sorts of other flowers I had no idea what they were. Then strategically placed in the center of the yard were large, old, trees.

Looking up at the old, distressed, red brick house, movement caught my eye and I looked up to see Rosa looking out her window. Looking away I saw the french doors, and I immediately imagined that I was cumming in Rosa’s back door. A naughty grin turned the corners of my mouth up. She was right, it was very pretty, but nothing was as pretty as Rosa.

When I walked inside she was standing there waiting on me and immediately asked, “Well?”

My grin broadened as I retorted teasingly, “It is indeed very pretty, but not the most beautiful back door I’ve seen…”

That made her mouth drop, and then she closed it and gave me a speculative look before turning and calling over her shoulder, “Well come on then, let’s go down to the basement to see the electrical panel.”

She retrieved a flashlight on the way down, and then we went to see the oldest electrical box I have ever seen in my life. Rosa held the light as I began pulling old tube fuses out and inspecting them. The ones that appeared to be sound I put back, and the rest I put in a bag. Turning to Rosa I gave her the bad news, “We are going to have to go to the hardware shop or an electrical supply store and hope that we can find these fuses.”

“Alright, let’s do it then,” She answered.

It took two hours of driving around Ellensburg to find all the fuses we needed and by the time we got home it was dark. Rosa led the way back inside and then down to the basement. Again she held the flashlight while I inserted all of the fuses and very gently threw the main into the on position. The lights came on, fluctuated on and off, and then almost all the fuses we just bought popped and the house was drowned in darkness once again!

“You have a wiring issue, or some faulty outlets,” I pronounced in a growl of frustration, “Either way, we aren’t going to solve this mystery tonight.”

“Well shit,” Rosa cursed while shaking her head. Looking over at me she shrugged and gave me a grin as she suggested, “Since we have no power, do you wanna go out to eat?”

Gazing down at her, I thought about all my clothes I still needed to unpack, and then my stomach growled loudly.

She chuckled, “Well it seems like your stomach says yes…”

“Sure, yea, okay,” I agreed.

She gave a mischievous grin, and then turned and led the way out of the basement.

“So, tell me about yourself, Harper,” Rosalina asked before taking a hardy bite out of her ‘Whopper’ with cheese and then shoved two or three fries in to add salty flavoring.

“Well I come from a big family,” I answered vaguely. Telling your new house mate and employer that you come from a massive, incest, harem family was never the right approach to making friends or keeping jobs, as a matter of fact, it almost always invited judgment.

“Really? Me too!” Rosa replied excitedly, “So, how many brothers and sisters do you have?”

“Well,” I began hesitantly as I thought of the best way to phrase my answer. I wanted to be truthful, and yet, not completely honest, “I have six sisters…”

“Holy shit, your one of seven kids,” Rosa guffawed as she leaned forward and looked at me like I was some strange alien, “You’re right you do have a big family! Personally, I am the oldest of five.”

“I also have eleven brothers,” I finished with a grin as I watched Rosa’s mouth fall open.

“You’re shitting me,” She exclaimed once she recovered, “There’s no way! How could your mother have eighteen children? She’d have to be like, sixty to seventy years old!”

I laughed and shook my head, “No, actually she’s only fifty-one and was pregnant only three times. The first time she had fraternal triplets, all boys, meaning she dropped three eggs and they all got fertilized…”

“I know what fraternal means thank you,” Rosa snapped sarcastically, then waved her fork as she commanded, “Go on.”

Nodding I continued, “Her second pregnancy, mom gave birth to fraternal quintuplets, again all boys. Her last pregnancy, mom hit the Korrapati jackpot and dropped six eggs, they got fertilized and two were girls while the other four were boys. The problem is that Korrapati women, such as my mother, alway seem to have identicals when the embryo is female. So of the two embryos that were female one broke four ways, and the other two. So, in mom’s last pregnancy she gave birth to ten babies. After that she decided to go and have her tubes tied.”

“No shit! I would have done the same after the five boys,” Rosa declared as she shook her digitalbahis yeni giriş head at my mother’s prenatal heroics.

I laughed but it was for the fact that Rosa would probably faint if she knew that that story was pretty close to the standard for not just my mother, but also for grandma Fornasia and my four aunts. Looking into Rosa’s eyes I asked, “What about you Rosa? You said you’re the oldest of your siblings. Have you always lived here? And, how old are you?”

“Didn’t your mother ever teach you that you shouldn’t ask a woman her age,” Rosa retorted snappishly as she munched on fries, and then thought about her answer as she slurped cola through her straw, “So, I’m not from Ellensburg. I am from Yakima. My aunt lived here in the house we are in now. I was the only kid that ever spent time with her, and then when she got sick I was the one that nursed her in her final days. When she died she left me the house, the truck, and a pretty healthy bank account. The house is way too big for just me though, and I needed to make money to keep up with it and pay the taxes. So, I have spent the last year remodeling it so that I could make it a boarding house, however I need to open this next semester and I am way behind. So I hired you. Oh, and I’m twenty-eight.”

“Wow,” I said in a slow draw out way as I shook my head and chuckled.

“What?” She asked in mild concern, “Is there something wrong with my autobiography?”

“Oh no,” I chirped as I smiled teasingly, “It’s just, I thought you were like, twelve when I bumped into you this afternoon!”

I chuckled as her face turned beet red and her brows furrowed as she scowled at me before she finally sneered, “You aren’t winning any points with me boy! You take two steps forward, and then you let your mouth pull you all the way back to the starting line…”

My laughter stopped, as I stared at her and blinked, before saying, “I… didn’t know I was winning points with you at all. I figured that after what happened at ‘Tenbucks’ it was just amazing you didn’t chase me off the property, or call the police.”

Rosa shook her head, “This really is your first job isn’t it? Look, here’s a rule of thumb for you. The best way to not get fired from a job is to not piss off the boss! And that means me…”

With that we ate the rest of our meal in silence. The drive home was quiet as well. Only once we walked into the pitch black house, and we stumbled our way to the stairs and climbed up to the second floor did Rosa finally say, “I ran water this morning in both bathtubs for bathing. Without power we have no hot water, but this way at least the water is lukewarm instead of ice cold.”

“I see, thank you,” I replied.

She stopped at her door and I moved around her to find my door before she said, “Goodnight Harper, I… I am really glad you are here. I’m sure we will do great together.”

“Thank you,” I answered as I turned to look at the darkness where I imagined she was standing, “I promise, you won’t regret hiring me.”

“Good.” She answered in a much warmer voice, “That is good to hear. I will see you in the morning.”

“Goodnight Rosa,” I returned.

I heard her door open, and then the soft click of the latch once it closed. Entering my room, I stumbled around until I found my bed and laid down. Without power the house also didn’t have air-conditioning and it was stifling. Before long I was stripping down to my underwear. I tried to relax, think cool thoughts, and go to sleep, but I just couldn’t.

Remembering what Rosa said about there being cool bathing water in the bathtubs I decided to get up. Maybe a cool bath would help me find sleep. I didn’t want to leave clothes lying in the bathroom, and in this darkness I was sure I wouldn’t be able to find my underwear until morning. So, I slid them off.

Once I left my room, even though it was pitch black, I knew I was naked and so scampered to the nearest bathroom just on the other side of Rosa’s bedroom. Opening the door as quietly as I could, I slipped in and felt around for the door to the toilet. There was one other issue I needed to take care of before taking a bath. Rosa…

She had puzzled me. She had infuriated me. She had hurt my feelings on more than one occasion, but more than anything she aroused me fiercely! Stepping into the toilet stall I leaned over and felt for the toilet’s exact position in relation to height and distance from me, and then took hold of my dick and began rubbing it in long strokes that ended with rubbing the glands under my head as I pulled on my foreskin. Over and over again I continued until my dick was a raging, vibrating, hard-on!

Speeding up my pace I remembered the feeling of my hand on Rosa’s pussy, my finger high inside her vagina, and the rest of me pressed into her soft, supple, ass. It was all I needed to stoke the tingling in my groin into a burst of pleasure and my balls tightened up as I blasted all my cum into the toilet!

With a sigh of release I leaned digitalbahis giriş back against the door. Afterward, I left and made my way to the bathtub and stepped in and laid down.


Rosa couldn’t believe her day so far. She was so stressed out over the house.

It all started first thing in the morning when she had the rude awakening that the power in the whole house was off. So she had woken up late, and then once she was finally dressed and went down to flip the breaker back to ‘On’ she found out that after paying her subcontractor to remodel and rewire her house, the asshole had somehow gotten away with not updating and upgrading the electrical box!

It was old as shit, and she had no idea what she was looking at!

Stomping back upstairs she grumbled at having no power to make coffee or breakfast. Thinking of splurging on both, she remembered that her new maintenance guy was showing up and worried that if she left he might show up while she was gone and then take off before she returned. Moving around busying herself with housework she waited in nervous anticipation for most of the morning. Later she called the subcontractor and gave him hell over the electrical until he hung up on her.

Deciding she needed to release some stress, she marched upstairs to the bathroom, pulled down her pants, and sat on the commode. Leaning back, she tried to not think about where she was or what she was doing. Instead, she closed her eyes and laid her right hand on her firm flat belly and played with her navel for only a few seconds before moving down, caressing her soft skin as she reached a small square patch of long, dark brown, pubes she cultivated just above her pussy. With delicate strokes she raked her nails back and forth through her pubes causing her to sigh as tingles spread out across her skin and warmed her belly.

Feeling her nipples tighten, she placed her left hand on her belly and moved up beneath her shirt to her slim chest and ran her hands over small B-cup breasts. She raked her nails over her small areolas and then twisted her right nipple savagely.

The pain impassioned her desire for pleasure, and so she raked her nails down through her pubes to slip a finger in between her pussy-lips. She pressed firmly against her clitoris causing an exhalation of delight, but then slid past denying herself such an indulgence. Sliding through the soft pink folds of her vulva she was soon curling her fingers in and delving deep inside her own well as the velvet walls of her vagina undulated around her.

Swirling her fingers around inside until she was good and wet, she withdrew to her clitoris and began massaging her vulva, labia, and all around her clit. She would periodically delve back into her vagina for more lubricant, but she always returned. She massaged, fiddled, and diddled until the warmth in her belly filled her up like a cup. When it reached her throat her fingers were a blur of motion, rubbing, pinching, and pulling at her labia and clitoris. When she felt her throat constrict she twisted her nipple mercilessly!

The needling pain exploded all of the hot pleasure building inside her core up through her throat and into her brain as she wailed exultantly in delighted climax…

Time stood still for seconds that felt like minutes, and then once it passed it felt like it hadn’t taken any time at all and left her wanting more. Once the explosion of joy was over she was left shuddering in satisfaction that somehow felt… hollow…

There was something more she needed to reach her final exultation. She just didn’t know what it was. She had tried so many things, vibrators, dildos, her fingers, other girls fingers and tongues, but nothing did the trick. Nothing seemed to push her to that last little bit to the supreme sexual satisfaction that she knew would leave her a complete slobbering pool of delight!

As her afterglow ebbed away she opened her eyes and sat up. She pulled out some toilet paper and cleaned up, and then as she was leaving she saw the bathtub and thought of taking a bath. With a sigh for knowing, and hating, how cold the water was, she walked over and ran the water until the tub was full. With a thought for the new guy, Harper, she decided to walk to the other bathroom and run another tub full. Once she was done she looked at the time and growled, “Fuck me,” before leaving to go get coffee and breakfast.


She was already in a bad mood by the time she got to the coffee shop, but then she decided she was going to need a full day’s caffeinated support and so ordered four coffees and a biscuit which cost her nearly thirty dollars. Then it took forever for the order to be completed. By the time it was she was so antsy she just hoped that Harper hadn’t shown up at her house yet!

By the time her order arrived she took it and ran while still looking at her phone to see if she had any missed calls or text messages. She never saw the man before careening right into digitalbahis güvenilirmi him and had to dance aside to keep her most expensive coffee in the world from being tossed everywhere!

Casting a glare up at the asshole that was in her way she snapped, “Fuck off dude, and watch where you are going why don’t you!”

She knew she was in the wrong, but if this guy had been watching where he was going he would have avoided her!

Instead of snapping back though he just blinked at her as he looked her up and down. She could feel her own face heating up as she actually looked at him. He was gorgeous!

He was tall, oh god she loved them tall. He was young, she so wanted a young stud that she could train to play her fiddle until she screamed. He was whip thin in the hips and waist and an axe handle across the shoulders!

She was so caught up in her own thoughts that she almost didn’t hear him say, “I’m sorry miss, may I please hold the door for you?”

She was stunned by how polite he was. Looking up into his big hazel-green eyes, she could feel her pussy tingling and a heat in her cheeks she hoped wasn’t showing as she gave him a nervous smirk and replied, “Sure, I would appreciate that.”

‘Oh my god!’ She thought as she cringed inside, ‘I sound like a fucking idiot!’

Walking fast to get away from the beautiful boy she had just humiliated herself in front of, she didn’t realize he was following her until he offered, “May I open your door for you?”

Oh my god!

He was following her!

This guy was either genuinely this sweet or he was a creeper!

Looking down at her hot coffee she decided she would keep it so she would have something to toss at his face if he turned out to be the latter. The only problem was she couldn’t remember where she put her keys, but she usually put them in her back pocket. Thrusting out her hip and buttocks she figured a little grab ass was a whole hell of lot better then being smuggled off to be raped and killed!

Her heart fluttered as he slipped his hand into her pocket. A thrill of excitement had her heart thudding in her chest. His hand felt so big and strong on her plump bottom, but she was strangely disappointed when he didn’t take the opportunity to give her a good squeeze. Instead he made a rather boring search.

As she searched his eyes to see if he was enjoying himself, his expression turned pleading as he nearly whispered, “I’m sorry there was no key in that pocket.”

Feeling a tinge of regret when he withdrew his hand, her bottom felt cool and she found herself missing the warmth. Why did her body insist on betraying her rational thinking for feelings?

Twisting her hip around she moved her coffee and purse aside as she gasped, “Oh! Then try the front pocket, I know I put my key in one of them!”

As soon as his hand slipped into her pants her breath caught as her mouth worked soundlessly. His warm rough hand was on her bare lower belly!

She was sure her eyes were pleading with him to stop. She could see in his expression his own puzzlement and shock, but his hand was still moving down. Her whole body tingled as chills ran across her skin like waves of sound screaming an alarm. Her eyes nearly rolled up as his fingers touched her pubes and combed through. She felt like she was frozen in ice, and then it suddenly shattered as she gasped, “Oh my god! I forgot I cut that pocket out!”

Suddenly free of her daze she pulled away, but only succeeded in pulling the young man along with her. ‘Shit,’ She screamed in her head, and then decided to turn back so he could remove his hand as she cried, “Oh fuck! Come on, pull your hand out!”

It was like time slowed down. She knew she had made a mistake as soon as she turned back into him. She looked up into his marvelous hazel eyes that were as big as saucers now, and her jaw fell open as her eyes opened wide in panic as his momentum pushed his hand through her long pubes, between her thighs, his finger divided her pussy, slid all the way to the back of her vulva hitting her perineum, and curved up to impale her vagina like a long meaty spear!

As his fingertip collided with her cervix it was like all the air was blasted from her lungs as she orgasmed on his hand a little!

Her eyes crossed and she fought from them rolling back into her head. Her arms shook and she had to try to push down her climax lest she drop her coffees, biscuit, and purse. Her knees and thighs shuddered, and she had a moment when she realized what was missing from her personal stress relief titillations.

“I… I am so sorry!” He gasped apologetically as he finally pulled his hand out of her pants and pussy.

Everything was a haze after that, she spoke, she joked, she said goodbye, and then she drove home. Everything was forgotten. When she got home she carried her coffee inside, she took a bite of her biscuit, and then she ran up stairs to the bathroom, slammed the door, pulled down her pants, and sat down and leaned back to fiddle her pussy until she could quench the raging heat in her belly!

She was so hot…

Her pussy was so wet…

Her fingers on her clit sent electricity tingling through her…

It was right there, the heat of her orgasm was in her throat. She reached up to twist her nipples…

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