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You’re not here. It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and on the other side of my closed bedroom door, I can hear my family, laughing, baking, enjoying the time together. It’s the holidays; families, friends, the time to be with the people you love. However, I know that no matter how many times I walk out of this room and into the happy mirth, I’m not going to be able to smile. I can fake it pretty well – no one’s asked me yet, what’s wrong. No one will. Because everytime I need to cry, I excuse myself and come in here. I barely make it, at times, and I sink back against the door, silent, anguished sobs wracking my frame.

It snowed this morning…did it snow there, too? I remember you saying last night that you hoped it wouldn’t, because you had to walk into the city, to play with your friends and check your email. I smiled, and teased you about your silly hobbies. But you know I love you, baby, you know I do. I tease you with the best of intentions; and then you warn me that you’re going to get our kids hooked on comic books, as well. That always makes me smile. It’s so hard for you to tell me how you feel, but I can gather it from the things you say and the way you talk. We argued about how much of our house – the one that we don’t own – we each get to decorate. You were playing video games, so that was an easy win for me. You weren’t feeling well, so as soon as you lay down and let your mind rest, I could hear it in your voice. Last night was the first phone call in a long time where I didn’t get to listen to you whimper, sigh happily. You make the sexiest noises when you cum. But you were sick, I just wanted to hear you fall asleep.

I 1xbet yeni giriş cradled the receiver, content to know you were drifting off to rest. When I crawled back in bed to lay down myself, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander to our future, the one I never, but you always bring up. I smiled to myself, day dreaming of our house, of our children. They’ll be beautiful, baby, and with any luck, I’ll convince them that comic books are evil long before you spoil that…I couldn’t help but laugh quietly, as I remembered the way you call me ‘Kitty’, because I love the way you whimper when I meow. I chuckled, when I thought of your threat to keep me chained to a wall, because you’re afraid I’ll hurt you. Ahh, baby. I can’t help it if I never get enough of you…

I love it when you use your pet names for me. Almost more than I love to hear my name, tumbling sleepily from your lips, when you tell my goodnight. When you call me ‘Lovey’, or ‘Baby’…something in my stomach flutters, and it brings an instant smile to my face. Right now, I’m longing to call you, to hear your voice, to hear you tell me you love me, because all the love in the other room is making my heart ache. Watching my parents, and grandparents, and family friends of ours…hell, even my little sister’s boyfriend is here. It’s hard for me, baby, to watch them all be happy together, when you’re so damn far away. I know we’re making sacrifices, because we love each other. I know that. I just hope that I am strong enough for the constant heartache that it causes.

Sitting here now, I let my mind wander, to dissipate the pain a little. I remember the night we 1xbet güvenilir mi first admitted our love. Painful, how it was only to the telephone, and how you almost cried when you said you wanted to hold me. I want to hold you, too. But do you remember what happened next? I do…

How our conversations always turn so dirty, I’ll never know…but I remember you asking me to take out one of my toys, the pink one you love me to use so much, because it’s just about the same size you are. You love to listen to me moan, I know it makes you hard. It makes me grin, listening to your first whimpers, as my sounds make you hard. I slide the vibe deep inside of me, and I pretend with all my heart that it’s your cock, pistoning in and out of me. I can hear your breathing, interrupted by panting, I can hear the sound of your hand sliding along your thick erection. I know I’m vocal….I can hear my own moans, whimpers, growls…I feel so good, baby, and listening to you makes me so wet. You ask to hear, and I lower the phone, so you can listen to the sound of the vibrator as it slides in and out of me. I’m so hot for you…I don’t even have to touch my clit, and I’m biting my bottom lip so as not to scream when I have my first orgasm.

Oh yes. First. First of many. I tremble, turning the vibrator off so I don’t climax again too quickly. It’s still deep inside of me, and I hear you ask with a smirk in your voice, if I have another toy handy. You beg me to slide it deep inside my ass, and I do. You always ask, and I never mind. You know that your kitty likes to feel very full. It makes her hotter than hell, of course, you do that on your own, 1xbet giriş don’t you? I hear you lick your lips as you moan, and you beg me to tell you what I’d be doing to you if you were here. I try, but my brain switches off, baby, it really does. If you were only here….I wouldn’t have to tell you. I’d have you so deep inside me, thinking wouldn’t matter. I want to lose myself, I want you to lose yourself in me. I want you to mindlessly fuck me, until we both ache for release. You whisper at me to toy with my clit, and who am I, to refuse such a sweet request? Even glancing my fingers over the swollen nub sends me spiraling over the edge into another hot, wet orgasm. I feel my juices coat my fingers, I can feel them slide into my crack, around the vibrator humming away happily inside my ass.

You’re almost there….I can always tell, because you start to whimper when you pant. Jesus, it’s so fucking sexy. I fall in love with you all over again, as my hips rock down onto the vibrators inside of me. I slide the one holding my ass hostage from inside of me, and concentrate on the intense feeling of the vibe sliding over my G-spot. I’m literally shaking, moaning like a well trained whore. Your moans and whimpers take on a feverish pace, and I grin as I work myself over, intending to cum exactly when you do. I’ve trained myself to do that, to time my last orgasm with yours. I hear your desperate groan, and I know that you’re cumming. Imagining the warm spray of your hot seed inside of me makes me scream, really scream, then pray I didn’t wake anyone. Oh goddess…you can’t imagine, baby, for a second how fulfilled you always make me feel. So satisfied. You breathe heavily, and I struggle to catch my own breath. I hear the sexy, lust-filled smile in your voice when you ask me the same question, the one you ask me every night.

“Feel better, baby?”

Oh yes. I feel -much- better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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