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This is not a story about a relationship although I had known the young lady in question for several years, quietly keeping her in my fantasies. Her name was Debra but that’s not at all important to the story. All you need to know is that one Saturday night we found ourselves alone together, perhaps for the first time ever. A friendly neck rub led to a friendly kiss. Before I realized what was happening, her tongue was stretching its way down my throat. Oh, there were murmurs of “No, we shouldn’t” and “This is wrong” but these were half-hearted attempts that convinced no one, sandwiched as they were between deep soul kisses, wet and quite literally sweet, like a glazed doughnut. In all my life, I had never known anyone whose kisses were truly sweet! Without any warning, her hand fumbled for my zipper.

My own hand had it easier. As I rubbed her mound through thick pullover pants, I noted a finger-sized hole right at the crotch. Soon my index finger was rubbing the crease of her pussy, right through her silk panties. The wetness increased quickly and the aroma of her sex began to fill the room.

Meanwhile, her efforts had freed my straining cock, already harder than hard and throbbing in deep anticipation. She grasped it enthusiastically but she stroked it all wrong, clearly not having a lot of experience. I nervously took her hand and wrapped it around my member, showing her the best way to stroke it. She pulled off her pants and dropped her soaking panties to the floor. Insistently, my dream girl placed my hand on her lightly fuzzed pussy.

She had a very prominent clit, proudly standing up to meet me. My fingers began massaging it, occasionally darting in and out of the tightest hole I could have ever imagined. She attempted to jerk me off but soon stiffened up, losing track of everything but the sensations I was causing between her legs. She smelled sweetly of pussy juice now and began making little cries from the back of her throat. With my sticky finger held tightly between her legs, she began to moan and shake. Over the next few minutes, she shook and shook as I pushed her button over and over again. Finally, she had to force my hand away and pull her legs in, still trembling. I asked if she was okay and she purred “Oh, yesssssss, honey.” I licked her juices greedily from my finger.

She started in on me again after a minute, this time stroking correctly. I retrieved her discarded panties from the floor and sniffed them excitedly. She plucked them from my hand and wrapped them around my hard-on, rubbing rhythmically. “Come.” She whispered. “Come in my panties.” She jerked faster and I felt lightheaded. Pouting like a little girl she added, “Pleeeaaassseeee. For me?” I was a goner. She stared in fascination as hot loads of my cream burst into the cotton crotch of her underwear. She laughed as I collapsed in a heap onto the floor, my dick sticking to the panties.

After long minutes of just listening to our breathing return to normal, she said, “We have to go clean up, now.” She took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. I fumbled Manisa Escort an apology but was quietly rebuffed when she put a finger to her lips. She pulled off her top and stood naked before me. She was slender and had tiny breasts with huge, pointed nipples sticking straight out. Her light brown pussy hair was slightly matted from all the sticky finger play.

After she turned on the shower and climbed in, I sat on the toilet seat, fisting my cock to the sight before me. “You don’t have to settle for that anymore,” she cooed through pursed lips as she beckoned me to join her. I stepped into the stall and our tongues met again, long and deep, back and forth. Under the warm water, I held her as close as I could, my hands clasping her tight butt cheeks. She moaned as I nibbled on her neck. “I have to feel you inside me.” As we exited the shower, she fell to her knees, taking the tip of my ever-hard dick into her mouth, licking swiftly and wetly. I could feel a drop of pre-cum surge up while I was deep in her mouth, her tongue roughly flicking it. She rose to her feet, leaving a trail of wetness between her lips and my cock and playfully stuck her tongue in my mouth, allowing me to taste myself.

“Now that you’re all wet, I want you to fuck me in my ass.” she said confidently. I was astounded. She bent right over the edge of the sink, wiggling her butt up at me with a smile. “Come on,” she pleaded. “I know you want it. I’m sooooooooo tight!” I reached under her and fingered her cunt, then rubbed my juicy fingers around the dark, wrinkled rosebud of her anus. I was able to work in a finger with no problem and the sight was nearly enough to make me cream. Finally, I had three fingers loosening up her hole. “Keep going,”she said through clenched teeth. “You are not hurting me!” I pulled out and watched her cute little sphincter tighten right back up. I put the head of my cock against it and pushed. She pushed back, too, but all I did was slide off. I leaned down and licked her asshole wetly before trying again. Each time I pushed, though, my cock, larger than it had ever been, just slipped right off of her tight, tight hole. Finally, in supreme frustration, I lowered my sights just a tad and my cock slipped easily and deeply into her pussy. In the mirror, I saw her eyes pop out as she realized what I had done. I quickly rammed it to the balls, in and out as she began a non-stop moaning. After only a minute, though, the excitement had me ready and I pulled out. “Shoot your cum on my leg!”she begged breathlessly. I did, leaving a sticky viscous trail from her thigh to the floor. She rubbed it into her skin sensuously. The bathroom reeked of sex!

Somehow we made it to the next day. In the morning, I again apologized but she stopped me cold. “That was the most erotic thing that ever happened to me” she told me as she cuddled up next to me in the kitchen. My fingers followed their now familiar path to her heavenly bush. Her thighs tightened and she began to shake almost immediately as I teased her clit. After just a minute, she nearly collapsed Manisa Escort Bayan on the kitchen floor.

“I know what I want for breakfast’” I said playfully. I pulled down her pants and panties and had her bend over so I could lick her cooze from behind, while my nose tickled her ass.
“Fuck me now, you bastard!” she growled forcefully. She bent over the kitchen table and spread her cheeks. The taboo already broken, I positioned my hard-on at her tight but welcoming slit and again jammed it in from behind. I grabbed her breasts and pushed in and out. She more than kept pace, wiggling her butt back and forth at me as her fingers frigged her clit. “Oh my God….uuuuungh! Oh my God, yesss!! Ffffffuck me! I’m….uhhh….I’m….awwwwwwwww, shit, YES!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!Awwwww……Oh….my….Gawd! You are incredible!” I was also still hard inside her, as I hadn’t come. Unbelievably, now, I still felt like that might be going just too far.

We couldn’t keep our hands off each other all day. I was constantly rubbing her off, usually to a deep climax. She was thoroughly exhausted by the pleasure. As for me, my cock was constantly hard and seeping. As we sat together early in the evening, I said, “ You know, after last night, I think I’ve become obsessed with your cute little asshole.” She giggled girlishly. “No seriously. I want to lick your ass. Please? Can I lick your ass?” Just a tad hesitant, she slid her panties down to her knees but kept them on. She got on all fours, her sweet ass staring up at me and winking its dark brown eye. I spread her cheeks admiringly and told her just how sexy she looked this way. Her pussy was sticky from the day’s adventures and her lower body just smelled intoxicatingly dirty.

I ran my tongue up and down her crack several times before stopping at the hole. I nibbled around it and tried to force my tongue into its murky tightness. She “ooooooo’d” and declared that she had never felt anything like it. Occasionally I slipped a finger into her cunt to get it wet and then jammed it up her butt to the hilt and wiggled it around. This seemed to have a positive effect as she suddenly flipped over and, unhygienic or not, sucked my tongue as deeply into her mouth as possible.

“Well, we’ve done just about everything but a golden shower,” I joked.

Surprisingly, her tired eyes lit up and she raised her eyebrows flirtatiously with the response “Sounds like fun!”

I stood and reached for her hand. “Pee for me. I want to watch. Please?” We adjourned to the bathroom and she sat down naked on the toilet, legs spread for a beautiful view. Her clit still prominently stuck out from between her lips. We kissed long and hard, and then I sat on the carpeted floor to watch her pee.

After a few minutes of sexy straining, she apologized with a blush, of all things. “I can’t do it; I’m too turned on. Let me suck you off!” As much as I’d wanted to see, taste and smell her piss, I wasn’t about to turn down a blowjob.

This time, I sat on the edge of the tub and she got on her knees, voraciously sucking Escort Manisa and jerking the organ that had been straining for release all day. It only took a minute of this treatment and I was cumming hard without warning. The first shot was so powerful, it had to hurt but she managed to swallow it without gagging and had the presence of mind to pull a towel down onto the floor to catch the overflow. She smiled a cummy smile and brought my lips to hers. This was heaven but I knew I had to return to work the next day as the weekend ended.

She was up early and when I arose, I found out why. She had completely shaved her pussy! For me! “I hear men like that,”she said simply.

“You know I HAVE to eat you!” She settled back comfortably on the pillows and offered her bare pussy to me. I admired my feast before digging in. She was wonderfully tangy as I ate my now favorite food for all I was worth. Eventually, I settled onto her clit, pulling it into my mouth and nibbling oh so gently at it with my teeth. The shuddering started again and her legs clamped around my head, making it hard to breathe. She let out a tiny, tinny noise as she came yet again, this time practically flooding my mouth with her girl juice.

Still shaking, she said, “If you do not fuck me right this very second, I am going to rape you.” Even as she said this, she climbed over my lap and positioned her sopping cunt to sit right down on my pole. I reached around as best as I could and stuck a finger back in that beloved asshole. With the other, I tried to find her clit but she was wiggling her ass in such an amazing way that I just wanted to shoot deeply up into this woman’s pussy! “I’ve got you”, she reassured. “I’ve got you, honey.” She was now fully controlling the situation as she bounced up and down on my dick, knowing instinctively just how to get me to the very edge and then pull back. Her hair kept flopping over her face. The sight of my cock disappearing in and out of her hairless quim was incredible. I finally squeezed my hand into the mix and just brushing against her clit set her off. “If you keep that up”, she stated calmly, still bouncing on my balls, “you’re going to make me scream.” I kept that up. The shuddering started and this time I was feeling it, too. And this time, my cock was aimed squarely at her womb from the inside! I was going to cream inside her and she was in complete control. There was nothing I could do about it!

Unexpectedly, she slipped my slimy organ out, stroking it quickly until it shot a huge wad right into her hands and onto my belly, with her palpitating pussy still right there in view.

As I finally headed off to work, she had one last surprise for me. From the pocket of her robe, she produced a pair of her panties. “These are for you at work. I masturbated in them before you got up. Then I went to the bathroom for my morning pee and I wiped myself with these.” She held them to my nose. Oh, it was heavenly! I could smell her pee, her cum and her pussy. It was her very essence! I carried the little silk panties like a handkerchief all that day and I jerked off three times to the aroma, remembering the weekend. She had tried to make my every dirty fantasy come true. I didn’t know how long it would last, but I had no doubt that I had fallen passionately in love with what was once just my fantasy girl.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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