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Dry. I can’t believe my mouth is so dry! I try to lick my lips, but there is nothing there. My hands are shaking, my mouth is dry, I’m on my knees and your very, very hard cock is less than an inch from my lips.

I think back to how I got here. Strange, really. A few years ago I never would have imagined myself in this position. I love women, had been reasonably happily married for almost ten years, two kids and a good life was well on it’s way. Then we got our first Internet account. I decided that I’d take AOL up on all those free hours they promised me. Suddenly I was up late most nights surfing the web. I couldn’t believe the interesting stuff I could find there. One night, one night that changed my life, I found my first free porn site.

Wow! Even I hadn’t thought of some of the things I saw (and I thought I’d thought of it all!). I started searching for more and more free sites. Then I discovered I could copy pictures to a document, and paste them into a sort of collage. I started with models, teens and the like. Soon, I found that pictures of men and women fucking struck my fancy. I liked the look of those hard cocks fucking those tight pussies. Next, I found blowjob pictures. Long, hard, glistening cocks at the lips of beautiful women. Now that was nice. Cum shots came next (no pun intended). And I found myself imaging what it would be like to see a cock explode over a woman’s face and breasts.

Then, came the surprise of my life. One night, I stumbled on a picture of a man reaching his tongue out to a hard cock. Oh shit, I thought. That’s disgusting. I switched back to my familiar pics of men and women and enjoyed yet another orgasm at my keyboard. That night I went to bed spent, but troubled. I kept thinking of that cock. I began to wonder what it would be like to reach out and touch it. What would it feel like in my hand? How heavy would it be? How would it react when I slowly stroked my hands up and down that long, hard shaft?

Whoa! I had to get those thoughts out of my mind. I was a happily married man. I had sex once every week (or so), and had no homosexual tendencies. This was ludicrous I thought as I fell asleep. It would pass.

And I thought it would. Then one night I woke with a start, as my cock was spurting cum in my first wet dream in years. But I couldn’t believe my dream. I was having the most intense orgasm ever, and I was dreaming of my tongue swirling around a hard cock that was deep in my mouth! I couldn’t believe it! I am not gay, I told myself. I love fucking women. I love eating their pussies, feeling their breasts in my hand, my tongue on their nipples. I never had any feelings for men. I didn’t want to have feelings for men, I thought Fatih Escort as I quietly cleaned the cum from my shorts (and later, I’d find much of the bed!).

Cocks! Long, hard cocks wouldn’t leave my mind. I decided to see what I could about man-on-man sex on the net. Little did I imagine there’d be so much! I started throwing in pictures of cocks (no faces!) in my now-PowerPoint shows of porn while I jacked off. Then, one night I found a site of men giving men blowjobs. I used those pics exclusively that night and erupted like a volcano! Well, I figured, no harm done. I guess everyone is a little bi-sexual. This’ll do just fine I assured myself.

And it was fine… for a while. Then, I discovered chat rooms. I nervously logged on. But I soon found they needed an e-mail address and that put a stop to that! Until I found a free site that provided e-mail accounts (see my address below!). Now I had an opportunity to experience a chat room. While creating my new account, my cock got harder and harder. I didn’t know what to expect, but I hoped it would be good. And was it! I started slow, but soon found I could fulfill my fantasies there with other men who wanted what I did. I decided that much of my oral fixation was based on my desire to get a great blowjob. My wife stopped that soon after we were married, and they never were that good. She never seemed to understand what power she could have over me. I KNEW I could give a good blowjob. I knew what I’d like. I decided it was the same as I’ve heard women describe a lesbian affair. “Only another woman can know how to touch me.” Well, I agreed. And, I thought, only another man would know what would feel good. Not just good. Great.

So I continued to chat for a long time. Sometimes I’d chat for hours, late into the night. I became bolder, exchanged e-mail addresses with a few, and began to chat with the same people on a surprisingly frequent basis.

And then we met. That first night, when I described what we’d do if we were together you said you came as you’d never cum before. We kept stumbling on each other for a few months. Soon, I began to hope you’d be there, without admitting it to myself. Like teenagers, we both waited for the other to make the first move. We never talked about where we lived. If we did, we probably lied about it. But one night I let out that I’d be out of town on business next week, and I was leaving on a Saturday to get the cheaper flight, and was looking forward to an evening without the kids. You laughed and let out that you lived there, and was sure I’d enjoy myself. I jokingly said we should have a drink one night. There was a long pause. I slowly realized what I had done. I didn’t Fatih Escort Bayan know what to do next. I hadn’t intended for this to ever go any farther. Or had I?

I waited. My cock, which was so hard earlier, was now quickly shrinking. I felt like a high school kid being rejected for the first time when asking the friendly cheerleader out for a date. Damn, I thought, I’ve blown it.

Then your reply came on the screen. Are you serious, you asked? Before I knew it, I replied “of course I am, meet me at my hotel.” Next thing I know I’m telling you where I was staying. Nice place, you replied. Where should we meet? Now I started to worry! I’d never thought this far ahead before. I quickly tried to think of something to say. You must have sensed my apprehension, given the delay in my response. You don’t have to do this, you said. No, I quickly replied, I want to. Now, my cock began to grow again! I suggested we meet in the hotel bar. I’d be at the bar, my coat on the seat next to me, to my right. On top of it, would be the book I was reading at the time. Before I knew it, you agreed and we signed off, only four days apart. I jacked off that night, thinking of what our meeting would be like.

Four long, agonizing days. I didn’t know what to do. Should I stay or should I go. I thought of canceling the trip. Though when I brought it up my wife said I was crazy, as I’d looked forward to the weekend “off” for some time. Two young kids can make you long to sleep (maybe even until 8am) and just read the Sunday paper! I knew I’d go then. I decided that I didn’t need to go to the bar that night. When the day came to leave, I said my goodbyes and left, confident in my decision to take this no further. I’d planned my excuse to you when I returned, and was very comfortable with my decision. When I got to the hotel, I headed straight up to my room. I turned on the TV and sat down to watch. But, I found I couldn’t concentrate. I looked at the clock and realized I missed our date. Well, I breathed a sigh of relief and figured that was that. I suddenly felt bad, like I missed an important event that would never happen again. “It’s just as well,” I said out loud. But then I decided that I’d go down and see if I could figure out if you were there. We never exchanged pictures, so I had no idea what you looked like. Oh, you told me you were 6′ and about 190. But I never paid much attention. It was your 9″ cock that I fantasized about. I chuckled to myself as I entered the bar, almost an hour late. It was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday night. But then I realized it was a business-oriented hotel and that explained why only two other people were there. I looked at the bar, and my Escort Fatih eyes were drawn to a bar stool, with a jacket draped over it. On top of the jacket was the book I held in my hand. I stared at it for a long time. Then, I slowly looked up and saw you smiling, looking at me. You walked over, and told me how happy you were that I came and how worried you were that I’d back out of the meeting. I stammered an excuse for being late, and we introduced ourselves. You were no longer “Hung” and I was no longer “Jon.” You sensed my unease, and said not to worry; we need not go any further. I laughed and said that was good, as I was quite unsure of the situation. We sat down at a table and ordered a round. We talked like old friends, about this, that and everything. Then next thing we knew it, the bar was closing and we were both a bit buzzed. One more round, and we said we’d call it a night. When you finished your drink, you looked up and found me staring at you with a slight smile. I silently downed my drink, and stood up to leave. You followed me, and without a word we entered the elevator. My breath became fast, and my cock strained as we rose up, alone and silent in the car. The doors opened, and I emerged, you behind me, and we headed to my room. I withdrew my key, and slowly unlocked the door. Opening the door, I looked over my shoulder, and into your eyes. A slight smile on my face, you licked your lips as we entered.

You closed the door behind you, and turned around to find my right there. I pulled your face to mine and our tongues found each other. I never dreamed of kissing another man before, but couldn’t get enough of you. I felt you press your cock against me, and we kept kissing for what seemed like hours. Slowly, our faces parted and I led you into the room. You suggest a quick shower and I agree. But, I say, I want to undress you. I slowly unbutton your shirt, and let it fall away. My hands slide down your hard chest to your pants and I slowly unbuckle your belt without a word, all the while looking in your eyes. I lower myself to my knees and pull your jeans off, revealing a tent in your boxers. I tear my eyes away from the outline of your cock and look up into your eyes, as I hook my fingertips in the waistband, and start to pull your boxers down. Your cock is exposed, very slowly. I gasp, as I don’t seem to find the end of it. I smile, thinking you might have underestimated your 9″ by at least an inch. Then, suddenly your cock springs free. Precum is dripping off of it, and it is less than an inch away from my waiting mouth.

So here I am, licking my drip lips, trying to regain my composure. I dumbly wonder if I’ve been dreaming for long, when you hoarsely ask about the shower. I say maybe later, I’m sure we’ll need to clean up. My eyes move back down your hard, glistening cock. I lightly stroke your balls with my fingertips and move my head in closer.

I reach my tongue out to touch your cock, and our fantasy comes to life…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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