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Hopefully you have read “FANTASIES OF KATRINA Introduction) If not, you might want to. If you have, hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for the votes and kind words.

We will now embark on a series of fantasies involving Katrina.

The first fantasy I’m writing about. is not the first fantasy I had of Katrina. No, that will come later. The first fantasy I will share evolved from Kat asking me to come over and help her with a computer glitch.

Kat’s husband had been called out of town on business. He is Upper Management in a large construction firm, and must occasionally go out of town for days, or even weeks, at a time.

This leaves Kat “Home Alone”, some ways from town, with nothing to entertain her but movies and the computer. Her computer is her link to other live human beings, and she spends quite a lot of time in the chats.

One summer morning I was sitting around bored, daydreaming. The weather was hot, very hot for where we live. When you live in cold climes, you body just does not adjust to heat well. I had been sitting around wondering about what Kat would smell and taste like on such a hot humid day. When the temperature soars, the body reacts. Sweat starts to form on the hair covered parts of the body. With time it develops scent.

Scents vary with individuals as much as personalities vary. With the formation of sweat that seeps from the skin in the hairier areas, it picks up microscopic particles and dissolves them adding their scent to it’s own. This gives the individual areas very strong differences in smell and taste. Even creates new smells and tastes in areas that collide and mix together, like the back of the neck, and the area between the pussy and ass. When a sweaty ass and a sweaty, already excited and drooling pussy meet, that’s a feast for the senses I don’t want to miss. If the lady in question happens to piss a few times during the day this can make things even more exhilarating .

Where I’m concerned, in my relationships with women, this is the start of a very exciting process. The rush to the senses achieved from the scent of a woman’s sweat. The individual smells that are emitted from the individual areas of the female anatomy are enough to send me into space. There are few things that entice my senses more than the aroma of a women’s naked body after a long hot day.

When the phone rang Kat explained she had a glitch in her computer. We tried in vain to work it out over the phone, but we had no luck. The problem appeared to be something that would require a personal touch. It was, but the computer was not what needed the personal attention. It was something far more animate.

Since I have had pretty vast experience with computers, Kat asked if I would come over and take a look.

When I arrived at Kat’s house at about 4 in the afternoon, she met me a the front door. She was dressed in a summer robe, floral print cotton, that for the most part hide her womanly charms. She apologized profusely for being dressed as she was, but explained it was just too hot and humid to do anything else. She had got up this morning sweaty from the humid night, and had just not had the energy to either bath or get dressed. My cock took and surge and I could feel the pre cum start it’s travel toward the head of my dick.

So here I was, the only thing separating that wonderful scent covered body that I longed for, and me, was a thin cotton robe and maybe some under things. Damn, what a rush.

Trying to not be too obvious, I took a quick geographical survey of Kat’s body in the robe. I ascertained that she was most likely not wearing a bra. Even though the robe was pulled tight, and snugly tied, her cleavage and the swell of her soft pillowy breasts was visible between the lapels of the robe. They were creamy white and I could detect beads of sweat forming and trickling down between the two inviting globes. I was sure I could detect hardened nipples straining the thin, unfortunately opaque, material of her robe.

Allowing my eyes to roam further south, I was disappointed to find no hint of anything other than flowing material. Then she turned around. Oh god, there was that ass. Kat had pulled the robe tight to cover up her womanly charms, but in doing so had caused the material to accentuate her beautiful bubbles. There they were in all their soft, firm, glory. At about this point my dick leaped again, causing the pre cum to reach the end and drool out into my briefs.

Kat şahinbey escort said something to me, breaking me away from the sight of her ass as she walked across the living room to the computer. I had to drag myself back to reality, and concentrate on the fact that I was there to fix a computer problem. My mother’s teachings snapped me back to reality and I followed that luscious ass across the living room.

Kat explained the problem to me. It was something intermittent with the mouse, that caused it not to work at times. I told her it did not seem like anything serious, probably just a loose connection or dirty mouse. She asked if it was alright for her to continue using working on what she had been doing, since she really didn’t need the mouse. I said sure, I would have to climb down under the computer desk, and start checking connections. She said thanks and sat down in the office chair at the desk, and I climbed under to commence my work.

By this time I had put my mind back in perspective, and both my cock and my libido had calmed down some. I noticed that when Kat sat down she had been very careful to ensure that her robe was pulled very tightly together at the bottom, allowing me absolutely no view of anything above her ankles. I could see only her ankles, and slipper covered feet.

I set about my tasks, pulled the plug out for the mouse, inspected the pins, and reinserted it back into the proper receptacle. I continued this process inspecting each plug in and ensuring proper fit. Kat seemed to be shuffling around a bit in her chair, and as my head was behind the computer, I really could not tell what was going on. I thought I detected faint sighs or breathing differences, but I chalked it up to the hot day and possibly something she was working on that did not set well with her. In actuality it was sitting quite well.

After a time, curiosity got the best of me and I asked Kat what she was reading. She stated “a story”. I said “what kind of story?”. She said “an erotic one”. That made my body change gears. I asked what it was about. She said “Fantasies”. I asked where she had come across a story like that. She said “a website called .com”. I froze, could she have discovered that I had been writing stories about her? Was she really angry at finding them? What was she going to do? My mind was racing. I had went from initial excitement to pure terror in a few seconds.

I gathered up courage and implored “do you like the story”. She said “yes very much, but it’s not as good as the real thing”. I almost lost it. She had to be reading my fantasy story about her, and this situation. That was the exact thing I had written she would say. in this individual fantasy. My mind was reeling. What was going to happen? Was she just messing with me, or would she play this out. What was I going to do? Was I going to grow some balls and seize the opportunity, or chicken out to my Mother’s teachings. There was only one way to find out.

With all the courage I could gather, I slowly withdrew my head from behind the computer tower. The site that awaited me, was one that is indelibly etched in my memory. Kat had followed the story to a T. Only inches away from me, at eye level was a pair of naked legs. Kat had allowed the lapels of her robe to gape way open, falling now in cascades about the outer side of her upper thighs. She was still sitting on the back of her robe, which made a nice back drop for her unclothed legs. Her legs were still clenched tightly together. But as the robe was open, It bared everything from her navel to her feet. In doing so, it had also parted more at the top revealing an increasing amount of her breasts.

As I followed her legs up, noting the slick wet texture of the skin, the small pre beads of sweat forming on the stubble left on her legs from the last shave, my heart raced. Once I past her knees, it stopped. I was greeted with a the partial sight of white see through panties, my favorite. The trim makes an excellent frame for hairy pussies regardless of the color or hair. And if selected carefully, in bikini brief style, with a thick absorbent cotton crotch, they both add further enticement by delaying full exposure, and provide a gathering place for marvelous scents that can be savored and used later.

At this point, I could see the top of Kat’s bush through the panties, and noted a good deal sticking out above the top. As she relaxed her thighs just a bit, I almost bit through my lip. I had been absent mindedly chewing on my lower lip in anticipation of what was to come. Even though her legs stayed tightly closed, when she Kat relaxed her thighs, part of heaven came into view.

There sticking out from the sides of her panties were clumps of thick, dark, pubic hair. God what an exciting sight. The panties had the hair held down along their borders, but could not contain the unruly bush from overflowing their bounds.

This was also a part of the story, and played out to a fault. I knew at this time, that it was probably pretty likely this was not a mistake. and finally said to my self “fuck it”. ” Just do it!”.

I said gently with a slight quiver in my voice “Well Kat, I think the problem is your mouse needs cleaning.”, and I was not talking about her computer mouse either.

I reached out with my right hand, and slid it slowly and softly down Kat’s right leg, from her knee to her ankle. I could feel a sigh escape her lips, and feel her suck in a deep breath. I could not see her face, or what she was doing due to the keyboard shelf obstructing my view. But I was pretty sure this had caused a stir.

Once I reached her ankle, I scooted closer to her legs. I gently lifted her ankle and removed her slipper. I brought my face close to her foot and breathed the aroma of her toes. It was a mixture of sweat and leather tennis shoes, and made my dick stand stiff. I blew hot moist air on her toes, being careful to cause it to go between them, tantalizing. In keeping with the story I said softly “Are you sure you want this?”. There was a faint, excited, almost inaudible “Yes!”. I said again softly, and following the story line, “Are you absolutely sure?”. In a still soft, but more insistent and excited tone she answered “Yes!”, then slowly with a quiver in her voice added “Please!”.

My cock went nuts, it grew stiff instantly, and jetted out another string of warm wet pre cum in anticipation.

I slowly bent forward and started placing gentle kisses on Kat’s feet. When my lips first touched, and my tongue first made contact, I felt her entire body quiver. I hoped that this had caused her pussy to contract and shove all the juice it had produced, during the agonizing build up to this scene, out of her vagina and into her outer lips and panties. I wanted so much for her to be very very wet. I set my mind to following the story to the letter, and go as slow and agonizing as possible to build her to a peak she had never experienced. I needed so bad to please her, bring her to new heights.

I slowly worked my way all over her tiny foot. Running my toes in between her toes, savoring the taste and aroma of her feet. I started sucking her toes one at a time, as a women would suck a mans cock. Kat was noticeably excited, and would wiggle around in her chair. She was definitely enjoying the treatment, and I was determined to give her all I could.

When I had completed thoroughly cleansing her toes, I shifted my position to give me better access to her lower leg. I started slowly licking and sucking my way up her lower leg, towards her knee and the sensitive zone that I knew lay just above her knees. As I worked my way up her calf, I relished in the taste of her sweat and the feel of her stubble like sand paper against my tongue. I was careful to cover every inch of her lower leg that was visible. The completion of this brought me half way home.

I quickened my pace and ensured nothing remained of the previous perspiration on Kat’s knee.

This was as far as I could go due to my head being blocked by the keyboard shelf. Kat still had her knees together, and I could only visualize what waited there between them. For the first time since I started the journey up her leg, I spoke. Softly, keeping in character, and still following my mothers lead and giving an out I said “Kat you need to move your chair back some, and scoot forward in it if you want me to go any further”. There was no reply. Kat simply applied pressure to the floor with her feet, and scooted the chair back from under the computer desk. I scooted out and positioned myself directly in front of her closed legs and waited. For the first time, and in keeping with the fantasy she called my name. As I followed her body up to her face, I was caught by surprise. She appeared to be as engrossed in acting out the story line as I was. Her robe had become open at the top, and her breast had come into full view. Large, slightly saggy, with medium sized pointed nipples setting above small tightly crinkled areola. They glistened with sweat, that had been smeared around them. Kat had been playing with her breasts. Her nipples were inflamed and swollen.

As my eyes, moved up her chest and neck, you could see the miniature streams of perspiration running down her neck, onto her chest, and eventually disappearing in the crevice between her breasts.

As our eyes finally met, there was an immediate sense of extreme excitement, mixed with intense longing, and the fear of uncertainty. After what seemed an eternity, she said broke character for the one and only time. She said “Will, I am so scared. Your stories are so vivid, and nasty. You talk about things I have never done, some of them even seem nasty or disgusting. But they turn me on so bad.”. At this point she returned to the story line and said : “You haven’t fixed my problem yet, and my mouse still needs cleaning. With this Kat slowly scooted forward, still keeping her legs closed until her beautiful full ass cheeks came to rest at the edge of the chair. I was mesmerized. All I could do was wait for her next move. Even she stayed with the story my pants were about to receive a couple of spoonful of pre lube. Then it happened. After building some courage, she said: “As a matter of fact, it may need a more thorough cleaning than you think. I don’t know how much longer I can hold myself. As a matter of fact, I may have leaked some already, I’m so wet down there I can’t tell. Can you see if any pee has leaked out?”

With this statement Kat slowly began to part her legs. As they opened my whole body lurched, I was in sensory overload, hit by a visual feast. As her thighs, stuck together by the sweat, slowly parted, revealing more and more of her sensitive inner thighs my heart raced. When the parting neared its conclusion and more and more of her panties came into view, my pulse quickened. After an agonizing amount of time, From the angle she was sitting he pantie clad ass came into view first, below he thighs. Through the sheer material you could easily see the crack of her lovely full ass, and the hair covering the part visible below the opaque crotch of her panties. As her sweat covered thighs slowly gave up the fight and burst open. I was met with nirvana.

To my joy and amazement the last vestige of stickiness was not from sweat, but rather excitement. As the crotch of her panties came into view, I almost came. Things were exactly as I had written. She was drenched. Her panties were containing as much of the juice, her pussy had put fort, but were fighting a losing battle. The hair at the tops of her inner thighs, as well as the abundance of dark thick pubes sticking out the side of her panty crotch, were matted and sticky with juice. I leaned forward slightly and exacted a closer inspection of her panty crotch.

I could see no tell tale signs of pee amongst the copious amount of nectar that had soaked her panty crotch. I moved slightly closer, keeping a respectful distance. Then it hit me, wafting up from her crotch was the most delectable odor. It filled my nostril and caused a gigantic shot of pre cum to deposit itself in my underwear. God her pussy smelled incredible. It was a mixture of sweat, fresh pussy juice, left over pee, and all the things that try my senses.

I looked up at her again, she was squeezing her tits and kneading her nipples. I said shakily, “I don’t see any”. She looked me in the eyes and said “how about now?”. As I looked back down I saw faint movement from her pussy, amplified by the fact that her panties were glued wetly to her pussy hair, and a small yellow spot appeared in the center of her panty crotch. It hadn’t leaked out. She was doing this on purpose, for me. She was mixing the succulent nectar that I had written about, and so longed to lick from her most private, most moist parts. She knew that this additional flavor would further incite me, and she was showing me she knew. She was still following the general story line, but she was beginning to ad lib on her own. Injecting her own growing need for kinkiness into the story.

I wanted to go for it. Rip her panties off and jam my tongue up her soaking pussy, lick her and suck her like she has never . But alas, I must follow the story, take my time, and build as much excitement as I can in hopes she will want more.

With all the control I could muster, I returned to where I had left off. I returned to her knees, and started my journey toward that incredible goal that Kat had finally blessed me with offering.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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