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Anne was bored out of her skull. Family reunions usually were tedious, no doubt… but she was also horny. She had woken up from a very explicit dream with a very wet pussy, but she was already late.

After a few hours of family bickering and sweltering heat, Anne was getting restless. She was sleepy, and once or twice caught herself daydreaming about her wet dream. She decided to simply go for a walk.

Soon she was feeling better. Wandering aimlessly between the trees, Anne heard a low moan. Curious as to who could be there, she approached a shed.

She caught her breath in surprise. Her cousin Sylvie was making out with her boyfriend, Henry, quite oblivious to the rest of the world. He had lifted her shirt and was sucking on her tits, while she caressed the bulge in his pants.

Anne stood still, not knowing what to do. She knew she shouldn’t stay there, but she couldn’t help herself and tried to keep out of sight.

Sylvie was now lowering Henry’s pants and freeing his cock. Anne stifled a gasp — etiler bdsm escort his cock was gorgeous! She couldn’t control a pang of jealousy when Sylvie lowered her head and licked the purple crown. Henry threw his head back, closing his eyes… but when he tried to fuck her mouth, she got up, lowered her shirt, and said with an impish smile:

“Henry, dearie, I’m sorry, but I must go now. Why don’t you come to my house tonight?” She blew him a kiss and left, swinging her hips a little, while he stared dumbfounded after her.

Anne almost couldn’t contain her laughter. Being a bit of a tease herself, she could appreciate the art in her cousin’s actions. But she was mesmerized by Henry’s magnificent prick, still hard and pulsing, as if he didn’t fully understand what had just happened.

Henry blinked a few times and finally adjusted his pants over his cock, although the bulge was still very obvious. On a whim, Anne left her concealment and caught up with him.

“Hi, Henry. etiler elit escort What are you doing here, looking for your girlfriend?” Her tits were almost popping out of her bra, and she was sure that he got an eyeful.

“Oh… hi, Anne. I was just…”

“Don’t bother, Henry. I saw you making out at the shed — or trying to, at any rate. Poor thing…” she batted her eyelashes at him “… did she give you a case of blue balls?” She couldn’t help herself — her hand caressed his very hard cock. It seemed to jump under her fingers.

But she wasn’t prepared for what happened next. In a flash, he thrust her against a nearby tree, raising her dress to her waist. Before she could say anything, his tongue was already inside her mouth, thrusting like a cock. The tongue-fuck quickly left her breathless, and she barely noticed that he had lowered his pants and opened her legs. His hands got hold of her ass and raised her a little, he pulled her panties to the side and thrust his rock-hard etiler escort cock all the way up her very wet cunt.

She had her first orgasm right then. Her hands held his neck, and she raised her legs around his body. This opened her up still more to his prick, and she started to scream in his mouth, feeling the hard cock fucking relentlessly inside her.

He took his tongue from her mouth. “Show me your tits” he commanded. She held on to him with one hand, while the other opened the upper buttons of her dress. The violence of the fucking had already made her tits pop out of the bra, and he lost no time, licking and biting her nipples. She thrust her fist in her mouth.

His hands were still on her ass, holding her against the tree. Suddenly, she felt him wet his finger on the underside of her cunt, and then he started finger-fucking her ass. The simultaneous stimulation in her bitten nipples, her hard-fucked cunt and now her ass made her come again. She couldn’t stop coming, and now she was crying tears of pure pleasure while she received the best fuck of her life.

She felt him tensing inside her, and suddenly his cock was spurting inside her.

He released her and they both stood, gasping. She knew this wasn’t over, and she made a point of caressing his cock while licking her lips and looking at him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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