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Love is complicated. It is messy and full of battle scars. Only a few couples make it nowadays and to be honest, that is terrifying. Although I loved Drew, I couldn’t help but wonder what was missing. I know it sounds cliché but something was definitely missing. Things weren’t as exciting as they used to be. Everything feels as though it has somehow changed and that our feelings for one another have changed. Never in my life did I imagine that I would ever become a cheater. I had been hurt in the past and so I thought that that would somehow keep me from doing the same thing.

My heart felt as though it was at some sort of weird standstill in my relationship with Drew. One drunken night of pouring out my heart and soul to a sexy stranger messed up everything. The girl I thought I was, is apparently not who I am. This sexy stranger had crept into my life and my heart before I even knew he was there. He talked to me, listened, and became a shoulder to cry on when things were falling apart in my relationship. Parker gave me advice and soon enough was my sole confidant. It seemed as though there were three people in my relationship (Parker, Drew and I). Given the fact that Drew never talked to me when things went sour, I was always alone. Drew talked to everyone but me: himself, his friends, his family and even God. With the way things were going he was in a relationship with himself and Parker and I were bystanders.

Feeling shut out and alone, Parker comforted me. Parker couldn’t stand the way that I was being treated. I talked to him about every detail of my relationship. He knew how I felt towards Drew and what my dreams for our future were. I told him about our sex-life, which had taken a nose dive that was only going downhill from then. Another drunken night ensued… Parker then began to tell about me all about his long-term, two year, dry spell. When I drink, I get flirtatious and that’s exactly what happened. With every drink, I thought less and less about Drew. Deep down I knew it was wrong, but I was too drunk and lonely to care.

Everything that Drew didn’t do for me, Parker wanted to do for me. He talked about how he would take care of me and how he would give me the romance that I deserved. Parker was the kind of guy who actually liked cuddling, taking long walks on the beach, cooking dinner together and watching movies. His philosophy was that he didn’t care what we were doing as long as we were together. Drew has never said something that romantic, nor did he enjoy the closeness or intimacy that came with relationships.

Out of curiosity, I asked about the typical evening spent with a lady for him. Initially, he started as a gentleman, reminding himself about my relationship. Parker told me that he would like to do something sweet like a picnic out on the Malatya Escort beach at candlelight. His house was close by so he and his date would be able to have a nice walk along the coast. Then once they would get back to his place, wine and a movie. There would be no pressure to sleep together or anything. “It would be the lady’s choice.” he says. Now if he got the green light, that would be a different story. Liquid courage persuaded me to ask for the alternate story, asking him not to spare a single detail. It would seem as though he took that as his own green light. Suddenly, I was the girl in the story, but I had no objections. He started:

“I’m not going to lie or pretend that I haven’t notice your looks. In fact, I have noticed a lot of things about you, things that I find extremely sexy. If given the chance, I wouldn’t be able to help myself. I would want to pull you in and kiss your soft and beautiful lips. My hands would find the small of back, pulling you into me. My right hand would eventually find your cheek and my left would find the nape of your neck. Both of our tongues would explore each others’ mouths feverishly. Being a gentleman, I would ask, ‘Would you like to go any further?’ Once I get your approval, I would break away from your lips and trail soft kisses down to your neck, moving from one side to the other.

Before going any further, I could carry you toward my room and lay you on the bed as I kiss you. Then, I would remove your shirt, leaving your bra on. I would want to drink in your beauty, looking at your large breasts and your tiny waist. There is just something so sexy about a woman in a bra and jeans that I can’t explain in words.

Based on your figure, you’d probably look like one of those magazine models advertising jeans. After taking all of you in, I would plant another soft and tender kiss on your lips as I begin to unhook your bra. Once your bra is off completely, I would work my way down to your collar bone, kissing it, while fondling your breasts. I’d work my way down to your supple, tan breasts and begin to suck on your hard nipples. With each suck, there would be a soft bite that I hope would send your body in utter ecstasy. My other hand would be rolling your nipple between my thumb and pointer finger.

I would treat both breasts with my hands and mouth thoroughly before trailing kisses down to the waist of your jeans. While kissing the waistline of your jeans, I would unfasten the button and slide them to the ground. Feeling slightly overdressed, I would pull off my shirt so that you would have something to look at. Then I would remove my pants due to the constraining feeling in my boxers, my boner desperate for relief. Now only underwear separates the two of us. Being the thorough guy that I am, I would prepare Malatya Escort Bayan you so that you have as little discomfort as possible.

My face would trail down to your inner thigh, planting kisses up both sides until I reach your pussy. You would feel soft kisses placed on you through your panties as a slight method of teasing before I slide them down. Then my mouth would find your clitoris, running my tongue up and down the lips, making slight contact at first. With each lick, my mouth would inch closer until I am nibbling slightly at your clit. Next I would slide my tongue down until I reach the opening, allowing you to feel the heat of my breath brush against you. My tongue would slide across the opening, casually slipping in until I begin to taste your cum mixing with my saliva. Once I feel how wet you are, I’ll work my way back up to your clit, teasing you as I begin to work my fingers in. The first… the second… and then the third until you are completely prepared.

Each of my long fingers would work their way in, tentatively massaging your insides until I feel that you are completely prepared to take me. My hands would then move to my boxers, sliding them off, pulling your body towards me. I’d enter you slowly worried about your comfort. Length, although I sport a proud seven and a half isn’t my worry; my girth is a little worrisome because from what you’ve said, I’m a bit bigger than you’re used to. Teasing you, I’d slide each inch into you slowly moving, giving you time to adjust to me as I move in and out of you. To maintain some control, I would kiss your neck hoping that will draw attention elsewhere as I slide the rest into you completely.

After you get nice and comfortable, I would begin to move into you with nice long strokes with a nice tempo so that I can last longer and let you feel all of me moving in you. I want to give you that orgasm that you’ve never had and make you cum multiple times before I am done. Given that neither of us want any kids yet, I’ll do my best to pull out of you so that I don’t cum inside. I can’t promise that I will be able to bring myself to pulling out because I bet you would feel so amazing. Once we are all tired out, I would just like to hold you for a while; if you’re still awake once we’re done cuddling, I’d offer you a hot shower and company if you’d like. When you get out, there would be a towel and a set of clothes waiting for you (a pair of my boxers, one of my shirts and your bra). Since you have been drinking, I would insist that you sleep over. Hopefully, we would just fall asleep holding one another. Whatever happens in the morning happens.”

After hearing what he wanted to do to me in his husky voice, I almost melted at the sound. Before I had even realized what was happening, I had Escort Malatya stuck a hand up my dress and was playing with myself. I kept wondering why his voice sounded huskier than usual, turns out we both had the same idea. There were slight moans in between every sentence from the two of us, making his voice huskier than usual. Afterwards, I booked my plane ticket and went to the beauty salon. For Parker, I got a Brazilian wax and got my legs, eyebrows and lip waxed.


The next day, I was in California, which wasn’t a cheap ticket. My impulsiveness got the best of me when it came to going there. I wanted to surprise him, so I went to a swanky lingerie store and bought a black bra, garter, thigh highs, and a matching thong. Next, I went to a massage parlor and got a massage to release the nerves that had built up. The final stop before Parker’s place was a beauty salon where I had the lady blow out my hair. Before leaving the salon, I changed my bra and put on the rest of the outfit I had prepared underneath my cute top and blue jeans.

Unfortunately, it is hard to surprise a guy when you don’t know where he lives. I called his phone and he answered on the first ring. Instead of saying I was in Cali, I asked him a hypothetical and of course he obliged by providing me with the proper address. I called a taxi and had him drop me off at his place. When I knocked, I held my breath terrified. There was no answer. Just as I was about to walk away, Parker came to the door in nothing but a pair of plaid pajama bottoms and his hair was soaked. He had just gotten out of the shower. Although I had no indication that the man opening the door was the man in the picture, I was glad it was.

Parker had beautiful, crème colored skin and medium brown hair that framed his face beautifully. His eyes were a light brown that seemed to light up when he smiled. It was the kind of smile that puts people at ease, a smile that you couldn’t help but love. He had lovely defined muscles from his extensive manual labor work that he does. Those pajama bottoms hung loosely at his hips, the label on his underwear sticking out slightly. I couldn’t stop myself, before I knew it; I had hugged him and had kissed his check. Pulling my face away, he pulled me back with both of his hands and just looked at my face. Then he brought his face towards mine and planted a tender kiss on my lips. Eager for more, I tried to continue, but he stopped me in my tracks. “Not until tonight,” he whispered in my ear to make me excited. “You’ll need all of your energy for from the dinner I make for what we are going to do.”


Together we ate dinner and watched the sun go down. We packed everything back up and we walked hand-in-hand back to his house. I could feel the heat radiating between the two of us as we anticipated what would happen the moment we got back to his place. The movie we were supposed to watch never happened…

You’ll have to read next week to find out exactly how everything unfolds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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