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Six years ago, a woman I was dating told me she wanted to be fucked by a dog. I thought she was crazy. Still, I’m all about the pussy, and anything that will get me closer to that is okay with me. Together, we went to the animal shelter and found a Great Dane we named Hank. Hank loved pussy as much as I did. We became partners after that whore bitch left the picture, and we’ve been partners ever since. I’ll fuck a little whore while Hank watches, and then when I’m done, he gets to lick her clean before mounting her. I’m usually helping to keep Hank under control and prevent him from getting so deep inside he hurts someone, grabbing his cock and not allowing the knot to go inside. This wasn’t very fair to Hank, when you think about it. I wasn’t keen on being a nice lover, anyway. Generally speaking, I hated all women. I’d love to break one apart and torture her. I knew Hank’s huge Great Dane cock and knot would tear up a pussy good. But no one was willing to try him out.

I’d been following Angel for a month, stalking her from the shadows and planning my attack. She was a 18-year-old Christian church girl, saving herself until marriage. She lived on her own in a small house on the street corner. She seemed generally happy and full of life. She was fat, but not too fat to fuck. Brown hair past her shoulders, blue eyes, and soft light skin… It was too bad she had extra weight, because she really did have a pretty face. Did for a while, anyway. The best part about her was, she was new in town. Angel had moved from a few states away to take an internship here. Nobody knew her, and her family was all miles and miles away. She was the perfect victim.

I planned mine and Hank’s visit for a Friday night. I’d been collecting lots of toys for our special night. In a bag, I’d gathered duct tape, an ass plug, dog collar and leash, y-clamps to hit her nipples and clit altogether, and rope. I also figured a knife would be useful in getting her to cooperate, so I threw in the sharpest one I found in the kitchen. Even Hank seemed excited, like he knew exactly what we were going to do.

Friday night came, antalya escort bayan and Hank and I loaded up our equipment and headed to Angel’s house. My dick was growing hard in my pants. I couldn’t wait to shove myself into her virgin holes. Nine of us would ever forget this night. I’d make certain of it.

Angel wasn’t very smart about common sense. She always left her doors unlocked. Very naïve, poor girl. There was no way she could ever possibly know what was coming through her back door. I opened the door quietly, and Hank and I snuck in. He was hassling so badly and loudly, I was afraid he might wake her up. Angel always locked her dog in the basement at night. That was good, because he’s very protective of her. He would probably have jumped my dog, and being so little, Hank probably could have swallowed the little poodle in one lap. We crept into Angel’s bedroom, and there she lay on her bed. She wore only a shirt with no bra, and underwear. It couldn’t have been better. I opened my bag of goodies and pulled out the rope, and the collar and leash. Carefully, hoping not to wake her, I slipped the collar around her neck and snapped it closed, then clipped the leash to the collar. I slowly pulled her shirt off. I then pushed her onto her stomach, preparing to tie her hands behind her when he jerked awake. I threw all my weight on her and slapped my hand on her mouth. “Shhh…” I whispered in her ear. “You behave yourself, and you don’t get hurt. Just do what you’re told. Nod if you understand.” Sobbing silently, I felt her nod. “I have a knife in my bag I sharpened just for you. If you scream, I’m going to slit your fuckin’ throat. I promise I will.” She continued to cry. “It’s okay to cry. Just don’t fuckin’ scream.” I lifted my hand and continued to bound her hands behind her back. I raised her up to sit on her ass. I got the rope and tied her tits tightly. They would turn purple before the night was over. I took her panties off. Reaching again into my bag, I got out the y-clamps and hooked a clamp onto each nipple before clenching one down onto her clit. She gasped in pain.

After escort bayan I had her exactly where I wanted her, bound and in pain, the only thing left to do was break her hope. I pulled out the knife, and gave her a quick swipe across her thigh. She yelped in pain as crimson beads formed over the cut. “That’s a warning,” I whispered. “If you scream or do anything stupid, it will be much, much worse.” I knew then that I could untie her hands. She would need them to be our bitch. I don’t think Angel even knew I’d slipped the collar on, as she seemed surprised when I pulled her onto all fours in the floor. “C’mon, bitch,” I said playfully. “Here, girl.” Angel followed along, crying behind me. We only took a few steps before I slapped her across the face and demanded that she suck my cock. I reminded her of what would happen if she did anything stupid. I could tell she had never done this before, which made my cock even harder. She was afraid not to blow me.

I continued to call her every foul name in the book, spitting on her and slapping her, until I needed more. I got her back on the bed and demanded her to bark. She cried horribly as I readied my swollen dick at her ass opening. She got really excited then.

“No!” Angel whimpered. “Please, take anything you want. I have money, jewelry… Please! I won’t tell if you just leave now!”

I laughed. “I’m going to humiliate you so badly, you’ll never want to tell. Now shut up.” I thrusted myself into her tight hole, and she began to thrash about.

“NO!” Her crying became worse and worse. Another knife swipe across her ass didn’t even shut her up. I held the knife to her throat while I fucked her ass, and still she cried. Finally, I stuffed her panties into her mouth and taped her shut. Her cries were weak muffles then. Blood ran down her legs and onto my cock. I decided the next best thing to cumming in her mouth was cumming in her ass. I let my cum spew deep into her bowels. Then, feeling the need to piss, I pissed right inside her and never even pulled out. I decided that hole was done, so I stuffed a plug in to keep my piss and antalya escort cum inside her. It was Hank’s turn.

“Angel,” I said, “congratulations. You’re about to lose your virginity to a dog. You’re gonna be Hank’s bitch. You want to be my dog’s bitch?” A shake of her head no got her a good slap. “Fuck you. You ain’t nothin’ but meat and holes. Shut up.”

I could see Hank’s shining red prick, even in the dark. He was huge, even bigger than me. I knew he was going to hurt Angel, and I couldn’t wait. “She’s all yours, buddy,” I said, pulling Angel by her leash into the floor. I tapped her on the back. “Here, boy. There ya go.”

I knew she wasn’t going to like this. I ripped the tape off of her mouth, and began to face-fuck her, deep past her throat. I’m not sure she could breathe half the time. Hank’s huge dog dick had entered her and was tearing her apart. I saw blood drops mixed with dog seed fall onto the floor in a small puddle. I think the poor bitch had gone into shock. She had gone quiet except for my humiliating commands to bark now and then. I’d never seen such a beautiful sight, nonetheless. My best friend was building up to knot inside this slut bitch, thrust by painful thrust, and I was filling her throat with my cock. Then, as if it were planned in advance, we both exploded with our seed into the bitch. Hank was stuck inside her, gratified of course. I rammed my cock past her mouth and down her throat, feeling her throat constrict around my already spewing and throbbing dick. I was in total bliss.

“Don’t you dare move, cunt,” I ordered. “You hurt my dog, you’re gonna die.” I untied the ropes on her tits and let the blood return to them. The release seemed to hurt her, to my further pleasure. Waiting for Hank to unknot, I went into Angel’s kitchen and found some newspaper. I laid it down next to the door.

Finally, Hank was free. I removed the collar and leash, and proceeded to tie her hands and feet together after laying her on her side across the newspaper. “Piss,” I said. Without fighting, she did. I laughed at her and said, “Good bitch. You did good.”

When I left, she was tied up and still had the plug in her ass. I wonder if anyone found her, or if she got herself out. One thing’s for sure; she will never forget her first time.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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