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Authors Note: This is a continuation of my story that began in Fall From Grace. The stories I am writing are true and describe a transformation in my life, at least as I remember them. Nothing has been embellished unless it is how we all embellish our stories as time passes. Someone made a public comment that said these stories should be nonconsent. These are not nonconsent stories as I really wanted all of it to happen but they do talk about how they affected me psychologically to some degree. Be warned. Clay was cruel and the stories are rough.


After surrendering to Clay’s advances, I spent the next week in a daze. Even if he had not sent me a picture he took that showed me sucking his huge cock, I would still have spent every waking minute thinking about him. I didn’t think about him just because my lips ached and burned. I didn’t think about him because my pussy was sore and raw. Both of those things were true, but I thought about him because of how much he excited me. He was fit and had firm muscles. He had scary tattoos on his arms and chest. He was arrogant and so self assured. His cock was bigger than I thought cocks could be. I am married to a preacher who had gotten lazy, soft, and did not have close to the same size with which Clay had been blessed.

Clay and I started texting more often. He would send me texts where he told me how sexy I was, describing my body and what he wanted to do to it. I would always tell him that we should never do what we had done again. I told myself it was wrong every time I pictured him but I could not stop my thoughts. The struggle inside of me was tearing me apart and dragging me into a depressed state. I spent a lot of time crying. We also texted about life and we started learning more about each other. He had served in the military and was previously married. His wife cheated on him. She had left him and he said that’s when he learned what women were really like. I didn’t ask him what he meant by that but I’m afraid I knew. He meant that inside all women were cheap, cheating sluts. Maybe I thought that because in my heart that’s what I knew I was. He didn’t pressure me to see him again but I was texting him more than I texted anyone else, even my husband Brian. I began to realize how bad it had gotten by how disappointed I felt when I received a text from someone other than Clay.

About a week after my encounter with Clay, my husband wanted to have sex. I was dreading this moment. I have had trouble looking at him the past week out of shame of what I’d done, out of anger for what he let happen to me, and out of disdain for how fat and weak he looked. When he began kissing and touching me that night, I wanted nothing to do with him. He always approached me shy and awkward even after all these years. His kisses were pecks and his touches were tentative. He started stroking my breasts as he kissed me. My southern Baptist upbringing taught me to submit to my husband and put his needs first so I never turned him down. I just closed my eyes and pictured Clay’s hard body. I felt my sore pussy start to tingle as I pictured Clay. I reached down and grabbed my husband’s hard cock.

“What are you doing?” he asked, breathless.

Shyly I responded, “I can suck it for you if you want.”

I felt him pull away from me. “You know that we don’t do that, right? I mean you’re my wife. What’s gotten into you?”

My face turned bright red. I knew better than to say that or even touch his cock. “I’m sorry. I just forgot myself for a minute.”

I thought I could see a concerned almost angry look on his face in the dark room. He rolled on his back. “Well, come on if you want to do it.”

It was always “do it”. I have never heard him say the word sex. It was always, “Do you want to do it?” It was always me on top while he groped my boobs. It was always quick. It was always unsatisfying. Honestly the morning with Clay was my first satisfying sexual experience. I went to my marriage bed a virgin like a good girl should. It took me until 35 years old to learn what an orgasm with a man felt like.

I climbed on top of him feeling his large belly pressing against me. He held his cock up while pushing the fat in his pubic area down to make his cock a little longer. I slid my pussy down on him. I was surprised to feel him after Clay stretched me so much but I guess my pussy tightened back to normal/ I slowly road my husbands cock knowing that Clay had been inside of me a few days ago. Thinking about that made me speed up my hips. My mind was whispering “What naughty girl you have been, Megan. You’ve been fucking another man like a slut and your husband has no idea.”

I was closer to cumming with my husband than I ever had been when he stiffened and his breath caught. I felt his cum shoot inside of me and then it was over. I wanted to cry out “No! It’s too soon!” but I bit my lip, climbed off my husband and went to the bathroom to clean off.

My husband soon fell asleep and I was wide awake. I picked up my phone and I sent Clay maternal izle a text.

‘Hey…u up?’

‘Yah whats up’

‘Just thinking of u’

‘I bet ur thinking of this’

And with that a picture of his hard cock popped up on my phone. My hand slid into my panties and started rubbing my already wet pussy. I rubbed slowly at first, just teasing the clit while I stared at another man’s cock. That cock had been in me about a week ago. That thought made me rub harder. I got up out of bed and went to the bathroom. I took off my shirt and stood in front of the mirror in just my white panties and took a picture. I sent it to Clay knowing he would focus on my hard nipples and the image of my hand down my panties touching my pussy. I sent him a word with the picture… ‘Yes’

‘Fuck what a slut. U r a sexy slut tho. Show me my pussy.’

Unable to help myself, I took off my panties and took a picture of my shaved pussy. It was red and puffy and very wet after just having a cock inside of it.

He sent back, ‘U want it dont u? Tell me.’

‘I want it.’

‘What do u want? Tell me bitch!’

‘I want ur big cock. I want u to fuck me.’ My face was burning red as I sent that message.

‘Tomorrow. U better not get off tonight or I will be pissed. Wait for me. Ur house.’

I was disappointed. I was so hot, wet, and ready but I was compelled to do what he said. Unsatisfied I went to bed with my pussy aching so deep, throbbing wanting to cum. I lay there in bed already scared that he was coming over to my house tomorrow. I knew it was a risk but that made my pussy ache all the more.

I couldn’t sleep at all that night. I replayed our last encounter over and over in my head. I could taste his cock on my tongue and the heaviness of his balls in mouth. I remembered how it felt when the head of his cock stretched my pussy open and popped inside of me. I thought about his balls slapping my ass as his cock slid in and out of my married pussy so hard. When I closed my eyes, I could see the veins and the throbbing head. I could hear his voice telling me that I was a good little cocksucker.

I woke up early and got a shower. I had already fixed my hair by 7:00. I braided my long brown hair in pig tails. My husband left for church at 7:30 and took the kids to school. Clay taught at the school but I knew he wouldn’t be in the car rider line today.

It was Wednesday and we had services that night so my husband would be busy all day. I was in my bathrobe putting on my make up. I felt like a school girl getting ready for a big date. I was wondering what to wear for Clay when he got here. I was trying to think of something that screamed slut when he saw me. That is the reason why I was putting my makeup on heavier than usual, picking blue eye shadow and red lipstick. What I was doing with my make up made me look a little trashy.

I walked to my closet, still in my robe with noting underneath when a knock came to the back door. My heart jumped to my chest. “I’m not ready!” I thought to myself.

I walked to the door and saw him standing there through the glass. His Cardinals cap was cocked on his head. He was smiling his smug half smile in a tight white T shirt that showed his bulging muscles, blue jeans, and brown cowboy boots. I quickly opened the door and pulled him inside. “Did anyone see you?” I said in a panic.

He pushed me against the wall and pressed his lips against mine without saying a word. My lips tingled as my mouth opened for him. I could taste something burning on his lips and in his mouth, I knew it was alcohol. His tongue slide into my mouth and I nearly collapsed. My aching pussy twitched and every nerve in my body lit up. His body pressed into mine nearly crushing me against the wall. He broke the kiss and just stared at me for what seemed like a minute.

“What?” I said meekly.

“You’re so fucking gorgeous. He don’t have any idea of what he has.”

His hand slid inside my robe and squeezed my right breast so hard I knew he left finger marks. I whimpered. He kissed me again while squeezing my breast so hard I thought it was going to come off. Then he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. My mind was screaming, “Don’t let him fuck you here. Not in your bedroom, where you sleep with Brian!”

He threw me on the bed, on my husband’s side. He took off his shirt and I saw the skull tattoos staring at me again, his muscles jumping at his pecs and biceps. He put his hat back on smiling that cocky smile. He kicked his boots off and unbuttoned his jeans and I could see that amazing cock half hard looking back at me with its eye.

“You want to suck it don’t you bitch?”

“Yes.” I whispered.

He grabbed my pigtails in his hand and yanked my head up hard. “No you fucking tell me.”

I cried out when he yanked and now breathlessly squeaked, “I want to suck you cock!”

He still held my head high off the bed and asked, “Is it a big cock? Bigger than your method izle pussy husbands?”

“Oh God…yes it’s a big cock. It’s bigger than Brian’s cock!”

With that, he let go of my hair and I fell back against the bed. His strong hands pulled my robe open and he stared at my breasts smiling his half smile. “You’re going to want to leave him and move in with me. But you can’t. You ain’t the only woman I fuck. Hell, you ain’t even the only married woman I fuck.”

He grabbed my braids and pulled my face over to his cock. I rolled over on my tummy on the bed while he stood at the edge. I couldn’t wait. I leaned down and started to lick the head of his cock. I tasted his cock again, salty and hot on my tongue. I opened my mouth and kissed the head, taking it into my mouth while he groaned. He leaned forward while my lips and tongue bathed his cock and he brought the palm of his rough hand down on my ass hard with a crack, first one cheek then the next. I cried out with each slap on my ass. He spanked me hard, I could feel my cheeks turning red. “That’s for fucking your husband instead of me, bitch. Ah fuck, are you really crying?”

The swats had brought tears to my eyes. I shook my head no and opened my mouth to swallow as much of his thick hard cock as I could. I wanted to make him happy. I craved to hear him say what a good cocksucker I was. He turned his head up and groaned as his cock hit my throat. It was so wide I felt it stretch my lips again. The familiar ache returned as I swallowed his cock. He grabbed my braids in each hand and began to pump my mouth. He made me gag with each thrust into my mouth forcing it deeper each time. With him holding my braids in his twisted grip, I was helpless to stop him.

“Fuck you suck cock so good, too good to be married to a preacher. You love my cock don’t you slut? You love to have a real man in your mouth.”

The tears returned but this time from the gagging on the girth of his throbbing cock. He let go of my braids and put both of his powerful hands on the back of my head and held himself deep until I began pushing away. That made him laugh but he let me go. He reached down and grabbed my shoulders flipping me on my back as I gasped for air. He reached forward and slapped each of my breasts making them red. Then he pulled my nipples up and twisted. I cried out with his rough treatment.

“God look at you. You love it, don’t you, being treated like you deserve? I bet limp dick Brian doesn’t treat you like you deserve.”

Saying that made my face turn red but I don’t know if he saw because the next thing I knew, he dropped his balls on my face. He moved his hips so his balls were all over my eyes and nose. He grabbed my throat and pulled me so that my head was hanging over the side of the bed.

“Open that slutty mouth.” He said.

When I complied, he slid his cock in my mouth down my throat while my head hung off the bed. He grabbed my breasts and squeezed them as his cock slid deep cutting off all of my air. I could feel my throat stretch as his cock went deep. His balls were resting on my eyes. I couldn’t breathe. I tried to push him away but I was helpless. He began pumping, abusing my throat. Everything was starting to turn black in my vision when he finally pulled out and I lay there gasping with tears in my eyes. I took ragged breaths and air never tasted so sweet. I had nearly passed out but with gasping, shaking breaths I recovered.

“Whooo that was fucking awesome.” he said with an evil gleam in his eyes. “I could see my cock in your throat when I was fucking your mouth. Do it again.”

I admit I was scared. I couldn’t breathe when he did that. My pussy was so wet though so I knew that part of me loved this but I really didn’t know if I wanted him to do that again. I shook my head no.

“Please…no.” I whispered.

He reached down and I heard his belt coming out of his pants on the floor. He held it up looped.

“You want this instead?” he said almost sweetly.

I laid back down my head hanging off the bed again my mouth open. He didn’t hesitate, his cock slammed all the way down my throat in a stroke. I gagged on his thick cock and my spit was all over my face. I don’t know how I didn’t vomit. He pumped his cock in and out of my married mouth. When he stopped, it felt ruined. I don’t know why I had bothered to put makeup on. My tears smeared my eye makeup. My saliva washed the rest. Strings of saliva ran from my mouth to his cock when he pulled it out.

“Wow you’re a fucking mess.” He said. “You need help getting that make up off.” He leaned down and spit in my face.

I was humiliated and shocked. I gasped when he did that. He laughed and spit again, hitting my eye. I felt his hot spit running down my face. I reached up to wipe it away and he grabbed my wrist.

“Don’t fucking touch it you little whore. Leave it.”

If I ever had any doubts about what I was on the inside and what he thought of me, this broke them apart. I was milf manor izle a whore. I would let a man use me and do just about anything to me. It broke my heart.

“Do you have anything for us to use to make it go easier? KY? Baby oil?”

I shook my head no. He pulled me up and off the bed to feet by pulling and twisting my braids. He pushed me against the wall hard. My head hit the wall and my teeth clicked together. He reached down with both hands and lifted me by my ass. I wrapped my legs around him. I felt his throbbing cock pressing against the warmth of my little puffy pussy.

“We’ll have to do it the hard way then.” He growled and thrust forward. I had no idea what to expect even after being with him last week. That time he used baby oil. This time it was just my saliva and my wet pussy. I learned a few lessons that day. I learned that day that lubricant is a girl’s friend. I learned that if men don’t have it they may not care about how it feels to a girl. I learned that the wall does not give when being fucked like a bed will.

When his hips thrust forward his cock went in…all the way inside of me. I felt it split me in two. I am sure that I screamed but I may have been breathless. One second my pussy was aching for cock, the next it was full of cock. It was full of a huge throbbing cock my body was just now recovering from. My vulnerable pussy was between all his weight and the unyielding, unforgiving wall. I have never felt anything like what he did to me. I cannot say it was pleasurable at that point. I felt violated. My heart told me I deserve this for wanting him to fuck me. I deserve to be spit on and fucked like this.

“Oh fuck you are so tight. I don’t know if I’ve ever been in a married woman so tight before. It almost hurts me.” He laughed at that last part. He said all of this with his cock still buried all the way in me. I was pinned against the wall while I panted like an animal. I do not sweat easily but I broke out in a sweat all over. Clay pulled back and thrust inside of me again with a grunt. I felt his cock vacate then drive home inside of me over and over.

“Take it…take it…fucking take it.” He growled in my ear as he fucked me against the wall. I looked over his shoulder and I saw a picture of Jesus on the wall. I began to cry again, not from his cock slamming into me over and over but from the brokenness in my heart. I won’t lie to you, fucking Clay was awesome. He was always rough but he softened some before the end. He made me cum and made me feel so good when he fucked me all those months but there was a huge darkness in my life. I hit a very low depression at one point that I had to work through. I was at my lowest when I had an affair with Marcus, a black guy at my gym. He made me do things even Clay didn’t do.

After several thrusts, my pussy decided to accommodate Clay’s dick and everything became magic. I began to moan with the thrusts feeling such potent pleasure as his cock touched me so deep. I dug my nails into his back and could feel my orgasm building with each long deep stroke.

“Oh god fuck…fuck…fuck me! Harder…oh god I love it Clay.”

Hearing me say that made him go harder even though I didn’t know he could. A picture fell off the wall next to me and broke.

“Shit Megan you feel so good. I love how your body feels.”

He turned with me still wrapped around him and we crashed into the bed, right where my husband sleeps. I came right there, harder than ever before screaming Clay’s name over and over again.

He wasn’t done however. He pulled out of me with a pop and flipped me over on all fours. I thought “He’s going to do it. He’s going to fuck me doggy, from behind.” I was so excited and ready. That is when the belt came across both of my ass cheeks. Three times he spanked me with his belt. The burn went all the way from my feet to my head.

He leaned over and said, “Next time get some fucking KY.”

He positioned himself behind me and began rubbing my pussy and ass with his cock that was sticky from my spit and pussy. It was soothing on my ass cheeks. He pressed the head against my pussy from behind and holding my hips he pushed forward slowly this time. My arms and legs shook as I felt him slid into me from behind. His big cock opened my pussy once again in a way it had never been opened before. I felt the head of his cock rubbing against the bottom of my vaginal wall sliding all the way in. I arched my back and moaned as his hips pressed forward to meet my ass. My willing pussy was full of his cock.

“God baby you should see this.” He said. “The way your pussy looks taking my cock. You’re fucking perfect, a perfect little angel taking my cock like that.”

I bit my lip as his hips started moving back and forth, the friction of his cock sliding in and out of me was perfection. I felt such sad emptiness as his cock slid out and sweet ecstasy as it filled me back up again. His hand cracked down on my ass again. I cried out with the swat on my tender ass.

“Oh god baby spank me.” I cried.

His hand came down again and again, making my ass burn. Then he leaned forward and grabbed my pigtails, twisting them in this fist. He yanked my head up and he began fucking me so hard. My scalp ached as he yanked pulling me back with each thrust of his hip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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