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This novel covers a wide range of explicit sexual practices, so if you are offended, in any way, by stories with strong sexual content that you may consider abhorrent were it practiced in real life, please cease reading now and delete the file.

If you are under 18, you have no right to read any further and MUST delete NOW!


This story was copyrighted by the author, who retains all rights whatsoever over the publication in any form. It must not be published on any pay-site or used in any publication for profit, without the author’s written approval. The file may be reposted to Newsgroups, but must not be changed in any way, must be posted in its entirety and must contain this note “FROM THE AUTHOR” in full.

GENERAL All names are fictitious and do not intentionally relate to any person, either living or dead. All comments and constructive suggestions may be directed to me via the COMMENT tab on my profile.


I’m doing my books by Universe now because I want to do crossover events in stories. In other words, if you see “this book takes place in the **** universe, then it’s in the same world as another story with that tag above it. There will be 3 main universes:

1. Erolandia Universe

2. Erotiska Universe

3. Nightshade Universe

Stories with “Standalone” at the top take place in their own universe outside of the 3 just mentioned. That said, The Snow White Series and this story right here take place in the Erotiska Universe. Enjoy the read.

Easier said than done. A new day had come, much to my anxiety, and my nerves were shot. I decided to breathe a bit to gain my composure, but I was freaking out. But I knew that if I didn’t keep this character up, if I didn’t seduce him, all would be for naught. “I would never feel his cock pound my cunt while he choked me…” WAIT! I love him. I want to go on dates. Cuddle. Hold hands. Pure thoughts Erika, pure thoughts.

While I repeated this mantra in my head, I put on my game face and walked to the bathroom. I didn’t want to lose composure just by seeing him. I walked up to the bathroom door and knocked. It normally wasn’t closed so this was a surprise. Kieran usually washed up before I woke up so by the time I did wake up, he was brushing his teeth. Today, it seemed I woke up early…or maybe he woke up late.

I slowly opened the door and snuck into the bathroom. Closing the door behind me, I hurried over to the sink, turning on the faucet. Apparently, he didn’t hear me come in over the noise of the shower and his humming. I washed my face, trying to wash away the burning of my cheeks. I wondered how he looked completely naked. All his toned muscles, his hard cock. His wet body as he turned off the water to get out… turned off the water?

I snapped out of my fantasy to turn around to see a very sexy, very wet Kieran looking back at me. He seemed a bit apprehensive about my presence, but his dick twitched at me enthusiastically. Seeing that hard rod before me, my inner slut came out. “Heyyy Kieran, did you sleep well?” Even I was surprised at the lust in my voice as it took Kieran back a bit. He looked Kütahya Escort me up me down, his eyes raping my body in my all too revealing nightgown.

His gaze was making me wet, heat rising as he looked at me. I slowly walked towards him, stopping right in front of him. Our lips were really close and I could feel his breath. My hand grazed his shaft before flying up to his cheek. Then I kissed him on the other cheek. Apparently, that snapped him out his trance. I asked him if he slept well again and he simply nodded. I then left the bathroom. Too much sexual tension for me in the morning. I walked into my room, closing the door behind me. I had a date with my trusty vibrator.

The next morning, something was different about me. I had a day off from work and after taking a joy ride, with my car and the vibe, I felt like I woke up a completely different being. I didn’t see Kieran for the rest of the day, yesterday, but unlike yesterday, I wasn’t feeling anxiety. I was feeling horny. And I needed Kieran hard meat on this fine Tuesday. Deciding it was best to keep my inner slut on a leash, for now, I took off my nightgown and put on my shorts and shirt I normally wore around the house and walked towards the bathroom.

The door was open today and I laughed internally. Normally I’d watch him at the door, but today, I just barged right in. New me, new habits. He looked at me with a look that was part curious, part cautious. His face looked cute because of the toothpaste in his mouth so I giggled a little. I didn’t want him to be cautious, so I poked his cheek. I asked him did he sleep well and he nodded before spitting out his toothpaste. “I’m fine Erika, but are you? I mean you’ve been acting…weird the last two…” I put a finger to his lips to cut him off.

“I’m perfectly fine Kieran. Best I’ve been in a loooong time. As for Sunday, consider it a gift.” He still had toothpaste on his lips which got on my finger. I licked it off, albeit a tad bit seductively, and he seemed to be taken back. It was apparent he didn’t really know how to act around this new me, but he would learn…eventually…exactly how to handle me.

I ran a finger up the middle of his ripped abs before wrapping both arms around his neck. My erect nipples, partly because it was cold, pressed against him through my shirt. They wanted a release. And so did my tongue as it wanted to jet out and touch Kieran’s lips. But I held back the urge. My lips barely brushed his before I moved over and whispered in his ear. “Just trying out a new me Kieran, that’s all. I’m still Erika Karter, Mr. Hawke.” I felt him flinch as I blew in his ear before kissing his cheek, again, and backing away. “Might want to wash your face playboy, still paste on them lips.” That snapped him out of his gaze, and he blushed before washing his face. He still stole little glances at my lips and I blew a kiss and winked at him to let him know I knew what he was doing. He quickly got out the bathroom and I giggled. I washed up and prepared myself before swaying out the bathroom. You can do this Erika Karter, I thought to myself as a big smirk crossed my face. I may get what I want Kütahya Escort Bayan faster than I thought. I went to the kitchen and got breakfast ready, another system we had where I’d cook it one day, he’d cook it the next. Today was my day. I kept the rest of the morning pretty normal, except for my lustful gaze on him which I didn’t try to hide.

Work. I used to everybody’s bitch in this office. “Erika, would you do this for me? Erika, I need this done by Friday!!” But not anymore. My submissive attitude was gone. You either gonna love me or hate me, but you’d have no choice but to accept the new me. And the new me couldn’t concentrate. It was faint but my lips had touched his. And it wasn’t much, but I had tasted his dick. I wanted both of more and I kept licking my tongue in the most derogatory ways while secretly rubbing my pussy through my skirt. Thank God for cubicles. My lust was getting out of hand. I had to claim what I wanted quickly, before I got delusional in my own wanton heat. Maybe I was an awakening Nymphomaniac.

Regardless, the problems started as my shift was slowly coming to an end. Today was not a productive day at all and my boss seemingly needed to tell me about it. Things like me needing to chill and not helping Amanda with her work came up. I shouldn’t have to help Amanda with her work except for the fact she only “still” has her job because she services the bosses cock like a fountain drink. And everyone in the office knew who she was sleeping with so they played it safe around Amanda because Amanda was the type to abuse her power. I was normally Amanda’s bitch, doing all her work for her plus my own. Not today, however. I told that bitch no flat out.

Regardless, standing up for myself found me looking at my last day of work. Fired, I packed my shit and then sat around as I couldn’t leave until my shift was over. After people’s condolences and goodbye’s, it was work as usual for everyone else. I probably starred at the clock until it was time for me to leave work. I clocked out for the last time and ran to my car. The perks of owning an AMG, you can get home fast. I pulled up in front of our condo and quickly ran up the stairs to our studio apartment. And then I paused at the front door. It was cool to get home really quickly, but what was I going to do? Kieran wasn’t even home. He still had a job. There was no one to comfort me. I slowly opened the door and walked gloomily to my room.

I flopped onto my bed and started crying which eventually led to me falling asleep.

When I woke up, it was night time but it was raining. Perfect to fit my gloomy mood. I took off all my clothes till I was only in my panties, grabbed my Galaxy Tab and walked towards the kitchen. I dumped a bunch of popsicles into a cooler and dragged it into the living room before flopping onto the couch and sucking on one. And it was at this moment that it hit me.

Kieran ran a gardening company and a relatively big one with various branches in major cities and states. He was talking about how he needed a secretary. And secretarial work wasn’t far off from what my former job was. I’ll just ask him. Escort Kütahya Feeling a bit better than that all hope was not lost financially, I focused on another problem of mine. How do I get Kieran to fuck…? I mean love me? Contemplating what to do while sucking on the icy like it was a hard cock, I thought back. Jerking him off was just a coincidence as I heard him watching porn. It was a spur of the moment thing. And in my dreams, he always takes me.

Thinking about would only heat me up so I picked up my tablet and decided to finish a story I was reading. A little Literotica wouldn’t hurt the soul. While reading, the story really heated up and I found my hand rubbing my sex. My fingers found themselves rubbing the lips of my dampening cunt through my panties and I started rotating my hips in response. The icy in my mouth suddenly became something else. I sucked on it aggressively, imagining it was a cock. Kieran’s cock. What would he think if he saw me right now? I was doing this right in front of the door. Would he like how I sucked on this icy? I found my hand darting into my panties, my pussy sucking in my fingers and I let out a loud moan. I started taking the icy deeper into my throat, my gags causing saliva and juice to drop down onto my breast. I was enjoying the heat rising in my body when I heard the door click. I looked up with lust as Kieran stared at me, my fingers refused to stop moving.

The obvious question asked by him was what I was doing. But it was pretty obvious. So with him cautiously moving closer, I decided to tease him. “Do you want to watch me, Kieran?” I opened another icy, my pussy no longer content with just my fingers. I pulled my panties to the side and shoved the icy into my warm, wet pussy, shivering as the cold icy slid to the depths of my cunt. The contrast in temperature was affecting me more than I thought it would as I arched my back and came just as the icy tapped my womb. The icy was melting in my warm cunt, mixing with my pussy juice and leaking out. “Kieran, I need you to come over here with your sopping wet clothes and pull out your hard juicy cock for me. Can you do that for me, baby?” I motioned for Kieran to come towards me with my free hand, continuing to violate my pussy with the other.

He was standing there the whole time, wide jaw and obviously shocked, but he obediently came. I pulled his tie down, leading him into a deep kiss while rubbing his cock through his pants with my free hand. I squeezed his cock and then let it go, deciding to rub the saliva and fruit juice from the melted pop into my skin.

He looked at me before slowly reaching for my boob, his other hand reaching for his zipper. I let his finger touch my nipple before getting up. Service time was over. If he did pull his cock out, I wouldn’t be able to control myself. Not yet, now was not the time. And he really was sopping wet, his clothes damp from the rain. He had to change or he’d catch a cold. I got up and kissed him again, my tongue invading his mouth while I rubbed my pussy against his rod through his pants before pulling away and smiling. He said my name, looking at me quizzically, probably wondering what had gotten into me. But I simply kissed his cheek and smiled. “Night Kieran.” His confused look was replaced with a shocked one but I simply sashayed out the room, putting a little more sway into my hips than normal. All was going according to plan, but even I didn’t see the swerve coming my way.

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