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Chapter 3: The Show Must Go On

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*** This story contains graphic sexual content involving: (But not limited to) Anal-sex, Group-sex (f-f-m), Lesbianism (f-f), and Golden Showers (pee-sex). If you are offended by any or all of the afore mentioned sexual activities, please DO NOT read any further. If, on the other hand, you are intrigued and/or turned on by this type of sexplay, by all means, continue reading, and let me know. ENJOY!!! ***

(In the previous two chapters, I inadvertently forgot to describe myself and my ex-wife and sister-in-law. My ex, Freda, stands 5′-6″ tall and has soft, curly brown hair that hangs down to about the middle of her back, hazel eyes, and 38-D breasts… My ex sister-in-law, Maryann, stands 5′ – 11″ tall and has long blonde hair that hangs down all the way to the bottom of her perfect ass, blue eyes, and delicious 44-DD breasts. A mouth watering pair of women, to say the least… As for myself, I stand 5′-10″ tall and have salt and pepper grey hair, full beard, blue eyes, and weigh-in at just over 250 pounds with a HUGE belly.)

Now, on with the story! 🙂

* * * * *

Herb’s sister-in-law, Maryann has just slipped the tape into the VCR and started it. After the usual FBI warning, some soft music started playing and then the title came on the screen.


“Gee, Maryann, that’s a strange title for a porno video”, Freda said.

“Oh but it’s just right for this one, Freda” Maryann replied.

“How come?”

“You’ll see soon enough Sis”

The movie’s opening scene showed a man, Dave, and two women, Kim, and Laura, enjoying a picnic with all the trimmings, beside a gently flowing stream in the woods. They also have 2 12-packs of beer, and 2 bottles of cheap wine. One of the 12-packs was nearly empty, having only 2 cans remaining.

Dave got up, stretching, and said “Excuse me ladies, I have to take a whiz.”

Laura gave Dave a sexy smile saying, “Can I watch?”

Dave just grinned saying, “Hell, you can BOTH watch if your adventurous enough!… Follow me.”

Kim and Laura just giggled, then followed Dave into the brush until they found a small clearing.

Dave lowered his zipper, hauled out his cock and started pissing on the ground in front of the two beautiful women.

“Can I hold it while you pee?” Laura asked.

“Be my guest, Laura” said Dave.

Laura stepped over to Dave and took his soft cock into her hand and began aiming his stream of piss every which way. She gave Kim a mischievous evil grin, then aimed Dave’s hot piss right into her unsuspecting face.

“Ohhhhhhh”, she squealed, “You fuckin’ pervert, you’ve ruined my new dress.”

“So take it off”, Dave and Laura said in unison.

“OK, I will… If you two will take yours off too!” Kim said, grinning.

Everyone proceeded, quickly stripping off each others clothes.

Kim asked free spin Laura, “Why did you drench me with Dave’s piss?”

“Oh, come on, it really wasn’t all that bad now was it, Kim?”

Kim thought about it for a moment.

“No.” ” I guess I just wasn’t expecting it, come to think of it, I think I kinda liked it. It was so warm and wet… Really nice, in a kinky kinda way.”

Laura looked at Kim with a devilish little grin, then said, “Would you enjoy being pissed on by me, Kim?”

Kim smiled at her lifelong friend and said, “Only if I could pee on you too, Laura… and Dave too.”

“I was hoping you would say that.” said Laura. “Dave and I planned this whole picnic, to try to get you interested in watersports, Kim.”

“You did?” Kim asked.

“Yes, Dave and I have fantasized about including you in our little games.” “I’ve wanted to make love to you since I first started thinking about what it would be like with another woman. I can’t wait to get my hands and mouth on your tight sexy body, Kim.”

Kim looked at Laura with a little tear in her eye and said, “I’ve had the exact same feeling’s about you too, Laura. I have been afraid to say anything because I thought you would think I was weird or something, and didn’t want to lose you as a friend”

Laura’s face lit up and she smiled and said, “Well then… Now we can be friend’s AND lover’s.”

Kim looked deep into Laura’s eye’s and asked, “May I kiss you, Laura?”

Laura pulled Kim’s body tight against her’s, wrapping her arms around her, then kissed her softly, but passionately, then said, “From now on… don’t ask, just DO IT!”

Kim began kissing Laura again, slipping her tongue into her friend’s mouth, gently caressing her back, hip’s and firm round ass. Kim moved her hands around to Laura’s front, encircling her friend’s big, firm breast’s, squeezing them and tweaking her erect nipples. She bent her head, and captured a stiff nipple between her lip’s, sucking gently, sliding her hot, wet tongue around and around the hard pointed nub… Then, out of nowhere it seemed…

“Hey… You two… Did you forget about me?” Dave asked.

Both women jumped at the sudden sound of Dave’s voice, having completely lost themselves in each others tender caresses.

“Gee Dave, we were just getting to know each other better.” Laura said, with a big grin on her face.

“No problem, I can just sit here and watch you two sexy creatures forever, but I need to take another piss… Anyone interested?”

“Gosh, I need to go real bad too!” Kim said.

Laura lay down of the soft forest grass, then looked at Kim with a glossy look in her eye’s and said, “Kim, I want you to straddle my face… I want you to pee in my mouth, baby.”

Kim stared at Laura. “You what?”

“I want to drink your hot golden piss, Kim.”

Kim felt the blood rushing into her face as she said, “OK”

Kim straddled Laura’s sexy face, turned towards Laura’s feet, bonus veren siteler and planted her pussy right against her friend’s lip’s, then she looked up at Dave and said, “Come over here big boy… I need you to piss in my face again, while I do the same to Laura.”

Laura grabbed Kim’s ass, pulling her tighter against her mouth, then shoved her tongue deep into Kim’s tight, wet cunt. “Piss for me, you hot bitch, fill my mouth with your yellow nectar.”

“Unnnnnnggg”, Kim moaned, relaxing her bladder and allowing her urine to begin flowing. Just a small trickle at first, then a full blown gusher. She looked up at Dave again and said, “DO IT NOW… PISS ON ME, YOU SEXY STUD!”

Dave let go, his hot urine splashing straight in Kim’s sexy upturned face.

Kim could hear and feel Laura swallowing her golden fluid, so, she opened her mouth wide, allowing Dave’s golden offering to spray directly into her mouth. She allowed a little of the hot liquid to trickle down her gullet, and thought to herself, ‘Not Bad’. She grabbed Dave’s firm, muscular ass and pulled him closer, taking his pissing cock into her mouth, and proceeded to drink every drop of his hot piss.

Once Kim was finished peeing in Laura’s mouth, she started grinding her cunt into her face hard. “Eat me, Laura… Make me cum all over your face.”

At the same time, she continued sucking Dave’s hardening fuck-pole, taking his 10 inch cock all the way down her throat, until her lip’s were planted firmly in his thick, curly, pubic hair.

Sweet Mama, Dave thought, This woman was born to suck cock. She was taking all of his 10 inches and wanting more. She was even able to slide her talented tongue around his hairy ballsack while she at the base of his fuckmeat.

Dave hollered, “I’m gonna cum soon, Kim.”

Kim took his rod out of her mouth and said, “No. I want you to fuck me while Laura lick’s my clitty, Dave.”

Dave scrambled around behind Kim, dropped to his knees and shoved all of his cock into Kim’s tight cuntal passage in one easy stroke. Laura proceeded to lick his balls and Kim’s big hard clit.

“OOOOOHHHHHH, YEESSSSSSSSSSS,” screamed Kim. “Give it to me, Fuck me hard, MMMMMMMM!”

Kim looked down and saw Laura finger-fucking herself, and thought, ‘How selfish of me’.

Kim pulled Laura’s finger’s away, and planted her face into her musky crotch. It was her first taste of pussy and she loved it immediately. She began running her pointed little tongue all over the outer edges of Laura’s cuntlips, then licked the lips themselves, then slid her tongue into the slippery love tunnel. She slipped her tongue out, then ran it around the stiff little clit, finally sucking the hard nubbin into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm, yessssssssssss baby, eat my hot snatch like the hot little slut you are.” moaned Laura.

“Mmmmm, you taste so good, Laura… but I know what would be even tastier.” Kim said, as she shoved her face back into Laura’s pussy.

Laura deneme bonusu veren siteler knew exactly what Kim wanted from her. She relaxed, and started pissing full force into Kim’s cunt sucking mouth.

Kim drank Laura’s hot piss like it was nectar from the God’s above.

As this was going on, Dave started finger-fucking Kim’s tight little asshole, gently at first, then he began driving his finger into her ass with almost brutal thrusts. He then inserted another finger, then another.

Kim just shoved her ass back harder, wanting more… “Finger-Fuck my ass, Dave.” “More, give it to me harder.”

Dave slipped his cock out of her slick pussy, and without missing a single stroke, slid balls deep into her tight clinching rectum, fucking her ass like a man gone wild.

“AAAAARRRRRGGGGGG”, screamed Kim, not expecting the anal invasion.

“Damn-it Dave, take it easy back there, will ya?”

“Fuck you, bitch, I’m gonna fuck you like a bitch-dog in heat!”

Kim relaxed a little, starting to enjoy Dave’s brutal ass pounding thrusts. She rotated her hip’s, grinding her sexy ass back against Dave, trying to get more cockmeat shoved into her gorgeous backdoor tunnel of love.

“Ooooohhhhh Yeahhhhh, Fuck it Dave, Fuck my tight asshole good, Baby!” Kim begged.

Dave reached under Kim, grabbing her breasts and started pinching her hard nipples, then twisting them roughly.

Kim was loving every second of it! She began having the most intense orgasm of her young life, spewing hot, creamy, girl-juice into Laura’s voracious mouth.

“Drink my hot, nasty, cum, you sexy cunt-lickin’ bitch” she screamed at Laura.

Dave started cumming too, at that exact instant.

Kim could feel his cock throbbing as it pumped her asshole full of hot, creamy, sperm.

Dave pulled out of Kim’s tight ass, spraying his thick juice all over Kim’s beautiful ass, and then aimed his pole at Laura, giving her a complete cum facial.

Kim quickly turned around and began licking Dave’s cum off of Laura’s face, neck, and tit’s, then moved up and licked all remnants of Dave’s cum off his big, thick cock, and his hairy balls. She then gave Laura a very passionate kiss.

“Damn, I’m thirsty… all this pissing has drained me.” Kim said, smiling.

“We still have over a case of beer, and two full bottles of wine.” Dave said.

“I have a GREAT idea” said Laura. “Let’s gather all the stuff up, and go home and continue this little party there.”

“That IS a great idea, Laura. But first, I want to thank you both for inviting me to your little picnic, I haven’t had this much fun since I was a teenager in High School.” Kim said.

“Hey, the fun is just getting started lady, you haven’t seen anything YET!” said Dave.

They all started loading all the leftover goodies into the van, except three cans of beer, which Dave promptly popped the top’s on, handing two to Kim and Laura.

“Drink-up ladies, we have to prime ourselves for more ‘Golden Streams’ for when we get home.” said Dave.

Everyone just grinned and laughed.

FADE OUT… and return to Freda and Maryann

* * * * *

To be continued in Chapter 4 – Freda and Maryann Get Close

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