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Merhaba hikaye okuyucuları birbirinden azdırıcı hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz okuyun ve ve yorumunuzu bırakın


She stood over me, arms akimbo, with a knowing smirk working itself across her face.

Sprawled facedown across our bed I could barely move.

I could feel myself leaking, a warm river pooling in my upturned thighs.

Every shuddering breath brought the taste of the evening’s activity to my lips.

I had barely made it in from the car, the driver’s seat no doubt ruined.

She crawled on top of me, her warm skin a pleasant contrast to the cool cum caking every inch of me.

Rubbing herself against my wife nibbled at my ear before whispering “Keep coming back like this, and I just might have to go and see what all the fuss is about for myself.”


It was late afternoon when I arrived at the address that Angela had given me, neatly written on a small piece of letter head even has her twitching member nuzzled itself inside me after our encounter behind the counter.

“Eight o’clock, sharp.” Had been her cheeky missive, as she gave my freshly used rump a love tap and slid her dripping length from me.

The house was on the outskirts of town, but impressive by any standard. A low wide place, a dark mix of stone and wood that spoke of taste and secrecy.

Nestled back amongst trees it had been barely visible from the road, but a mailbox emblazoned with the same stars and shapes as were found on the exterior of Eve’s Tower told me I had found the place.

Mounting the steps I found my way across the deep porch before lifting the knocker on the thick wooden door.

Before I could strike, the knocker was pulled from my grasp as the door slid open, Tabitha standing in the opening.

“You made it!” she exclaimed joyfully. I’ll admit, my heart leapt at the sight of her again. In spite of everything that had transpired since our first encounter, it was her I had hoped to see again most.

“Come on,” She said quickly ushering me inside she closed the door behind us, “Everyone is waiting.” Taking my hand lead me through the foyer towards a hallway at the far end.

I craned my neck in wonder at the place. It seemed larger on the inside. We padded across lush carpets and dark stained hard wood floors, on every wall hung art that was sumptuous as it was exotic. Figures teemed in the images. Philosophers draped in robes debated, warriors stalked the jungles, nymph like figures paraded through sun dappled woods; all of them female.

Entering the hallway I was once again struck by the same dark aroma that permeated Eve’s Tower.

She guided me gently towards the second door on our right, already half open, and we entered what appeared to be a washroom of sorts. Brown marble, slightly rough, covered almost every surface, a large tub (almost a small pool by its size) sat against the back wall, a set of ornate sinks with brass fittings lined the wall with a large mirror above them.

“So,” she said, breaking the silence and turning to face me, “Did they tell you what to expect tonight?”

I shook my head “Nothing, just that I would enjoy it.”

A mischievous smile crossed her face as she reached forward to begin unbuttoning my shirt, “And I’m sure you will, now let’s get you out of those clothes and cleaned up.”

I stood for a moment gazing at her then, almost too hastily, began unbuttoning my pants, a sudden rush of excitement at being bare in front of her rising inside me.

She giggled at my eagerness, sliding my now open shirt off my shoulders before folding it deftly and setting it aside. “You should know that this is a very special night,” She said, “A ceremony, a welcoming of sorts. We don’t often get the pleasure of adding a new…member to our ranks,” a wry look played across her face at the word, “And you will help us in doing that.” She guided me back and down to a seat and knelt to remove my shoes. “This is a rare occasion, and we are as honored to have you participate as you should be honored to be the one to act as vessel.”

My mind whirled at her words, trying to grasp meaning in them but failing. I lifted my hips obligingly as she slid my pants, boxers and all down. The sudden rush of cool air made my skin prickle, and I flushed slightly at my sudden nakedness before her (not that we hadn’t been far more open with each other before, but suddenly I felt timid as she was still clothed and I was not.) Neatly stacking my things she offered a hand and taking it I stood before her.

“There are a few things we must do to prepare you fully.” She said, rummaging through a small leather bag on the counter before lifting a jar with a familiar green liquid inside of it, Waymaker. My heart jumped at the memory of its effects and their results, and at what its presence portended. Suddenly, she was quite close, her chest pressed against mine, the bottle held up between up as she lifted the cork. “From what I’ve heard you’re familiar with the effects of this?” This time the mischievous smile was replaced with a raised eyebrow and a look that was a bit more suggestive.

Nodding, I took the canlı bahis bottle and brought it to my lips. I shivered slightly as the cool minty liquid ran across my tongue. Images flitted again through my mind of the last time I had tried Waymaker and I felt a rush of heat to my groin and my face as I felt myself hardened slightly.

Tabitha giggled, a sweet appreciative sound, obviously familiar with what had happened behind the counter that day. “Now, don’t drink all of it.” She said, lifting a hand to stop me from finishing off the whole bottle, “We’re going to need the rest.”

I panted slightly, humming my approval as I felt the warmth begin to spread down my throat.

She placed a hand on my chest and guided me back again to the chair. I started to sit, looking up at her expectantly for instruction, but she gave a slight shake of her head and smirked. Taking my shoulder she turned me gently till I was facing the chair then pressed between my shoulder blades. Obligingly, I bent at the waist till I was gripping the chair, my heart pounding as I felt my cheeks part slightly before her.

“Full preparation is the order for tonight,” She said. I turned my head to see, and found her drawing off the remaining portion of the fluid into a large plastic syringe, holding it up and eyeing it like a doctor preparing a shot. “That should do it.” She placed the now empty bottle aside and brought one soft hand down to grip my left cheek. I stiffened slightly at the sensation, her warm skin pressing softly into my flesh as she gripped me and pulled gently to one side, exposing me fully. She leaned forward, her breath hot on my ear. “Now relax.” And I felt the cool tip press into me slightly.

My toes curled at the intrusion. I hadn’t known what to expect tonight, but all day my body had been singing at the unknown promises and, although this wasn’t exactly what I’d had in mind, I couldn’t help but moan slightly. A rise in pressure at my entrance as she bore down on the handle and a cool spreading feeling as the contents emptied into me.

The tip withdrew and she stood and busied herself replacing the items in the bag and closing it. I stood too, my breath suddenly slightly ragged as my heart thumped hard in my chest, my erection straining.

“So, what exactly is this? This thing tonight? What did you mean by…vessel?” I said to her, wanting to know, desperately fighting the desire to pounce her and bury her gorgeous girlcock as deep inside of me as I could.

“Don’t worry,” Came the reply, her back still to me as she finished tidying up, “It’s a ceremony we hold, to welcome a new Eve into our flock, you have made quite an impression on us, and we couldn’t think of anyone better suited to help with the…ritual.”

“Ritual?” I replied, still confused.

She turned, finally finished, and took in my state of baffled arousal. She was holding a thin robe now, a simple white garment, which she proffered with both hands. “Like I said, there’s nothing to worry about, you will enjoy this night as much as we all will.”

I realized suddenly, that it was almost identical to what she was wearing, albeit cut for a man’s frame. Taking it I slid an arm in one sleeve, but didn’t break my gaze from her.

“I was hoping-I mean-what I wanted to say,” I found myself stammering as I slid on the other arm, “That day in the shop, the first day I mean, when we…I just…”

She seemed to realize what I was getting at and smiled sweetly, “You mean our first time? Oh, it was something special alright, I couldn’t stop thinking about it myself, I’m glad you came back.” She stepped close to me again, taking the sash she deftly knotted it, closing the front of the robe, but doing little to hide my stiffness that now tented its front. “Now, we mustn’t keep the others waiting.”

Without another word she took my hand and led me back out into the hall and deeper into the house.

We wound our way through dark passages for a minute or so (just how big was this place?) before coming to a particularly ornate wooden door at the end of a passage. She stopped and turned to me, reaching up to straighten by robe she said, “Alright, this is it, you ready?”

I nodded mutely, trying to calm my giddy nerves.

“Just relax,” She said reassuringly, giving my hand a squeeze. I realized I was trembling in anticipation, not shaking per se, but vibrating with excitement. “You’re going to enjoy this.”

She turned and pushed open the door. It swung open silently onto a set of dark stairs that led down and to the left. We descended, cool stone on my feet, and I became aware of the quiet murmur of voices below us. At the bottom she paused again before a curtained opening hung with a rich dark velvet and turned, casting a final look as if to say “here we go” before she drew back the fabric and we stepped through.

Before me was a large room, round from what I could tell, a chaos of rich carpets covered the floor and heavy furniture of all sorts formed a wide circle around the bahis siteleri perimeter. Settees, couches, piles of cushions, low sectionals; all upholstered in the same dark fabric we had just passed through. The only light in the room shown down from a single unseen source above, a soft warm yellow that illuminated a wide ottoman of sorts in the open space in the middle of the room and cast it’s light out so that the surrounding ring half emerged from the darkness beyond. But, the thing that took my breath away was the two dozen women seated, laying, and lounging across every surface.

They were an exquisite array of feminine beauty. Every shape and body type, skin tones that ran the gamut from alabaster white to the darkest of mahogany. Hair of shimmering gold, fiery red, deep black, rich brown, and shining silver. Every one dressed in some version of the white robe I wore.

They had been in various states of quiet conversation as we entered, some leaning across arms of sofas to converse, several laying across the laps of their companions, two on a wide bean bag type were deeply entwined in each other’s arms and I swore one had her hand under the robe of the other moving gently along some unseen path, but they all straightened and a hush fell as we stepped into the circle.

We stood for a moment, the center of attention before Tabitha spoke.

“Ladies, I thank you for your patience, it has been some time since we last had the pleasure of such a meeting, and it is with great joy that I present to you tonight’s vessel.” With that she half turned and nudged me forward with a gentle touch to my back. There was an approving murmur from the group, which sent a wave of relief through me and I exhaled a breath I didn’t realize I had been holding. I smiled as warmly as I could manage.

“He has graciously agreed to serve tonight,” She continued, “And I’m sure you’re all as…anxious…as I am to proceed.” This caused a smattering of light laughter. “Bring her in!” Tabitha called toward the darkness on the far side of the circle.

The was a thunk of wood and metal, the sound of a door being unlatched, and a square of dim light opened just beyond the circle. Three figures were momentarily framed in it before the light closed off again with a soft thud. A moment later Angela and Bridgette, resplendent in the same white robes stepped forward into the light, flanking a woman between them. She was slightly shorter than them, with dark skin and flowing black hair that spilled around her shoulders. Her features were regal and exotic, speaking of oriental origin, India perhaps. She moved somewhat cautiously between them, but held her head high with poise. I could see nervousness and excitement in her dark gleaming eyes.

They approached the far side of the ottoman and stopped. Tabitha approached it as well and I followed till we were standing across from each other.

Tabitha spoke first, her tone solemn.

“We are here as vessel, to welcome the new Eve into our fold, and initiate her.”

Angela replied. “We are here as Eve, to greet the vessel and join the fold.”

I smirked inwardly at the pomp of this exchange, and by the twinkle in the eyes of the others I could see that they too were bemused, but committed to the pomp.

Suddenly, from all around us a wash of female voices spoke. “We are here to bear witness and welcome.”

“Present the vessel.” Bridgette spoke now.

Tabitha stepped before me wordlessly, she deftly loosened the knot at my waist, and then slid the robe from my shoulders till it fell and pooled around my feet.

And there I was, bare before twenty eight pairs of eyes. In the back of my mind I knew I should feel shame, but instead I felt only a flood of calm warmth spread across me. Again a low murmur of approval sounded around us, further emboldening me.

Tabitha turned, “Present the Eve”

The ladies likewise loosened the woman’s robe and let it drop.

The breath caught in my throat.

She was stunning.

Soft and smooth, plump breasts that hung slightly surmounted with dark nipples that strained out eagerly, a luscious curve to her hips that resolved into smooth supple legs, proud shoulders. But most eye catching was the olive brown length, nestled between her thighs, capped with a small neatly trimmed triangle of dark hair.

Suddenly, clarity exploded through my brain. The full implications of what I was here for pounded through me. This was the newest Eve, the latest to gain the gift of the Tower, and I was to be her first. My heart that had quieted a little surged back into full force. My mouth watered at the prospect of tasting that olive brown skin. My skin prickled at the prospect of her touch.

“Shall we?” Tabitha’s voice snapped me from my wonton reverie, and nodding she and the others turned and retreated to a previously unoccupied couch.

Now it was just us.

We stared for a moment, unsure what to do next, but then my instincts took over and I crawled forward onto bahis şirketleri the ottoman until I was kneeling before her. She didn’t take her eyes off of me as I approached, until I had made my way across its expanse and was directly before her.

We locked eyes for a moment.

I wanted to speak, but nothing seemed right, so instead I merely offered my hand to her. She took it demurely, and I slid back till we were both kneeling on the soft cushion. There was a long moment as we took each other in, my breath was fast and hot, intense pressure of anticipation filled my head then building to an almost unbearable note.

Then, almost in that same instant we reached for each other.

The keening note of expectation inside me exploded as I touched her for the first time.

The warmth of her skin, the soft smoothness as I ran a hand down one arm while the other encircled her waist. I traced her sides, her neck, her collarbone, and her hips. Everything I could reach, as she did the same.

We explored each other with the timid passion of lovers meeting for the first time.

She massaged my upper arms, teased finger tips across my stomach, and danced across my back.

It was like we were reading each other with touch, human braille of arousal.

Our bodies leaned in till we were pressed together, her warm breath on my neck, nuzzling me, and still we sought every inch.

I could feel her stiffening against me as the first soft moan of pleasure slipped out to match my own sighs.

Pulling back slightly, I ran a hand down her chest, briefly tracing the curve of her full bosom, circling on of the full nipples. Her moan caught as I gently grazed its tip, and she arched back lifting her chest invitingly.

Obliging, I lowered my head and caught the engorged teat in my lips, flicking a tongue across its surface.

She bucked again at the sensation, and I redoubled my efforts, encircling the other breast with my hand and pinching gently at its hardened bud.

A fully voiced cry of approval from her and a half thrust of her hips rewarded my actions.

She began rocking gently, rolling her hips, and I felt her tip brush mine, by now straining a full force.

Without breaking my oral ministrations I let my free hand drop down, trailing fingers across her stomach till I felt the tickle of soft short hairs at the base of her length, and finally the smooth turgidity of her length.

I groaned as my hand closed around the base of her cock, and she likewise stiffened and gasped. For a moment I just held her, my tongue still busy lavishing her breast, feeling the pulsing heat in my grasp.

Slowly I gripped and twisted my hand, relishing in the feeling of my fingers grazing over ridges and veins, my thumb running down the smooth top as I drew back towards her tip. She twisted, her head buried in my shoulder and neck now as she panted as the sensation.

I smiled at this, taking joy in the pleasure I was giving her. Breaking my lip’s contact with a final toothy nip at the dark bud of her bosom, I shifted back slightly so that I could finally look down at the matter at hand.

It was a thick, dark member, the olive skin shining slightly in the warm light streaming down from above. I brought my other hand down and with finger and thumb teased the bulbous head with a soft stroking pinch. This caused her head to snap back with a gasp, and she half fell back, catching herself with her arms so that she was leaning away from me, still kneeling.

Taking advantage of the movement, and desperate to up the ante, I coaxed her back further still with a gentle hand on her stomach, till at last she was laying fully, her hardness jutting up.

I shuffled for a second till I was kneeling comfortably between her legs, and finally, inexorably, brought my mouth down upon it.

Since the moment the robe had dropped from her body I’d had no other goal in mind than tasting the sweet flesh, and now I was here, my own erection bobbing in time with my racing heart at the prospect.

Gently, sweetly, I kissed the head.

She drew a shuddering breath.

Again I kissed, another jolt.

Pulling back to gauge her state I spied a clear pearl of excitement forming.

I let my lips part and moved further down, till my teeth caught the proud ridge of the crown, and with a guttural moan of satisfaction I closed them around the hot flesh and licked.

It tasted of spice and honey, dark chai and sweetness.

God I loved it.

A dam broke inside of me and pure uncontrollable desire burst through me like a wave.

I practically dove forward, the effects of the Waymaker in full effect by now, and gulped half her length into my needy throat.

My hands flew across her lower body, kneading, stroking, squeezing everything they could reach.

She practically screamed with delight and lust, head slamming back into the soft cushion below, her whole body arcing up to meet me.

I pushed further, desperate to hilt her as my tongue slid feverishly across the thick ridge on the bottom.

Her crown slid heavily against the entrance of my throat, then in and down with barely a pause, cutting short my sustained groan of satisfaction.

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