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It had been over a month since Emily caught Evan jerking off into a pair of her favourite panties. She had seen the history of his perusal of dirty websites showing female domination and interracial sex. The pictures included women reminiscent of Evan’s ex-girlfriend, which had made her angry at the time (blame that Irish, red-headed temper), but that passed shortly after their angry sex.

She loved to have Evan lick her pussy, as he had done diligently since they first began having sex. Emily knew from experience that her petite body and tight pussy made guys cum faster than she would have liked. Evan was no exception there, but he was the only one to lick her to orgasm, her other boyfriends had just rolled over and dozed off.

She hadn’t really been too upset with Evan, in fact Emily found it exhilarating to dominate him. They weren’t hardcore, whips, chains, and the like, but she definitely had taken control of their lovemaking. “Forcing” Evan to lick her pussy clean after cumming in her felt so good. Even before she discovered Evan’s taboo desires, she loved how he had always performed oral on her before intercourse. Evan would get Emily nice and wet before pounding into her. Now, Emily had found she loved the rough fuck from Evan’s cock first, then his soft tongue and lips after.

Evan, at 6 feet and 185 pounds, could easily have overpowered Emily, so she really hadn’t forced him to do anything. It was all part of the game. Naturally, she told her girlfriends about what she and Evan had been doing. Her friend Sheryl thought it was great. Sheryl was a gorgeous blonde, akin to a Playboy Playmate. Men would do anything for her, so she had taken full advantage and enjoyed a “diverse” love life.

“Don’t tell me you think Evan is the first guy to beat off into his girlfriends panties?” Sheryl had mocked when Emily first told her the story. “God, I’ve had so many guys steal my panties after I’ve fucked them, it’s ridiculous! I can only guess what they’re doing with them. I heard in Japan the men buy panties from vending machines for God’s sake!”

“I know Sheryl, it was just kind of shocking to see, you know?”

“Yeah, catching your man jerking off isn’t the nicest thing. He should be saving himself for you, look at you! You’re gorgeous!”

“Oh, I made him take care of me, believe you and me.”

“Come on, what did you do?” Sheryl leaned in.

“He went down on me is all.”

“Boring, you said he always goes down on you.”

“Well…. He was pretty horny, looking at porn and beating off and all. He didn’t really lick me too long before he jumped up and we, you know…”

“No, this is the part where you fill me in, what happened? He fucked you obviously.”


“Let me guess, he came right away and rolled over. So what?”

“He did cum and he did roll over. Then I…”

“What, Emily you’re killing me. What happened? Did you spank him or something? You shoved your dildo up his ass?”

“NO!!! God, no Sheryl. What have you been doing to poor Tim?”

“I told you Emily, Tim likes to spank me. He fucks my ass with the dildo while he fucks my pussy with his big black cock. Then he comes on my face, my tits, everywhere. Then I…”

“… Okay, okay. You’re such a slut Sheryl!” Emily joked. The girls had known each other since college and were pretty frank with one another.

“Hey, Evan’s 6 inch cock is fine for you honey, but I need a big dick. Tim’s 11 inches can’t be easily replaced. I keep him happy, he makes me happy, and I tell you everything, now what happened with Evan?”

“Well, he came and dozed off a bit. I was still a little mad at the dirty porn he was looking at. One site had a man licking cum from a woman’s pussy. It was so dirty. Evan came really hard in my pussy, it was oozing out just like in the porn. I don’t know why really, I just hadn’t gotten off, I was mad…”

“Ha! You sat on his face didn’t you? Made him clean up his mess, did he like it?”

“Yes, I mean, I felt so naughty, but so in control. He resisted a little, but I just smeared myself all over his face. I started stroking his cock with my panties again to remind him how he got into this situation. I was yelling at him, calling him panty boy or something like that. Sheryl, I swear, I had the most intense orgasm ever! I came all over his face.”

“Wow! Emily, you’re like a dominatrix now. What did Evan say after you snuggled up to him?”

“WWWell, he tried to kiss me, but I kicked him out of bed and made him clean my underwear.”

“No way, you fucked his face then kicked him out of bed! That’s awesome! I can’t believe you did that.”

“I know, it felt so good. Evan cleaned the panties pretty well too!”

Sheryl had a good laugh at that and Emily felt great letting her friend in on her and Evan’s new adventures in love-making. Emily had always envied Sheryl in a way, she had tried everything at least once while Emily was much more reserved. Some things she would never have tried, but güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Sheryl’s stories of large cocks and marathon sex did make her a little envious.

Recounting her adventures from the last month, Emily finally felt like the wild one. She and Evan had made a special visit to the local lingerie store a week or so earlier. Emily took her time picking a new teddy, with a garter belt and sexy black stockings with Evan close by her side. Sheryl was practically in hysterics when Emily told her the things she had said.

“Now sweetie, don’t use these to jerk off with, they’re nice panties for me, okay?” She had said to him while fingering a thong, in the tone of a mother scolding a child. A blonde teenager not more than two feet away gave Evan a disgusting look before moving away.

“Jesus Emily, not so loud!” he hissed at her.

“Why sweetie? You don’t want women knowing you’re a dirty pervert? Why don’t I ask the cashier if her boyfriend licks his cum from her pussy? Maybe she’d want to watch you do me in the back and clean me up, shall we ask?”

“Emily please, just get what you want and let’s go.” Evan had darted out of the store and waited outside.

“What did you do then?” Sheryl asked, on the edge of her seat.

“Well, I got the stuff I wanted and bought it. I made small talk with the woman at the counter and joked that my boyfriend was really uncomfortable in the store. She laughed a bit as she had seen Evan practically run out of the store. She pointed to him and said he wouldn’t be that far away from me when I put the stuff I was buying on. Naturally, I couldn’t tell Evan that, that wouldn’t be much fun. I told him I had regaled the lady with stories of how he loved being my bitch. He was embarrassed, but he had the biggest hard on, I now he loved it.”

“I’m so jealous Emily. Tim fucks the shit out of me, but I couldn’t even begin to dominate him. Could I borrow Evan for a night?” Sheryl asked, half-jokingly.

Emily loved her friend, but there was no way in hell she was going to let her sleep with Evan. “I don’t think so,” she answered coldly.

“Come on Emily, I’ll let you have Tim? Huh? He’d love to have a go at you, he had a hard time not staring at your tits the last time we watched that movie at my place.” Sheryl prodded.

“Really?” Emily was surprised. She knew she wasn’t ugly, but Sheryl was gorgeous. Why are guys with beautiful women always wanting more? She knew Evan loved her, but she also knew he had a hard time not checking Sheryl out as well. “No, you can’t sleep with Evan hun. But….”

“What Emily, come on, let’s tease him!”

“That’s sort of what I had in mind. He’s going to work late on a project tonight, we should have dinner. Bring over your sexiest underwear and some of that porn you like. We’re going to torture Evan, it was so fun in that lingerie store, it’ll be even sweeter with you there.”

Five hours later, Evan was sitting at a red light watching the sunset over the horizon. He had been happy with their love life the past month. Emily was always such a stiff, a good lay, but not experimental at all. Now she was wearing all kinds of different outfits for him. Racing through rush hour traffic on the way home, he could barely wait and this light seemed to be taking forever to turn green. He’d been working late over supper and Emily said she had a big surprise for him when he got home. She said something about being a naughty little school girl, so he could just imagine the outfit she had on.

The lights in the house were off as Evan pulled into the driveway. The large living room window was glimmering blue with the unmistakable glare from a television screen. Leaping up the stairs two at a time, Evan burst into the house. “Honey, I’m home!”

“We’re in here sweetie,” Emily called from the living room.

We? What did she mean we? Evan made his way to the living room to find Emily and her hot friend Sheryl sharing a blanket. The coffee table was littered with what looked to be DVD boxes and two bottles of wine. His back to the T.V., he loosened his tie, and stared at his girlfriend. He wasn’t expecting this, he thought he was getting laid not watching a rental with Sheryl. Oh god, if Tim dumped her they’ll be bonding all night, fuck!

“Oh god, it’s sooo biiig. I don’t know if I can fit it in my mouth. Mmm…….” The dialog emitted from the T.V. finally caught Evan’s attention as her turned to see what they were watching. A blonde porn star was on her knees in front of a well built black guy and going to town on his massive cock.

“What are you two watching?” Evan asked, unable to tear his eyes off the lewd scene.

“I’m showing Emily what a real man’s cock looks like,” Sheryl piped up, obviously a little drunk.

“What?” Evan was still in shock, but managed to turn to his girlfriend.

“Sweetie, please get out of the way. I want to see that big black cock. I thought you liked interracial porn?” Emily teased, waving for güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri him to move to the side. The blanket fell off her shoulder, revealing a sexy red bra as she patted the sofa to her left. “Have a seat.”

Still stunned, Evan sat next to her. The actress on the screen was soon on her back, legs spread wide to take in the guy’s dick. Sheryl let out a gasp and Evan noticed both she and Emily were breathing quite heavily. He glanced over and it looked like, no! It looked like they were both masturbating under the blanket.

“Oh god that would feel so good,” Sheryl moaned.

“He’s so big Sheryl, is Tim like that? Is he that big?” Emily cooed. It was obvious to Evan that she too was a little tipsy and was clearly fingering herself.

“Sure, he fucks me so good with his great big cock. Oh, Yes!” Sheryl threw her head back. The blanket fell off her chest, revealing her full and firm (obviously augmented) breasts.

Evan’s jaw dropped. His eye’s quickly scanned the table, one empty bottle of wine and the other half-full, they must be well on their way to getting drunk. His erection now uncomfortable in his pants, he adjusted himself.

“Oh honey, if you’re going to beat off you’ll want these,” Emily laughed as she handed him a pair of red panties that matched the bra she had on. “And these.” A pink pair, apparently Sheryl’s, was tossed onto his lap. “Beat off for us sweetie, pleaseeeeee?” Emily said in her sexiest voice and pouting.

“Yeah Evan, show me that big cock Emily’s always telling me about!” Sheryl egged him on. Emily had said no such thing, but Sheryl wanted him to get naked so they could have some real fun.

Rising and undoing his shirt, Evan was more than willing to give into the desires of these two women. His cock was already rock hard as he made a show of whipping it out of his pants. He started stroking the 6-inch length of it as Sheryl stared intently.

“That’s a nice cock you’ve got Emily. It’s not nearly as long or thick as Tim, but I’d love to suck on that!” Sheryl made to reach out for Evan, but Emily slapped her hand away.

“Hands off Sheryl!” Emily was a little drunk, but she still wasn’t going to have Evan getting it on with Sheryl. “Lick my pussy baby,” Emily began to take charge of the situation. Pushing the coffee table away with her legs, she threw the blanket over Sheryl and spread her short legs to reveal her sopping wet snatch.

Evan got to his knees in front of his girlfriend and began to kiss her wet lips softly. Emily ran her fingers through his hair as Sheryl stared on, masturbating.

“Ohhhhh, that’s a good boy. Lick that pussy you panty loving pervert. Beat yourself off with my panties while you eat that pussy.”

“That’s so hot!” Sheryl gasped as Evan began pounding his cock, now wrapped in Emily’s sexy red panties. She sensed that Emily was not going to let her have any fun with Evan herself though.

“You love that pussy don’t you? Don’t you?!” Emily hissed as she pulled Evan from between her thighs. His chin was slick with her juices, the interracial porno had really turned her on. That big dick on screen and knowing Evan was going to see her and Sheryl fingering themselves, it was all so wild.

“Yes,” Evan answered and made to dive back into Emily’s wetness, but she held him away.

“Do you like showing Sheryl your hard cock while you beat off into my panties, I know how much you love jerking off into my underwear.”


“Yes what pussy boy?”

“I… I love jerking off into your panties.”

“You like cumming in them too, don’t’ you?”

“Yes Emily,” Evan was intent on getting back to business. This humiliation in front of Sheryl was turning him on a little, but he really wanted to turn this into a threesome with his horny wife and her hot friend.

“I don’t think you should call me Emily. We have company here, you should call me Mistress Emily. Okay?”

“Yes Em… Mistress.”

“Good boy, now what else do you like to do. What’s your new specialty panty boy?”

“Ummmm,” Evan stalled. He knew Emily had probably already told Sheryl everything, but he still didn’t really care to talk about it.

“Come on now, you like licking up little messes from your penis, don’t you?”

“Is that true?” Sheryl got in on the game. “Will you show me?”

“Do you want to show Mistress Sheryl what you do panty boy? Do you?”

“Yes Mistress.” Evan wasn’t sure where this was going to lead, but if he had to lick his cum out of Sheryl’s pussy he could live with that.

“Well, Tim fucked Sheryl really hard today before she came over. His big, black cock shot a big load into her wet pussy. Do you want to clean her up panty boy? Show her what you can do?” Emily lied. She had no idea if Tim had fucked Sheryl, but was really getting into humiliating Evan. Even drunk, she knew both Evan and Sheryl wanted his mouth on her pussy. She wasn’t about to let Sheryl fuck him, but a little display of Evan’s oral güvenilir bahis şirketleri talents must shut Sheryl up about Tim’s big cock for a while.

“Yes please Mistress. Shall I finish you first?”

“No!” Emily slapped Evan across the face, taking he and Sheryl quite by surprise. “No talking back panty boy, now lick her pussy ’til I tell you to stop!”

Sheryl tossed off the blanket and made room for Evan between her legs. Spreading her creamy white thighs apart so Evan could lean in to kiss her freshly shaved pussy. Evan couldn’t help grinning as he began to kiss up Sheryl’s thighs to her exposed and swollen lips.

“Ooooo, he’s nice. That’s good Evan!” Sheryl cooed as Evan gently pleasured her sex. She could see why Emily enjoyed this. Running his hands along the smooth skin of Sheryl’s legs, he made love to her with his mouth.

“Yeah, panty boy’s a good pussy licker. He loves pussy.”

“OH GOD!” Sheryl jumped as Evan began fingering her while sucking on her clit. “Yes, yes, right there, YES!”

“Aawwww,” Emily said, loving patting Evan on the head. She felt a strange tingling, then realized what it was. “Oh god, I need to pee!” She said, ruining the moment.

“Piss on him!” Sherly said, in the throes of her orgasm. Tim fucked her well with his big cock, but Evan was doing things with his mouth that she hadn’t experienced in ages. She didn’t want Emily to stop things before she could get really crazy with Evan.

“Yuck! Gross! I’m not into that.” Emily said, disgusted. Then in a hushed tone she whispered harshly in Sheryl’s ear, “I’m going to the washroom, Evan won’t even notice. Do NOT fuck my boyfriend while I’m gone!”

With that Emily rose softly from the couch and made her way to the washroom upstairs, creeping like a child on Christmas morning so as not to alarm Evan. Looking back with her finger over her lips at Sheryl. Sheryl nodded and began screaming, “YES Evan! Taste that pussy, lick all that cum from my pussy!” Stifling a snicker, Emily bounded up the stairs.

Seeing her chance Sheryl grabbed Evan by the hair on top of his head, pulling him from her crotch.

“Do you want to fuck me?”

“Yes,” Evan replied. He didn’t even notice that Emily was gone. Sheryl lay back on the couch and spread her legs.

“Come on then, fuck my pussy!”

Evan wasted no time, leaping onto Sheryl. His rock hard cock was practically sucked into Sheryl’s wet sex. She felt so good after being teased, his cock now engulfed in the soothing warmth of her body. His eyes closed in ecstasy, he felt Sheryl pull his lips to hers, plunging her tongue into his mouth. It was only then that Evan realized Emily wasn’t there.

After allowing Sheryl to kiss him for a few seconds, he broke away and asked seriously, “Where is Emily?”

“She went to the washroom, now fuck me hard and cum in me before she comes back.”

Evan began thrusting into her as Sheryl began to clench the muscles between her legs. She could be as loose or tight as she wanted. Right now, she wanted Evan to cum fast and hard before her friend got back. Knowing she was fucking Evan without Emily’s approval made her feel so naughty, such a slut. Emily was right about Evan’s oral talents, he was great. Now she wanted to force him to lick up a creampie from her pussy too.

“Oh god, your cock feels so good, sooo big,” Sheryl lied. Evan’s cock was nice, but nowhere near the size of what she was used to. But that’s not what most guys want to hear at a time like this. “Ohh, that’s so good. Cum for me baby, cum in my slutty blonde pussy.”

Evan felt guilty as he fucked Sheryl as hard and fast as he could, he knew Emily would not approve of this. Closing his eyes, he put his head down and pounded into Sheryl. The slapping of skin sounded as though it could be heard miles away. Evan had a feeling they were going to get caught, but he couldn’t stop now, not so close.

“Ohhhh yes Evan, pump that big cock into my pussy. Cum in me, CUM IN ME!” Sheryl began moaning at the top of her lungs, there was no hiding that. Evan gave in to his desire and fucked Sheryl for all he was worth.

“YES! Yes! You fucking whore, take that dick! You slut! You slut! Oh fuck, Oh yes, Sheryl I’m! I’m! Cumming, aaahhh yyeeesssssssss…” Evan let out a hiss along with his pent up sexual frustration and released a torrent of cum into Sheryl’s tight pussy. His arms gave out and he lowered himself onto Sheryl’s chest.

His cock still twitching and his head resting on her breasts, Sheryl cradled Evan like a child. His warm cum and softening cock felt so nice compared to Tim’s monster cock, which left her sore after a pounding like that. Opening her eyes slowly, she quickly fixed them upon an enraged Emily.

Emily had heard the ruckus after she finished in the washroom. When she came down the stairs to see Evan fucking the shit out of her slutty friend, she almost lost it. Standing there with hands on hips and steam coming out of her ears (figuratively, of course) she was fuming.

“You dirty whore!” She said in a voice cold enough to chill the room. Sheryl was actually scared and may even have made a break for it, but the weight of Evan on her chest pinned her down. She could only wait and see if what was coursing through Emily’s mind would burst forth…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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