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All the characters are age 18, or older. This story is about incestuous relationships.

For background, I suggest you read the previous chapters.


It was an exciting week for me. Maybe to most of you doing housework seems just the reverse. But, I was able to live in my feminine side every minute for the whole week. Sure my cock would get hard when Mom came home from work and became Eloise. But I was still controlled by my inner woman. The femininity of our lovemaking sent tingles up my spine whenever I thought of it.

Whenever my housework was caught up I tried on some of the things we had bought for my wardrobe. It was obvious that the shorts would be a problem. I was just too well hung.

I checked on the internet for answers, but none seemed very appealing. In fact some sounded quite painful. I decided it was a problem I could leave for later to solve. In the meantime I would wear dresses and skirts.

Tuesday Mom had used the strap-on with me again. I found it to be just as exciting as the first time we had made love that way. I thought she looked lovely wearing a short nightie and the belt. The dildo stood out in front of her like the hard cock it was meant to be. She was on top when we fucked. I sucked her tits and exchanged wild, wet kisses with her until my thick creamy cum spewed from my cock to coat both our bellies. We lay side by side afterwards and scooped up the cum from each other’s body with our fingers and fed it to each other.

Mom had come home Thursday evening with a large, and very thick, mat. One we could spread on the floor and use as a bed. It had a removable cover that could be washed. She had Jenny’s upcoming visit in mind when she bought it. Our king sized bed was big enough for three of us, but we could use the mat downstairs if the occasion arose.

Thursday and Friday I got all the laundry done. I made a pot of stew and another of chili. Those were meals we could warm up without taking time to cook. Mom was going to bring lasagna and salad home for dinner Friday.

Eloise and I were both excited about seeing Jenny again. Our first weekend together had been an exciting time. Thursday there was an email from her. She would be leaving right from work. She would get something to eat on the way. We could expect her about 7:30.

The email went on to say:

Since I will be leaving right from work I will not have showered when I arrive. My panties will probably be enticing to Gene, and maybe Gina too.

Eloise, I need to be frank. I found the scent of you, when you are hot, to be extremely erotic. The thought of your bouquet when you have been anticipating sex for a full day is exciting to an extreme. So may I ask you to skip bathing too?

I got the impression that you might like such scents too. If so we can please each other. If not we can all shower together.

See you tomorrow.

Love you,


Eloise read it with interest. “I never really thought about it, but I think she’s right. I did find her scent, when she arrived last time, enticing. I remember telling her not to worry about showering. I was glad later that I did. Although, it was you I was thinking of when I told her that.”

“It’s fine with me, Eloise, I certainly enjoy you after you’ve been horny all day. And yes, I found Jenny to be enticing when yes arrived last time.”

“It’s okay with me then,” Eloise had said. She sent a response to Jenny.


It will be as you wish.

We are both excited and anxious to see you again. As you say, it will be a day of anticipation for us both.


Eloise and Gina

Mom was a little uncertain about using the word love. But she decided that we weren’t committing to anything by using it to close a letter.

Mom was already excited when I sent her off to work the next morning. Or maybe I should say she had been. I ate her pussy in the kitchen before our shower. She had several intense orgasms as I licked at my cum, still in her cunt from the night before. That took the edge off her horniness. At least for a little while.

I worked around the house. I was feeling very feminine in my new role. I loved the feel of the crotchless pantyhose under my dress. Mom had bought several more pairs for me. I had depilated before our morning shower, then Mom and I shaved our legs and underarms. I also had been using the skin softener I had ordered on the internet. It was too early to tell, for sure, if it was working, but it seemed to be.

By midafternoon I was all caught up. I read for a while and checked a few internet sites. I picked out the outfit I thought I’d wear for Jenny. A very sheer, knee length nightgown; my favorite see through bra, seamed black hosiery and strappy heels.

Mom got home a little later than usual. As planned she had picked up dinner. She stripped down to bra, panties, nylons and heels. Together we checked our emails. There was nothing that was important. We went upstairs to pick out what she would wear bursa bayan eskort to greet Jenny.

Mom thought my choices were pretty good and picked out a similar outfit for herself. I checked my face for whiskers and touched it up with a razor.

Back downstairs we warmed up the lasagna and had dinner. We went back to the bedroom after our meal and got into our nightgowns and accessories. Mom didn’t wear a bra and her areolas showed invitingly through the sheer fabric. Our pubes were obvious, too, and my half hard cock.

We decided to put the new mat out. We brought all the spare pillows we had downstairs and scattered them over it. The makeshift bed was actually quite soft. Our living room carpet had a deep pile that was already almost comfortable to lie on. Combined with the mat we had a nice soft area to make love on.

We had time to kill so we decided to read some stories at the ‘Literotica’ site. We found a story that we really got into. We finished it a few minutes before Jenny drove into the driveway.

Mom opened the garage door and she came in that way. She was pulling a suitcase behind herself and carrying a clothing bag. She was wearing a print dress and a light jacket.

Mom led her into the living room as I closed the garage door. I met them there for a three way hug and lots of kisses.

“I’m so happy to see you both again,” Jenny gushed. “You both look lovely.”

After another tight hug Eloise took her jacket and hung it in the closet.

“Sit down and relax,” I told her. “You’re probably tired from your drive. I’ll bring coffee.”

“Thank you, coffee will be nice. And, Gina, your voice is coming along so well. I’m amazed at your progress.”

Jenny was excited. I think Eloise was too. I must admit to, more than a little, eagerness myself.

Eloise and Jenny sat, close together, on the couch while I brought a got cups and the coffee pot. It was freshly made. It had been set up and we turned it on when Jenny drove into the driveway.

I poured for all of us. Eloise and Jenny moved over to let me sit on the couch next to our guest. Jenny sipped at her coffee. She was relaxing a little more.

“I have a confession to make,” she said with a small laugh when she had finished her coffee. “I played with myself as I was driving here, through my panties; they’re soaked.”

“Eloise laughed too. “We’ll let Gina get them off you. But it sounds enticing to me too.”

“That’s nice to hear, Eloise,” Jenny responded. “I’ve been having constant fantasies about the three of us together.”

“Let’s move over to the mat we set out,” Eloise said.

“I was intrigued by that,” Jenny told her. “It looks inviting.”

Eloise and I each took one of Jenny’s hands and led her there. She lay down and I put a pillow under her butt. Eloise laid next to her and Jenny turned to let Mom slide the zipper of her dress open.

Jenny was wearing nylons with low heeled shoes. I eased the shoes off her feet and lay on the mat between her spread legs. Eloise was exchanging kisses with her, they were already hot and wet.

She pushed Jenny’s dress off her shoulders and opened her bra to free Jenny’s plump breasts.

I flipped Jenny’s drees up to expose her thighs and panties. My mouth watered with lust when I saw the damp patch on her gusset. I moved closer to inhale the scents and lick at her juices soaking the silky fabric.

It was wonderful. I sucked the gusset into my mouth tasting the erotic flavors. But I wanted more. I knelt back to pull her panties down and off, She helped by lifting her hips. All the while exchanging kisses and nuzzlings with my mother.

I dove back onto her fragrant cunt licking and sucking at a day’s accumulation of her juices and other scents. Of her cum, her sweat. I licked and sucked her clit and pushed my tongue into her hole.

Jenny tugged at Mom’s hips urging her to straddle her face. With her nightgown bunched around her waist Mom sat on Jenny’s face. Her pussy, like that of the woman eating her, was aromatic from a day of horniness.

Jenny’s juices were flowing with lust. Musky, strong with the bouquet of desire; with the lures produced by a woman to entice the male. The aroma of an aroused pussy. So erotic, so enticing. Calling for my attention. Calling my lips, my tongue, my cock.

I was aware of muffled gasps from Jenny and louder sounds of cumming from Eloise. Jenny’s legs clasped me as she quivered from the thrill of orgasms. As she came and made my mother, above her, cum with her.

Eloise lifted herself from Jenny’s face. She laid beside her exchanging kisses as Jenny came again from my ministrations. Jenny tugged on my arm. I lifted my face from her desirous pussy and moved to lie facing her.

Eloise took my place between her legs while Jenny pulled on my hip wanting me to straddle her. “Fuck my face, Gina,” she said, her voice was husky.

I teased her a little, rubbing my throbbing cock across her lips. bursa evi olan escort I wanted to feel her cum from my mother eating her pussy before I let her start sucking me. I was hot and horny. I wouldn’t last long once I felt my cock in her hot mouth.

She grasped the hem of my nightgown and draped it over her face. It seemed an erotic gesture. She told me later that it reinforced the sense of femininity while being able to taste a hard cock.

As I felt an orgasm singing in her body I let my cock slide into her eager mouth. Her fingers danced along the crack of my ass and I thrust my cock into her. She came again from Eloise’s tongue as my cum gushed into her hot mouth. I had been horny all day and the thrills of cumming ripped through my body.

Eloise sensed that I had cum. As I softened she lifted her face from Jenny’s cunt and moved up to lie beside her. I lay on her other side and she kissed us. Mom first, then me. Hot, open mouthed kisses to exchange the tastes and cum of each other.

We laid on the mat resting. I sat up and looked at the two women beside me. Jenny with her dress bunched around her waist. Her hairy pussy exposed below, her plump tits above. Mom was dozing next to her in her nightgown.

The room was scented with the fragrances of hot sex. I felt myself becoming aroused again. Jenny was looking up at me. She held her arms up for me. She drew me close for loving kisses and whispered words. “That was so nice, Gina.”

Mom woke and joined our embrace. “It was so nice with you too, Eloise,” Jenny continued. “I’ve been dreaming of being with the two of you since I left the last time.”

Jenny pushed her dress off over her legs. “I have a couple of nightgowns with me,” she told us. “Some clothes too, in case we want to go anywhere.”

Eloise suggested we have a glass of wine, or two.

We sat on the couch. Jenny, unabashed by her nakedness was between Eloise and I. We chatted about her trip and her job. She told us that she had begun looking into the feasibility of a business catering to cross dressers. So far it appeared that there were opportunities. Mom told her that I had looked for crossdresser establishments in our area, but hadn’t found much. Jenny thought that was interesting. Especially since our city was much larger than hers.

We finished our wine and went upstairs to the bedroom. I carried Jenny’s bag. She carried the clothing bag.

In the bedroom she got out a filmy nightgown to wear. A case that took up a lot of the room in her suitcase contained a strap-on belt and a collection of dildos and vibrators. She picked out a couple of vibrators and her strap-on belt. She didn’t put the belt on, but laid it on the floor next to the bed.

She sat on the side of the bed and slid her nylons off. “They’re starting to sag,” she explained.

We all laid together, with Jenny in the middle again. She kissed me hard and told me, “I want to watch you make love with your mother.”

I rolled across her into Eloise’s waiting arms. Our kisses were hot from the start. I tasted her tits, the flesh of her belly, her navel, her succulent thighs and the gaping lips of her pussy. I ate her until she came then rose above her and pushed my throbbing cock into her hot cunt.

I was only dimly aware of Jenny next to us using a vibrator on herself. I came to Mom’s gasps as an orgasm sang in her body. Jenny’s gasps matched my mother’s as both women shuddered with orgasmic pleasure.

My cum poured into my mother’s belly as excitement ripped through the cells of my body.

Afterward I lay between the two women to recoup. It didn’t take as long as one might think. I was young, and horny. The scents of hot women were keeping me aroused.

As my cock began to stiffen again the ladies took turns sucking it. Jenny straddled me backwards when I was ready. Eloise straddled my legs facing her. They kissed and played with each other’s tits as Jenny rode my cock.

I watched Jenny’s plump ass bobbing in front of me. I heard gasps from Mom and realized that Jenny was fingering her pussy even as her own cunt was filled with my cock.

Both women were cumming as I thrust my cock up into Jenny’s hot body. The scents and sounds brought new thrills to my body. An orgasm ran through my limbs, converging on my cock in an explosion of lust that sent my cum surging into her hot wet cunt. Another surge came quickly and a third, although weaker than the first two. My entire being was infused with that wondrous feeling; a blend of ecstasy, relief and awe.

Jenny rode me until I was too soft to stay in her. Even as I softened she bent forward, over Eloise, so that my cock rubbed on her clit. She came again even as I could hardly stay in her.

Jenny and Eloise held each other as I lay beside them. I was spent. They were pleasantly relaxed, for the moment. As I was starting to drift off Eloise turned and the two women were eating each other’s pussies.

I watched, spellbound. bursa rus escort My sleep forgotten for the moment as they ate my cum from each other. Cumming with loud gasps and muffled words of lust. Their bodies shuddered with their orgasms as they came together.

They parted when they had each satisfied the other. I let myself fall asleep then. I slept soundly until morning.

I was the first one awake. Still in my nightgown I went to the bathroom then grabbed a bathrobe and headed to the kitchen to get the coffee going.

I was on my second cup when Mom appeared. She too had put a bathrobe on over her nightgown. It was a little cool in the house. She kissed me lightly on the lips, but didn’t say anything until she had drank some coffee.

“I think Jenny is a late riser,” she said then. “Last time she was here she was the last one up too.”

She came downstairs soon after that. She had put on a robe too. I started breakfast while she and Mom had coffee. Actually what I did was put a plate of cinnamon rolls on the table. That was plenty for all of us.

There didn’t seem to be any hurry to do anything after breakfast. Eloise and Jenny went upstairs for some girl talk. When they came downstairs an hour later they told me we would be going to lunch. Eloise called the restaurant, the same one as last time, and asked for a secluded table. She told them that we had business to discuss and didn’t want to be overheard.

We had time before we had to dress for lunch so the women led me back upstairs. Jenny put her belt on. Like Eloise’s it had a built in vibrator. She was quite inventive She had me lie on my back with the wedge under my butt. Mom sat on my face as Jenny slid the dildo into my ass. Mom leaned back into Jenny’s embrace to have her tits fondled even as she rubbed her flowing pussy over my face.

It was a thrill for all of us. Jenny knew what she was doing unlike Mom and I who were still learning. I came explosively spewing my cum onto my belly and Mom’s back. The women came equally intensely. Their bodies quivering as orgasms ripped through them.

After a short rest it was time to shower. The women had fun dressing me and making me up afterwards. They got themselves ready next. I must say that I looked hot. In a pencil skirt and blouse, some of the new clothes Eloise and I had bought. My wig was the short, light brown one.

At the restaurant Eloise and Jenny made sure that our table was secluded, as they had requested. They were satisfied and gave the hostess a very nice tip. One that would ensure that she would remember us.

Once seated they both turned to me. “We need to discuss something with you, Gina,” Eloise told me.

Jenny just smiled at me.

“You have another year of school here,” Mom continued. “After that it is on to another school for your degree. We, both of us, think that you should consider going to the state university. You can stay with Jenny and, in your spare time, help her get her business set up.”

Jenny picked up the thread. “I’d love to have you there, Gina. Eloise can come there on weekends, or we can drive here.”

Jenny got into more detail. “I told your mother that I think a business catering to cross dressers would be viable. After what you told me about this town I’m going to investigate the possibilities here too. I haven’t made a final decision yet, but I will soon.”

Eloise spoke again. “I’ve told Jenny that I might be interested in financing her startup. Of course I would need more details first.”

“So, Gina,” Jenny said. “If I do decide to go with the plan you can be a great help. Even if I don’t you’ll be welcome company.”

“It will save on living expenses, too,” Eloise said. “I won’t be jealous,” she continued. “Not much anyway. Jenny and I are developing a strong bond.”

“It’s up to you, Gina,” Jenny said. “We don’t want to force something on you.”

“You don’t have to decide right away,” Eloise said. “We won’t be making any final decisions until after our vacation. Maybe not even then.”

“The idea does have a certain appeal,” I said. “It make sense too.

“Mom, I assume you have given careful thought to the idea.”

“Yes, I have,” she answered. “I’m not only okay with it, I’m enthused about the possibilities.”

We had a great lunch. I practiced my voice on the waitress and didn’t get any raised eyebrows or funny looks.

Lust was obvious in the car while driving home. There was an air of sexuality, pheromones in the air maybe? I’m not sure what, but something had us all aroused. Eloise was driving I was in the front seat with her. Jenny was seated behind me.

Eloise’s hand was on my thigh as much as on the steering wheel. Jenny behind me was massaging my shoulders and letting her fingers dance lightly over my neck. Almost like she was nuzzling me.

It was about a half hour drive, we hit lots of red lights. By the time we pulled into the garage Mom’s hand was massaging my hardening cock through my skirt. My own hand rested on top of hers, guiding her. My head was leaned back toward Jenny, to enjoy her caresses.

In the house Eloise led the way upstairs. We got out of our clothes quickly. Hanging them could wait. Panties were kicked off and Mom was putting her belt on. Jenny helped her, although I don’t think help was really necessary.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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