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All the characters are age 18, or older. This story is about incestuous relationships.

For background, I suggest you read the previous chapters.


It was a Friday evening. The start of another weekend for Eloise and myself. It had been my last day of school. I had done very well in my finals by the way. I can’t help but think that the wonderful weekend that Jenny, Eloise and I had spent together helped immensely. I was certainly relaxed during the testing.

I was home at noon and had slipped into a pair of panties and a camisole. I dressed in pants and shirt over my lingerie. I decided to make something for dinner and got a stew started.

I was checking the computer for email and messages when I heard the garage door. Mom came into the kitchen with a couple of packages.

After we hugged and exchanged kisses I pointed out another package that had been delivered for her. She was already shedding her suit jacket and skirt. She left the blouse on. It was one she knew I liked. She did unbutton it and let it fall open.

“I’ll take these packages upstairs, Honey.” She told me. “I’ll be right back and we can read our messages.”

“Ok, Eloise. Would you like a drink, or tea?” I was practicing my feminine voice as I talked. I tried to use it all the time at home. I was showing steady improvement.

Mom had shed her work cloths, she was Eloise now, her real name is Ethel; but in our secret world she became Eloise. I would be transformed into Gina when we did my makeup. That would happen later.

“I think tea would be nice. You can get those pants off too.” She said on her way upstairs.

I tossed her discarded suit into the laundry room. I stripped my pants and shirt, they followed the suit. I made us both a cup of tea and brought them to the computer desk.

Eloise was back soon and sat next to me. We checked email first, there was a message from Jenny. It was mostly chitchat except for the last paragraph.

I am still exhilarated from our weekend together. My whole body feels the excitement. Thank you again, BOTH of you, for giving me so much of yourselves. I do hope we can get together again, soon. But I’ve already said that, haven’t I.

I love you both,


“Do we love her?” Eloise asked.

“I think it’s safe to say, Eloise, that we feel a great deal of affection for her. Love? Maybe. Although one weekend together is not really enough time.”

“I think that’s about right, Gene. I hope she visits again. Let’s invite her for next weekend. If her schedule will allow it.”

Jenny Darling,

We can hardly wait for another time together either. Are you free next weekend? By the way, Gene started his summer vacation today and Eloise is thinking about taking a vacation soon. Do you have any time off coming up?”


Eloise and Gina

There was a message in our FLU (Familial lover’s Union) mailbox from one of the women Eloise communicated with. She told how she had convinced her panty wearing son to try nylons. She wanted to get him to wear heels next and asked Eloise if she had any advice.

Eloise responded to her message telling her how we had done it, and some thoughts on where to find shoes to fit and styles to try.

“I’d like to meet them someday,” she said. “They sound like nice people.”

I stirred the stew and put it on very low heat. We went upstairs for our shower and put on makeup.

We went through our Friday evening routine. Depilate, shower, shave legs and underarms. Then to the vanity for our makeup. “I’d like you to be especially feminine this week, Gina.” Eloise told me. “I have something in mind.”

“Okay, Eloise.” I told her

“Your voice is getting better all the time,” she told me. “Keep practicing.

First we picked out the wig. We both thought the auburn one would be perfect. It was shoulder length with a nice wave, beautiful. That decided we moved on to lingerie. Eloise decided on black. She told me “Wear your black bra, the one with the exposed nipples, and your garter belt. The black mesh nylons would be a nice touch too. Please wear your panties over your garter belt. I’ll want to take them off you at bedtime.”

Once we knew the colors we’d be wearing Eloise got started with the makeup. She did a magnificent job. I don’t think I had ever felt so much like a woman as when we stood in front of the full length mirror together.

We put on our negligees and went downstairs to dinner. Over dinner we talked about whether I should get a summer job. Eloise didn’t think I should be in a hurry. “I’d like to try to arrange a vacation with Jenny,” she said. “Maybe at one of the incest resorts. Maybe just here at home. I think a longer stay with her might be nice.”

There were several resorts for incestuous couples and groups. One of them was run by FLU.

After dinner we stayed at the table for coffee until Eloise stood and held out her hand to me. She led me to the bedroom. I thought Eloise looked very desirable in her very sheer şişli escort negligee with the black lingerie showing through. I had a mental image of how her wild tangle of pubic hair would look behind the gossamer fabric.

She stood beside the bed the bed as I knelt to remove her panties. They were already wet with the juices of her desire. I tasted the gusset, it was enticing.

She lay down on the bed and held her arms up to me. We lay together kissing, nuzzling. I opened her bra to free her plump tits. I laid between her legs to inhale her bouquet and taste her delectable juices. Eloise only let me lick at her puffy lips a short while. She pulled at my arm to let me know she wanted me face to face with her.

She pushed my panties down to free my hard throbbing cock. She pulled them over my feet and threw them away. She laid on me then. My cock lay against my belly. She rubbed her pussy along its length. Her hips lifted enough to let her clit feel its hardness. Her thatch of pubic titillated the bare flesh of my belly.

She spoke to me softly, “You are so beautiful, Gina. I love you, My Darling.”

“I love you Eloise, so much.”

“Gina, it is time to take your virginity. Are you ready?”

I knew instinctively what she meant. “I’m ready, Mom. Make me yours.” My voice was husky, feminine; a woman in heat.

Eloise knelt up straight. “We need to prepare,” she said.

She reached off the bed for a makeup case and a wedged shaped pillow she had left there. I hadn’t noticed them. She set the case on the bed next to us. The pillow she positioned under my butt.

She opened the case. A strap-on harness was on top. I watched as she put it on and adjusted the straps. It appeared to have a built in vibrator. She positioned that at her pussy. I found watching her to be surprisingly erotic.

Several dildos were next. They were of several different sizes. Eloise laid them all alongside herself on the bed.

She pulled out a thin rubber glove, like the ones used in hospitals and a large tube of lube. She drew the glove on and squeezed a large dollop of lube onto her fingers.

I watched her, entranced. I suppose I should have been nervous, but I felt a sense of excited anticipation.

She pushed her finger into my ass spreading the lube generously around the inside of my anus. She repeated the process. She put another finger in me then and probed for my prostrate.

I gasped when she found it. I had never imagined what a pleasing sensation it could be.

“I think you’ll like this,” Eloise said with a smile. “I’m glad.”

She selected a dildo that looked about an inch across and about six inches long. It had a slight curve and when Eloise attached it to the strap-on it pointed a little upward.

I had watched the whole process with interest. I trusted Eloise completely. I knew she would only do what was best for me. As any mother would.

“I thought you’d want me the other way,” I said. “On my hands and knees.”

“Maybe later, Gina love. This way we can see each other.”

She positioned my legs, raised and spread widely. Lube on the dildo and she was ready.

I was surprised at how smoothly she slid into me. There was a little resistance at first but the torpedo shape of the dildo eased the way.

It felt nice right from the start. And when she found my prostrate I was in ecstasy. Over and over again on each thrust of my mother’s hips I felt the wild exhilaration as the plastic cock found the magic spot.

“Fuck me, Mommy,” I heard a young girl’s voice cry out. “I love you Mommy, fuck me.”

It was only later that I realized it was me that had cried out.

Eloise laid on my body, pressing my pulsating cock into my belly. Our lips met in a wild sloppy kiss. Her hips thrusting, our bodies meeting in the beautiful rhythm of love. It was beyond exciting.

I came hard, my cum flowed between our bellies coating both of us with its creamy slickness. I stayed hard as my mother continued to fuck me. She turned her vibrator on as she felt me rising to another orgasm.

We came together in a glorious burst of orgasmic joy.

Eloise cleaned my butt with a handful of tissues. She removed the dildo from the belt wrapped it in tissues and dropped it into a plastic pan beside the bed.

We laid close together recouping. Eloise said. “That was fun for me. I think I would have cum even without the vibrator.”

“I sounded just like a young Gina, didn’t I,” I said. “I don’t think I could sound like that on purpose.”

“You did.” My mother said. “It’s something that probably can’t be explained. And you haven’t called me Mommy for years.”

We rested a little longer. “Do you want to explore more like that, Gina?” She asked.

“Oh my yes,” I replied. “I’m still tingling with excitement.”

“There are other ways to do it,” Eloise said. “We’ll try them too.”

We rested for several hours. I woke up horny with another hard on developing. Eloise was still sleeping. She still beşiktaş escort had her strap-on belt on too, but no dildo inserted in it. I found the control for the built in vibrator. It was lying on the bed next to her. I turned it on to low speed and watched her reaction.

It wasn’t long before her hand went to her snatch. When she found only the belt there her eyes opened in puzzlement. She smiled when she saw me and figured out what was happening.

She held her arms open for me and I folded myself into them for a loving kiss. It didn’t take much to get me hard again. “Are you ready for another way?” Eloise asked.

“Yes, if you are.”

“Was the size comfortable for you last time? Would you like a little bigger toy?” She asked.

“Maybe a little bigger,” I said. “I didn’t feel stretched the first time. I don’t know if bigger is better, and I certainly don’t want to be hurt”

Eloise got her case from beside the bed and chose a dildo about half inch larger than the first one.

She positioned me on my knees this time with a pillow under my belly. She entered me smoothly, as before. I felt comfortably full and when she started hitting my prostrate my cock hardened even more. I pushed back into Eloise, wanting more, mouthing words into the pillow my head rested on, “Fuck me, fuck me Mommy.” Not the little girl’s voice this time. It was Gina’s voice speaking.

Eloise was pushing her tits into my back as she bent over me thrusting her plastic cock into me. Her hand was under me fondling my cock. Mine hand met hers there and together we stroked the pulsating shaft. I could feel the quivering of her orgasms as she pumped me full.

I couldn’t last long, and I didn’t. My cum exploded from me to more cries of “Fuck me Mommy.” As every cell in my body was exhilarated with anal bliss my cum gushed onto the sheets below us.

Eloise laid on my back for a few moments still cumming from the vibrator in her pussy. She was aware that I had cum and soon dialed the vibrator back.

We laid together again afterwards. I was excited again too. I felt like I was babbling telling her how great it was to cum from her fucking me.

“It’s great for me too, Gina, You’ll like the next way we try too.”

That set me off babbling again. “I know I will, Eloise. Everything’s been so fantastic so far. I love you so much. I love you making love to me. I’m so happy about everything.”

“We’ll wait until morning before we do it again,” Eloise told me. You need to rest before you cum again.

“Okay, Mom.”

“I like it when you say “fuck me Mommy,”” Eloise whispered. “”It makes me want to fuck you harder, to please you even more.”

“Thank you, Mommy.” I said. She smiled.

Eloise knelt up straight and took the belt off. She dropped it off the bed and we snuggled up to sleep. The sun shining in the window woke us. My stirring woke Eloise and we went to the bathroom together. We got bathrobes from the closet and went downstairs for coffee.

We didn’t say much until we’d finished our first cup. Then Eloise said with a laugh. “Our makeup is a mess.”

“That’s easily fixed,” I responded.

“How are you feeling this morning?” Eloise asked. “Are you sore?”

“Not a bit. Just the opposite. I feel great, as if something momentous occurred in my life.”

“Maybe it was momentous, Gina. I hope so.”

I fixed us breakfast while Eloise checked her computer for messages. There was one from Jenny telling us that the next weekend would be fine to get together. She also told us that she had vacation time coming, but she had not scheduled any. She went on to say that she hadn’t taken any since she lost her brother. So she had plenty of time built up. Summer was the best time to take vacation from her job at the university, she wouldn’t have a problem getting time off.

Over breakfast Mom told me that bending me over had been a fantasy of hers. Although, in her dreams, she hadn’t know how to go about it. Her visions of butt fucking me were nebulous, but seemed real. She had bought the belt soon after we became lovers, but hadn’t known how to proceed. Jenny helped her out. She and her brother Ken had made love that way and enjoyed it. Jenny had told her about various dildos and advised her what to get. Jenny, too, had given Mom the incentive she needed to go through with it.

“It was my first experience with a vibrator too,” she said. “I think it would be best to limit my use of it. Jenny told me she uses one often. I think I might find it hard to put down.”

Breakfast finished we went back to the bedroom. At the vanity we fixed our makeup. Eloise helped me dress in garter belt and nylons with one of my open weave bras. She put the belt on. Once again I found it erotic as I watched her adjust the straps and insert the vibrator into her pussy.

She took my hand and led me to the bed. She picked out a dildo the same size as the one she had used the second time. When she took me from behind. She told me to lean over the bed taksim escort and put plenty of lube in my ass. I was already hard in anticipation.

Eloise lay on her back and held her arms up to me. I straddled her hips and leaned forward to kiss her lips and her tits. “Take it now,” she said softly and her hands on my hips guided me back until I felt the dido against my butt.

I raised myself until the tip was against my anus and lowered myself onto it. I rode the plastic cock, feeling my way, trying to find what brought me the most excitement. I leaned forward to kiss my mother the straightened up to let the dildo rub against my prostrate. Mom grabbed my cock and stroked him as I raised and lowered myself to feel the comfortable fullness and the thrills when she hit the gland.

I could feel Mom’s vibrator, but not strongly. “Cum for me, Mommy,” I gasped.

I felt the vibrations strengthen and Mom was soon rising to an orgasm. She thrust her hips upwards meeting my movements. We soon got in sync, our bodies joining in a beautiful rhythm. She stroked my cock faster as thrills poured through her body.

It is hard to define just how I felt. My fantasies seemed real, they were no longer dreams. My mother was a beautiful lady with a cock and she was fucking me. I was a woman, my ass was my pussy and my mom with a cock was filling me.

At the same time my hard cock lay against my mother’s belly. The feel of her hand stroking my hardness was exciting. But in my mind I made him a pussy. I didn’t look at my cock, I thought of how it would feel as a pussy. My mother’s stroking became a finger massaging my clit.

I felt fully a woman. Or, almost so.

She brought me to an explosive orgasm, my whole body electrified as my cum jetted from my cock and poured onto her belly. Mom scooped up the creamy cum on her fingers and fed it to herself and them me.

She kept her vibrator going and, even though I had cum, I still found the dildo rubbing my prostrate to be pleasurable. We didn’t stop until Mom was replete. When I felt her turn the vibrator off I lifted myself from the dildo.

Mom, with a handful of paper towels removed it from the belt wrapped it and dropped it off the bed into a plastic basin she had left there. As I lay on my stomach she cleaned my ass. She took the belt off When she was done she laid beside me and we kissed hungrily.

“That was amazing, Mom.”

“For me too,” she responded. “I loved watching you cum. I had a great view. I would have loved to be sucking you when you came, but it wasn’t possible.”

We rested then, dozing off and on.

The rest ended when Eloise woke me from a light sleep by raining kisses on my face. “Don’t sleep the day away, Gina,” she said with a smile.

I returned her kisses. They soon turned hot, with wet open mouths and dancing tongues. Our hands and fingers groped tits and cock. My lips took the place of my hands at her tits and my fingers found the wet slit of her pussy. I rubbed the hard nubbin of her clit and pushed two fingers into her vagina.

She stroked my hard cock and we brought each other to an intense state of arousal. We turned to eat each other. Once again I was able to bury my face in my mother’s pussy. To enjoy the scents and tastes of her desire.

Both of us played with the other’s ass. Our fingers dancing around the pucker and up and down the crack.

I coated my face with Eloise’s essence and she swallowed my cum greedily. Afterward we kissed to exchange tastes and she licked her juices from my face. We lay in bed until lunch time.

Over lunch Mom said that we should clean house. I reminded her that I wouldn’t have any school. That I could take over all the household duties. She smiled at that. “I’d almost forgotten,” She said.

“You’ll be able to wear your women’s clothes all the time.” Mom continued. “Unless you have to do something with people who know you.”

“Yes,” I told her. “I want to stay feminine as much as possible. In fact I want to get some housedresses.”

“We can go shopping tomorrow if you want to,” Mom said.

“That would be fine, Mom.”

“Ok, Gina. If you want to go as a woman we can go across town. If not we’ll have to remove your nail polish.”

“I think I need to get out more as a woman, Eloise, so let’s try it that way.”

We spent some time at the computer after lunch. Together we looked at a number of sites that were devoted to a crossdressing lifestyle. None of them were quite what we were looking for. It was one of those situations where we weren’t sure what we wanted to find, but we’d know it when we did.

We checked with the FLU resort. They had a couple of cancelations, so we could get a reservation if we made it right away. One of the openings was for a two room suite. That would suit us fine and Mom made the arrangements. The dates were for late June. We took the suite for the full week that was available.

We emailed Jenny to let her know what we had done and explained why we didn’t consult her first.

As we sat at the computer our hands had been caressing each other. The thought of a vacation together with Jenny got us both worked up. As soon as the email telling of the arrangements had been sent we almost ran upstairs to the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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