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The early fall air held a slight chill that was too much for Ethan while they were moving down the freeway, but sitting in the parking lot of a middle-of-nowhere gas station it was crisp and refreshing. For a moment, the events that transpired the week after his 18th birthday quickly flashed through his mine. It had been years, but it felt like yesterday. In a moment, it all flashed through his mind again. The images and videos of his diminutive member on display. His classmates’ laughter ringing in his ears. Every last humiliating second. He shook his head, tossing the memory from his mind as he had done so many times before.

Things had gone well in the five years following graduation. A two-year welding certification quickly led to a well-paying job, leaving Ethan well ahead of most of the classmates who had so viciously taunted him.

He drummed on the steering wheel of his car, his eyes stopping on the door of the run down building as the best part of the last five years of his life emerged. Jennifer stepped out into the sunlight, her long blonde hair swinging in the breeze. She smiled when she saw Ethan and jogged toward the vehicle. Ethan’s eyes moved up and down the beautiful young woman, taking in the sight of her well-toned legs wrapped in a pair of tight black jeans. She slid into the passenger seat, planting a kiss on his cheek.

“They didn’t have orange, so I grabbed grape. Hope that’s ok.” she said, wrapping the seatbelt around herself and clicking it into place. Ethan started the vehicle back up and guided them out of the parking lot.

“As long as you’re the one bringing it to me, I’ll drink whatever you give me.” he said with a smile, turning left and accelerating onto the freeway.

“Oh my god. You’re such a dork.” she laughed, a sound that never failed to start blood flowing to Ethan’s less than impressive member.

For a while they sat in silence, both of them excited to get to their destination. They had spent months planning this trip with a couple they knew from college and the next three days were to be filled with reminiscing, hot tub sitting, and more alcohol than would be healthy. It was all either of them could talk about for the past week.

A few miles down the road, Jenny’s hand landed on Ethan’s thigh and she patted either leg, almost like she couldn’t remember something.

“What’s up?” Ethan asked.

“Oh, nevermind. I couldn’t remember which side you shift your junk to. Then I remembered it’s too small to matter.” she replied, giving the crotch of his jeans a gentle squeeze. A blush rose to Ethan’s cheeks as he adjusted his awkward boner. This did nothing to move her hand, which was now rubbing his bulge slowly but rhythmically. He let out a quiet moan. This brought a chuckle from Jenny. “Awwww. Does little Ethan like that? You’re lucky I could find the little guy at all.” She laughed at his squirming, not letting up as he struggled to keep the car straight.

“Jenny… please.” he pleaded meekly.

“Please what? You know what I want to hear.” Her eyes had a hint of malevolence in them that Ethan found entrancing.

“Please… please suck my tiny cock.” he replied, blushing even more. This was a ritual she had started recently, and while it was mildly humiliating, Ethan loved every second of it. He loved it even more when she removed her seatbelt and got to her knees on the seat. She unzipped his pants and mimed taking longer than necessary trying to find his little boner, but eventually pulled it free from its denim prison.

“Aw, look! The little guy is already leaking. It’s so cute!” Her gentle teasing only served to arouse Ethan more as she bent down and gently ran her tongue in a circle around the head of his aching cock. “What if I just did this for the next hour? Just gently teased your dicklet while you tried to drive. How long before you started outright begging?” She giggled, doing the tongue trick once more.

“Oh my god, that’s so mean. You know it wouldn’t take me long at all. Please, Jenny.”

“I think you’re going to have to try a little harder than that.” She exhaled gently onto his now wet penis, causing him to almost shudder.

“Please! Please Jenny, I’m begging you to suck my tiny little button dick!” he shouted. He was immediately rewarded with the feeling of her warm lips wrapping around his diminutive member and moving up and down what little shaft was exposed. He moaned loudly, wiggling helplessly in his seat as she sent waves of ecstasy flowing through his body.

In all of this he didn’t see the pickup truck full of gorgeous young women pull up next to them, but Jenny did. Jenny’s clearly illicit moment drew their attention, the women almost pressing their faces against the windows of their truck. That was when Jenny made her move. She lifted her head, giving the women a perfect view of Ethan’s tiny erection.

He noticed Jenny stopping. This caused him to look up just in time to see a vehicle full of beautiful young women waving their pinkies at him and laughing hysterically. eve gelen escort He quickly covered himself, but it was too late. The truck sped forward, leaving a red-faced Ethan to stare over at Jenny, who was doubled over in laughter.

“Oh ok, real cute. I’m getting you back for that one.” he grumbled, staring at the road ahead, his erection refusing to go away. “Are you at least going to let me finish?”

“I don’t think so, little guy. We’re gonna have plenty of fun this weekend. I think you can wait a bit.” She smiled before zipping up his pants for him, making sure to graze the tip of his engorged cock one last time. Ethan shuddered and tried his best to focus on driving rather than on the throbbing ache in his groin. Jenny didn’t make it easy, teasing him every ten minutes or so by scraping her fingernails over the front of his jeans.

After what seemed like ages they turned onto a dirt road and began the final half mile of the journey. Jenny reached into her purse and grabbed her phone.

“I’ll text Rick. Let him and Jasmine know we’re here. God I can’t wait to see them again.”

The sound of Jasmine’s name instantly sent Ethan back to a memory from sophomore year of college. He was sitting in the hallway just outside the locker rooms. It had been a quiet day and he was waiting for Jasmine to get out so they could head to Biology together. He was flipping through some pages in their textbook, desperately trying to cram a few last bits of knowledge into his brain before their upcoming quiz. That was when he heard a commotion coming from behind the girls’ locker room door: “AAAAH! No! Let me go!”

It was Jasmine’s frantic voice echoing through the locker room. It wasn’t long before Ethan saw why. The door burst open and Jasmine was shoved forward by a crowd of hands, her tall curvy figure covered by nothing but a short towel. The sight of her long tan legs sticking out from beneath the bright white cloth entranced Ethan. All he could do was stare as she was pushed into the hall and the door slammed behind her.

She spun around and tried to wrench the door open to no avail. She slowly turned back to face the hallway and noticed the group of people standing there, most of them laughing and pulling out their phones. While she was distracted, the door behind her opened just enough for an ill-intentioned hand to pop out. Ethan thought about shouting to warn her, but something inside him stopped his voice in his throat.

With one swift motion, the hand grabbed the back of her towel and ripped it off. In an instant that lasted years in Ethan’s memory, her gorgeous naked body was revealed to everyone. She quickly threw one arm over her large round breasts and the other over her neatly trimmed bush, but not before everyone got at least one quick picture. Her humiliated eyes darted around the hall. A blush rose in her cheeks. This was when she made eye contact with Ethan. Shaking himself back to reality, he pulled his marching band letter jacket off and threw it over her. The rest of the students booed him, but Jasmine gave him a look of unending gratitude.

“Alright you jackals!” he shouted at the crowd “You got your peek. Go be horny elsewhere.”

The crowd dispersed and Ethan pounded on the locker room door. It took a few moments, but eventually it opened enough for her to squeeze in, leaving Ethan with an image he would likely never forget.

He had pulled to a stop in front of the large cabin without even realizing it. The only thing that brought him from his daydream was the sound of Jenny laughing.

“Oh my god. You were thinking about that time you saw Jasmine naked, weren’t you?”

Ethan saw that her eyes were locked on his crotch and he looked down to see that his aching cock was getting excited once more. It wasn’t made any easier when Jenny reached over and gave it a playful squeeze. “Chill in here and calm yourself, little guy. I’ll cover for you.”

With a wink and a smile Jenny climbed out of the car just as Rick stepped out onto the front deck of the building. Ethan watched as the tall muscular man wrapped his arms around her in a friendly hug before looking to the car. With a few flexes of his calf, Ethan got his erection to calm down enough that he could step out and approach his old friend.

“Ethan!” Rick’s friendly voice came booming through the quiet forest. He tied his chin length blonde hair into a bun and stepped down the wooden stairs toward his much smaller friend. Ethan reached out to shake his hand, but with a sincere smile, Rick grabbed him and pulled him in for a hug. “So good to see you again brother. Been too long.”

He smelled of cedar with the faintest hint of pipe smoke, causing Ethan’s nether regions to awaken slightly once more. He backed away before it became an issue. “For sure!” replied Ethan, both men walking back to the car to grab the bags. “We’ve been needing this for a long time.”

“I hear you,” agreed Rick as he helped with Jenny’s gaziosmanpaşa escort bag. “I’ve been doing ten to twelve hour days for the last month. Nice to get out here for a while and relax.”

When Ethan turned around his heart jumped ever so slightly. Jasmine had emerged and was standing on the deck talking and laughing with Jenny. They both looked in his direction. Jenny whispered something and the laughter was renewed. Ethan dropped his eyes to the gravel driveway as a blush rose to his cheeks and he shuffled his way up the path. He jumped when Jenny gave his butt a quick squeeze on their way through the door.

The main foyer of the cabin stretched up through the second level, leaving a surrounding balcony and high angled ceilings. The railings, walls, cupboards, and furniture were all made of the same light colored wood, giving it a pristine yet comfortable feeling. On the far wall sat a fireplace as tall as Ethan and a red brick mantle that stretched to the high ceiling. Ethan’s eyes darted around the room, his tongue struck silent by the sight of the cabin. Rick was the first to speak.

“Nice, right? Company’s paying for the whole thing, too.”

“No way!” said Ethan, setting his bags on a nearby leather couch. “You didn’t mention that… why?”

“They’re sending some models on Sunday so I can do some ad shoots. This is technically a business trip.”

“Damn… I got into the wrong business.”

The two couples spent the next few hours unpacking groceries, clothes, and old memories. They spent more time laughing than preparing for the weekend, and soon found themselves sitting around a small oak dining table, sipping wine and playing cards.

“Jesus,” whispered Ethan as Rick pulled another pile of quarters toward himself. “Tonight is not my night.”

“Some guys are just born lucky,” sang Rick. “But some don’t need luck because they’re good at poker!”

The friends shared another laugh, as Jenny grabbed the deck and began shuffling the cards. Her eyes flitted up to meet Ethan’s, a new sinister smile on her lips.

“God… I miss college,” she sighed, setting the deck down for a moment. “Remember how crazy we used to get?”

Ethan stared at her in confusion, knowing she was going somewhere but not sure where.

“Oh yeah,” came Jasmine’s response. “Sneaking weed and liquor into the dorms thinking we were slick. If the RA gave half a shit we would’ve gotten expelled SO fast.”

The women giggled and Jenny sipped her drink once more before casting another playful glance at Ethan. “Hey… you remember that thing we did with the Grabowski twins the night after sophomore finals?”

Jasmine threw back her head, letting out a loud laugh. “Oh my god, YES! That was a fun night that I only remember like half of. I remember THAT though.”

“Alright boys!” Jenny said with a smile, scooping up the cards and reshuffling them. “The game is five card stud… strip poker that is.” Her eyes flashed to Ethan, whose heart leapt into his throat.

“Oh Jesus Jen,” he said, trying to keep his voice from shaking. “Are we really gonna be that immature?”

“What’s the matter?” came her mocking reply. “Got a little something to hide?”

He forced a chuckle, trying to hide his anxiety. “Alright, fine. Let’s do this.” As Jenny dealt cards, Ethan couldn’t help but notice Jasmine give Rick a subtle wink. The first hand did not go his way, losing with a ten high. In order to deflect some of his nerves Ethan stood up and began dancing while taking off his shirt. The squeals and laughter from Jasmine and Jenny calmed him a bit and got him into the moment. He tossed his shirt to his girlfriend and once more took his seat among his friends.

As he sat, Jenny leaned over and whispered in his ear. “That was cute. Let’s see if you’re still this confident when it’s time to show off the fun stuff.” He swallowed hard as she placed a gentle kiss on his cheek and settled back into her chair.

The next hand was a little kinder to Ethan. Jasmine lost with a pair of twos. Ethan’s eyes were locked on her as she lifted her black t-shirt over her head, revealing a large pair of breasts barely held back by a pink lace bra. Ethan heard Jenny chuckle at him which made him well aware of the fact that he was staring. He immediately averted his eyes.

“Oh my god, Ethan,” laughed Jasmine. “You can look. That’s kind of the point. Also it’s not like you haven’t seen them before.”

In all his nerves, he had forgotten that he was with friends. Friends he had known for years, whom he had shared so much with. Ethan relaxed and gave Jasmine a smile, as Jenny dealt the next hand. The night went on with the friends downing drinks, sharing laughter, and slowly losing clothing until all four of them were sitting around the table in their underwear.

“Alright!” said Jenny with a grin, shuffling the cards and handing them out. “Looks like we’re down to the fun stuff!” She gave Ethan a wink. Rick gölbaşı escort lost the next hand, causing the girls to howl with delight. “Alright big guy! Time to get naked!”

Rick slowly stood up. “Alright, but I can’t promise it’ll be as big as usual. It is kinda cold in here.”

“Oh stop being modest and drop them.” said Jasmine with an eye roll, as if they had played this game before. With a smile, the muscular man slid his loose boxers down his legs, revealing a member that made Ethan’s chin hit his chest. Rick’s perfectly shaved, uncut cock hung almost halfway down his thigh.

“God DAMN!” Jenny shouted, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open.

“Yeah… my man is pretty gifted.” Jasmine must’ve looked over and seen Ethan’s nervous face, because she interjected almost too quickly. “Oh don’t worry Ethan. He’s NOT normal. Nobody is expecting you to be that big.”

A suppressed chuckle came from Jenny’s lips before she started shuffling the cards once more. This time it was Ethan who lost, only garnering a pair of threes.

“Hell yes!” shouted Jasmine. “Double dude flesh! Let’s do this.”

As Ethan stood, the same physiological response that caused his heart to pound in his ears also sent some blood rushing to his lower region. Not enough to make it hard, only slightly bigger. With a blush in his cheek, he slowly lowered his boxers giving everyone a view of his less than impressive manhood. Jasmine let out a loud laugh before covering her mouth and giving him a look of pity.

“Oh Ethan. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to laugh. It’s just…”

“Super fucking tiny!” Jenny finished Jasmine’s sentence, drawing a look of betrayal and humiliation from Ethan. This didn’t deter her. “And honestly, that’s a little bigger than it usually looks. I think you should get to see the truth.” She stood up and made her way into the kitchen, leaving Ethan speechless. The self-assured smile didn’t look like it was going to leave Rick’s face any time soon. Jasmine struggled for words which only resulted in her look of pity and hidden laughter continuing.

When Jenny returned, she had an ice pack in her hand and a look of gleeful malevolence in her eyes. “Jenny!” pleaded Ethan.

“Sit.” Jenny barked her reply. Something about her tone caused Ethan to instantly obey. She gently placed the ice pack on his genitals, sending an immediate shiver up his spine. While she let the cold do its work, she leaned down and whispered in Ethan’s ear, “I’m going to have a lot of fun this weekend. So are you. All you have to do is relax and go with it.” She took a peak under the ice pack and gave another giggle. “Alright little guy. Stand up.”

Ethan closed his eyes and did as she said. Jasmine’s laughter rang in his ears as the ice pack was pulled away, revealing his tiny shrunken package. “There we go!” said Jenny, giving Ethan a playful slap on the ass. “That’s more like what I’m used to.”

“Oh… oh my god! It’s… it’s so small!” Jasmine shouted between gasps for air and laughter. “It’s like a little button!”

Ethan closed his eyes tighter and found the courage to speak. “That’s not fair. It gets bigger.” This brought renewed laughter from his own girlfriend rather than Jasmine.

“Alright little guy, I have an idea.” Jenny said, taking her seat at the table and shuffling the cards once more. “Jasmine. It’s just you and me now. I propose that the winner gets to play with Rick’s rather impressive cock, while the loser has to make this little guy cum while he watches.”

The suggestion caused Ethan to shake with both fear and excitement. Unable to speak once more, he could only watch as the women played the final hand. Jasmine laid her cards down, showing three tens, a smile curling across her lips. “Looks like the big one is still mine.”

“Um… not so fast,” Jenny replied, laying down three kings. “I think I’ll be playing with the stud today.”

Ethan’s eyes widened, but he could find no words. Jasmine was the first to move, standing up and stopping right in front of Ethan. “Alright little guy. You wanna claim that this thing gets bigger? Let’s see about that.” Her fingers fiddled with the front clasp for a second before allowing her breasts to spring free. Ethan was almost mesmerized. They were just as he had remembered them, and he had remembered them many times since seeing them last. Jasmine then spun around and slid the matching pink thong down her curvy hips. As she did this, she made sure to bend over and back up slightly, pressing against Ethan.

She let out a loud laugh when she stood up and turned around to see that his little cock had grown rock hard, but not that much bigger. “Oh my god Ethan!” She held her pinky up to his erection. He wanted to fight, but he was simultaneously loving and hating every second. “It’s exactly the same length as my pinky!” she yelled, throwing her head back in laughter. The rest of the group joined her, bringing a heavy blush to Ethan’s cheeks.

“Oh, don’t look so sad,” Jasmine said, placing her finger under Ethan’s chin and lifting his gaze to meet hers. In her emerald eyes he found light hearted mockery, but also the friendship and caring he had known for years. He couldn’t speak, but he didn’t need to. “I kind of like the little ones too. They’re cute.” She then gave him a kiss on the cheek and began slowly rubbing his unimpressive boner with her thumb and forefinger.

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