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The many ways I now look upon your slumberous body, I realize that I hold more lust inside that I could have ever imagined. I have always been desiring the luscious taste and warmth your gorgeous curves could possibly hold onto my every attempt in satisfying your sexual and sensual craving, though never touching the thoughts that scour through my mind at the speed of thousands of sensory lights might intravenously submerge into your mind. My lust is to make love to you as no other man might have ever made love upon your gracious body. I see you fully clothed as you were upon entering the room and noting the slumber upon which you fell upon, only moments before my arrival. The cool air of the room could not save my from the thickness of every breath I breathed, for I was in awe of your vulnerability.

I kiss you ever so gently on your ruby red lips, hoping for a response, yet fearing rejection from you, and you awaken and smile at me. I cup the side of your face with my left hand as I steady myself, weaving from the weakness of my knees and the pressure upon which my hormones just Sakarya Escort grew. I kiss your lips again, only with more passion than before. You moan, as a signal to which you wanted and desired me as much as I you. I move to your neck with my tongue as my hand found its way to your breast. I move my other hand to the bottom of your shirt and submerge it underneath to find your bared breast and hardened nipple with my fingers.

You moan. I now strip your shirt off of your bare chest as I kiss you with more passion. I feel your nails press into the skin of my back as my hand moves up your thigh, and towards your soaked clit. I begin my tongue towards your free breasts. The sweat on my back glistens as the cool air hits it and brings a chill to my spine. I begin to tease your nipple with my tongue ring and fondle with your other nipple with my hand. As my other hand moves up your thigh and gazes your lips, you undo my pants and feel my hardened dick. You tell me you want me inside. I move my tongue down your stomach, past your belly button so slowly, and fall to my Sakarya Escort Bayan knees.

I move my tongue up your inner thigh and towards your pussy, tasting the stream that I caused only moments ago. As I begin to tease your pussy lips with my tongue ring, you moan so loudly, so I thrust it in quickly. The adrenaline rush in which I feel inside me now, I use to cause you to orgasm with the swiftness and agility I thrust my tongue ring inside of you. You push my head into your legs the closer you get to cumming.

I press harder and faster, only wanting to be inside of you more with each thrust. As you cum once again, I put you on the bed and put my prick on the outside of your cunt, allowing the tip to graze your wetness. You reach down and strip me of my pants and put me on my back. You tease my tongue with yours and move it down my sweat-drenched chest. You then grab my prick and begin teasing the tip with your tongue, and then take the head into your mouth. up, down, up, down….The more you do this, the faster you go, the orgasm building inside my Escort Sakarya prick, wanting to let loose.

Feeling on my sack, you slow down. I moan, and beg you not to stop. Just before the orgasm reaches the head, you move your mouth to let it visibly explode all over the outside. You smile at me, and then submerge and begin to lick all of the lava-like eruption up. I turn you onto your back and slide my prick inside so slowly. We moan simultaneously. The intensity rises as my pace quickens with each stroke. I press harder and harder, as my breaths get shorter and another orgasm builds within me. Your body is now drenched with sweat as I and the sheets are also. I thrust even harder and harder, faster and faster. I feel my juices rising inside of you. You near peak now as my orgasm reaches its limit.

More and more, our orgasms get higher and hotter. I thrust once more as we both shiver with greatly anticipated pleasure and now realizing our dampness merging with the cool temperature has caused us to feel the franticness that we now feel, and feel the desire for a blanket. We lie down and cover our naked bodies. Without the exchange of the smallest words, we giggle with delight, exchange a glimpse of satisfaction, then an affectionate kiss, both realizing that we needed that for a long time. Something tells me that our erotic adventures have only begun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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