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Chapter 12: First Night’s Bite

The house of my Mistress had two floors, a gabled roof, porch and attic. i’d soon discover it had a dungeon too. It was painted in shades of gray and not easy to see in the light of a moon and stars now blocked by trees. We were in the middle of the country, surrounded by nature and i felt out of place. The night air may have been cold and caused me to shiver, but i still found it refreshing. It was fantastic, considering what i’d been through and my present condition. i enjoyed the diversionary sound of the gravel under paw and twisted mine to make the crunching sound. My Mistress looked down at me and waited until i happened to look up to her.

“Heel,” she ordered and i crawled around to her left side. i got into position and waited for her to move. i continued adjusting myself, hoping to please my Mistress as never before.

“It can spend the night in its new home,” my Mistress said while starting off. i caught the movement of her left leg and moved in unison, The three of us started moving off the gravel and onto grass. My Mistress moved at a leisurely pace, allowing me time to keep up with her. i pranced along proudly, hoping to demonstrate my sincerity and love. i looked around some, attempting to make out the territory and found my night vision getting better by the moment. By the time we strolled to the back of the house i was able to see clearly. Problem was, it was pitch black.

Before i knew it, we were standing before a very high Cyclone fence and the friend opened a gate. My Mistress looked down at me and followed a snicker with a lightening fast right hand. She gave my behind a swat that sent me forward onto my face and i made to recover as best i could. SWAT!

“Get in there,” she yelled following me with another swat even before i got up on all fours. SWAT! i scrambled up and was sent to the side by the next one, but steadied myself quickly. My Mistress chased me through the gate with yet another series of swats. SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! The barrage sending me this way and that and onto my face again, into the dirt. Swats were all i heard till i heard the gate squeal shut. Then it slammed and i heard the CLICK of the lock. All was lost, or was this ‘found’?

My Mistress and her friend were laughing aloud as they walked away and i watched them enter the house. i was confined near to the back door and put my face to the fence so i could see better. i didn’t see any lights and began hearing strange noises that frightened me. They came from the woods around me and they made me uneasy, my stomach queasy. i looked under myself, at my cock and found him more swollen than i’d ever seen him. He was harder and more rigid then ever, bringing me more pain than ever and i needed to get him out of my mind. My balls were painfully bloated and kept me doubling over. The general itch that permeated my entire body was a fiendish relief i regretted soon after remembering. The night sounds were increasing and i decided to look around. i was confidant my Mistress would not leave me in danger and there was no reason for me to worry.

i decided to walk along the fence and see how far it extended, although i could surmise that by simply looking from where i was. i crawled on a hard dirt surface calculating my prison to be a thirty foot cube, approximately. The heavy duty fences were at least thirty foot high and the roof was the same Cyclone fencing. The fence was constructed around a dog house. with enough room to crawl around it. i could tell i was in a yard surrounded by trees, but little else in so little light. i had never been in such darkness, blackened sky the only light and it scared me to death. i finally walked up to the entrance of what i figured to be my sleeping quarters and sure enough found my name carved in a plaque hanging over the entrance. FluffyBoy.

i poked my nose inside and sniffed around so to speak. Apparently the house was constructed for me and my tail and i stepped inside. It was about six foot square and i found it easy to turn about under the gabled roof. The floor was of dirt and i wondered what it was my Mistress had in mine. i was surprised she would make me sleep out of doors, bahis firmaları if that was her intention, yet i thought not. Why had my Mistress not removed the ball from my mouth, or plug from my behind? My mouth and rectum were both sore from gnawing on foreign objects, i felt sure they would never be the same. Like with the itchiness that drove me insane and the pinching of leather straps, this was another pain i expected to experience continually for the next two weeks. i turned to face the doorway, separated my hind legs and sat my buttocks down.

My balls nearly burst upon reaching the ground and it took awhile to adjust. i contemplated rubbing my hard-on in the dirt till i attained an orgasm, but i wouldn’t want my Mistress to find out and i didn’t really want to end the game. i tried sitting on the small area of my body, between my balls and plug and it worked well. i found grinding myself on dirt erotic and the sound quite stimulating. My brain swam in the din, drowning out the strange sounds of my new surroundings. i soon rested my body on that spot, my hind legs and front paws stretched out in front of me. Though awkward, they held well in the hard dirt and i used them as support. i wanted to stay erect, watching for my Mistress. i couldn’t believe she would leave me out here like this, i simply couldn’t believe it. i watched in anticipation of her return and sure enough i was right.

Just about the time i’d shaken free of the itches, pinches, aches and pains for the sandman. The moment i slipped from evils grasp and dozed off, i heard the door open. Funny how a sound can stay in ones memory. i opened my eyes to see my Mistress approaching and went to all fours. i crawled quickly from my house and went to the gate in order to greet her. i didn’t wish to be left out here all night and decided to really ham it up. This was going to be an Academy Award winning performance. Nothing melted the heart of my Mistress quicker then a sincere greeting and i knew just how she liked it.

First i jumped up on my knees and placed my front paws on the fence, causing the chain links to clang. i strained my neck and moved it back and forth as if to ask, won’t you please come in? i looked at her and barked in muffled messages most profuse. i couldn’t let the ball interfere entirely with my heartfelt barks. i put every effort into wagging my tail like a happy puppy, because nothing stirred my Mistress more. When she came to the gate and reached for the lock, i fell to all fours and started jumping around, wagging my tail and barking in muffles most wild and humiliating. Yes, that is what my Mistress has sworn to teach me and what i am here to experience. The sooner i degrade myself to her satisfaction, the sooner my life will go back to normal, if that could ever be. i truly could not have been happier to see anyone and i wanted her to know it. By the grin plastered across her face, i could tell she was overwhelmed by my gestures and confidant in the future. i felt sure she was here to take me inside her house.

i moved back when my Mistress opened the gate and stepped inside. She looked down at me and ordered me to sit. i did, but continued fidgeting because i wanted to keep up the act and my tail wagging properly. i continued to bob my head up and down while tilting it a bit to one side, as i’d remembered seeing other dogs do for attention. i drummed my paws in the dirt and acted eager to pounce.

“Stay!” she ordered again and i obeyed by throwing more nervousness into my act. i wanted my Mistress to see i was already her puppy and there was little reason to put me through this. i was an obedient puppy, well-trained and ready for her house. My Mistress starred at me while fighting to fit rubber gloves over her hands. She also carried a couple things under one arm and they didn’t make me feel good. i also noticed she was dressed in a skin tight black leather outfit and long matching boots that looked most sinister. i wondered what type of game she was playing.

“Now, fluffy! You have a choice,” my Mistress said. “Which would you rather have me remove, the ball from your mouth or the plug from your behind?” i was dumbfounded by the question. kaçak iddaa i thought both should have been removed, but was left without that option. Without doubt it had to be the ball from my mouth and i lifted my head in answer to this suddenly cruel woman. “Good choice little guy.” She bent over slightly and warned me in a voice colder then the night air, while reaching for the straps at the back of my head..

“Just remember! If I hear one word out of you, other than woof woof, I will use this riding crop on you!” i looked at the thick black leather whip and almost burst into tears just thinking about the pain. “If you thought the dog whip had a bite, wait until you get a load of this baby! It will have you jumping out of your skin and obeying me quicker then anything else! Remember that little one,” my Mistress reiterated as she worked the ball from my mouth. Never had i been so relieved and i attempted to bark as best i could. i wanted to show my pleasure in being her puppy and prove i was ready for the house.

“Woof, woof,” i sprayed in my first meaningful attempts. i wished to sound happy, but my face demanded i stretch and work the kinks from my jaw first. i none-the-less kept bouncing up and down while wagging my tail merrily. i wanted to be taken inside with my Mistress and made every attempt to let her know. i was a Yankee Doodle Dandy dancing his way into her heart. i was the Daffy Duck of little puppies, acting like a chicken with its head cut off, very cute and dumb. i did everything i could to degrade myself for her and hoped i got through. i thought sure she got the picture, but she had other plans.

“Good boy. Now stay as you are while I fit you with this,” my Mistress said. From under her arm, she came up with a leather bonnet. She slipped it over my head, over the straps, over my ears and all. She worked flaps down each side of my face and fastened them together under my chin. She was definitely happier than i’d ever seen her and it showed in her voice.

“Now for a surprise,” she said holding her left hand, my lover out to me. It was covered in plastic but looked as beautiful as ever. A dainty frill circled the wrist, making my lover look that much more alluring and it took all my self-control to keep from jumping on her. i had never been more in need of an orgasm and thought one imminent sometime that night. i made to stand before my lover and then bowed my head while dropping to my elbows and barking in whines most meaningful. i barked again and moved in close to my lover, almost within kissing range. “Sit!” my Mistress warned and i obeyed bringing myself up before her proudly. i sat trembling as the hand came to my organ and wrapped itself around my boner.

“Remember what i told you about vulgarity Fluffy,” my Mistress said. i did my best to stay still as my lover stroked me into jerking about involuntarily. i kept moving my weight from knee to knee and working my paws into the dirt to keep from humping. “My, my. I see we’ll need to work on your self-control little one, but right now we’ll prepare you for bed,” she said while coming up with a leather pouch on leather thongs. “Now say good night to your lover and it’s off to bed.”

My lover stroked the length of my hard-on with a quickening pace and just as i was about to jump into a humping frenzy and ejaculate my seeds into space, she was gone. The right hand approached quickly and snapped the head of my hard-on a single time. It used the longest finger and the pain sent me into the air. i howled to the agony, but stayed where i was, crying. My cock wilted immediately and its head throbbed from the snap. Before i knew it, my Mistress stuffed my cock and balls into the sack and cinched it tight. Then she wound the thongs around the plug and tied them together.

My lover once again came to my leather clad organ and fisted me tight. Its fingers and thumb wrapped around my bound organ and squeezed until i howled into the air for salvation. My Mistress looked at my face, now contorted by confusion and despair and all i could do is cry. My lover played with my cock and brought him to a fevered pace, but he was unable to respond or stiffen even a little. No matter kaçak bahis how excited i got, my cock couldn’t get hard while wadded up and stitched like a baseball into cowhide. An orgasm during the night was now out of the question.

My Mistress then reached a hand to the top of my head and flicked a switch, causing a voice to come out of nowhere. It actually came from speakers sewn into each ear of the bonnet. It was the deep voice of a woman and it started explaining to me what i was.

“You are a puppy … You are a puppy … You are a puppy … You are a puppy …”

My Mistress watched my expressions with amusement and stood to leave. My entire mind was flooded with the voice and there was no way for me to avoid it. “You are an obedient puppy … You are an obedient puppy … You are an obedient puppy …” Every other sound was gone and when my Mistress stepped to the gate, i panicked. i went up on my knees and put my paws together above me in prayer. i was begging my Mistress to take me with her, but she ignored me and turned to leave. i began jumping around and barking in a woeful tune, hoping it would melt her heart of stone. “You are a pretty puppy … You are a pretty puppy … You are a pretty puppy …” i couldn’t even hear myself bark and prayed i was loud enough, but my Mistress passed through the gate and closed it behind her. i ran up to the gate and jumped up on my knees. My paws landed on the fence causing it to wobble under my force. My Mistress walked to the house without so much as glancing back and she disappeared inside. i was left howling and barking in panic, without knowing how loud i was, though not sweet enough to melt her heart.

i really began to panic and turned to crawl rapidly around the perimeter of my cage. The voice was a relentless drone i couldn’t outrun or hide from. “You are a puppy … You are a puppy … You are a puppy … You are a puppy …” i crawled faster and faster hoping to escape the verbalizations that followed me everywhere. “You are a good puppy … You are a good puppy … You are a good puppy …” i crawled so fast i fell forward and over, unable to keep up with my own expectations. i rolled in the dirt, mashing my balled organ on it, without luck. The itching, the belts, the plug, my girded organ, and now a voice that drilled itself into my brain. It must have been a continuous play tape.

i tried rolling over in the dirt and pounding my head against the ground, but nothing helped. My tail kept me from going completely over, and the pounding accomplished nothing. “You are a pretty puppy … You are a pretty puppy, …” the voice now screamed without mercy. It echoed around in my head and i scrambled to my feet while howling into the night sky. i darted into my doghouse and fell forward onto my belly. i spread my arms and legs wide and wallowed in the dirt while mashing my wadded organ down as hard as i could. i did little more than inflame a situation very much out of control, and tried to stop myself, only to start again. i rocked from sided to side, as far as my tail would allow and tried to stretch myself out of agony. Nothing worked and i ended up withering in the dirt uselessly. “You are an obedient puppy … You are an …” With the voice having chased every other sound from my mind, my thoughts were of me as a dog.

When on my side, i touched my wadded organ with a paw, but couldn’t feel a thing. My body did not belong to me, it belonged to my Mistress and i simply carried it around for her enjoyment. There… i was learning quickly and when i dozed, my dreams were of me as a puppy. i struggled to please my Mistress as only a real dog could and the voice became a sweet melody that existed simply to keep me in line. “You are a …”

Yes! Yes i am!! i screamed to myself in a successful attempt to overwhelm the voice. Yes, making my surrender louder than the voice was my only salvation. i dozed off singing odes to myself, praises to my canine attributes and it worked. Still burdened with all the other sufferings, i rolled from side to side, unable to find comfort or ease. i am a puppy … i am a puppy … i am a puppy … became a mantra i kept turning in my mind to keep all other words at bay. It was a true statement and i believed it. And every moment strengthened my faith. Here i was at the home of my Mistress and i needed to get inside.

i am a puppy … i am a puppy … i am a puppy!

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