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Creamy Cum

Time was something that gradually ceased to matter. I was aware of day and night but stopped counting the days since I had been shaved and turned into a sex slave.

The very sexy and beautiful woman who was called 22 spent most mornings with me and I looked forward to her ministrations when I awoke. Each day she would sit me in a chair and carefully lather and shave my scalp until it was smooth. Then she would touch my body in ways that thrilled and excited me.

22 kissed and caressed me. Recently she had begun to focus on my behind. She would bend me over the bed and slowly slide her lubricated fingers inside me. I resisted at first but after countless days of her insistent intrusions, my sphincter was relaxed and able to accept various sized plugs and dildos. When she showed me each new phallus, I became aroused knowing that she would be using it on me.

There was a certain sameness to each day as I was depilated then debauched by this beautiful creature. I had accepted my fate and was aroused by her doing things to me that emphasized my submission.

I had not seen the blonde woman who 22 called Mistress for many days but one morning I was told that she wanted to see how my training was going. That required more careful preparation.

22 wheeled in a small table that had different shaving implements on it. It contained a shaving mug, a soft bristled brush and a straight razor that a barber would use. 22 explained that my scalp would need to be absolutely escort bayan kağıthane smooth and shiny for the Mistress.

I watched 22 as she added hot water and some talcum powder to the shaving mug and began to work up a thick white froth. When it was ready, she began to paint my scalp with it. When my head was covered, she used a small stone to sharpen the razor.

22 was an expert barber as she scraped away the short hairs that had grown overnight. She took longer than normal shaving me but I realized that she was eager to please Mistress by presenting her with a perfectly hairless slave. I sat as still as possible and relaxed only when my head was wiped clean with a hot towel and a lotion applied to make it shine.

My brow line was quickly erased with the razor and I was ready for my make-up.

Mistress preferred minimal make-up according to 22. Light eye shadow and mascara. The only bright color was to be glossy red lipstick applied to my mouth and nipples.

“Mistress always wants us to display our nipples proudly.”

I wore my highest heels and as I was inspected by 22, I glanced at myself in the full length mirror. Utterly hairless, my nipples and mouth crimson red and my smooth legs enhanced by the heels, I was the perfect caricature of a sex slave as I began my careful walk to the room where my blonde owner awaited me.

Mistress waited in her room where she sat on a large leather chair wearing a very tight looking escort bayan beyoğlu waist-cinch and patent leather boots with serious heels. She smiled approvingly as I was led to a position facing her.

“She is absolutely stunning,” she said. “I may keep her as my personal slave. I have never seen a more beautiful bald head. Let me touch it.”

She stood and ran her hands over my freshly shaved head. Her touch was electric as she stroked me around my ears and then very gently caressed the nape of my neck and the hollow at the base of my skull. My lips parted and I closed my eyes as she slowly brought me to a state of arousal using my scalp as the erogenous zone.

She gently stroked my nipples between her fingers and thumb before increasing the pressure until it was uncomfortable. She smiled as she pulled me to my knees using my breasts.

22 had removed herself from this tableau and I was on my knees facing a mirror. Mistress moved behind me and taking up her flogger, began flicking my bare back. I gritted my teeth and kept silent as she increased the strength of the strokes on my back. Finally I was unable to remain silent and I cried out. She looked at my reflection with her cool green eyes and set that flogger aside.

“I see that you can handle a little pain. Now let me see how well 22 has trained you.”

She stood before me as she buckled the harness that held the skin colored dildo that would serve as her penis. I looked up at her and realized that whatever she wished me to do, I was very willing to do it. I looked at her cock and wanted to take it between my crimson lips.

She saw my eagerness and prolonged my wait accordingly. Smiling, she moved her cock closer and then step back slightly as I opened my mouth to take it.

“I see that you are a rather eager little slut. That will increase your value.”

She tantalized me for a few seconds more but she allowed me to take the dildo in my mouth. I was so eager for this. I was so excited by my humiliation, my punishment and my submissiveness. There was very little doubt that I was accepting my fate.

She held my head with her hands sometimes holding my neck tightly while forcing her rigid cock down my throat. For long minutes, I eagerly fellated her until she went a little weak in the knees and stepped back from me.

I was wet and exhausted. Mistress stepped forward and slapped me hard across my face, knocking me on my side.

“Get up slut. I am not finished with you.”

She half lifted me and half dragged me to the sofa where she made me lay face down on it. She pried my legs apart and used her fingers to probe my anal sphincter. She started slowly and she used some sort of lubricant but soon I was open to her and I felt her slide her dildo inside me.

It is hard for me to describe what happened next as Mistress pushed her rigid cock deeper inside me. Slowly she moved it in and out and slowly I realized that I was moving with her. As she fucked me I was becoming more and more aroused. The pain and the submission were exciting me to the point that when she pulled my head back with her hands, I climaxed and fell limp beneath her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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