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After graduating from college recently, I moved to a new city to get a job. My grandmother lived in a small apartment in the city and she let me stay there while I saved money for my own place. It was a small apartment and I was staying in her office/guest room.

My grandmother was always classy, but you wouldn’t look at her twice. She dresses well and does her best to hide her typical grandmother arms and womanly stomach. She has a great personality and people enjoy her company.

I would always flirt with her to make her feel good since she had been widowed a number of years. I could tell she enjoyed the attention she got from her grandson.

I had only been in town a three weeks, and it was yet another Friday night that I had nothing to do. When I walked in the apartment after work, I was greeted by my grandmother in her panties bending over in the hall closet. When she heard me she straightened up and I could see that she was dressed in a nice white blouse and had floral print nylon panties on.

“Oh, hi, John,” she said not at all embarrassed for being in her underwear. We had gotten relatively comfortable around the apartment with each other. I slept in my boxers so I was often in my underwear in front of her. “I was just looking for my skirt. I’m going out for dinner with some friends.”

Now, many people would not have been pleased by the image of their grandmother’s thick thighs and large butt staring them in their face, but for me it was hot. I’ve always found older women attractive and I having one in her underwear so near me was very hot.

She continued her search, this time up on the shelf. In doing so, she stood on her tip-toes and reached up, raising her shirt above her butt. I had a great view of her ass and could make out a faint shadow of her crack. My cock wakened as I thought of her sexually.

“Nice legs, grandma.” I said with a smile.

She turned to face me like she had gotten caught and blushed. “Maybe you could reach that box for me instead of just standing there,” she said.

I went to the closet to get the box and she stood behind me. As soon as I grabbed the box, she pinched my ass. “Nice butt, Johnny.” She took advantage of my vulnerable position to play with me. I was happy she felt comfortable to touch me there.

She took the box and said, “Thanks, now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get ready. What are your plans for the evening?”

In my mind I knew that I was planning on going through her underwear drawer and whacking myself silly. “Oh, I’m beat and I’ll probably just watch some TV.”

“Why don’t you come to dinner with us? It’s just me and some girlfriends. You know, Cathy and Monica, they’d love to have you.” My grandmother played bridge once a week and Cathy and Monica were part of that group. I had met them a number of times, but I wasn’t sure I could handle a full evening tagging along with them. They were the same as my grandmother, classy, but not really good-looking.

“No, aydınlı escort that’s alright, you go without me.” I said.

“Nonsense,” she said, “I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner. I guess I’m still getting used to having you here. Now, go get out of that suit and we’ll go.”

There wasn’t much I could say at that point. I changed into some nice casual clothes, the ones I would rather be wearing to a nightclub, a tight shirt and pants. I went out to meet her in the living room and walked past her room. The door was open which gave me a full view into her room. Her back was to me and she was bending over stepping into a skirt. Again, a great shot of her ass. The sexy thing about it was that it was so casual. Her floral print panties were bright and seemed to be calling my name.

“This hallway has a great view,” I said with a smile.

She laughed and said, “Oh, go on. I know you’re just saying that.” She was dressed and slipping on her shoes as she looked me up and down. “Hey, that’s a nice shirt. Turn around, let me see the back.” I stood with my back to her and I turned my neck around to look at her. She was looking at my ass so I stuck it out a little to play with her. She laughed, “Now you’re just teasing me. Let’s go.”

She took me by the arm and we marched toward the door. When I opened it, she put her hand on my ass and gave me a pat, “After you,” she said.

We had dinner at a nice restaurant. Surprisingly, the conversation wasn’t completely dreadful. Cathy and Monica asked about my job and college days. They were interesting to talk to. I noticed that they both paid extra attention to me and at one point I realized one of the buttons on Cathy’s shirt had come undone. I had a great view of her ample cleavage and her silky bra. I think my grandmother noticed this too. Not wanting to lose my focus, she put her hand in mine and held it on her lap.

My hand was resting on her crotch and my mind was thinking about her panties. I imagined how they looked as she sat with her legs slightly open. My cock started to rise and I wished dinner would be over.

After dessert, we parted ways with my grandmother’s friends. They each hugged me and I felt their hands slide down my back over my ass as we opened the embrace. “You’re a lucky woman, Sarah,” Cathy said to my grandmother, “your date is quite a handsome gentleman.”

I blushed and my grandmother beamed. She took my hand and held it as we walked to the car. “Thanks for dinner, grandma,” I said.

“John, please, call me Sarah. ‘Grandma’ makes me seem so old, and if you call me by name, I’d enjoy this date much more.” She winked when she said date and I found it very arousing.

We reached the car and I walked her to the passenger side. “Okay, then,” I said, “Thank you for a lovely dinner, Sarah,” I said as I embraced her in a hug. She held on to me and pulled me close. I knew she bağdat caddesi escort could feel my swollen cock and her hands ran down to my ass cheeks.

I started to pull away when she said, “John, you make me feel young again, thank you.” She leaned in and kissed me on the lips. We kissed for longer than usual, no tongue, but it was definitely more intimate than normal.

During the ride home she continued holding my hand and we talked about Cathy and Monica. I told her how I felt like they were eyeing me throughout dinner. We laughed at how I was such a great catch for the retired women.

After we got to the apartment, she took off her skirt right away, “I remember why this was tucked so far away. It’s a little tight.” So there she was in her panties and blouse, just like when I came home. She put her skirt away and came out of her room, “would you like a nightcap?” she asked. I told her I did and she went to the kitchen to make us drinks.

I put on some music and sat on the couch. When she returned with the drinks, I laughed and told her this reminded me of an underwear party in college. We had people wear only their underwear and we danced throughout the house.

“Sounds like fun,” she said. “Let’s try it.” She stood up and unbuttoned her blouse revealing her massive chest and heavy-duty bra. She removed her blouse and stood before me in just her bra and panties. I was in heaven. She had a few extra rolls, but she looked sexy in her silky underwear. She reached her hand out to help me up from the couch and said, “Your turn.”

I stood and quickly took off my shirt. As I was unbuttoning my pants she ran her hands over my shoulders. When my pants were off, I stood in my boxers only. My cock was almost unrestrained by them and my excitement was evident.

My grandmother embraced me to dance. “John, you’ve become quite a gentleman. I hope that whatever happens, we can be open with each other.” This was going better than I could ever imagine, I thought. I wanted her badly.

We danced to the music for a few minutes while I felt her boobs pressing against my chest and my cock sliding against her panties. We were both getting hot and she soon lifted up her head toward me for a kiss. I leaned in and we started kissing while we danced. My hands dropped to her ass and I caressed her nylon-covered cheeks. She opened her mouth and our tongues played with each other softly.

Her hands dropped down to my waist and she grabbed my cock with one hand. I reciprocated by rubbing her panty-covered pussy with my fingers. She broke the kiss and whispered, “Let’s go to my room.”

She led me by the hand and we walked in silence. We were both hot and nervous about what we were doing. She, because she was a proper lady about to have sex which she hadn’t had in years, and me, because I was about to screw my grandmother.

She lay down on her back on her bed with her bahçelievler escort legs open. She motioned me on top of her. I quickly pulled my boxers down and climbed on. My cock was in heaven sliding over her panties as we kissed. I worked my way to her bra and released her boobs. They were soft and saggy, but the nipples were delicious and firm. I sucked them with abandon.

She caressed my ass and moaned as I got familiar with her body. I started rubbing my cock inside her thighs along her slit. She moaned louder and said, “Take me. Take off my panties and take me.”

I moved down to her waist and grabbed her panties, pulling them down. Her pussy was revealed and I kissed it softly. Then, I started licking her more. Her lips were swollen and soft and I spread my saliva all over them lubing her up.

“Oh, John, oh, John.” She moaned. “That’s wonderful. Oh, it’s been so long. Lick me, lick me.”

I wanted to be inside her. She kept moaning as I licked her. “Oh, don’t stop.” She continued. I kept it up and her moaning increased. If her neighbors could hear her, they must have been surprised by the old lady enjoying herself. I kept my face buried between her thighs and she clamped her fingers on my head as she came. Her body shuddered with orgasm and she panted, “I need you in me now.”

I quickly positioned my cock in her lips and slid into her pussy. “Oh, oh” she moaned louder. I humped away as her pussy grabbed my cock. Her hands were on my ass pulling me into her. I kissed my grandmother as I fucked her, sliding my tongue into her mouth. I came hard in her pussy and collapsed on top of her. She held me close as her moaning subsided.

“John, that was fabulous, thank you,” she said. “Oh, that was really something.”

“Grandma-I mean, Sarah, you are amazing.” I said.

In the morning we woke together. We looked at each other in the same bed and laughed. “Something’s different around here,” she said coyly.

“I wonder what it is,” I said as I turned around and put my face between her legs. “Let me look around.” I stuck my tongue in between her pussy lips and went at it again. She may be old, but her pussy was a playground for my tongue. I lapped away as she stretched and moaned, enjoying the attention as she was waking up. I was getting hotter by the moment.

I pulled my head up briefly and she said, “Oh, don’t stop now, keep going.” I had no intention of stopping, but I wanted more. I bent my head down further and started licking her asshole. She squealed and writhed as I teased her with my tongue. I slid a finger in her pussy to keep her going. She liked what I was doing to her ass and kept writhing around trying to get more from my tongue. She ended up on all fours with her ass in the air. I was positioned behind her with my face buried in her ass and two fingers in her pussy pumping away.

Her body started to shake as she moaned into the pillow. Her hips bucked against me and she came hard as my tongue toyed with her ass. She collapsed hard on the bed and pulled me to her.

“Now that’s quite a way to wake up,” she said. “No one’s ever done that to me before, thank you. Why don’t you go take a shower while I rest a bit and we will have breakfast in bed.”

The day was starting out pretty well and it was going to be quite a weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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