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Big Dicks

Aus has gone to England to play some cricket and lead a less complicated lifestyle. However, he is rapidly finding out that in matters of love, sex and women, life in England is no less complicated than back home in Australia.

I woke with a start and sat bolt upright, sweating profusely. The events of the previous night were immediately vivid.

“Christ,” I said out loud, as I recalled what had occurred.

A sex session with the aggressive, smart mouthed Ness. It would not be right to call it love making. Alternately she had teased me, put me down, aroused me and then fucked me. That is how it had been. Ness had fucked me and then basically indicated that was it, we’d do it again if and when she so desired.

It had been like no fuck I’d ever experienced before. I kept my eyes shut tight and remembered her on my lap in her car, cutting me with her sharp words, rubbing her wetness on my shaft and demanding that I stick it inside of her. Her beautiful breasts had been pushed against my chest, before I pushed her back to fondle them. Now my cock hardened again. I reached for the lube in the drawer beside the bed.

I heard a door shut in the house. My landlords, Mike and Felicity, would be up and about. I let my mind drift to Felicity. More attractive than Ness, but a completely different story in terms of sex. More hesitant and uncertain, certainly less demanding, but warm and willing once we got underway. I stroked my cock thinking about Felicity.

My thoughts flitted from one woman to another, before Terri came to mind.

“Shit! Terri,” I thought. “How much had I given away about my relationship with Terri?”

I’d virtually admitted to Ness that I was fucking Felicity. This could not be a good thing, given I was boarding with Felicity and her husband and Ness loved to taunt me. However, I had said little about Terri and I was thankful for that. Not that there was much to tell physically, but from a feelings point of view I could have caused myself much embarrassment.

I thought of Terri much of the time and always looked forward to seeing her. We talked freely and she made my heart skip a couple of beats faster. I may have been reluctant to admit it, but I was in love with Terri, there was little doubt about that.

Suddenly, I recalled her going north with her father and Mandy, to look at a house for them to stay in when they went north to attend University. Terri hadn’t told me she was leaving. This had upset me greatly.

“Why didn’t she tell me? I thought she liked me. I thought she liked me a lot.” Now my mood slumped.

I no longer felt like masturbating, which wasn’t like me, on a Sunday morning with a hangover.

“Fuck these women, they’re messing with my mind,” I thought, climbing out of bed.

Mike and Felicity had gone out by the time I emerged from the shower and I spent the day at home alone. That evening, my girlfriend Emma skyped me from Australia. It made me homesick and she soon picked up my mood.

“You alright?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m just missing you a bit,” I said, which at that moment was the truth.

“Well that’s nice and I’m missing you too, but don’t let it upset your stay up there.”

“Yeah, OK.”

The conversation continued along these morose lines for a while and you could tell it concerned her. I liked that. She was a good chick, Emma. She genuinely cared for me.

“I’ve thought about cutting it short and coming home.”

“Well that would be nice. I’d like that, but you’d have to be certain. Think about it for a few days.”

She tried to cheer me up, giving me a small flash of her small, pert boobs. That got me laughing and then we’d said our goodbyes.

Talking to Emma and having her care about me made me feel a little better. I slept well that night.

The following day I felt much more upbeat. I decided to forget about English women for a time and concentrate on other things.


In the early part of the week I worked a couple of evenings, stayed off the beer, and practiced hard at Tuesday’s cricket practice. Come Wednesday I was ready for a big game, in our mid-week competition. It wasn’t as serious as the Saturday league, with half the team made up of lower grade players. However, we were leading the competition, and locals turned out to watch, so it was important to the club.

When it was my turn to bat I strode to the wicket with a purpose and immediately got dropped first ball. Making the most of this, I proceeded to smash the ball to all parts of our picturesque little ground. My innings won the game for the team and celebrations were called for. My four days of abstinence were at an end.

We were always well supported at these Wednesday games, played during the long English summer evenings. Many old club members and local village people would stop by to watch and help to celebrate victories.

Even Felicity had come along to watch, which she hardly ever did. She Sakarya Escort had sat on the deck in front of the cricket pavilion and shared a wine with Wendy, the Captain’s partner. Both dressed in sleeveless, sundresses. Felicity in a pastel green and Wendy in a navy blue dress that buttoned up the front. While the dresses were conservative, they suited them. Both women were undeniably attractive.

Felicity had gone home before the end, but Wendy had stayed, as she always did. Fortunately, with her boyfriend Finn still away in Greece, Ness had not shown up.

It was a great atmosphere in the clubrooms afterwards and I was more relaxed than I had been in days. Everyone wanted to discuss the game and my contribution. I was feeling great. At that point Terri’s friend Mandy walked in.

“Hi Mandy, where’s Terri?” I asked, noting her mid-thigh, black dress with thin straps showing much shoulder and bust. It was a typical Mandy outfit.

“She’s stayed up north with her Dad for a few days longer,” she smiled seemingly enjoying my eyes lingering on her a little longer than they should have.

“That’s good,” I said, determining not to let anything get me down.

One of the younger players came over and whisked her off. I watched her walk away, her tanned bare shoulders and full figure shown off delightfully by her black dress. I went back to talking cricket.

Later the crowd thinned out and, as was tradition, those remaining walked down to the pub. Mike should have gone home to see Felicity before she left for her nightshift, but he came to the pub instead. I got the feeling he was happy that Felicity had shown up to watch. He seemed to want their relationship to be better than it was, but did not know how to go about this. They were in a rut. It probably didn’t help that I had been fucking Felicity for the past month.

Jack, the Captain, who was also in charge of the bar, remained behind to clean up. He always caught up with us later. His fiancée, Wendy, walked down to the pub with the rest of us. She was talking rapidly as she always did after she had been drinking to excess, which was after every game lately.

It was around 10.30pm, but being out in the country, the publican merely locked the front door at 11 pm closing time. This meant no one could come in the main doors. However those in the know, which was almost everyone in the village, merely walked around to the back door and came and went in as they liked.

Wendy had been chatting with a group of the young players. We had only been in the pub briefly, when I noted her walking out the rear door with a couple of them, Andy and Rob. These two often came clubbing with us and, while they were good blokes, they were a couple of players. This concerned me. I wasn’t sure if anyone else noticed.

“Jack isn’t here and his drunk fiancé’ is going outside two randy young men,” I thought to myself.

I continued my conversation about cricket with an older fellow, while considering what to do. Jack was a good friend of mine and when noted no one else had followed the group out or appeared to have noticed they had gone, I decided it was up to me to take some action.

I excused myself and walked out through the back door. At first I couldn’t see them as my eyes took time to adjust to the dark. Then I heard Wendy giggle.

They had gone directly along a path behind the pub in the opposite direction to the carpark. I could make out Wendy in her blue dress, with Andy to her front and Rob on the far side. I heard them whispering and Wendy giggled again.

“Ooh he’s got a nice velvety feel. Is that why you call him Mr Smoothie,” Wendy said in a little girl voice.

“Mr Smooth’s loving that,” I heard Andy reply. “Keep on stroking him baby.”

“What’s goin on,” I called, in my gruffest voice.

Andy jumped back, startled by my intrusion and tried to zip himself up. I saw Rob pull his hand out of the top of Wendy’s dress, which had the top two or three buttons undone.

“Nothin happening here Aus, promise,” Andy said, a touch of panic in his voice.

“Well take Mr Smoothie and get back inside the two of you, or I’ll let Jack know what’s going on here.”

“No need for that Aus, just a bit of fun, that’s all.”

The boys couldn’t get away fast enough. Wendy remained leaning back against the wall smiling drunkenly at me as I drew close.

“You alright? What were you up too?”

“You saw what we were up to Aus,” slurred Wendy. “What’d you chase them away for? They’re nice boys.”

“Jack wouldn’t like you out here with them,” I said sanctimoniously, all the while looking at her unbuttoned top, which revealed half a pale breast.

“Fuck what Jack wouldn’t like,” she said sharply.

Now I was right alongside her with my back to the door, through which the brave young lads had just fled.

“Why’d you want to say something like that Wendy? Jack’s a good guy and the two of you are engaged.”

“Do you think I’m pretty Aus?” she said, Sakarya Escort Bayan ignoring what I’d said and returning to the baby voice.

I knew immediately where this was headed and my cock involuntarily hardened slightly. I mentally pulled myself up.

“Sure I do Wendy, but you best come inside now. Jack will be here in a minute.”

“I’ll come inside if you kiss me,” she said, determined to go on with it.

Wendy shook her long flaxen hair, gave a puppy dog look and pushed her head toward mine. As she did this she pulled her dress wider and popped her breast out from her bra.

I sucked in my breath, as I saw the globe pop free. She giggled knowing she had gained the upper hand. Then she grabbed my hand and placed it fully on her breast, while pressing her lips to mine.

I should have recoiled, but I’d had a few to drink myself and I had lusted after Wendy since I’d first arrived in England. Until now I’d always viewed her as unobtainable. Soon my tongue was probing into her mouth and being met by hers, bold and aggressive. She pressed her chest forward as she reached down and located my cock.

I breathed in her smell as I kissed her, revelling in the feel of my hand on her firm breast and small, erect nipple. Her hand left my shaft and began to search for my zipper. With a huge show of might I pulled away.

“Stop it, we can’t, not here,” I heard myself say.

“Please Aus, touch me some more. I need it.”

“Not here,” I repeated aware that Andy and Rob would be suspicious if our return was delayed and that Jack was due soon. I wanted her alright, but to move forward at this point was taking a risk I was not willing to take.

“Do yourself up,” I told her curtly.

Reluctantly she pulled up her bra strap and began to button herself.

“You’re no fun Aus,” she pouted. “But you’d like too, wouldn’t you?”

She began to laugh as I led her inside.

“You want too, alright.”

“Bloody hell, what next,” I thought. “These local women are too much.”


My decision was soon justified. Within minutes of our re-entering the pub, Jack arrived.

“Hi Jacko,” I said, feigning a coolness I did not feel. Wendy turned away toward the bar and I noticed Andy and Rob looking on in a concerned manner.

“Everything alright,” Jack asked.

“Yeah, no worries here mate, you didn’t miss much, we’re just getting started,” I said in a loud voice, to put the two boys at ease. They looked relieved and went back to their beers.

Jack, Mike and I then engaged in some heavy duty cricket discussion, while we knocked back more beers. Jack would ask Wendy how she was, but she continued to ignore him. The tension was obvious between them. She had gone back to talking to Andy, Rob and a couple of others. She kept looking my way and it was as if she were teasing me by talking to them. The boys now looked very uncomfortable and probably wished she’d go elsewhere.

A few minutes later, Wendy stumbled and fell against the bar.

“C’mon time to go,” Jack said helping her upright.

Wendy said nothing, but at least she didn’t argue with him. He said his goodbyes and they departed.

Mike continued to talk, but I wasn’t listening. Instead I was trying to work out what on earth had occurred tonight in relation to Wendy. Why would she be offering herself so freely to those young lads and then virtually do the same to me? Her and Jack had seemed so happy with each other when I’d first arrived. It was Mandy who interrupted these thoughts.

“You alright Aus?”

“Course he’s alright,” slurred Mike. “He’s just won the game. He’s the greatest Aussie batsman since Don Bradman and we’re working out how we will win again on Saturday.”

I gave him a brief smile to acknowledge his drunken exaggeration, before turning my attention to Terri’s best friend. I had a few beers under my belt, Wendy had stirred me up and Mandy was looking very attractive. Her heart shaped face and dark brown eyes, were framed by dark hair, which cascaded down over tanned shoulders. As was usual, she was showing ample breast and leg. She looked hot. Mike was now becoming an irritant.

“You gotta work tomorrow Mikey,” I said, trying to sound genuinely concerned. “You gotta be driving early in the morning.”

Felicity would have left for her Hospital nightshift before 10pm, so he had no reason to rush home. However, if he continued drinking he’d be driving drunk to work in the morning.

“Yeah your right, one for the road and then I’m off.”

He brought a round for Mandy and I, before I turned the conversation to her and Terri’s trip up north.

“It’s a nice house, close to transport and her father’s going to let us pay a really low rent. It’s a great set up. We just need to advertise for another couple of girls.”

“What’s Terri and her Dad doing up there now?” I asked, doing my best to feign indifference.

Escort Sakarya “They went on up to Scotland to visit family. Why, are you missing chatting to her Aus?”

“Nah, not at all. Plenty of pretty girls to chat too. You’re here, you’re looking great. Isn’t she looking great Mike?”

“Yeah great,” said MIke, without turning to look at Mandy. He downed his beer and departed.

“Do you like this dress Aus?” Mandy asked, with just a hint of suggestion.

“Yeah I do,” I blurted with far too much enthusiasm. The fact was, Mandy was looking better with every beer I drank.

“Thanks,” she said lowering her head slightly and looking up at me in that shy suggestive manner.

We chatted, I relaxed, more teammates and friends drifted off saying their goodbyes. Then the publican announced last drinks. It was 1am and he was closing up.

I only had to walk up the road, but I knew Mandy always came with Terri and usually left with her and Francis.

“How are you getting home?” I asked, being the perfect gentleman.

“Not sure,” Mandy replied, again looking up at me in that seductive manner.

I now had the beer goggles on and Mandy was looking like a film star.

“I can’t offer a ride, but I can walk you down to the taxi stand.”

“Thanks for that.”

As we left, two of the others offered us a ride, but we told them we’d be right and began to walk slowly down the road. I weighed up my options.

“This girl is definitely available and looking delectable. However, she isn’t just anyone, she’s Terri’s best friend and I had seriously fallen for Terri.

“It’s a bit cooler tonight,” Mandy said, bringing each hand across her chest to rub the opposite bare shoulders. I accepted the invitation and put my arm around her, pulling her close as we walked slowly along.

“Terri has let you down,” I thought debating silently with myself. “Went up north, didn’t tell you and hasn’t bothered to hurry back. She’s not here and her friend is,” I thought, rationalising things through.

I began to rub Mandy’s arm, feeling the goose bumps. Now my mind drifted to thoughts of Wendy’s breast, which I had caressed earlier in the evening. A light firm breast. I glance down at Mandy’s more ample breasts, the top of which were on display in the street light. I took a deep breath.

Mandy looked up at me and caught me looking, not for the first time that evening.

“What are you thinking Aus?” she asked me, smiling.

“I was thinking I’d quite like to do this.”

With that I stopped, turned her, bent my head and kissed her. She knew it was coming and offered me her lips. They were full and soft. Everything about Mandy was full and soft. I felt her breasts pushing into my lower chest. The blood flooded to my groin.

Mandy was a good kisser. Her lips were warm and moist, her tongue teased mine. The kiss lingered for an age. I leaned her back against a fence to stop us both falling over. Now I was full of passion. All thought of Terri was gone. My cock was hardening, my heart beating faster.

“That was nice,” Mandy said, when we finally came up for some air.

“Hmmm,” was all I could muster in reply, as I thought through my options. I had not taken a woman home before. Felicity would not like that. However Felicity was not there, only Mike and he was sozzled.

“What now Aus?” she asked, looking up at me enquiringly.

I moved in for another kiss, having made my decision. I was horny, she was willing, she looked great and I would take her to bed. Just to confirm I hadn’t received the wrong message, I moved a hand to her breast and massaged it through the dress. She made no protest as we continued to kiss.

I broke the kiss and moved my lips to her ear.

“Let’s go to my house.”

Now I noted the first little flicker of hesitation from Mandy. She covered this by moving her head forward, resting it on my shoulder and gently nibbling on my neck. This did nothing to quell by ardour.

“What about Felicity? I don’t think she’d like me there.”

“She’s on night shift.”

Another hesitation. I held my breath wondering if she was about to bail out.

“Ok,” she said softly. “But it’s on my terms, Ok Aus?”

I had no real idea what she was on about, but I immediately agreed.

“Promise,” she said, like a little girl.

“Your terms, I promise.”


We made small talk as we completed the short walk to Mike and Felicity’s front door. I was now very aroused and in my rush, I dropped my keys on the door step.

“Here let me,” Mandy said, as I cursed. She retrieved the keys and let us in quietly.

I trailed her in and she stopped just inside the door, waiting for me to lead the way. I closed the door and could wait no longer. I immediately wrapped my arms around her and again found her lips. She did not resist. Now in the confines of the house, I felt free to grind my hardness into her stomach.

When we broke for air she took a small step back.

“What about Mike?” she whispered, looking in the direction of the stairs and the kitchen light, which they always left on, when I was out late.

“He’ll be in a coma,” I exaggerated, moving both hands to her breasts.

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