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Merhaba hikaye okuyucuları birbirinden azdırıcı hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz okuyun ve ve yorumunuzu bırakın


This story contains lesbianism, magic, BDSM, anal and much more. It is advised to read the first chapter before this one as it gives the back story.


Emma leaned back in the hard chair of the lecture hall, finally giving up on taking in what the professor was saying and lost herself in her memories. It was the first day back in school and Emma already missed her girlfriend, even though she would see her later. She had gotten so used to spending every moment with her over the last two weeks, alternatively making love, sleeping, talking and eating. Emma had taken to spending every night eating at the restaurant where Anna worked and when she went out to visit her grandad Anna always tagged along. Today was the first day they would be apart for more than a few hours since that first magical and and miraculous day when Emma found the bracelet and finally got the courage to show her feelings towards Anna.

Emma’s minds eye shifted to one of the most memorable nights with her favorite Scottish redhead. After a languid sixty nine in the morning they had to spend the a few hours apart as Anna pulled a double shift in the restaurant and Emma went out to her granddad’s. After Emma returned to the city she showered and went down to the restaurant to have a bite to eat and keep her lover company. As she sat there watching Anna’s cute ass and perky tits as she danced gracefully about the restaurant she had a very exciting idea, an idea so wicked she started soaking her panties right there in the restaurant. She saw Anna coming her way and knew her shift was almost over so she pulled her in for a kiss and then whispered in her ear, “I just came up with a great way to fuck you and me at the same time!”

“How, I thought we exhausted every possibility last week?” Anna whispered back as she licked her tall lover’s ear.

“I want to surprise you! Can you ask the boss-man if you can leave a little early, I’m so wet I’ll soak the seat if we don’t leave right away.”

“OK, I’ll go ask him, sweetie.”

“Great, I’ll start preparing, it’s a pretty extensive remodelling I have in mind!”

Anna left with a kiss and a hug, then returned a few minutes later with a smile on her face as she grabbed Emma’s hand and dragged her towards the door. Much like they had the first night they started making out in the elevator, the shorter redhead with her legs wrapped around the tall brunette’s waist as she was supported by Emma’s strong yet feminine hands on her luscious ass. Emma carried her to the apartment, still kissing passionately and they made their way to the bedroom where they quickly stripped and Emma had Anna lay down on her back in the middle of the bed with a couple of pillows propping her ass up and her knees up against her shoulders.

Emma then asked her lover to play with herself while she used the bracelet to make the changes she had in mind. Emma focused on her crotch, first she made her clit grow into the same cock she had used on Anna the first time they really fucked, a thick ten inch monster, then she focused harder and made a second cock grow out beneath the first one. She found this much harder since she didn’t have her clit to base the transformation on. This second cock was the same length as the upper one but it was tapered to make a smoother entry into Anna’s tight ass. Emma however wasn’t done yet, and this was the strangest part of her plan, for she focused again and made several tongue-like appendages or tentacles grow in various places around her pussy. She grew a three inch tentacle just above the upper cock to stimulate Anna´s clit, then grew two long and thick ones out of her perineum that she intended for her own holes. Lastly she made two more grow out on either side of her twin cocks to lick all over both their pussies as they fucked. All the tentacles were about as sensitive as her inner lips and as she experimentally moved them about she felt an immense pleasure in a completely new way. She had made the new appendages self-lubricating and as before she made the juices she normally squirted from her pussy squirt from her twin cocks. Mentally it was a bit strange, she knew that the tentacles and cocks were completely new and yet it seemed she had the same control of them as she would her fingers or indeed her tongue.

Emma had become quite engrossed in her inventive erotic endeavour and only noticed Anna’s slightly terrified but exited look when she after a few minutes turned her attention back to her lover.

“I know this looks very freaky but I only want to give us both as much pleasure as possible and I know you loved it when I made my thumb grow in your ass as I fucked you from behind last night.” As Emma said this she saw that Anna had started working her fingers over her pink folds again and knew that they would try out her new experiment.

“Yes, I loved that feeling of fullness and you have already done so many things I never thought possible, so why not this? Plus, just looking at it is making me wet!”

With that Emma leaned forward and started kissing her redheaded lover as the two thick tentacles made for her own pleasure wormed their way in to their respective holes, then the two tentacles on the sides amsterdam shemale of her cocks started working on loosening Anna’s pink pucker, gently rimming it before pushing inside. At this Anna moaned out loud and broke the kiss, this moan turned into a groan as both tentacles pulled outwards to stretch her already relaxed ass. Emma then used the two other tentacles to align her twin cocks with their intended targets and gently pushed forward as the tentacles up Anna’s ass retreated.

Anna had never felt anything like the explosion of sensations from her pussy and ass, it felt like four tongues were licking her at once, one on each lip and two on the rim of her asshole, all this while she was being slowly filled up by the two largest cocks she had ever seen. She was staring wondrously and lovingly up into the eyes of the girl she was starting to consider the love of her life as the first orgasm hit when the fifth tentacle started working her clit over. She was cumming as hard as ever before and then the cock in her pussy bottomed out and she saw stars. Then Emma started to really fuck her and it was like she was lost in one long cum, just ebbs and flows of pure ecstasy as Emma pounded her into oblivion.

Emma felt incredible, it was so strange to feel her two new cocks penetrating a pussy and an ass simultaneously while both her pussy and ass were filled with two tentacles that were growing thicker and thicker as they wormed their way deeper that she was in constant sensory overload. Every time she came she squirted her abundant juices inside Anna’s tight pussy and ass. The juices inside Anna’s cunt flooded out around her upper cock on each thrust but Anna’s asshole created a tight seal around her almost continually squirting lower cock, in effect giving Anna a cum enema. After half an hour of passionate lovemaking that would have long since tired anyone but Emma with her enhanced stamina she finally felt on the brink of exhaustion and she saw that Anna was on her last straw as well. Anna’s stomach was pouting a bit from all the cum in her colon and both her nipples and pussy were swollen and red from the constant attention. They had long ago lost eye contact as Anna’s eyes couldn’t keep from rolling to the back of her head during her long streak of multiple orgasms. Emma decided to give her redheaded lover one last big orgasm so she focused on her cocks, making them both thicker with a more bumpy shape to increase friction and stimulation, she also added a bend in the upper cock to stimulate Anna’s g-spot even more. Emma started to pound away with renewed vigor, intent on fucking them both into blissful oblivion.

Anna felt the changes immediate effect as there was a twitch of pain as her ass stretched even more and then a new wave of ecstasy started building, and kept building past the point of all other pleasure she had ever experienced, then past all that pleasure combined. Then the wave crested and her mind became a pure white paradise shared only with Emma.

Emma came simultaneously with Anna and almost passed out herself but she managed to hang on by focusing on Anna’s beautifully contorted face. After she came down from her orgasmic high she started the process of returning her crotch to normal while she planted gentle kisses all over her lover’s face and neck to gently wake her up. When all the tentacles were gone and her cocks started turning flaccid she noticed Anna’s swollen belly and got another wicked idea. She gently nudged her lover awake and then slid her cocks out but quickly plugged Anna’s ass with her fingers as she shifted her body down the bed so her mouth was right next to her fingers. Emma replaced her fingers with her mouth, creating a tight seal around the well fucked pucker as she started sucking her own juices out of her lovers ass. Anna felt the suction and started pushing, the trickle turning into a torrent of cum flooding Emma’s welcoming mouth. Emma reveled in this the most depraved act of her young life and actually had a small orgasm without even touching herself.

For Anna this was completely new as well and highly erotic, she could see her stomach going back to normal and the feeling of girl cum rushing out of her ass while it was being sucked and rimmed was so pleasurable she had a small orgasm as well. Emma had discovered after cutting herself while they were cooking that the bracelet gave her the power to heal herself so she wasn’t really afraid of any diseases as she drank mixed girl-cum and ass-juices.

Emma was suddenly awakened from her long reverie by someone nudging her side, she had apparently fallen asleep during the lecture and now her neighbor was trying to wake her so they could leave. Emma looked around, mortified by the thought that any of her dream had manifested as moans or movements. She roused from her slouched position and asked the girl who had woken her.

“Thank you for waking me. Did I do anything while I was asleep? I had a pretty intense dream.”

“No, not that anyone but me noticed anyway, you were just squirming a little, but it must have been one hell of a dream!” She said as she looked pointedly down on Emma’s tits. Emma followed her eyes and saw that her nipples were tenting rotterdam shemale her top even through her bra. She turned a deeper shade of red and hesitantly answered the bold girl.

“Uumm, yeah, it was spectacular, I dreamt of having sex with my girlfriend.”

“Oh, that’s too bad, I was kinda hoping it would have to do with me.” The mystery girl replied with a mischievous smile and a wink.

“Eh, wow, we’re exclusive, so, I mean I’m flattered, and I would totally go for you if I was single.”

Emma answered as she took in the pretty blonde in front of her.

“OK, no harm, no foul. I just thought I’d float the idea. You seem like a nice person and it would be great to have a friend of the same persuasion on campus. I’m Vicky.” The blonde said while reaching out to shake hands with the still embarrassed Emma.

“Hi, I’m Emma” The tall brunette answered as she took the offered hand, she then continued.

“It would be nice to know someone like me, and you seem like a good person.”

During the conversation they had made their way to the doors and as Emma passed through first she got a tap on the shoulder from Vicky.

“Damn, that dream must have been something, you should really cover up your ass!”

Emma twisted her body and saw that she had soaked through her light jeans and hurriedly yanked her jacket from her shoulders and tied it around her waist as she turned blushed deeply again.

“Fuck! Thanks, I gotta get home and take care of this, but I’ll probably see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah, OK, see ya!”

As Emma headed to her car and Vicky towards the on campus housing Emma thought about how embarrassing the whole episode had been and how much of a sex freak Vicky must have thought she was. Emma was a still a shy girl at heart, even though both the bracelet’s magical powers and her lovely Anna had done their part to cure her of this.

While Emma drove home she grew her tits back to the D-cups both she and Anna had grown to love. She figured that she didn’t want all the attention that a bigger chest would give her, not to mention the whole new wardrobe, so before going to class she shrank them back. The transformations as always stoked the fire between her legs, combining that with the erotic dream in class meant she was now a very wet girl and couldn’t wait for Anna’s soft body and tight embrace.


As her girlfriend started her first day of school Anna went home to her apartment to get another bag of clothes and some other bits and pieces. Without even realising it, she had moved in with her new girlfriend that first night, she had only gone home to get clean clothes and it just felt right to spend all of her time at Emma’s. She had only moved into her own small apartment six months prior, living without her parents for the first time, but she had never really felt at home, not in the way she immediately did in Emma’s big apartment. It was a cozy remodeled four room flat with a great kitchen with stone tiled floor and oak cabinets. There were built-in bookshelves full of all kinds of literature, combined with an extensive music and film collection, covering the entirety of both the living room and the home office walls. The floors were all solid oak with built-in heating and there were thick Persian rugs all over, which meant you could walk around comfortably with very little or no clothing and roll around on the floor without getting cold or sore. All the furniture were very high quality, no IKEA in sight, extremely comfortable and designed with longevity in mind. The only new addition that had to be made were the latex sheets beneath the regular ones so that Emma’s squiring didn’t ruin the mattress.

The apartment was an inheritance from Emma’s parents who had been very successful designers, even acquiring a few patents for their innovations. They died in a car wreck when Emma was young and left her all their worldly belongings, making sure that she was financially secure for a very long time. Anna had several long conversations with Emma about the loss of her parents and the more recent loss of her grandmother, both being completely open and honest with each other, cementing a strong foundation for their relationship.

After Anna left her apartment she headed downtown to buy the books required for the courses in gastronomy and gastronomic chemistry she would start in a few weeks. She had always been interested in food and after working at the restaurant for two years she had saved up enough money to start her training to become a professional chef. This was another reason why she loved Emma’s apartment so much, the kitchen was incredible, containing all the possible amenities, and they had spent a lot of time in there, both cooking and making love.

She went window shopping after purchasing her books and she noticed a very discrete shop down a side street and feeling curious she headed towards it. As she looked through the windows she realised it was an erotic bookstore, but instead of turning away as she would have two weeks ago, she headed inside. As she looked around she noticed that the shop was for a mostly female clientele and she soon found the lesbian section, picking blog shemale out a few interesting titles before she heard a gentle cough from behind. When she turned she came face to face with an attractive woman, about thirty years old, dressed stylishly and wearing a discrete name-tag declaring that she was the proprietor and that her name was Beth.

“Hello, and welcome to my little store.” Beth said with a warm smile.

“Uhh, hi.” Anna replied, still a bit nervous about being in a place like this.

“I haven’t seen you in here before. If you have the time I can show you the back room, that is, if you’re interested in some physical stimulation as well as mental.”

“Yeah, OK, it would actually be great to surprise Emma with something tonight.”

“Oh, you have a girlfriend, then I have some really great toys that will bring both of you a lot pleasure!” Beth answered with a wide grin, hoping for a big sale.

Anna was led through a curtain into the back room and when she saw what was on display her jaw dropped. There was one wall of dildos and vibrators, one wall with toys for anal play, one with sexy lingerie and harnesses for strap-on’s and in the middle there were shelves of lube, oils and other paraphernalia. As she turned around she saw that the last wall was fetish clothing; latex, leather and various costumes along with whips and bondage gear. She stood there for a long while just staring in amazement until Beth coughed gently again, bringing Anna back from her reverie.

“Alright, where would you like to start?”

“I-I think a strap-on would be very nice.” Anna answered, still embarrassed to be in this situation.

“OK, then, we’ll start with the harness, all of them work with all of the dildos on the other wall. Is it you or your lover who will be wearing it?” Beth was being very professional while maintaining a friendly demeanor, putting Anna at ease.

“It’ll be me.”

“OK, there are a few choices, you can either have one that just stimulate your clit while you use it, or one that penetrates either or both holes.” Beth answered while pointing out each model.

“I really loved it when I got double penetrated, so maybe the last model.” Anna got embarrassed again, she couldn’t believe she just said that.

“A very good choice, and if you are not satisfied with the size of the dildos you can switch them to something better suited for you.”

“Oh, great, then maybe something a bit thicker for the vaginal one.” They ended up picking out a eight inch plastic cock with a two inch diameter and a six inch plug with the same diameter at the bulge, both with wire-lessly controlled vibrators.

“All right, now for your girlfriend’s pleasure, what did you have in mind?”

Anna headed to the far corner of the wall, where the largest dildos stood proud. She reached up and grabbed the biggest one, a twelve inch monster, as thick as her closed fist. Now it was Beth’s turn to be amazed as this petite little girl hefted in her hands a toy that was so big it was almost never sold and she just had to ask.

“Will your girlfriend really be able to take that? It’s so huge I have it out mostly as a gag.” It was Anna’s turn to smile as she said.

“Yes, I think she will, the first time I pleasured her I managed to get one fist inside her pussy and one in her ass and since then she has taken most of my forearm in both holes.”

“Oh my God! That must have been an incredible feeling! By the way, if you are that into ass play as well, I would recommend purchasing an enema kit, it prepares you, makes you feel clean and pure, and it can be very sexual as well.”

“Great! I’ll take two of the best you’ve got, and maybe a few anal toys as well.”

Anna left the store with several big but discrete bags filled with her purchases. Besides the books, the strap-on and the enema kits she got several butt plugs and anal dildos, some nipple-clamps, two stretchy lace cat-suits with strategic holes, one for each of them, several different bottles of lube and lastly two pairs of leather cuffs. She knew she had gone a bit overboard but she was still surprised when the total came to over a thousand dollars. She briefly considered returning a few items but couldn’t let go of any of her new toys and Beth was so friendly and helpful, so she maxed out her credit card.


Anna got home to the apartment an hour before Emma was expected so she hid away the bags filled with naughties so she could surprise her lover later and then put on some music and started cooking a nice romantic meal. She looked around in at was available in the fridge and decided to make goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts with broiled peaches and rice. As she prepared the food she danced around the kitchen to the Eels Blinking Lights and Other Revelations album playing on the forty thousand dollar stereo in the living room. The morning after their first night when Emma gave her the guided tour she had been amazed at the size and beautiful decor of the place. When they reached the living room she was very glad to discover that they had much of the same taste in both music, movies and books and when they shared favorites the other had not listened to they agreed on those as well. The only band they couldn’t agree on was Anthony and the Johnson’s, Emma thought they were great but Anna couldn’t stand the lead singer’s voice, this had actually started their first and only argument.

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