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We met at the “A Perfect Circle” concert. I never could listen to “The Noose” without tearing up. I looked up to see that I wasn’t the only one. There she stood, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was just a little shorter than my six foot frame, with long, thick red hair contained in a single braid down her back; a few strands had come loose and were hanging around her perfectly shaped face. She wore a flouncy white pirate shirt, cinched at the waist with a laced up black corset. Her long skirt was made up of many multi-colored patches, and flowed around her in the most seductive manner as she swayed to the music. The very best part however, were the silent tears escaping from her jewel-like emerald eyes. I could tell she loved this music as much as I did, and in a crowd of drunken frat boys, this was a rarity. That’s one of the problems with living in a college town. I had to meet her. I started pushing my way through the throng of sweaty bodies, moving ever closer. She seemed to be there alone. Finally I was close enough that I could smell her subtle perfume, a mix of vanilla and some flower that seemed familiar yet I couldn’t name it. The urge to bend and kiss her fragrant neck was nigh impossible to resist. My eyes traced the contour of her neck down to the tops of her smooth breasts peaking out from the low neckline of her shirt. Her chest heaved with heavy breaths in near orgasmic fashion. How I wished I could have the same effect on this beauty. I pictured her in my arms, mouths intertwined in passion. I moved again to stand next to her, my arm slightly brushing hers. She glanced up at me and smiled, before turning back to watch the god performing on stage. Nothing could have been more hypnotizing than that smile.

As the song ended she looked at me again and wiped the tears from her eyes. Leaning in close to my ear she said, “It’s just so beautiful, I cry ever time.”

“So do I.” I replied, thrilling that she was actually talking to me.

“My name’s Yvie.” She said.

“I’m Bianca, but my friends call me ‘Ankh’.” I pointed to my necklace of the same shape as my strange nickname.

She smiled again, “I like that.”

We spent the rest of the concert dancing together and singing along. After three more songs, and two encores, the band left the stage, and the crowd started to filter out. I knew I couldn’t let her leave without getting her number. I had to see her fatih escort again!

“Um, would you like to go get some coffee or something?” I asked.

“Actually I’m meeting some friends for a party tonight.”

“Oh.” I tried not to look crushed.

“I’m sure it would be no problem if you’d like to come as my guest.” She quickly replied.

“Are you sure? That would be great. I’d hate to just home to bed after all this excitement.”

“Great,” she smiled that perfect smile again, “We’ll have to take the subway, I don’t have a car.”

“No problem, we can take mine.”

I had to force myself not to skip through the parking lot. Things could not be going any better. Here I was alone with this angel. What a perfect day.

It was a quick drive to the party, maybe ten minutes. Things were already in full swing. The rather small house was packed with people. One guy had set up a rather impromptu DJ table, with a multi disc CD player and a large stack of some great music. There must have been a pretty good bar in one of the other rooms, as a wide variety of drinks were floating around. A rather gothic looking man with long black hair moved towards us through the crowd with two White Russians as offerings.

“Yvie, I’m so glad you could make it!” He gave her a quick hug as best he could without spilling the drinks, then handed us each a glass. “Who’s your cute friend?”

“Jesse, this is Ankh, Ankh, meet Jesse. And Jesse, don’t even think about turning your charms on her, she’s mine.”

I proceeded to turn twelve shades of red.

Jesse laughed, “I wouldn’t dream of it my dear. I already have my eye on that lovely raven haired girl in the corner.” He gestured behind him to a pretty girl in a sexy red vinyl dress, “A pleasure to meet you Ankh.” He winked at Yvie as he prowled after the scarlet vixen.

“I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, I hope you’re not uncomfortable with me.” Yvie said.

“Not at all. I’m very flattered.”

She seemed relieved.

For the next hour we mingled, danced and drank. Yvie seemed to have something on her mind.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Do you want to go upstairs?”

Did I?! I nodded.

Yvie took my hand and lead me up the staircase to the end of the hallway, and found and empty bedroom. I followed her in and shut the door.

We sat on the edge of the bed and stared at the carpet. istanbul escort You could feel the silence and taste the sexual tension. She placed her hand on mine, lightly running her fingertips over my knuckles. She picked up my and examined the underside.

“I can read palms you know.” She said raising one eyebrow.

“Is that so?” I teased, “What does mine tell you?”

She moved in closer, I could feel her hot breath on my hand. She traced the creases of my palm with her nails. That simple act was the most erotic thing I’d ever felt.

“This is interesting.”

I inhaled sharply, “What is it?”

“It seems some exciting adventure will start for you tonight.”

She looked up at me her face inches from my own. I leaned in a little closer. “What kind of adventure?”

“The very best kind.” She said, and then she kissed me. Nothing could have been softer than those lips. I kissed back, melting as she opened her mouth and slid her velvety tongue into mine. I wrapped my arms around her, and it was just like I had imagined.

She pulled back for a moment and untied her corset laces and removed the tight black fabric, then untucked her shirt. I slid my hands under her shirt and caressed the silky skin of her long back, running my fingers up her spine making her shiver.

Pulling her in for another kiss I could feel her nipples growing hard through the thin material of her shirt. I carefully removed her shirt, up over her head, and then stopped to admire her.

She wore a very simple yet very sexy white bra that was just begging to come undone. I leaned her back against the bed and kissed my was slowly down her body. First her lips, then her chin, then along the sensitive skin of her neck, finally I kissed the tops of her breasts while my fingers skimmed her sides.

Yvie’s breathing deepened and quickened, her face flushing making her even lovelier. I continued to kiss her, moving over her nipples, licking them through the fabric. Then I reached my arms around her, causing her to arch her back in such an alluring way that I wanted to take her right then.

“Slowly,” I told myself, “You’ve got all night to do this.” I found the clasp and deftly unhooked it, then used my teeth to carefully pull down the straps. I removed the article, revealing the most perfect breasts I’d ever seen. Large without being too large, soft and supple, with quarter taksim escort sized areolas and erect pink nipples, both of which were pierced and decorated with small dangling rings.

I started to reach for them, but she stopped me.

“Fair is fair, Ankh.” She said sitting up. She reached over, and grabbing the hem of my tight black babydoll, pulled my shirt off. I had on a lacy black bra which she quickly removed. My breasts are just slightly smaller than hers with larger, darker nipples.

The tables were turned as she pinned me to the bed, and started to lick and suck my already rock hard nipples. Moaning, I reached down and untied her hair band letting her hair come loose from the braid, loving the way the red looked against my untanned but naturally darker skin.

I held my breath as she kissed her way down over my stomach lower and lower, stopping at the waist of my pleather pants. Slowly, teasingly, she unbuttoned them, then, never tearing her gaze from mine, she pulled down the zipped with her teeth. She removed my pants, kissing down my legs as she went. When she went for the last of my cover, a barely-there black thong, I rolled out form under her.

“Fair is fair, Yvie.” I winked. Pushing her down, I ripped off her skirt, delightfully surprised to find no panties, only a smooth, almost completely shaved pussy.

“My, aren’t we the naughty girl?” I teased, grinning evilly. I kissed her ankles and then her calves, licked my way over her thighs, stopping my ascent where her legs met. I nuzzled all the way around her legs, avoiding actually touching her mound until she was whimpering and trying to move her hips toward my mouth. Finally obliging her, I kissed lightly the tiny patch of hair left untouched, and then quickly flicked my tongue over her hot slit. She was quite wet by now, and she tasted so sweet I couldn’t resist. Nestling in between her legs I started licking softly through her folds, darting my tongue in and out of her cunt, penetrating her with it. She moaned loudly and cried out when I sucked her clit into my mouth. As she started to toss and writhe on the bed, I slipped two fingers very slowly into her tight hole. She gasped and began thrusting onto my hand. I managed to slide in one more finger, fucking her faster and harder until she screamed out in orgasm, her hot juices streaming over my hand and tongue in a flood of ecstasy. I pulled my fingers out and gently lapped up the last of her nectar like a cat drinking milk, though she was the one doing the purring.

We curled up together on the bed and kissed languidly. Just a quick nap, Jesse won’t mind, she said as we dozed off.

End of Chapter 1…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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