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No car in the driveway, noted Kelly Sanders. That’s a good sign.

Kelly had not been back home, the scene of the crime as it were, since starting college several years ago. The memories were too painful, and she never did understand how her mother could remain in the house after all that had happened.

For the hundredth time, she read the e-mail from her twin sister. Cathy’s instructions were simple and direct. Find the loose floorboard, pull it up, get the key and mail it to her. No chit-chat, no explanation … the mystery left Kelly with an odd, disquieting feeling. Something was not right. But in fifteen minutes it wouldn’t matter anyway, unless Ellen had changed the locks.

Heart pounding, throat dry, the young blonde tried her old key on the front door. It slid in smoothly, and in a moment Kelly was inside.

The house had been completely redecorated. Every trace of the twins and their father, Jake, had disappeared. Ellen had removed the carpeting in favor of the polished hardwood floor underneath, the furniture was new, modern and clean, the walls repainted a soothing robin’s-egg blue.

But the fireplace caught Kelly’s eye. Once a hodgepodge of family photographs, it seemed to be a shrine to Kelly’s older brother, Roger. Roger’s high school photo was displayed, of course. Roger and Ellen, mother and son together, grinning for the camera and holding each other close. But there was also Roger in competitive swimming, Roger running the relay, Roger tanned and shirtless by a pool.

Roger displaying an awful lot of skin, thought Kelly. He’s got quite a body, my big brother. This looks like something a girl with a crush on somebody would put up. What’s Mom thinking?

The sound of a toilet flushing almost stopped Kelly’s heart. Her first instinct was to bolt for the door, but that would have made her look like a criminal. She had a key, and was certainly within her rights to visit her mother. It had been too long since they’d seen one another, anyway. Forcing herself to breathe normally, Kelly nervously braced herself to meet Ellen.

But it was Roger who emerged from the bathroom, dressed in a tank top and gym shorts. When he stepped into the living room, he almost jumped off the floor.

“Jesus, Cathy! You startled me!”

“It’s Kelly. I’m sorry, Roger. I didn’t know you were here.”

“I never thought I’d see you here again,” he replied, smiling. They embraced and exchanged a chaste kiss. Roger’s hand slid lightly, briefly along Kelly’s upper thigh, and she shivered; his touch was eerily like Jake’s.

“Nothing exciting planned, I’m afraid,” he said. “I was just about to get a beer and watch TV in the rec room until my softball game at four. Can you stay awhile?”

“Make it two,” Kelly said.

Down the stairs she went, the first time she had been in the basement recreation room in year. It was here she had first made love, and it was her father who had taken her cherry. Even now, in bed with her fiance, Kelly used the pleasuring techniques she’d learned with her father in this very room, on the same sofa that still faced the TV.

Come to think of it, this part of the house hasn’t changed at all, Kelly thought. Why would Mom totally alter the upstairs and leave this room alone?

Overwhelmed by the memories, Kelly felt her stomach tighten, and then a warm tingle in her pussy. She shrugged the bursa eve gelen eskort bayan notion away, thinking, I’ll just take it out on Chip later. Where’s that floorboard?

Too late, she heard Roger’s footsteps on the stairs, and then she had a bottle of beer in her hand.

“Cheers,” Roger said, clinking her glass.

The foamy liquid felt cool and malty on her throat, and helped to calm her. She realized now that she lost her chance to get the key. But the key to what?

“So what brings you by?” asked Roger, patting a spot on the couch.

“We’ve all been split apart for such a long time,” Kelly said. “It’s time to see if we can’t patch things up. What are you looking at?”

“It’s been so long, I’ve forgotten how beautiful you are.”

It was true; Kelly looked little different than she did at eighteen, when all this started. She wore her thick strawberry blonde differently, of course, in a round, professional style that framed her face and hovered just above her shoulders. Accountants were expected to look like professionals, and so Kelly now dressed like one, in a stylish gold satin blouse that matched her hair, but was loose enough to only hint at the firm cantaloupes that stood up underneath. Kelly’s black skirt stopped just above the knee, and the black pantyhose and pumps she wore outlined her slender runner’s legs, which she crossed to her brother’s obvious approval when she reclined on the couch.

They didn’t speak for a few minutes; Roger and Kelly had never discussed the scandal. Both knew the time had now come, but not how to broach the topic.

“Did you ever forgive Mom for making that tape?” Kelly said at last.

“Yeah, we’ve gotten past that part,” he said.

“I’ve never seen it,” Kelly said, sipping her beer.

“I …”

Roger shifted uncomfortably. Kelly suddenly understood.

“You watch it a lot, don’t you?” she said, the tingle between her legs glowing warmly.

“Well …”

“Maybe you’d like to hear my commentary track?”

Roger blushed. Something hot was growing between his legs as well, and he was beginning to see his younger sister in a whole new light. I wonder how she compares with Mom? he thought, loading the tape into the VCR.

A thin line scrolled down the screen, telling Kelly that this tape had been viewed many times. Her slender tan hand started to shake a little as the image faded in and the camera looked down on her father’s bed the day he planned to run away from them. Jake, Cathy and Kelly were lying on the bed, and for Kelly, it was suddenly like yesterday — her single lesbian experience with her sister, the spectacular two-headed blow job, the very last time she ground her hips against Jake’s groin as he rogered her from behind–

“I’m not hearing a lot of commentary,” Roger said.

Kelly, her face bright red, her breathing shallow, tore her gaze from the screen.

“Roger, I–“

Roger seized his sister’s hand and placed it on his crotch. Without thinking, Kelly began to squeeze it, comparing it to Jake’s, then she snatched her hand away.

“No, Roger,” she said. “I’m not going through that again.”

“You don’t know what it’s been like, watching that video for years and years, wanting to take Dad’s place in it,” he said. “Please, Kelly!”

“I can’t do this! I’m getting bursa eskort bayanlar married in a couple of months!”

But Roger pushed the thin cloth of his gym shorts aside and exposed his hungry prong. Kelly stared at it and swallowed. Roger thrust his hips upward, took his cock in one hand and pointed it at his sister while he reached behind Kelly’s neck with the other and pulled her face downward. Kelly resisted.

“Come on, sis,” Roger pleaded.

“Please, don’t make me,” she whispered, but he was too forceful for her, and Kelly found his hot, meaty cockhead sliding smoothly between her slick lips. Slowly and gently, Roger moved his cock around inside his sister’s bulging cheeks. Once Kelly began to get the rhythm right, he took his hand away, running it along her dangling breast, cupping it, pinching and squeezing, an act that sent a thrilling hum from his sister’s throat right down to the base of his balls..

The young blonde’s resistance melted, and she took to her task with enthusiasm.

“Mmmmm,” she purred, taking what she could of his cock and, as she had done with her father, stroked the remaining shaft with experienced fingers.

Roger’s head rolled back, his a blissful smile on his face.

Now Kelly knew she was lost, that her life had once again taken a sharp turn. Her pussy was screaming with need, and only her brother could satisfy it. Back in high school, any sex would have been thrilling and risky. The fact that she was learning about love from her father made it all the more exciting.

But after Daddy went to jail, Kelly knew just how much was at stake in an incestuous relationship, she knew she could be jailed too. As the years passed, Kelly told herself that the affair with Daddy and Cathy was a chapter in her life long since closed.

But now, with her brother’s dick swishing along her soft and moist tongue, every bit of the original thrill was back. She loved interfamily sex, there was no denying it. Could she ever give this up? What was she going to tell Chip?

“Arrh!” barked Roger.

Roger’s cockhead expanded like a mushroom, derailing Kelly’s train of thought. His hot, spicy sperm erupted across her tender tongue. Kelly swallowed and tongued her brother again, and again was rewarded.

“Kelly!” he cried, bucking his hips, almost gagging his sister. “Coming! Sister’s mouth!”

Roger’s orgasm subsided for the time being. Kelly glanced at the tape, which was paused at about the halfway point, where Jake was ramming into Kelly from behind while Cathy was simultaneously tonguing her clit. The memory only made her hornier.

Kelly rose and began to remove her blouse. Roger doffed his clothes and stood naked and muscular before her, his thick cock twitching already.

“That’s what I want from you, Roger,” she said, indicating the screen. Kelly’s bra fell to the floor, her cherry-pit nipples stiff and beckoning.

As she started to remove her pantyhose, Roger said, “Don’t! You look so sexy that way.”

“Then how are we going to–”

Pushing Kelly to the sofa, he nibbled a hole in the thick fabric with his teeth, and began to widen it with his tongue, causing his sister to grind her drooling pussy against his face.

The tape started again by itself, and Kelly watched for a while as Roger kindled her pussy and his cock stiffened görükle escort bayanlar anew, hungry for more. Kelly paused the tape again as Jake was about to mount Cathy. She rose from the couch, naked but for her black pumps and pantyhose, placed her hands on the back of the sofa and parted her legs.

Roger stood behind her and worked his cock slowly into the hole he had just made.

“It tickles,” he said with a laugh, but Kelly moved her hips and found him. Slowly, slowly, Roger eased his prick into his panting sister.

“Deep, honey,” she breathed, savoring the sweet sensations that ran through her body with every inch Roger fed her. When Roger’s cock finally sank in all the way, she rippled her cunt muscles along it, jacking him off with her cunt.

“Jesus, Kelly!” he hissed. Rarely had he entered a woman so wet, so skilled. For a moment he stood stock-still, letting his thick dick throb inside his sister. Only when Kelly began to rock her hips against his did he begin to fuck back at her.

“Roger! Harder!”

Roger leaned forward and gathered Kelly’s jiggling boobs in his palms. He mashed them together as he humped into his sister, burying his face in her thick blonde hair. Finding the nape of her neck, Roger began to nibble and bite, enjoying Kelly’s passionate shivers and little cries of lust.

“How’s that, baby sister?” he cried, enjoying her little vowel sound of lust she uttered in reply.

Roger leaned up for a better view. He placed his hands on Kelly’s ass, marveling at the soft feel of the pantyhose fabric, the way her hair flew about her head every time he lunged into her.

“My! God!” Kelly barked, and Roger felt hot pussy juice running down his cock, staining the pantyhose. Kelly’s head thrashed around and she cried out as a fierce orgasm shook her body from tit to toe. Suddenly inspired, he maneuvered a hand under the fabric and hunched forward again so he could finger Kelly’s clit to time her next orgasm with his own.

“Yes! Yes!” Kelly barked when Roger rubbed her clit. “Harder! Faster!”

“Oh, sis!”

When Kelly gushed against him a second time, Roger could hold back no more. He jammed his balls between his sister’s cheeks and let out a savage animal cry when they let go, propelling searing jets of sperm down deep into Kelly’s womb.



Now Kelly jammed herself back against him and Roger held fast as his balls loosed their last. Panting, brother and sister pulled apart and collapsed on the sofa.

“Oh, Roger, what did we do?” the blonde asked in dismay.

“We made each other very happy,” he said, kissing her hand.

“We can’t do this again,” she said. “What do I tell Chip?”

“Don’t tell him anything,” he said, pulling her close. “You know you loved it, and there’s no reason we can’t get together every once in a while. You wanted it as badly as I did, and you know it.”

Kelly sighed.

“It’s true,” she admitted.

Roger kissed her.

“It’s almost three,” he said. “I’ve got softball in an hour. Why don’t you come back for dinner. That’ll give me a chance to prepare Mom.”

“All– all right.”

Kelly sat on the sofa, topless, and sipped what was left of her beer. When Roger left the room, Kelly remembered what she had come to the house for in the first place. She found the loose floorboard and lifted it up, finding a crumpled manila envelope. With her fingers, she felt the outline of a key.

Cathy had better tell me what this is about, she thought. Oh, God! Do I tell Cathy about this?

As Kelly gathered her clothes together and headed for the downstairs bathroom to freshen up, she did not notice the tiny red camera lights winking out in the rec room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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